Have I Done Something?

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I’m worried.

Donations – what keeps this site alive – are way off for the month. If MB and a few others hadn’t stepped up, we wouldn’t even be at 50 percent green as of today – with less than a week left in the month.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. And I can’t afford to do this for free, either.

The weird thing is, traffic’s up; more people are coming here than ever before. But – again – I can’t do this for free. Or go broke doing it. I’m not asking you to help me get rich. If I wanted that, I’d go Republican – like Hannity and the rest of them. They have seven figure deals because they carry water for the interests that haven’t got your interests (or mine) at heart.

Bottom line, if you like EPautos, please support EPautos.

Don’t assume others will. If you do, they won’t – and that’ll be it.


Please consider chipping in.

Our donate button is here.

 If you prefer not to use PayPal, our mailing address is:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079

EPautos stickers – new design, larger and magnetic! – are free to those who send in $10 or more. 1'7 Sportage Clover


    • Google cut me off literally today, making a left turn from the wrong lane. Came within 2 or 3 feet of smashing into that stupid Google mobile.

      • Hi AJ,

        It is a certainty that these “automated” cars will be programmed by (and for) Clovers. All the driving behavior we find aggravating will be encoded. Glacial acceleration when the light goes green. Ridiculous “pre-emptive” braking. All under-posted speed limits adhered to. Forget making a perfectly safe (but illegal) U turn or right on red.

  1. Eric, I had in the past signed up for a dollar a month donation. Soon, it turned into 2 separate donations, then three a month! Good thing I didn’t sign up for $20 in the first place! I had to just plain cut you off totally, since stopping 2 of 3 became impossible. Love to read you, but hey, a deal is a deal.

    • Hi Gary,

      Thanks for the heads up on this… it’s effing PayPal, not me. I have no control over them and don’t even begin to know how to deal with the problems their system has. Those of you who’ve had problems, how about cutting out the middleman? Just mail me! EPautos, 721 Hummingbird Lane, SE Copper Hill, VA 24079

  2. Ten thousand rhymes ten thousand times
    Ten thousand works of art

    A rant or two on something new,
    Imbued with sinew, and heart

    Each day you play – it doesn’t pay,
    And though it takes a while

    There’s something neat, and awful sweet,
    In making others smile.

  3. Threw my lot in – partially to celebrate the acquisition of a 96 Silverado I got recently. It’s good to have a low-computer car (might drop in a crate 350 in a few years). The top of the engine if from 96, the bottom is from 1975. Wheels from a few years old Tahoe. One piece at a time…

    Keep up the good work. Now to fine spare electronics and throw them in an ammo can…

  4. Hi Eric,

    Im from Argentina, and have been visiting your site from a while now. I want to donate, but a check is out of the question, and for some reason paypal is not letting me open an account. Is there any other way i can donate?

    Great site and btw, you mentioned Argentina as a potential place to live. If you are anything but a diehard statist, Argentina is unbearable. It is clover heaven here.

    Best regards

    • Hi Tin,

      I wishI knew how to fix the (many) problems with PayPal but – like Google Adsense – it’s impenetrable. A mystery. Some folks do mail cash, though – if that’s an option. The mailing address is: EPautos. 721 Hummingbird Lane SE, Copper Hill, Virginia, 24079

      Thanks for the kind words – and for your support!

  5. Eric, I just tried to register on your forum and it says registration has been turned off. So I start browsing the conversations and do search for Toyota Landcruiser and get a “you have been banned forever” message. I then tried to send a message via contact the site administrator and was kicked off your page. Not sure what is going on. Something wrong with your site?


    • This is the message I keep getting:

      You have been banned for the following reason:
      No reason was specified.

      Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    • Hi Melissa,

      There may well be something wrong. But here’s the Catch 22: I can’t afford to hire tech support. I run everything myself – in addition to writing, doing radio and all the rest. And even if weren’t maxed out as far as time, I have next to no knowledge about computers, coding… nor time to learn. I have several full time jobs already – and none of them pay a full-time salary.

      I desperately need someone to run the site itself; or at least, to provide part-time technical support. But that takes money and – per the post – there’s just not enough available.

      If anyone out there has any ideas….

  6. Sent two additional drops this time. I normally donate one drop ($10.00) a month to this site. It is worth it to me to get the type of content that we all seek. Think about that if epautos.com goes off the air, how much would you pay to get it back? His road tests and the site content are clearly the most comprehensive and best thought out compared with the others. Time to pony up. Please make recurring donations.

  7. Eric, If you haven’t already done so please post some of your content on Steemit.com. many fellow AnCap Liberterian types are making $1000’s of dollars. You can power up the Steem and save it if you don’t need the cash right away but you should exploit your readership and your content.

    • Hi Dave,

      I went to check it out – unfortunately, they require I have a Facebook or Reddit account … “social media” … in order to register with them. In other words, join the Hive.

      Even posting comments on many boards now forces you to use a “social media” account or forget it. Can’t just use your own name or (heaven forbid) a URL that leads to a site other than Facebook or some other social media site.

      I won’t have anything to do with Facebook. EPautos doesn’t make you sign up via Facebook (even the name of it makes my teeth ache) or some other got-damned data aggregator probable CIA front.

      • Eric,
        Step 1) Use private browsing or if you’re really serious Tor Browser.
        Step 2) Get a throw away free email account or several.
        Step 3) Create a fake facebook account under a fake name, say Bo Darville.
        Step 4) Make up stuff for all personal data.
        Step 5) Repeat as necessary.

        Now they are getting smarter, they can detect false addresses so the Elwood Blues 1060 West Addison approach is needed more and more. FB wants to know things like your HS and stuff and can be demanding that the answer be something it knows. You can either not answer or because its database is already polluted pick a movie HS and be classmate of Ferris. Same with cities and countries. Understanding how computers work and the fact that others are actively pissing in the data pools too allows one to give fool answers to fool questions.

      • Funny that your teeth should ache when hearing of the social disease site, I refer to it as Zuckerberg’s Electronic Syphilis.

        • Hi Thought,

          The invasive thoroughness of Facebook is… interesting. How it came to permeate everything, just about. Ex nihilo.

          • Just like bacterial syphilis, Zuckerberg’s electronic syphilis will destroy brain tissue if allowed to advance and left untreated

      • Yeah, I also don’t have any such accounts so I haven’t personally used it myself. I know people like Larken Rose and Jeff Berwick have made several thousand dollars in the last few days by posting very little content. The size of the audience you bring seems to be proportional to how much they pay you. Early adopters seem to making out pretty good.

  8. Maybe, you are little like the Republicans…. They bad mouthed and kick out anyone that did not agree with them or drink their kool-aid. Making the tent much smaller. Then election come along and now they want all those people that they kicked out, to vote for them, again.

    Trump has those people, now.

    Where are all those commenter that agree with you… don’t they let loose with their money …or just words they are loose with?

    Hey guys… put your money where your mouth is and give to the site. If you agree with him, support him.

    Good Luck.

    • Hi Not-a-Clinton-fan,

      I do my best to be civil and argue based on facts and logic. But when someone reveals themselves to be a Clover – someone who won’t acknowledge facts and seems unable or unwilling to use reason – after a certain point, I give ‘me the “Clover” badge.

      But I never kick them out.

      Not even the original Clover!


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