“hero” Who Assaulted Nurse is Fired, But Not Caged

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You may have heard that the thug cop – the “hero,” as they like to be styled – who brutally assaulted a nurse who declined to perform an illegal blood draw has been fired and his victim awarded a $500,000 settlement.

But the interesting thing to me is that the “hero” is not in a cage, nor even charged with the criminal assault under color of law he is flagrantly guilty of.

Those familiar with this case know the basic story.

There was an accident and one of the parties was brought to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. A thug with a badge shows up and – like the thug he is – demands immediate submission and cooperation from the nurse, whom he orders to draw blood despite the nurse very calmly pointing out that it is not legal for her to do this – nor for him to demand it.

In response, the thug with the badge and the government-issued gun attacks the nurse, physically assaulting her for the grievous offense of not obeying an armed government worker’s commands. Even though those commands had no basis in law.

So, what happens?

The taxpayers pay for the damages – and the “hero” is merely fired and free to go.

As a thought experiment, imagine the consequences if the nurse had merely jabbed her finger into the body-armored chest of the “hero,” to make a point. It goes without saying she would have been caged and charged with felony assault upon a “hero.”  She would have faced prison time – not merely the loss of her job.

Until this disparity changes and “heroes” are held to at least the same standard as ordinary people, the loathing for “heroes” will wax rather than wane.

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  1. Hi Eric!
    I saw this video myself weeks ago, and I noticed that no other hospital staff stood their ground, not even the administrator. And it occurred to me that this is the kind of thuggery our ‘friend” MA, would approve of, and support. He is our modern-day Tory, a supporter of tyranny that he hopes to one day benefit from. I have news for him, and all the others like him. There will come a day when this will not be the case, and the “thugs with badges” will be face to face with with a wall of law-abiding citizens they cannot “control”. Eventually the wall will be a flood, they will be armed, and it will be the beginning to the end of this corruption and thuggery. I may not live to see it happen, but history shows that it always eventually does happen, and it always will. This woman stood her ground. When 1 person has the courage to do what is morally and ethically correct, more will follow. It may take more than a generation to happen, but inevitably, it will. Not even the richest, most powerful tyrants throughout human history have been able to stop it. Educate and empower your children to believe in themselves and their own destiny, and to fight against the mindless indoctrination and conformity being pushed upon them by the authority of greed. There is a reason the word “NO” is nearly identical in every spoken language, and entirely universal in its meaning. “No”, is the most powerful response we have, and we must learn to use it to defend ourselves and our rights. Refusal to participate in illegal and immoral behavior is a weapon almost as powerful as the firearm, and far less destructive. Anyone who wishes to argue that trampling another person’s civil liberties “for the safety of society” apparently hasn’t heard of India, and their expulsion of the British Empire. Those who are willing to sacrifice Liberty for Security, deserve and shall receive NEITHER!


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