Hero Alabama Cop Actually Fired… And Arrested

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This is an updated story about the Indian man brutally slammed to the ground and paralyzed by an Alabama “hero” cop:

The man, 57-year-old Sureshbhai Patel, doesn’t speak English and was slammed to the ground face-first by an officer when he didn’t respond to commands. But he had committed no crime, the Madison police chief said.

Officer Eric Parker was arrested and is being fired. He has not commented publicly, and court records were not available Friday to show whether he has a lawyer.

Patel filed a lawsuit Thursday after two officers stopped him Feb. 6 in Madison, where he was visiting his son’s family. His injuries include partial paralysis but he hopes for a full recovery, according to the lawsuit and Patel’s lawyer. The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of money.

Syed Akbaruddin, a spokesman for India’s External Affairs Ministry, said the government took the incident “very seriously” and was in contact with the U.S. mission in New Dehli.

The government also will contact officials in Washington and Alabama, Akbaruddin said in New Dehli.

“What we will communicate is that we are extremely disturbed,” he said. “This is a matter of concern for us, and India and the U.S. as open pluralist societies need to address these issues and find ways in a mature manner so that these are aberrations and are not the norm.”

The incident began when a man called police complaining that a “skinny black guy” was wandering about his neighborhood and peering toward garages. He said the man had been seen wandering the day before as well.

Police arrived in patrol cars within minutes and found Patel walking in his son’s neighborhood.

Video shot from inside one of the cruisers shows two officers walking toward the man on the sidewalk and attempting to talk to him.

“What’s going on, sir?” asks one of the officers. “You’re what? India?”

Police pepper the man with questions about what he is doing and where he is going, but answers are inaudible and someone on the recording is heard saying, “no English.” Patel appears to try to walk away and one of the officers warns: “Do not jerk away from me again.”

One of the officers, neither of whom is identified, restrains Patel by pulling his arms behind his back and then slams him face-first into the ground less than 90 seconds after the confrontation began.

“He don’t speak a lick of English,” one of the officers says as another officer arrives.

Attorney Hank Sherrod says the man was stopped and hurt at least partly because of his dark brown skin.

As word of Patel’s treatment and injuries spread, a site established on gofundme.com to help cover medical and other expenses generated more than $64,000 in donations by midday Friday. Sherrod said Patel does not have insurance.


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  3. It’s a crime to treat citizens of other countries this way, but your own are bleeding and lying in the gutter.

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    • My only comment is that if a white guy had been similarly attacked he’d be dead now. If not on the scene surely in the hospital. Can’t have the white guy being the real hero now can we????

      David Ward
      Memphis, Tennessee

      • Nope, white guys are like the wicked step brother. They’re evil, but they have to work extra to support all the up and coming PTB Princess nations that love their govt without question.

        India is the next chosen nation.

        Speak english. No guns. No highway system. Their entire country uses less energy per day than the US does just in its Middle East war operations.

        Lots of secret deals and handshakes. They’re the crown jewel dynamo powering the whole UK commonwealth juggernaut of 50 + nations.

        Hindus, Christians, Muslims, everyone coexists. 2 trillion GDP. 7 trillion economy PPP, meaning on average they’re at 45% of our living standard as long as they use affordable substitutes.(US and Strong Currency nation’s goods too expensive due to currency diff)

        You can hire an English speaking PhD tech person for 4 or 5 thousand a year. They’re loyal and they’ll work like a dog for that $.

        I guess yet again, I’m a xenophile. Or at least able to see the good in other peoples. They’re well educated nice people. Just all around menschen really. Economy is growing at 8% a year, they’re on track to overtake #1 China soon leaving the US as the #3 economy in the world.

        Bollywood. Hollywood. I’m not that partial to either really. I can speak Indian English just as easily as American English. I guess we’ll see who’ll win out.

        • I try to grok other people, their motives and so on. In a case such as this one, I am left baffled. What sort of man does this? That Indian guy was frail and old and as “threatening” as a bowl of noodles. The hero who crippled him is a sociopath, nothing less – and unfixable. Put him down, lest he ever do something like this to another person.

          • eric, been in the middle of nowhere this week(more than usual) working with a bunch of muchachos. Amazing how much more civilized they are than the “murcans” on the same job(few of them since few would rather work than be on BO gimme). Back to it……rock pickin….and haulin. Had some great hot sauce yesterday, can’t wait to try the recipe since I’ve never seen anything like it before.

            • speaking of men being wards of other men they’ve never even met…

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              only now that slavery is outlawed, these so-called masters that pay for all these people can’t make them do anything. not a single bit of effort. not even to say thank you.

              in the future each welfare person should have the names of his sponsors on his checks. each person taxed to pay for welfare should get a little picture of all the people he is “helping” with his tax payments.

              it’s the least that should be done.

              35.4% poor niggers

              US welfare spending by sponsors

              • Yep, that’s some perverted shit for sure. I’ve heard too many times that contractors hire illegals so they don’t have to pay as much. That MIGHT be true. OTOH, it surely might not. Those muchachos make more money than I do doing unskilled labor. Some born citizens do that labor too and to be honest, this week I’ve seen the natural citizens do 3 times the work of the muchachos but no difference in pay and no attaboys from the bosses. They are short-handed. The jobs these days are not hard nor are people pushed beyond reasonable physical limits. So what’s going on? The gummit bums (politicians)giving anyone who’d rather sit at the house reason to do just that and not work. There are a very few women in the patch and I’ve seen the few there do very little if any work. Filling quotas. Shit for brains pols and bureaucrats. Companies hate it….for the most part. I’ve seen a few women operators but haven’t seen them work so I don’t know if they hold their own or not but they look as beat as anyone at the end of the day.

                Rules, rules and more rules. Welder’s Union=a welder gets 3 tries to perform a proper weld on a pipe. An operator touches a pipe and scratches the coating and he’s gone. Operator has no union. Need I say more.

      • Hi David,

        I think the point to take home is we’re all “niggers” now… .

        The time has passed when one could for the most part expect to never have to deal with a cop provided one wasn’t a criminal. Because we’re all presumed criminals now. And because “crime” now encompasses harmless behaviors such as declining to wear a seatbelt – which is all the pretext these “heroes” need to subject a person to the proverbial third degree.

        If there’s to be a reversal of course, it must begin with a change in attitude. A return to general acceptance of the principle, “he ain’t doing anything to you; leave him alone.” Live – and let live.

        America has become a nation of busybody control freaks – perfect fodder for the next Mussolini (or worse) who comes strutting forward one of these days….

        • First Uncle tried to “help” Native American people with reservations and the Department of the Interior…Then he tried to “help” black people with the Great Society…then he tried to “help” Hispanic people with amnesty…and now, he’s “helping” white and Asian people with things like bailouts and Obamacare and Cash for Clunkers…because no matter what color we are, we’re ALL “poor shiftless savages and niggers” who would be lost without Uncle’s “benevolence.”

          We’ve now reached a point of Critical Mass of “niggers” of every color who realize that they’ve been had, thanks to the “help” of Uncle. It won’t be pretty once that Critical Mass reaches the Event Horizon.

          • Agreed, Bryce.

            I often feel like those people on the deck of Titanic must have felt. Lights still on; warm drink in hand, music cheerfully playing. But the floor’s not level anymore… and hey, we sure seem to be sitting lower in the water all of a sudden….


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