Hero Hoses Down Crippled Dog Walker

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Juli Norman, a professional dog walker in the Portland area, was assaulted by Hero Police Captain Todd Wyatt when he doused her with a garden hose after one of her pooches defecated on the easement in front of his house. Norman had scooped the poop into a plastic bag and was in the process of tying it off when Wyatt confronted her.

Wyatt told her to observe his signs and not let the dog’s poop on the grass near his house. Norman, who had her leg in a brace and was using a crutch to assist her, wasn’t in the mood for his affront and told him to mind his own business.

I said, ‘No this is an easement, and that blew him up,” Norman said. She yelled that she had already picked up the dog waste, adding a few expletives to make her point.

After being cursed out by the dog walker, Wyatt grabbed his watering hose marched down his driveway and proceeded to spray Juli in the face with it.

“He took that hose, came five feet from me like we are now, and proceeded to douse me in my face with the hose,” Norman said.

“He sprayed me directly in my face. I am dripping,” Norman said. “I was stunned. When I turned my back, he continued and drenched my back.”


This isn’t Wyatt’s first time in the spotlight for abusing his authority. He was demoted in 2012after a review board found he “inappropriately touched”-sexually assaulted–  several female employees and escalated a road rage incident by pulling his gun on another driver.

Juli Norman didn’t feel too safe after learning of Wyatt’s previous transgressions but was relieved that he was not armed at the time of their conflict.

“This man should not be in a position of any power,” Norman said. I’m just glad he didn’t have a gun. This man is out of control and I’m afraid if he had a gun he would have used it.”

Juli Norman is pressing assault charges and the police department has started an internal review into Wyatt’s actions.

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  1. I’ll be sure to wait with bated breath for the results of the internal review. Cause it’s in doubt, you know.

  2. When are You People gonna learn? You do not question those with a badge and gun. They are always rights and you should consider yourself lucky to get off with a little soaking. After all, he could just have easily blown you away or knocked you down and had his way with you like the other women before. DO NOT jack with this guy…..or any like him. Got it? Say it. Say it back to me.


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