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We’ve still got about 25 percent to go in order to make it out of the red for the month. I’m hoping you guys will come through again, as you always have so far. I have a fresh pile of EPautos magnets to send out – and Special Bonus! – anyone who sends in a donation of $30 or more will get a magnet and some stickers, a handful of which I still have laying around.

My chainsaw cut has healed nicely – no thanks to quacks. Here’s a pic:wound 4

Thanks in advance (and again) for your help keeping this site viable. It’s not easy making a living as a writer or publisher when you don’t/won’t kiss the ring of the establishment and play for Team Red or Team Blue.

This site is a big Up Yours! (or better yet, leave us alone) to both of them. It shows that peaceful, voluntary exchange works. That people are willing to support what they think is worth supporting.

I may not get rich doing this, but it gratifies me daily to know that every cent this site generates was generated non-coercively and without any shuck-and-jive.

So, thanks again – to all of you!

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  1. 1)
    if you are unable to use the shift key effectively while typing, why not go with all lower case? it’s like you’re whispering and everyone will be intrigued and lean in closer, right?

    keep things brief so people with short attention spans won’t be offended. that’s actually the reason books were burned in fahrenheit 451. the people voted for them to be burned to increase general happiness.

    “Captain Beatty, Montag’s fire chief, personally visits Montag to see how he is doing. Sensing Montag’s concerns, Beatty recounts how books lost their value and where the firemen fit in:

    Over the course of several decades, people embraced new media, sports, and a quickening pace of life. Books were ruthlessly abridged or degraded to accommodate a short attention span while minority groups protested over the controversial, outdated content perceived to be found in books.

    The government took advantage of this and the firemen were soon hired to burn books in the name of public happiness.”

  2. A Libertarian Diet is best followed eating food produced by Libertarian Farmers.

    This would be chickens and other animals not fed bags of Big Ag Animal Feed, but instead a more natural diet, so the meat and eggs we are eating come from animals that are also healthy, and not themselves filled with antibiotics and hormones.

    If you can afford not to, why eat proteins that come from animals in pens and miserable conditions worse than a holocaust concentration camp. How can that possibly be healthy, or conducive to a pleasant life we all seek, even our animal brothers.

    Reasons to Switch to Grass-Fed Beef and Dairy, and Pastured Chicken and Eggs

    • Hi Tor,

      I do that – eat only local/grass-fed beef and have my own free-range chickens and eggs. I’ve noticed a few things worth mentioning: One, the grass-fed beef tastes much better, as do the fresh/free-range eggs (bright orange rather than sickly yellow yolks) and I feel better physically after eating it vs. the store bought Animal Auschwitz stuff. I do not think this is in my head, either. Once or twice, I have bought supermarket beef and after eating it I feel not-quite-right; bloated and slightly unwell. I suspect this has to do with the fact that the store-bought stuff was fed an unnatural diet (cows are not designed to eat corn) which screws with their metabolism and alters the composition of their flesh. When we eat that flesh, our bodies react to it differently. I’ve read, in particular, that the fat in grass-fed beef is much healthier than the fat in corn-fed beef.

  3. Thanks for this site, Eric.

    Matthew 7:9
    Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?

    In the last Harry Potter book, I remembered a few lines that might be worth mentioning, especially since it is in the end of the last book. Here’s the exact quote.

    Harry says, “Tell me one last thing. Is this real or has this been happening inside my head?”

    “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry. But why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

    The interesting thing is that these adventure stories and adventure scenarios and environments, like Dungeons & Dragons and the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and so on, they don’t tend to provoke people to great courage, they tend to attract people who have a deficiency of courage as a result of isolation and childhood traumas.

    It is entirely irrational and unreasonable – to imagine that if Harry Potter had been raised by this abusive aunt and uncle who literally kept him locked under the stairs and isolated and half-starved that he would grow into a heroic, brave, courageous, socially adept leader. Empirically, this is just not what happens to these kinds of victims, unless they are in a completely insane environment.

    With Star Wars, there is a trauma, Luke goes off in a crazy state and meets an imaginary wizard who tells him that he’s the Lord of all universe and the son of a great starfighter and all that sort of stuff, right after his uncle humiliates him and then he goes back and his aunt and uncle are mysteriously dead.

    Well, the typical way of looking at this from a psychological standpoint would be that in a fit of rage after the humiliation of his real parents, he went into a crazy state, a grandiose state, where he killed them and then fled from this into fantasy, into madness, into a galaxy far far away.

    Luke Skywalker is unable to stand up to his father, Uncle Owen, the dead eyed, soul-crushing farmer in the ass end of nowhere who won’t let him think about leaving.

    He can’t stand up to him, he can’t escape that, he’s just crushed underneath and has no voice. And what always follows from a feeling of an inability to negotiate is a flood of violence, of violent impulses.

    The fundamental reason why violence exists in the world is because people do not have the capacity to negotiate.

    If people had the capacity to negotiate, there would be almost no violence in the world.

    Violence is what happens when the flow of human communication is dammed up by an inability to negotiate. You get an overflow, the boiling oil or the blood come over the ramparts and you get violence as a result.

    And you see that, Luke can’t say anything to his father, he can’t stand up to this Uncle Owen, he can’t individuate, he can’t negotiate within or leave that relationship, and so what happens next is a flood of fantastic violence, of fantasy violence.

    And the archetypes that occur in these floods of fantasy, these violent fantasies, are very powerful.

    His parents have to die, as all these parents have to die, as in almost every early Disney film, I think except in 101 Dalmatians, the parents are all dead. This is monarch programming psyop reality 101.

    The parents have to die because it’s the only escape. If you can’t negotiate your way out of or just leave abusive relationships, then you fantasize about people dying so that you can be free, and the death fantasies that strike upwards through the hierarchy in these kinds of shows are amazing.

    This is why they attract the dweebs and geeks and nerds and this is the Big Bang Theory problem. You have to explain this fundamentally, you have to explain why stories about heroism attract and ensnare the least heroic among us.

    It’s because when you can’t negotiate, when you’ve been crushed and abused and ground down and silenced and ridiculed and humiliated and punished and ignored and abused, or any random plate-heaping from that infernal buffet, then you have murderous fantasies in these stories, these sword and sorcery tales, these space epics, they are all murderous fantasies.

    You can’t negotiate and you can’t escape and therefore you fantasize about violence, particularly violence towards parents or other authority figures who are close, which is why these things occur.

    Because the reality is, if you’re in an abusive relationship, you should strive to negotiate your way into some sort of equality, some sort of better standing in the relationship, and you should work really hard to try and do that.

    But if you can’t, then you should hit the eject button. It’s the only sane thing to do. If you’re in a relationship and you can’t negotiate, you either find a way to negotiate within that relationship, or you leave.

    And if the relationship continues to be abusive, then if you cannot leave an abusive relationship or you will not leave an abusive relationship, you will leave reality. If you can’t hit the eject button on an abuser, reality lets you hit the eject button on you.

    It’s inevitable, if dominoes everywhere are going down. And the prevalence of these stories is the degree to which this is a prevalent factor in our society as it stands. Then It’s chilling. That’s Heinous.

    And the archetypes of Star Wars are very interesting. When Luke escapes into these violent fantasies after he kills his parents, or he mentally kills his parents, he goes into these fantasies and they’re quite indicative because they keep him in a childlike state.

    The prelude to an adult sexual relationship is masturbation, and from this violence, the murder of his parents, who does he escape with? Han Solo. You just throw a D in there, there’s Hand Solo, which is obviously a synonym for masturbation.

    There is also in this kind of situation a fear of women because of the lack of bonding with the mom, Aunt Beru. In reality before she is killed, she gives him a sympathetic look, but won’t intervene with her husband.

    So there’s a lack of bonding with the mother figure, which produces a terror of women and the terror of women, in my opinion, shows up in the form of Chewbacca, who’s a big well-armed vagina, and you can tell it’s a vagina because there’s no clothes. It’s naked. Completely naked.

    And sexless. And scary. And big and strong and powerful. You can also see his fear of women because Luke’s only sexual attraction that you see in the stories is with Princess Leia, the woman who turns out to be his sister.

    There’s an immaturity here, there is a lack of acceptance of adult female sexuality.

    If you can’t negotiate then you can only masturbate and fantasize about that which terrifies you, which is a woman’s actual vagina. this is a very powerful thing in the psyche, particularly of men.

    Check out the book Man’s Fear of Women. you wouldn’t believe the amount of cultures where men believe that the vagina – vagina dentata, it even has a name – has teeth and can bite off a penis. This fear of women is very powerful in society, and it’s all the way through the stories. Think of Galadriel. Terrifying woman, right?

    What you see throughout Star Wars is this continual murderousness towards father figures. Obi-Wan Kenobi is obviously a good father figure, he’s the Dumbledore, he’s the part that might be able to heal. He’s killed, Obi-Wan is killed.

    So the good father is killed by the bad father, who is the real father, Darth Vader. And even the whole Death Star is this huge testicle. He’s a literal ball buster. I mean, the little torpedo going in the hole, I mean, it is rage against adult sexuality, because there’s an inability to negotiate.

    When there’s an inability to negotiate, there’s a lack of individuation, a lack of selfhood, a lack of capacity to be with another human being in an equal state. And therefore there is only fantasy, there is no reality, there is no intimacy, there’s only dreams of mad glory. This arrested development meme is the achilles heel of libertarianism really.

    Think of the very end of the first Star Wars film, they’re on this podium and they’re all getting these awards and everyone’s cheering. In the absence of intimacy, there is only empty grandiosity and fantasies of violence and asexuality or hyper sexuality, there is only the false self, not the true self, there is not an identity who can connect with another human being.

    So if you start to look for these situations, if you start to look for these patterns, you can really see them. It all comes right back to, if we don’t process the humiliations of our childhood then we’ll end up with these grandiose fantasies.

    And you can see this in sports, and martial arts, and Transformers, pokemon, and kids’ intense fantasies about dinosaurs, these big giant powerful things, these are all compensations for feelings of humiliation that can’t be processed in the moment.

    Kids’ obsessions with war games and kids’ obsessions again with these giant either robots or spaceships or war machines or dinosaurs or whatever it is that has a massive amount of power, well, that’s in a sense the brain blood that spills out of the wound called humiliation, is these fiery fantasies of grandiosity.

    Naturally, this ties very much into war, right, which is the ultimate murderous fantasy and the humiliation of children is essential to the development of the warrior class.

    It’s no accident that the South of the US is known both for violence against children, and for military prestige. So you crush children in order for them to be spat out, basically the shithole of violent fantasies, so that they’re much more primed to be warriors.

    And again, if you take all that out of the equation, if you don’t humiliate children, or if you accept the fact that you were humiliated as a child and you can deal with that humiliation and the pain and smallness and difficulty not that engendered in your soul, then you won’t need to avoid your proximity, to avoid the toxicity of those who are close to you by spinning yourself off into fantasy.

    Think of that engineer in The Big Bang theory who’s got that wretched screechy Jewish mom. He’s always out there in fantasy and the tall skinny guy has got the religious mom, who he can’t communicate with, who he can’t interact with.

    Sheldon is always spinning off into fantasy. The main guy, Jimmy Galecki, I think his name is, his character has got that really cold and distant mom and his girlfriend has these really cold and disapproving moms.

    There is this continual drive toward fantasy that comes from being crushed early in life. And so if you’re attracted to these kinds of things, if you fantasize about your capacity for violence, if you daydream or are drawn towards movies with cartoony kinds of violence, that is a certain sign – that you are bleeding from a crushed, stomped, and humiliated heart. Please stop and share your personal experience here and try to stanch the wound.

    The flight into fantasy whether statist or otherwise, is actually very dangerous.


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