Evade and Avoid … vs. Harass and Collect

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Standing up to bullies is usually the best way to end the bullying. But what if you can’t do that?Winston Smith

Legally, I mean.

That’s the dilemma when it comes to dealing with the Enforcers of the Law. No matter what they do to you, “resisting” is not a good idea. Perhaps later, your family will be able to obtain some money as compensation via a wrongful death civil suit against the municipality.

Provided of course a fellow mundane managed to video your execution. And it got enough attention as to cause sufficient embarrassment to make the Enforcer’s handlers desirous of making the complaint go away.

But the Enforcer himself, will not be held personally accountable, as they are largely immune – as a matter of law – from being held personally accountable for the harm they cause.

The relevant thing is that on the scene – your life in the balance – resistance is not only futile, it is unlawful. That most basic of all human rights – the right to defend yourself – is a nullity when it comes to interacting with Enforcers.

We are legally required to submit and obey.   

To decline – even to the extent of backing away and trying to exit the situation – constitutes the legal pretext for the application of whatever force they deem necessary to obtain our submission and obedience.

So, what do we do?Winston diary

We cannot fight them.

We must therefore learn to avoid them.

I bought a top-drawer radar detector (Valentine 1) for exactly this reason. It has greatly reduced my interactions with Enforcers of the Law – and not just in terms of “speeding” tickets, though that’s huge, too.

The detector also alerts to the presence up ahead of “safety” and “sobriety” checkpoints in time to avoid them. That is to say, in time to turn off the road or turn around before it’s too late to do so. That being defined as getting within a few hundred yards, at which point it will either no longer be possible to discreetly turn around/off (no place to do so) or doing so will arouse “suspicion” and that will result in an Enforcer coming after you.

This by the way has nothing whatever to do with a desire on my part to drive “drunk” and “get away” with it.dnews Cottonwood Height check point

I hardly drink alcohol at all and never operate a vehicle when I am impaired by alcohol.

My problem is with the presumption of impairment and with this business of having to demonstrate to the satisfaction of an Enforcer that I am not “drunk” – as opposed to the reverse.

Also, I simply do not want to have to talk with these thugs. Keep in mind that “safety” and “sobriety” checkpoints are pretexts for other forms of harassment, such as whether you happen to be wearing a seatbelt, whether all your state permission slips are in order and up to date; whether they can find some minor thing (burned out light over your license plate) that becomes another excuse to extract money, etc. It’s an opportunity for them to search you and your person essentially at will. Whether they “find anything” is beside the point. It’s an indignity – and outrage – to be handled by a costumed goon; to be compelled to let said goons rifle through your vehicle and things … just because they can.

These “checkpoints” are therefore best avoided altogether.pig detector

A radar detector is very helpful in this regard – because the Enforcers usually leave their radar on and the detector will squawk a warning, giving you the all-important handful of seconds necessary to evade and avoid.

Another form of tactical avoidance is to limit driving home late at night – when it is more likely that you will encounter an Enforcer and more likely he will focus on you because there will likely be fewer and maybe no other drivers on the road.

Similar logic recommends driving with the pack.

Avoid being the lead car. Do that and you are basically walking point. Not a good idea. Fall back, blend in. This decreases the odds it will be you that’s selected for Enforcement.

It is smart policy for the same reason to drive an unremarkable car. Sedans are better than coupes; bland colors preferable to bright ones. Older better than newer… but not too old. A five or six year-old Camry or Accord or similar – in white or silver or beige – is ideal.

Do not customize the exterior of your car.Room 101

This makes it both stand out and makes it specifically yours. It is much harder to claim: “It wasn’t me, officer” when yours is the only car around with that particular style of aftermarket chrome wheels, heavy tinted windows with graphics, etc. And if you do elect to flee – a not-unreasonable decision these days given the over-the-top punishments meted out (vehicle impoundment, arrest, likely jail time) for such “offenses” as driving even 1 MPH faster than 80 MPH on a highway with a posted speed limit of 70 MPH (yes, really) it will be easier to get away if your car is one of dozens just like it in the immediate vicinity.

Avoid blatant challenges to the Law such as a very loud exhaust. Do not provide them with the pretext they need to initiate harassment.

The idea is to avoid even being noticed in the first place.

Remember Winston in Orwell’s 1984. He’s the model. And he would never have seen the inside of Room 101 if he hadn’t gotten stupid and started writing that diary… .

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  1. From Ed: “He’s a troll [libertyx] of the provocateur variety, but he’s stupid.”

    Here we go: Whenever the name calling starts it’s a sure sign of lack of civility, knowledge, or intelligence. New definition of troll for some individuals – someone with whom I disagree; and that person should be censored – even though it’s not my forum to censor.

    For the record: I am not a “troll”, and until now, have never been accused of such.

    • “For the record: I am not a “troll”, and until now, have never been accused of such.”

      For someone who isn’t a troll, you sure do a lot of trolling. You aren’t someone with whom I disagree, you’re someone posting the same line of “let’s you and him fight” bullshit that provocateurs have been posting online since the Clinton era.

      I don’t give a shit whether you’re censored or what you say . Your tired, stale old line isn’t interesting. I was just answering eric’s musing statement in one of his responses.

  2. My ability to reply to certain posts has been stopped (lack of a “Reply” button on selected posts). Technical glitch? If intentional, I’d certainly appreciate at least a notice to that effect being posted – that Libertyx is being prevented from replying.

    • No, nothing personal, libertyx. Just a limitation of WordPress, or at least the version Eric is using. Only so many ‘steps’ of reply allowed. Eric does not seem to have that limitation himself, as ‘administrator,’ but I run into it often. Just scroll up until you find a button and use that. Your post will at least come out somewhere close to where you want it.

  3. Sam Adams was a Boston tax collector for 12 years. Then a governor of Massachusetts. He was a fucking slave master, not some liberty loving hero worth quoting or remembering.

    Fuck him sideways with truckload of fish heads.

    Samuel Adams

    Samuel Adams

    “Gibs me a dollah, or I’ll gibs you a year in a cage.” ~ Real Samuel Adams quote.

  4. If you’re actually a fully informed Eloi, you know your first duty is never get captured by the Morlocks.

    If you ever find yourself sitting in massa’s jury box, you have severely fucked up, and your every effort should be only to get yourself out of that shit seat before you get eaten.

    Any Eloi who spends much time remembering the days of yore when Morlocks and Elois were once the same species, is not long for this world.

    Founders, judges, bureaucrats, cops, what they all have in common is they’re all cannibals. All they will do for you is make sure you’re submissive captive energy sources for them, fully bound and exploitable habeas corpses in their food chains.

    Inform yourself about that first and foremost, and then get the fuck away from them all as far as you can, and stay away the hell away forever.

  5. There’s a really cool app for smartphones called Waze. One of it’s fine features includes tagging porkers and letting every other Wazer know where exactly they are , whether concealed or not. Totally free, just make sure you get a mount for your phone… and a car charger if it’s a long haul.

  6. EP: ” …as they are largely immune – as a matter of law…” Really? What law?
    “We are legally required to submit and obey.” Again – what law?

    Any law is null and void if it violates U.S. or state constitutions.
    You are referencing lawlessness not lawfulness.

    • Hi Liberty,

      Yes, really… because the written Constitution is a nullity. The law is case law… and that is whatever they say it is. Good luck, as a for-instance, quoting the 4th Amendment to a cop or judge.

      • The Founders designed solutions to the current situation: the petite jury and the independent grand jury.

        Petite jury:
        “The primary function of the independent juror is not, as many think, to dispense punishment to fellow citizens accused of breaking various laws, but rather to protect fellow citizens from the tyrannical abuses of power by government.”

        Independent grand Jury:
        “DUTY OF THE ‘COMMON LAW’ GRAND JURY – If anyone’s unalienable rights have been violated, or removed, without a legal sentence of their peers, from their lands, home, liberties or lawful right, we [the twenty-five] shall straightway restore them. And if a dispute shall arise concerning this matter it shall be settled according to the judgment of the twenty-five Grand Jurors, the sureties of the peace. MAGNA CARTA, JUNE 15, A.D. 1215, 52.”

        • Hi Liberty,

          Yeah, but what good does that do you by the side of the road? Or for that matter, in the courtroom – when the judge simply tells the jury what they’ll do (or else)?

          Again, it’s all very nice-sounding… in theory.

          In fact, in reality, the law is whatever they say it is – and in practice, the Constitution is a nullity.

          • EP: “… when the judge simply tells the jury what they’ll do (or else)?”

            Knowledge is everything and jurors must know that they are the power in the courtroom. Jury nullification is becoming more widespread, see http://www.fija.org. In New Hampshire defense attorneys can invoke jury nullification – by law. Just as cars don’t repair themselves by taking about it, reform must come from up-close-and-personal activity and action. Gandhi was an example of what can be accomplished.

            • “Knowledge is everything and jurors must know that they are the power in the courtroom.”
              Nullification may be “becoming more widespread,” but it’s still a loooooooong way from common. I hope for the day when your ideas become popular, but until that time, I have family members that depend on me, and I can’t afford to be ‘dead right.’

            • Libertyx, in case you haven’t noticed some of the unconstitutional and illegal things our gov’t has instituted and which the ludicrous Supreme Court have upheld: Income tax; Obamacare; roadblocks/checkpoints; “Someone goes to jail” when the cops are called to a domestic violence case; No-knock SWAT raids, etc, etc….

              The people with the guns and power only obey the laws they want to obey (Which is the real reason they don’t want us to have guns).

              Jurors? LOL! How many cops have murdered unarmed victims, and the juries let them walk scott-free?

              How do you intend to force the politicians, judges and cops to obey the Constitution, which they routinely ignore, except for when it suits their own purposes?

              • My wife and I just had $650 taken from us for not signing up to have a much greater amount stolen from us in the guise of Obamacare, a clear-cut give-away to insurance companies, the subsidiaries of banks.

                There is nothing in the Constitution that allows this and in fact, there are parts of that document that are there to prevent this, the entire document is there to prevent this but it still goes on. We lost. We lost long ago. The IRS will get our farm. My wife said it was a homestead so no one can take it…..but the federal govt. isn’t nobody or somebody or anybody yet it takes everything it wants regardless of what Constitutional restraints are in place.

                Once the robed cadavers ruled a corporation was the same as a person it was officially over. Period. Turn out the lights, the party’s been over for a long time.

              • Nunzio: “How do you intend to force the politicians, judges and cops to obey the Constitution, which they routinely ignore, except for when it suits their own purposes?”

                Any lawful way I can. What I’m finding is a lot of complaining – telling me what’s wrong (I know, I know) – but not doing anything, out of fear or disinterest, to make a difference. Or if positive suggestions are made – going negative “that will never work” but once again no involvement in a solution. A start: Becoming informed of the power and functioning of the petite and grand juries in the event one is called for jury duty. Simple understanding: No Victim equals No Crime. Get some jury pamphlets from http://www.FIJA.com to hand out at events and to acquaintances – I do. Get involved in understanding the fantastic checks on our “leaders”, that the Founders gave us, in the “Peoples” Grand Jury. Read the recent book “Consent of the Governed” by Jason Hoyt http://www.amazon.com/Consent-Governed-Peoples-Government-Accountable/dp/0996686320/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1461556894&sr=1-1& keywords=consent+of+the+governed (Amazon)

                • Hi Liberty,

                  Among many problems: Judges openly ignore written law (“instructing”” juries what to do; threatening them with repercussions if they do otherwise) and – the Big One – the written law is largely irrelevant. The real law – in terms of what applies (what they can and will do to you) is case law and its interpretation.

                  Which “inform” juries.

                  There is no fixing this within the system. My opinion.

                  We are like the damage control teams in Titanic, hopelessly trying to keep the water out of boiler room 5.

                  The Constitution itself is the problem, incidentally.

                  As intended by Hamilton and his compatriots.

                  • Army adage: “Do something even if it’s wrong.” The easiest and laziest thing to do – nothing. So happy that Ed Snowden didn’t take certain “advice” – he has a pair. I may be applying for the position of “Boxcar Loader” – to listen to the folks inside on their way to promised Camp Utopia chanting “nothing can be done, nothing can be done”.

                    • Hello Liberty,
                      Many of us are indeed doing what we can by educating others. I am with you on the subject of Jury Nullification as something we should support in the short term. Many of us in this group including myself used to be constitutionalists like you are; and I am also an honorably discharged veteran. After I got out of the military, I researched what happened to our so-called constitution. I read the Federalist papers, but then I learned about the Anti-federalist papers and read them as well.
                      I also discovered other things, like the fact that several of the earliest Presidents including Washington violated the constitution without meaningful consequence. I learned that the so-called founders illegally replaced the amendable Articles of Confederation with the CONstitution.
                      I and many others here no longer go to the voting booth to pray to the State for deliverance from evil people and laws. Statism is no longer our religion.
                      You of course will now have many questions to challenge me/us with. May I recommend that you read an earlier EP Autos article so that we won’t have to re-type the answers?

                  • eric, nobody has mentioned the thousands of people that have been demonstrating in DC and getting put in jail for it. Of course it should be legal but asserting your rights is no longer legal.

                • Liberty, the problem is, that unless you have the power to physically force those who are supposed to be bound by laws (i.e. the gov’t) to abide by those laws, all the legal wrangling and asserting of “rights” is meaningless. You can no more reform the system through “legal” means, than could you reform Nazi Germany by quoting their laws to them.
                  We are living in a police state. Police states are based on power, not law. Over the decades, I’ve seen people educate themselves about the law and the constitution; they’ll spend great amounts of time in court trying to procure a few of our basic rights, and even the best of them are only successful occasionally, and that success comes at a great price -and does little to nothing to make them free.
                  Are you familiar with the late George Gordon of Isabella MO.? He represented himself in 6 cases before the Supreme Court, including on the matter of the right to travel without a license. He won 3 cases (not the right-to-travel one), and still, even for him, the only way he could live relatively free was to do as Eric suggest in this article (but on a broader scale). Don’t participate in their system. Avoid entangling yourself; keep a low profile. THAT is the most one can do in a dictatorial police state.
                  The problem is not just the politicians or their laws or the cops, but is just as much the average citizen, who participates and gives their assent to the system. The average person does not care about their own rights, much less ours, and they will do as they are told, whether voluntarily (like ratting you out, or convicting you for a non-crime if they are on a jury), or even more so for a paycheck or “benefit”.
                  In order to reform such a system, you’d not only have to strip the goons of their power and reform their whole system, but you’d have to reform sdociety itself. Not going to happen.
                  Use discretion; avoid participating; avoid entanglement with the cops and courts and gov’t institutions; minimize taxes (why fund their system?); do what is right and maintain the rights of others in your own dealings. That is about as good as it gets until such time as we can find a freer place to live.

                  • Nunzio: “Avoid entangling yourself; keep a low profile. THAT is the most one can do in a dictatorial police state.”

                    Heroes: Ed Snowden, Julian Assange, Daniel Ellsberg – they didn’t take your advice – thankfully.

                    “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you.
                    May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” [Samuel Adams]

                    • Hi Libertyx,

                      Yes, in re Snowden and Assange… but what good has it done? Did the public rise up in disgust and demand that those in government be held accountable? The Chimp – a war criminal guilty of mass murder – paints in Texas… Cheney is probably raping young boys in his basement. Rummy is a multi-millionaire… Powell a respected “elder statesman.” Etc.

                      This is no longer the America of 1974 – when enough of the public still gave a damn about merely lying by the president such that Nixon had to resign. When a murdering psychotic like Lt. Calley was despised by most.

                      Today, a guy like Lt. Calley would be deified as a “hero” who was “fighting for our freedoms.”

                      So why do I bother to do what I do? I write for the remnant – and for the future I hope may come but which may not, after all.

                      Most of human history is a story of darkness.

                      We try to keep the candle burning, but it’s hard to do so when the wind is howling.

                    • Liberty, Eric already said what my reply would have been (Thanks for saving me some typing, Eric!).

                      We are now to the point where good men, who care about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and who advocate the very principles on which this country was found, are considered enemies of the state.

                      We are now the outlaws, and the despotic criminals have amassed all of the power and wealth (Our ancestors allowed them to do this in exchange for promises of robbing “the ric” to enrich themselves, not realizing that giving thieves the power to rob others is also giving them the power to rob them and their children. But that is what coveteousness does to people. No honor among thieves.

                      Eric, Funny that you should mention Nixon! I was just saying not 3 days ago, to someone, that every president since Nixon has been guilty of far worse crimes than Nixon, and is/was far more impeachable. Nixon’s acts were minor by comparison.

                    • Clearly (anti) Liberty cares not for truth because he did not bother to read recommended EP Autos pages and could not reply to those of us who pointed out inconvenient facts about his gods.
                      He seems to prefer slave on slave blame for allowing the massa to remain corrupt. He drags out Snowden and others as examples of what we should emulate while he hides behind his keyboard. I think that he is a government troll trying to tear up our group.

                    • Hi Brian,

                      I try hard to give people benefit of the doubt until it becomes impossible to continue to give them the benefit of the doubt (e.g., Clover).

                      I am not sure about Libertyx.

                      He may simply be an idealist – and we (well, I… I don’t presume to speak for others) may be too cynical and negative. But I think he is naive about the effectiveness of grand juries and “blowing the whistle” on the actions of Uncle will only get you Gitmo’d or worse.

                      By and large, the masses love Uncle. There is no hope – my opinion – for reforming the system. The system must be rebooted and before that can happen (in a way that’s not authoritarian) the people, by and large, must no longer want authoritarianism.

                      Right now, most do.

                      Which renders talk of jury nullification and so on moot.

                    • “I am not sure about Libertyx. ”

                      He’s a troll of the provocateur variety, but he’s stupid. What he posts is shit recycled from the late ’90s.

                      Y’all feed trolls around here until they become site pests. I never have understood that.

                    • Hi Ed,

                      I do my best to give posters here every benefit of the doubt; to be civil and respond to arguments that (to people like you and I) are very familiar but which may be new to others. I try not to be a Denouncing Dick of the Rush Limbaugh variety. I think this is very important, in terms of conveying that we Libertarians are honest brokers and not trying to just whack pinatas.

                      My life goal is simply to do what I can to get others thinking along certain lines, in the hope that – like spreading grass seed in winter – sprouts will eventually shoot up one day.


    • Not just the Israelis, but all the current and former nations of the British Commonwealth. The Israelis have always kept nationstates at arms length due to Germanic or Russian Yiddish, and now they speak Hebrew. A Jew wrote the books that other Germans read to educate them on state agnostic Jewry so the Krauts and Nazis have a Jew to thank for even learning of the Jewish Conspiracy.

      You on the other hand, are likely mentally constrained by a single mother tongue, American English. As are 2.2 billion others in the cricket and rugby playing UK Commonwealth. Each former colony, Australia, Canada, Kenya, India, etc. etc. has a slightly different collection of useful idiot programming version of local English.

      You are subjects of a police state to the degree you allow ourselves to be. Should you throw off only the Jewish Overlord Chains somehow, there’d still be hundreds of other chains keeping you bound so long as you remain bindable.

      See the way Jews manipulate Christians and Muslims, that’s a good start. But then keep on going, because you are now only one foot down into the rabbit hole and there’s a lot further to go.

  8. Motorcycles are less likely to get pulled over. Many officers own one and consider you a member of some “club”. Very true. My step brother is a cop and so he told me this.

    • Depends on where you live. In my town, we have a “noise” ordinance in which most motorcycles engine noise will violate. They even have decibel meters to measure. The ordinance was designed to quiet loud thumping bass car audio systems, but its used against motorcycle and truck owners engines sounds too.

  9. Avoid driving on a Friday or Saturday night after 11:00 when 1 in 10 drivers are legally drunk. The oinkers are waiting for them. Also, stay off the main roads. I used to have to come home late at night. I drove down streets parallel to the main drag, where the cops sit lurking in closed gas stations and dark shadows. They don’t bother with the small side streets. Also, make sure your vehicle is 100% legal. No burned out lights, no tints, no loud music, don’t litter, all the common sense stuff.

      • Yeah, it’s sad that the innocent have to live like that. We have to make sure that we don’t fit a certain “profile”- i.e. that we don’t drive a car that is too flashy, or too old and ratty, and even then: My friend knows a cop who admits that late at night, he’s going to pull over the harmless-looking white guy in the minivan and turn a blind eye to the Escalade with 22″ rims full of Rastas, because he knows the minivan guy isn’t going to blow his head off, but will thank him for giving him a ticket.

        • nunzio, a few decades back I was pulling onto the interstate headed east with my Escort going bonkers from the DPS. A new 98 blew by me doing at least 90 with six of the largest black men I’ve seen. They were obviously professional athletes, probably members of the Dallas Cowgirls. They met the DPS that had my Escort going bonkers and he never braked nor showed in any way he’d seen them even though he couldn’t have missed them or the speed they were traveling. I jumped in behind them and laughed my butt off. DPS had no problem with stopping me but not those guys. I suspect their trip, probably to Dallas, was uneventful.

          • But Mr. 8, don’t you know? The PO-leece only harass blacks! Us white guys get a free pass… Or so the media says 😀

    • Yep. All I have to do is drive late in one of my cars in particular and I’ll pick a cop tail. I love when I can visibly frustrate them.

    • “Also, make sure your vehicle is 100% legal. No burned out lights, no tints, no loud music, don’t litter, all the common sense stuff.”

      This is an argument for fitting LED lights for your vehicle. Much less likely to burn out than incandescents.

  10. One of the first things that will go away in the coming revolution, is cops at speed traps and road blocks. An ordinary deer rifle will take care of that problem.

    • Might be good to start that party….
      A few such “events” though would quickly end the 2A.

      “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” – Matt Bracken (& the rest of the trilogy…)

  11. In the late ’90s, I used to get pulled over in my immaculate ’87 short-box Chevy with no explanation while they searched for I don’t know what. Later, I was told that vintage pickups were a favourite ride for outlaw bikers. The greying ponytail and bulky build didn’t help any protestations to the contrary.

    My spouse, a chic middle-aged black woman in dreads driving a big-rimmed bright red Cayenne S, also gets the evil eye pullover from time to time.

    By contrast, one of my brothers-in-law, wholesaling medicinals, drove exactly the anonymous old Camryies you recommend. Dressed preppie with short hair. Never a problem!

  12. Here is a video of a cop getting shot by the person he pulled over:
    Cop gets ambushed by idiot who is a poor shot.
    There are many other videos like these on Youtube, including motorcycles allegedly driving 180 mph being chased by cops. In one video the cop has told a newscaster that cop cars top out at 140.
    http://www.copblock.org/ is a good place to read about corrupt police.

  13. I like the idea of free range ,it puts the idea of personal responsibility back in the picture,
    VA can be very bad depending on the attitude of the troopers ,VDOT is a bitch at times though ,because their crazy ass fines are ludicrous ,the bridge formula overload tickets are the worst case of BS BOLOGNA . (YOU CAN BUY AN OVERLOAD STICKER IN VA ,5 % -but my query is how does the bridge know ?(not honored on Federal interstates by the way ,unless by agreement .
    As Penn & Teller (Teller anyway ) says “Bullshit !”

    • Kevin, bridge law bs is everywhere and for the same reason, revenue. Revenooers rely on bs load laws on bridges too. One old bridge I know over the NP RR is shown as 17,000# for tandem. Now I interpret this to be that amount of weight per tandem since two trucks weighing that weight on just one tandem would actually have more load Per Bridge Law than a semi. The DOT still uses it to increase revenue when you pass over it in a semi. I’m hoping the damned thing will collapse from age and a new one will be built without load limits. It’s used to a huge degree.

    • Excuse me, I didn’t mean to confuse anyone with “bridge laws” for vehicles and stupid interpretation of weight laws for bridges. I got an overload ticket once because of a bridge law in that my entire rig from front axle to rear axle on the trailer was a foot “too short”. It’s not as if that foot will make a difference for a roadway rated for that load.

  14. Cops today, have become nothing more than tax collectors. With many cities and counties showing red ink(thank you NAFTA and GATT) they rely more upon preying on the civilian population than ever before.
    And with the prison for profit state we now live in, states must promise 100% occupancy to a corporation who held a knife to the government’s throat making them promise more customers.
    Checkpoints are one of the easiest ways to fleece the public. After all it’s your word against the cop’s and as we all know cops never lie……..
    They can easily charge you with a DUI even though you haven’t had a drop and then you will be forced to hire an expensive lawyer; either that or just pay the fine, the court costs, the mandatory AA meetings, not to mention the monthly rental on the breathalyzer now installed in your vehicle, well you get the idea. It’s all about fleecing the public.
    As America descends into a police state and our rights ground into the dirt by worthless politicians and bureaucraps, sooner or later we’re going to come face to face with the final solution.

    • “As America descends into a police state” – you mean “As America descends further into a police state”

  15. Armed criminals who waylay innocent travelers with the intention of robbing them should be stopped by whatever means prove necessary. Shooting them on the spot may be impractical, but I’m hoping there will arise people who are too fed up with the government’s endless predations to care.

    • Hi JdL,

      Evading cops – if successful – is as or more enjoyable than good sex.

      Knowing you “got away” with it. Knowing the oinky SOB has steam coming out of his ears… that he didn’t get you.

      • Would that all the cops were like Roscoe P. Coltrane and / or Buford T. Justice.

        The Duke boys and Bandit did have a much more level playing field than we do today.

      • eric, to be honest, some of my best memories are of evading cops…..and then having sex out in the boonies and watching the hiway while we were smoking dope, snortin coke, trying to write a song…..or at least that’s what was playing on the stereo. I admit it, I could enjoy that again. New Riders of the Purple Sage……play it again Sam………..

    • Many thanks for that link. One thing especially stood out:

      “The Modern era was brought in, not by the Reformation, but by the Renaissance, which preceded it in time and greatly exceeded it in scope and dignity. The Renaissance was reversion to the spacious paganism of Greece and Rome; as someone has well said, it was a bouleversement of all principles of Christianity. Its test for ideas was not the authority behind them but the probability in them. It was immensely curious, ingenious, skeptical and daringùin brief, everything that Christianity was not. ”

      It is astounding – or, perhaps, appalling would be a better way to say it – how many of those pissing and moaning about the decline of Western Civilization flat out deny this. With friends like that, the enemies of Western Civilization are entirely superfluous.

      Also, while link hopping from the Mencken page, I found something I’ve been looking for for years – Walter Kaufmann’s Faith of a Heretic, which is something you might like. N.B. The ZIP link on the page downloads a .zip file containing 2 .zip files, one for a text version, one for HTML, both are rather oddly formatted but readable, with effort. Don’t know what the other download options will do.


  16. 30% of Idaho and 95% of Texas is private land.

    Makes it pretty clear where you’ll have a chance at least, and where there will never be any hope of living free.

    • Yes and no. The government owns most pf the roads everywhere. They go anywhere they want on private roads because “probable cause”. If you were attempting to hide and/or get away from government thugs, you’d have much better luck in the government owned mountain wilderness than anywhere in the plains where the land was owned by a private individual–most likely a clover–more than happy in most cases to turn you in to the authorities.

      The federal government claims ownership of much land in the west, but they don’t have any more control over it than private land, sometimes less. The governments enforcers are much thicker around privately owned land with public roads than they are around federally owned wilderness areas.

      The chances of freedom are increased only by maintaining a low profile. Low populated areas are the best way to do this. Texas is nowhere closer to a free society than anywhere in the west, even though it’s mostly privately owned land. The only way to make headway in that area is to have 100% private ownership of land. As soon as government has an easement, the prospect of freedom is nil.

      • Regarding the ability to evade a DUI, if one is drinking and driving, one would have less chance of getting caught in a bigger, more congested area than in a more rural, exurban setting.

        • My reply was geared toward the freedom idea in a shtf scenario.

          Avoiding the cops in rural states where checkpoints aren’t allowed is much easier than avoiding them in populated areas where they can set up checkpoints.

  17. I was under the impression that VA police had radar detector detectors, so I grabbed an Escort Redline, which is supposedly shielded from them. But I would much rather own a Valentine given what I hear about the distances they get. I may have to add that to the arsenal.

    What countermeasures do you use when riding your motorcycles? My bike is so slow that I don’t think I could speed if I wanted to, so it hasn’t been an issue.

    Thanks for this article.

  18. Idaho, Wyoming, Montana. No check points for anything. Speed limits are 75-80 on the interstates, 65-70 on many state highways and 5 over the limit never gets you stopped, unless it’s the 12-3am time slot. Radar detectors are legal and the cops are–for the most part–more nervous than me after I interrogate them. They aren’t used to people who assert their rights. They aren’t as agressive as the buzzcut ass hole cops in southern states, especially if they aren’t state troopers.

    In Idaho, generally, the county cops are just a dude collecting a paycheck. City cops are usually your alligator armed neighbor that is scared of his wife. The state troopers are the most prone to violence, but even they–on the whole–are more reasonable than many states.

    That said, fu*k the cops anywhere and always. These 3 states–I drive in frequently–are less bad than many others in my experience.

    • “less bad” – that’s about the best you can say about them. The literary term is ‘damning with faint praise.’

    • Idaho is where the county pigs murdered Jack Yantis after THEY called HIM to take care of one of his bulls that had escaped.

      • Bill, that bull was on free range. The car that ran into it should be liable. We have areas of free range in Tx. and if you hit livestock, you’ve bought it. I don’t recommend driving city style in these locales. Yantis, as a responsible rancher and a good human, had to put his bull down and dispose of it. Non-pigs(family and friends) at the scene have already described what happened but the sheriff in charge will never admit the truth. Put 101st Airborne city slickers in the country and that’s what you get it would seem.

        • “that bull was on free range”
          But in a logical society, there should be no such thing as free range. All property should be owned by someone who is therefore responsible for it.
          When the gunvermin says ‘free range,’ it means they own it, and therefore will tell us (since it makes us feel better) that ‘we all’ own it. But that makes no one responsible.

          • Free range in Tx. means someone owns it and the access across it is not fenced to keep out livestock. It makes a lot of sense since fencing is very expensive and places that are free range may have a road the county blades, mostly with no improvement over dirt. You’re on your own on these roads since the owner could car less if you want to cross it and would gladly put up locked gates and have you go around. In large parts of west Tx. and east NM that’s exactly how it is. You follow govt. owned roads and that’s it.

            The north side of my land was taken by the county because a RR was our northern border and the govt. wanted access. We didn’t “give” it to them but they took it anyway. Eminent domain sucks for most people.

            • 8 – once you explain it that way, it does make sense. But my understanding of most of the ‘free range’ in the mountain states is that the FedGov claims ownership, much of it under the Louisiana Purchase.

              • That is true PtB. The “free range” in the intermountain west is state or federal land. Ranchers in the area are subsidized to the hilt. Sometimes more so than crop farmers. Yantis’s bull was on free range and he wasn’t liable. The drivers of cars are liable–because farmers and ranchers occupy most of the state representative positions that are in session for mid Jan-March–and of course don’t make themselves liable for anything. They pay no sales taxes on equipment and fuel and recieve myriad tax breaks unavailable to those not in the ag industry.

                Yantis was murdered in cold blood. If people on here can show me the state where that type of thing never happens at the hands of pigs, I’ll move there.

                Idaho is no more the state where pigs kill people than any other state. Generally, far less than many states. And a major plus of ID, MT, WY, is that none of them allow checkpoints. Thats a major benefit to avoiding and evading pigs, as is the topic at hand.

                • It seems to me that a disproportionately high number of abusive pig stories I’ve been reading lately do seem to be from Idaho. I think part of the problem is, that in a lot of the western states, like ID. UT. CO. AZ. NM. you have a large population of outsiders moving in- be they retirees from the northeast or refugees from CA. This creates a situation where in addition to the normal sadistic psychopathic tendencies of those who become cops, you have cops there now who are from all over, so who are not familiar with the mentality of the long-time locals, and who have no ties to the area- i.e. they feel no responsibility because their families are not from the area, and they thus feel no repercussions for their behavior, because they are not committing their crimes in the sight of their relatives or those who even know their families and their name. They are anonymous, and if they develop too bad of a reputation, they can simply move to another area and start anew. No ties..no worries.
                  Look around at all the places in this country where there is fast recent growth; lots of outsiders copming in from elsewhere, and these are always the places where the most atrocities are perpetrated by the pigs.
                  You want to have heavy-handed fuzz? Don’t get cousin Zeke who grew up in Bumpkinsville and whose family has been there for 5 generations to be a cop in Bumpkinsville; bring in strangers from across the country -see how some pig who formerly worked in the South Bronx is going to treat farmer Joe with the rifle in the gun rack of his pick-up, it’ll be quite different than how old Zeke would treat him.

                  • Hi Nunzio,

                    This is actually policy – at least in VA, with regard to state cops. The usual practice is to assign the cop to a region/area different than the one he came from/grew up in. For precisely the reasons you list. In my neck, there is a Russian or East European porker, clearly not local – and he has a reputation for being an unusually pungent asshole.

  19. I was a victim of a checkpoint enforcing the stop at a crosswalk law. Some idiot was barely standing in the crosswalk on a 4 lane road. So I slow down to about a rolling stop. Was waving the guy on. The idiot didn’t make an attempt to cross, so I proceeded. I see the idiot signal the cop ahead to pull me over. Luckily it was just an educational stop. Handed me a flyer on the law. No ticket. I bit my tongue, I was so angry. But thankful I wasn’t fleeced. Now I know to come to a complete stop regardless of common sense.

    • Come to a complete stop and watch that idiot behind you run into you. Nothing like obeying the law to the letter.

      • But don’t you want to help build the economy….? 😉

        Following said logic:
        Have you ever witnessed the anger of the good shopkeeper, James Goodfellow, when his careless son has happened to break a pane of glass? If you have been present at such a scene, you will most assuredly bear witness to the fact that every one of the spectators, were there even thirty of them, by common consent apparently, offered the unfortunate owner this invariable consolation – “It is an ill wind that blows nobody good. Everybody must live, and what would become of the glaziers if panes of glass were never broken?”

        Now, this form of condolence contains an entire theory, which it will be well to show up in this simple case, seeing that it is precisely the same as that which, unhappily, regulates the greater part of our economical institutions.

        Suppose it cost six francs to repair the damage, and you say that the accident brings six francs to the glazier’s trade – that it encourages that trade to the amount of six francs – I grant it; I have not a word to say against it; you reason justly. The glazier comes, performs his task, receives his six francs, rubs his hands, and, in his heart, blesses the careless child. All this is that which is seen.

        But if, on the other hand, you come to the conclusion, as is too often the case, that it is a good thing to break windows, that it causes money to circulate, and that the encouragement of industry in general will be the result of it, you will oblige me to call out, “Stop there! Your theory is confined to that which is seen; it takes no account of that which is not seen.”

        It is not seen that as our shopkeeper has spent six francs upon one thing, he cannot spend them upon another. It is not seen that if he had not had a window to replace, he would, perhaps, have replaced his old shoes, or added another book to his library. In short, he would have employed his six francs in some way, which this accident has prevented


        I know you know it already, but others may not comprehend….

  20. Trapster is a great way to keep up with police locations. A kind of social app, it allows fellow motorists to enter the location of a speedtrap or checkpoint. You will then see them on a Google type map in the app. It does rely on others to keep the info update and therefore maybe less useful late at night and in rural areas, but I’d think a standing dui checkpoint would normally be ID’d right away.

  21. While resistance may be futile during the stop since the pig will escalate the situation to his satisfaction, the most prudent course of action is to get your retribution after the stop. The officer will put his name on the citation and in this age of information his identity isn’t any more protected than yours. Simply find his home and torch it.

    • Randall, Pigs are the most cowardly of all monsters. They take great steps to ensure their own privacy, while they make their living destroying ours. They get unlisted numbers, and take other steps to obscure any details which might allow them to receive the payback they so richly deserve.

    • That is the smart way at justice. The IRA methodology was to remain silent, gather intelligence and lie in wait. Two rounds in the spine served as their calling cards – at their oppressors homes in the middle of the night.

      The IRA Greenbook is the quintessential work on resisting an occupation army. Fitting since the American police is modeled after the Irish and why the first coppers in most cities were Irish – mostly Protestants.

  22. Good info. Much better than a rant.

    A couple of points re avoidance. Look for roadblocks not only late at night, but also in daylight hours on weekends or holidays near recreational areas (like lakes,) where recreational substances may have been consumed.

    I can only speak for Az on this next item, but many of the roadblock hours and locations will be announced in advance, either online or on TV News.

    So there are a lot of ways to minimize your risk. But just like dog crap on the sidewalk, there is no guarantee you will never encounter cops at their roadblocks.

  23. Another option might simply be, move to TEXAS.

    Although you’d have to deal with less polite critters if you did get stopped, you would be able to see them a long distance away, the posted speed limit is generally 75 on rural roads, and the radar detector isn’t ILLEGAL to use.

    Like 3/4ths of your examples only apply directly to VA.

    Also, a benefit of having a NY permission slip is that NY doesn’t respect points from any other US state for a ticket received out-of-state. The only compact that exists is for failure to respond/appear for which suspension would be respected, but only for like 45 other states.

    • Hi Warp,

      I used to think Texas was a potentially good place to live… I don’t anymore. It seems to be among the heaviest-handed police states among the 50. Worse than VA, even!

      • And in Texas (and the other border states for that matter) in addition to the local and state police equipment-drunk etc roadblocks, you have roadblocks in the interior set up by the US border patrol for “illegals” and/or for drugs. They are even more constitutionally dubious then the ones set up for the drunks. Not that the constitution is followed anymore………

        My cousin, who lives in Arizona, really fears and hates those roadblocks, because her husband is an immigrant with a very obvious accent. Until he got US citizenship those roadblocks were an even bigger hassle. And he was German, not even Mexican, so they hate everybody.

      • It is.

        Until you are driving up to 95 mph (in a 70), you’re pretty safe in Texas to get your ticket dismissed through driving school. The state is the one who sets up the rules on that, so courts have to abide.

        Many courts around cities offer “deferred adjudication” or “probation” so that the ticket falls off in a specified time like 90 days after paying a court fee.

        It isn’t as bad as people say.

        You have to work pretty hard to have a ticket on your record around Houston. Dallas is a different story. They run speed traps all the time there.

        It is true that the Texas cops can get mean during “no refusal weekends,” but they are no worse than any others on normal days.

        That’s the view from the street

        • swamprat, you’re pretty close. DPS are, for the most part, some of the best of their ilk even though I won’t give them a pat on the back. If you’re white it helps a great deal unless you get one of these new Mexican troopers who want to screw everyone.

          You can drive 80 in a 75 and just go your way if you don’t do shit like look really paranoid at a trooper or slam on the brakes. Hell, I do it all the time in a big rig. I blast through radar like it’s candy and I like it. They may think about stopping me but never have done so. I mean, what are they going to say? Lots of traffic out there blowing past me. Step Child tops out at 72 so I don’t sweat even FM roads posted at 70. If I didn’t have to sweat the DOT my days would be fairly sedate.

  24. If we cannot avoid, may I suggest this:

    “Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison.”


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