Hasta la Vista, 2016

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It is finally over. For me – for a lot of people I know – 2016 was a savage year, a 12-month root canal without anesthesia. I will be happy to see it pass.

But, there was a bright spot.

You guys. The people who come here to commune with fellow non-Clovers. Who help me do my thing.

As my marriage fell apart, as I dealt with other losses, this was the one thing that kept me functional. I’d get up each morning, wanting not to – and make some coffee, tap the space bar on the computer to kick the thing to life. There would always be new responses to my rants that never failed to make me think – and appreciate the intelligence and graciousness of the people who are Regulars here. Read, as a counterpoint, the postings you’ll find on other sites, pretty much all of them.

Got damn, you guys are good!

And so, I thank you for helping make EPautos what it is – and what it’s going to be. We are firing on all eight now, boys. No more bog in the secondaries!

Here’s to a 2017 that’s going to be a good year for us all!




  1. Eric, we have you to thank for creating a community. Not an easy thing to do, especially when the pressure to sell out and produce “advertiser friendly” content is at an all time high.

    • Thanks, Eric!

      I’ve been lucky – somewhat – in that I managed to escape to the Woods, where the cost of life is relatively low. I’ve always lived below my means, which has helped. The house is paid for and (thank the motor gods) I will be able to keep it, post divorce. I don’t buy insurance, which saves me a lot of money. I’ll accept the risk in return for the financial freedom it gives me.

      I don’t think I could sell out, even if I were tempted. Peddling “red” or “blue” dreck would suck the life out of me in short order.

      I’d rather just go back to wrenching or some other form of honest work!

  2. Eric, May you and everyone else here continue to stay above ambient temp. I already had a victory this year, I woke up again once more which is more than I can say for some important people in my life this past year. In some ways, every day is a victory. May you and yours and every anarchist(no attempt to define anyone) here continue to have that same victory every day. I was going to throw in a “give em hell” rah……and can’t think of any reason not to. Give ’em Hell!…..and that goes out to everyone.

  3. Happy New Year to all.

    May 2017 be better than 2016.


    Thanks for your site and provided a place to hear/read a variety of ideas and thoughts (not just you, but also the writings of other visitors to your site). While I may not agree with everything, this site is among the best on the net.


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