Great Pumpkin Test Drive

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In the Halloween Spirit, here’s a look at The Great Pumpkin, plus a test drive! It is very patriarchical as well as heterosexual and profoundly unsafe. No air bags. Not even one. No computer, either. No traction control or other form of idiot proofing. You control the Pumpkin using your brain, your feet and your hands and the skills you developed as a driver.

It is therefore the sort of car that GM would never build today. Joe LaMuraglia would be “triggered” by the mere sight. Hopefully, someone will trick him into viewing this video.

In the meanwhile, enjoy What Was.

Imagine a time when you could buy a car like this. No smarmy taint of political correctness. No pandering to “moms.” Things were still good.

As opposed to now.

. . .

A Reminder: I’ll be on InfoWars this coming Thursday, 10:30 east coast time. I’ll be talking about GM’s shivving of me for not being gay and something other-than-white and male. This story could – and should – go big. Not because Poor Me and no more GM cars to test drive (officially) but because this business has got to be stomped.

If it’s not, you could be next.

All of us are in peril. Of living in a retake of East Germany, with better gadgets. But the same Angela Merkel-esque fraus browbeating us (and perhaps worse). Have a look at Mary Barra – the head frau over at GM. She could be ex-Stasi agent Merkel’s doppelganger!

Anyhow, it ought to be fun. I am – like OJ – on the loose!

And: I’m going to order a fresh batch of EPautos magnetic badges, if we make it to the Green Zone this month. We are close. Have a look at the pie chart on the main page. About 34 percent to go and there’s about a week left in the month.

Remember: It’s not just about the cool nick knacks. You guys make it possible for me to expose what’s going at GM – and at Tesla and other such stuff. This would not be possible were I a galley slave at Road & Track or something much more awful, such as The Washington Post (is Warren Brown’s mummy still doing reviews?).

So, first, thanks to all who’ve stepped up. And – pre-emptively – thanks to those reading this who will.

What you’ll get in return for supporting EPautos is honest journalism. You may not agree with my take, you may find me outrageous at times. But you will never find me taking a check from the car companies (like that tool I wrote about last week, who might as well be an employee of Tesla) or taking a dive to save my press car privileges.

I’ll go the mattresses, every time.

And it’s you guys who make it possible.

So, thanks!

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  1. Hi Eric,
    I can tick off about 30 of my former cars I should have kept, but didn’t. Well, that’s progress for ya!

    Apparently some anonymous twat doesn’t like this article already, probably a millenial, or a liberal, or both. No surprise that no corresponding comment was left as to why. My guess would be that some dickless coward who is afraid of driving anything other than today’s Womb-Mobile, left it just to make his passive-aggressive mark on the world today.

  2. Thanks again eric, for being an Atlas Shrugger in real life. Here we talk a lot about philosophy, science, measurement, history here. And I’m thankful for the opportunity.

    About the science and the precision and validity of your October pie chart.

    I trust that pie chart more than anything I can think of. Not merely in some automaton number crunching way. But in a way that really gets to the marrow of the marrow. And to the heart of the heart.

    More than the U.S. Census Data and Statistics, More than Hollywood’s Box Office Numbers , More than the Vatican Archives, , and more than what even the best normie on the street might claim is definitely the truth about something.

    I don’t much dispute the American Society for the most part is beneficial to me, much as I may rant to the contrary, but it is nice to have someone I can trust, and somewhere I can go, to get some real bearings and landmarks. During these very interesting times.

  3. OT – belongs on a motorcycle article I can’t find, sorry.

    Motorcycle crash – Epic Failure (Ending Is Somewhat NSFL)

    “I walked out of my apartment today and saw a guy trying to teach a girl how to ride a motorcycle.
    I knew it wouldn’t be good so I pulled out the ole iPhone. Watch at your own risk. Not so easy to just jump on a crotch rocket in a parking lot full of cars.

    • Ow…..I bet that was at least a dislocated knee or broken ankle. She did manage to squeak out “I changed my mind”, yeah…and her shorts!

      • Yeah, probably. Poor little thing. Hope she’s on the mend soon.

        It’s novel to get see something like that. And especially when it doesn’t have some annoying “expert” telling you what’s happening when you can clearly experience it yourself with your own eyes and ears.


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