Messing With Heroes (And Stupid Laws)

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Brett Sanders has been assaulted by police for filming them, paid a traffic fine in pennies and was even arrested for open carrying a firearm (while filming police). None of that has stopped him from continuing to create content that helps to get people thinking (check out his YouTube Channel HERE).

In Brett’s most recent video (see above) he aims to highlight the absurdity of a Texas law making it illegal for drivers to be on their cell phones in school zones at specific times.  According to Brett:

The goal was to illustrate the absurdity of the law itself. The fact that you can hold a block of wood to your ear, but not a cell phone proves the law to almost be unenforceable. Kids weren’t getting hurt or killed before the law went into effect, so one has to wonder the state’s motivations.

As Brett mentioned above there wasn’t an epidemic of young people being injured at alarming rates by motorist on their cell phones. So why did this become a law? I’m sure politicians said they were helping to protect the children and that got them many votes, but really, this is just another justification for the police to pull you over, extort money from you and/or seek other things that are illegal.

Distracted driving in general is not a good idea but this law does nothing to prevent people from doing that. Furthermore, there are more peaceful ways to keep children safe, motorist at full attention or to reduce the potential of such accidents without using extortion or men with guns.

Yet, we live in a world where people think that the only way to keep themselves safe is to have men with guns roaming around threatening people with fines and/or jail time. It’s not and we shouldn’t ask the police to enforce victimless crime laws. With freedom comes responsibility and distracted or not, if you cause an accident you have to make your victims whole. It doesn’t matter if you were distracted or not, you caused an accident or hit someone, you have to be held accountable.

Teach responsibility and you won’t have so many irresponsible actions.


  1. Teach responsibility and you won’t have so many irresponsible actions.

    Imagine a world where people are held responsible for the harm they actually cause to others while everyone else is left alone.

    I consider this just an thinly veiled dash for cash by a government that cannot manage spending within their means.


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