Never Call a “hero”…

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The family of a woman who was shot and killed by Minneapolis police made a desperate plea Monday for information regarding the last moments of her life.

Justine Ruszczyk called 911 on Saturday night because she thought a sexual assault was taking place in a back alley near her home, her fiancé, Don Damond, said in a news conference Monday.
After Minneapolis police arrived, a ‘hero” shot and killed Ruszczyk. That’s all the family knows, Damond said. Police still haven’t explained how, or why the shooting occurred.
“Sadly, her family and I have been provided with almost no additional information from law enforcement regarding what happened after police arrived,” Damond said.
“We’ve lost the dearest of people and we are desperate for information. Piecing together Justine’s last moments before the homicide would be a small comfort as we grieve this tragedy.”

Justine Ruszczyk, left, and her fiancé  were set to marry next month.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is handling the case. The shooting happened as two Minneapolis police officers responded to a 911 call reporting a possible assault shortly before 11 p.m., Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said.
The “heroes” were wearing body cameras, but they were not turned on during the incident, the mayor said. Per department policy, body cameras are supposed to be turned on prior to use of force “as soon as it is safe to do so” or during “any contact involving criminal activity.”
“As mayor of our city, a wife, and a grandmother, I am heartsick and deeply disturbed by what occurred last night,” Hodges said Sunday. “There are still many questions about what took place, and while the investigation is still in its early stages, I am asking the BCA to release as much information, as quickly as they are able to.”
Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau echoed the mayor’s concerns. She said the department has requested an expedited external, independent investigation to ensure transparency.


  1. Now if more black cops would step up to the plate and start gunning down white women we would all be sleep better.

    Racial parity, how does it work?

    • Morning, Tor…

      It will be very interesting to see how much media attention – and outrage and consequences – attend this murder, given the “hero” is a sainted Somali immigrant and his victim a white female…

      • My Australian friends have been saying its been topping all their news, and the outrage is huge (as it should be).

        They were not happy, when I told them it’s unlikely the hero will even be charged let alone punished for this murder.

        Though Australia has many of the same problems with their police as we do here. People there have the same problem of giving the police too much leeway when it comes to criminal behavior from hero’s.

        • Audio released by Minneapolis police. It starts after Justine Damond was killed by Officer Mohamed Moor. The family has “been provided with almost no additional information from law enforcement regarding what happened after police arrived,” according to fiancé Don Damond.

          Aussie media coverage is about Insane American Gun Culture.

          No mention of Virtue Signal Fail of hiring Incompetent Somali refugee instead of most qualified applicant.

          • Hi Tor,

            From what I gather, the woman – dressed in pajamas – approached the HeroMobile in hysterics (she had reported an assault of some kind) and the “hero” just opened up on her… because you know how dangerous petite white women in pajamas can be…

            If it were my call, I would have this “hero” dropped into an enclosure filled with enraged hairless chimpanzees, to be ripped and bitten apart… slowly…


            • Eric says, “because you know how dangerous petite white women in pajamas can be…”


              If an assault infant like the one Mrs. Weaver was holding at Ruby Ridge is cause for summary execution, then a grown ass woman should require at least a Maverick from a drone.

              A baby in jammies weighs 7-8 lbs, like a .223 caliber M-16. Shelias can exceed 100 lbs. That’s like a couple of BARs.

              I amazed the Heros were able to eliminate such a danger to the public at point blank range. Just goes to show how the taxpayer is getting his money’s worth with all the additional training the Heroes have received since Janet Reno and Lon Horiuchi had our backs.

              Training works!

              Heros have improved over the decades. It tools months to kill Mrs. Weaver. Today you can be killed in just a few short minutes after dialing 911.

      • And a white female Australyian at that! The problem is that some of the relatives of the woman have said they are sick of the gun violence. Wow. What not mentioned by the relatives is the gun violence INFLICTED BY THE POLICE, while the civilians remain unarmed, at least here in Oz. Where immigrant gangs roam the streets of Sydney and Melbourne without any challenge from the coppers. The coppers here are tax collectors acting on behalf of the Rothschilds and Rockyfellers.

        And yes rb, the event is topping the news here. In a few years here, the police will be acting like Yankee heroes, while the immigrant gangs from a black part of aFrica go on a tear, esp. targeting jewelry stores.

        And yes Tor, we got a lot of those black african savages here, esp. in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Hideous looking fuckers, they are a mirror of our treasonous politicians. And just as “trusty”.
        And people here don’t believe the stories I tell about yankee cops, but every week now there are at least 2 stories a week on yank cops executing unarmed subjects of the washington empire.


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