“Hero” Cuffs Ten-Year-Old

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An autistic 10-year-old Florida boy was forced to spend the night in a juvenile detention facility after he was handcuffed and arrested by Okeechobee County school resource deputies last week.

According to the Luanne Haygood, her son, John Benji Haygood, suffers from autism. On footage she filmed from the scene, the boy can be seen sitting in a chair with his left hand covering his eyes, distressed, as his mother attempts to figure out why “heroes” wish to arrest him.

“Does he have the same rights as an adult?” Luanne Haygood asks.

“He has a warrant,” one “hero” can be heard responding.

John can then be heard saying through tears that he doesn’t want to be touched as two “heroes” take hold of his arms and handcuff him. According to Autism Speaks, not wanting to be touched can be a symptom of autism.

The boy continues to cry and cuss as the “heroes” lead him out of the school building. ”

“He has autism, he doesn’t know what’s going on,” Luanne Haygood can be heard telling one of the cops. “He has autism. He’s 10-years-old.”


Luanne Haygood maintains that cops and school employees need to be better prepared to deal with children with special needs however. She said, “unfortunately, instead of treating or accommodating, we arrest.”

After spending the night at the Fort Pierce juvenile facility, John was released to his mother after a court appearance last Thursday.

Video report of incident:

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  1. Why do things like this keep happening? Why are they happening more and more often?

    It makes make no sense, right?

    Actually it makes perfect sense, if one realizes how people in government think, and what matters to them. They are sociopath control freaks, and their driving obsession is control. It is a form of insanity, of course. But unfortunately most sheeple don’t understand this, so they insist that “We cannot do without government”, and perpetuate the system.

    Over time, a nation of ever meeker sheeple begets a government of ever more vicious wolves. That is how ‘Murca has become what it is today. There is nothing accidental about it.

    • bevin, one reason I can think of…..autism didn’t exist when we were young. It’s a manufactured disease, manufactured by too many chemicals we get in our bodies. Of course govt. is an unholy thing these days, much worse than in feudal times and much worse than in the early days of this country when people were independent and no harm, no foul was the law of the land.

      My grandfather was killed by a drunk driver but never have I heard anyone refer to the man as anything but being drunk and incompetent at the time. I never heard of what fate befell him, probably not much of anything other than what he’d have to live with the rest of his life. I don’t see, seemingly, as I imagine other people saw back then, what good could come of some harsh punishment for him.

      He was probably jailed and set free soon thereafter. My dad quit school at age 10 and went to work and probably never even considered not working…..ever. Of course govt. fucked him up good in WWll, that war everybody was raring to join…..not. As in every war, no ordinary person wants to participate. Goebbels said it correctly when he pointed out the average person had nothing to gain by war.

      I’m not a Glen Beck fan but his book, “Control” is something everyone in this country should realize as true.

      • Dear 8,
        I have no doubt that some of the things that fellow opponents of Big Brother point to, such as fluoridation, vaccinations, chemtrails, and whatnot, have probably had an effect on peoples’ ability to think clearly and realize that the government is doing them harm.

        But probably the most important fact is “public education”. As I have noted in one of my blogs,

        The purpose of public education is not to facilitate understanding. It is to instill obedience. https://anenemyofthestate.wordpress.com/quotations-from-chairman-zhu/

        • Morning, Bevin!

          I agree with you. I attribute most of my ability to think – such as it is! – to the fact that my parents provided me with numerous books at an early age, which I consumed eagerly, and then sent me to an excellent private school for the majority of my childhood. When they moved us to another state and I entered the local government school, I had already acquired that dreadful thing the government cannot abide – the capacity to reason. I was also years ahead of my age peers and quickly discovered I knew more about, for instance, history than the history “teacher” did. I soon learned that the “teachers” often had no specific academic credential in their subject nor much specific knowledge of their subject. Their method was: Read Chapter 5 and answer the questions at the end. There will be a quiz tomorrow.

          I literally could have gone from seventh grade to college.

          • Dear eric,

            Even though I attended only public skools, this was back in the 50s and early 60s, before public skools began their “edumacation” process in real earnest, so I was spared the worst indoctrination.

            I pity the kids today. Not only are they being brainwashed through the teaching materials, they are being conditioned to accept the police state as “normal”. The schools today resemble prisons, with their metal detectors and school police, ready to arrest children for behaving like children.

            Again, no accident. It all follows once one accepts the lethal premise that “Government may be evil, but it’s necessary, otherwise we’d have anarchy [sic!]”.

            By the way, Larken Rose, one of the good guys, has a relatively new video on YouTube. Worth watching. He, like you and many of us here at EP Autos, continues to refine his arguments, making them more succinct and giving them more bite. This latest video shows it.


  2. Hero’s following procedural, no matter how stupid it is.

    If nothing else it shows that stupidity to the world. Not that it seems to help, since it keeps happening over and over.

    If those parents would like their child to not become institutionalized for the rest of his life, they better get him the hell out of that school. Because if you let them “educate” him, that’s what will happen.

    Not a lick of common sense either.

    • Exactly, these kids and all kids should not be in school.
      Important facts left out.
      The 10-year-old is accused of battery on a school employee which is a third-degree felony.

      Deputies say there weren’t able to serve the warrant until Wednesday at school, which was John Benji’s first day back for testing since he had been out on suspension and then homebound.

      Haygood says her son kicked the teacher because he didn’t feel safe with that particular employee.

      “It was because of his autism that spurred this incident. And he was arrested for that,” said Haygood.

      Out of control kid kicked a teacher. He should just have been kicked out of school. The school and cops need to make a bigger deal out of it and teach a lesson.

      • Hi Todd,

        The world has gone insane… or at least, our part.

        When I was that kid’s age, kicking a teacher would have resulted in – at most – the kid being suspended, the parents called. He’s a ten-year-old. A little kid. Not a surly 17-year-old. It’s ridiculous, over-the-top.

        It is another piece of evidence that this country has become a sickening police state that cops are sicced on a ten-year-old over what amounts to a temper tantrum.

        It won’t be long before they shoot kids for such.


        “I feared for my safety!”

        Why are there even “heroes” in elementary schools in the first place?

        Oh. Yeah. Columbine.

        So, disarm the adults and treat all the kids as hardened criminals.

        Hut! Hut! Hut!

        • When I was that age the teacher would have jerked my smart ass up and pounded it with a paddle. The newer, younger, female teachers might have called the principal….and then you were in deep shit.

          Maybe it was just another world but even using curse words wasn’t anything anyone did….ever. Best case scenario, your teacher took care of it and didn’t let your folks know. I don’t even want to think about kicking a teacher.

          Not because my dad was big or strong or mean, especially not mean, but I would have regretted something like that more than I can say. But it certainly wasn’t something to get anyone other than the teacher or your parents involved with.