Yet Another Dog-Killing “Hero”

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Virginia State Police Hero Trooper Christopher Daniel Campbell was charged in the puppycide described below, which the owner described as “cold hearted.”

Initially, local Manassas, VA Police officers responded to calls from neighbors about gunshots.

When the city cops arrived, they found a brown pitbull, injured from the gunshot, but the dog was still alive.

The dog Che, was then taken to the animal hospital, where he later died from the wound inflicted by Hero Trooper Campbell.

The owner of the dog, Che, Luci Marisol Flores, posted on her Facebook page about the incident on March, 9th, the day it occurred, writing:

Luci Marisol Flores

Someone just killed our Pitbull, Che! This happened in Manassas Park by Old Centreville Rd. If anyone has any information please contact us. How can anyone have that cold heart to kill an animal???

Fuk y’all whoever did this…

Flores later posted that the most difficult thing to do was inform her children about the death of Che, “The kids loved him so much, we all did.”

As it turns out, information given by Hero Campbell’s own department, the Virginia State Police, led ultimately to Manassas police making the blue on blue arrest.

According to Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corrine Geller:

“As soon as we were made aware of the alleged incident, our supervisors notified the Manassa Park Police Department. We shared information with them and they proceeded with their investigation. They have their own criminal investigation because it’s their incident. We are simply cooperating with them in any way we can. But Virginia State Police have initiated an internal investigation [on Campbell].”

She also told, “We have no idea why it happened. We are still in shock that someone like him who is supposed to protect our community would commit such a cruel crime against a dog.”

Spokeswoman Geller did not comment about specific information that led to Hero Trooper Campbell’s arrest, citing a Virginia State law states that arrest reports can be held until after a criminal case is over.

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  1. While it is nice to hear about people looking into this (apparently senseless) puppycide, it would be even better if people (and animals) were not shot without justification by the pheros in blue.

      • Jean,

        At times you have appeared somewhat extreme to me. The sad thing is compared to the documented actions of those who should behave better, you are appearing less extreme as time passes.

        Actions have consequences.

        • Mith, there’s a lot of truth to what jean says. It’s only when swatted down with force, and not once but every time they get back up and want to pursue that same mindset that they learn. I’ve been around lots of those types in my life. Some learn without being put down, some never do. The sad thing is they’re convinced, from what they’ve learned their entire lives they are right. Only those who sign on and find out they can be rewarded for actions like this have a chance of being dissuaded. Those who seek out copdom because they want to legally act out their psychoses are beyond repair so to speak. A big stick or the equivalent to their body till they cease to breathe is our only hope for those.

          I didn’t make people be that way, others did or sometimes I guess MN created some bad thing in their body/brain for them to be that way. No hope for those.

      • Hi Jean,

        Unfortunately there is a wide asymmetry of power between the State (and it’s enforcers) and the common Joe. So much so that, unless the situation becomes extremely desperate, the rational response dictates non-action, or at least action that is arguably within the “law”. The fact is that most of those who first decide to “shoot back” will be killed. Most people, even among those who recognize the barbarity and lawlessness of State actions, are unwilling to be “early adopters” of such a strategy.



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