Alabama Heroes Paralyze Man For Walking Around Neighborhood

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A 57-year-old Indian man visiting his family in Alabama has been left paralyzed after police bodyslammed him to the ground in an exchange that occurred when the man went for a stroll around the block.

Sureshbhai Patel, a farmer from a small town in India, was visiting his son, three years a US citizen, to help look after his 17-month-old grandson. When he decided to take a look around the neighborhood, someone called the cops and reported Mr Patel, who has been approved as a permanent resident of the United States, as a ‘suspicious’ person.

The officers arrived on the scene and, upon discovering Mr Patel couldn’t speak English very well, began to pat him down. Patel is said to have repeatedly told them he couldn’t speak English, and pointed to his son’s house, also repeating his son’s phone number, but to no avail.

One of the officers grabbed him by the arm, twisted it behind his back and slammed him to the ground, face first.

The resulting injury left Patel bleeding and temporarily paralyzed. He was later hospitalized and had to undergo surgery to fuse two vertebrae due to swelling in his spine. Patel has regained some motion in his arms and left leg, but his right leg remains paralyzed, according to the report. Patel, who previously had no health issues, now faces lengthy therapy in order to fully recover.

“He was just walking on the sidewalk as he does all the time,” said his son, Chirag Patel, who is taking a masters degree in electrical engineering at the University of Alabama.”They put him to the ground. This is a good neighborhood. I didn’t expect anything to happen,” the younger Patel added.

An incident report written by the officers in question notes a “communication barrier” led to the escalation. “The subject began putting his hands in his pockets,” reads the police statement. “Officers attempted to pat the subject down and he attempted to pull away. The subject was forced to the ground, which resulted in injury.” it reads.

Video and audio of the incident was captured but remains in the hands of the police department pending investigation.

The Patel family’s attorney, Hank Sherrod, stated “This is broad daylight, walking down the street — there is nothing suspicious about Mr. Patel other than he has brown skin.”

“This is just one of those things that doesn’t need to happen,” said Sherrod, noting that Mr Patel denies pulling away from the cops during the pat-down. “That officer doesn’t need to be on the streets.” Sherrod added.

Chirag Patel told reporters that he came to the US to make his ambitions a reality, but has since begun to question whether he chose the right path. “It is a dream for me because I came from a very poor family and I worked so hard here,” said Patel, adding “I’m totally devastated that I might have made a big mistake.”

The family intends to sue. The officer who caused the injury has been suspended.

The sad incident serves to once again highlight how police, when faced with someone who cannot effectively communicate, default to the use of excessive force, rather than attempting to rationally defuse the situation.


  1. Muscle brained morons probably thought they had captured Bin Laden’s uncle. They need to be dismissed with extreme prejudice and charged with aggravated assault.

  2. I’d like to see that whole neighborhood demolished. This community damn well knows what’s been going on. This neighborhood should be eviscerated and made into a total loss. Since it will never be disclosed, what clover weasel made the call.

    Unless of course the pigs are lying. Which they often do. Of course the cops’re going to say they received a call of a suspicious person every time they take action. Especially when something questionable happens. CYA, cover your authoritarian predations. That’s the policy.

    But unless they all jump in their minivans and drive to the precinct and hang that bastard in blue by his balls until he is dead.

    Then, if there ever was a leviathan and a fiery pit somewhere below that neighborhood. Now would be an outstanding time for it to open up and engulf every single home within a 7 mile radius of those inhuman boot polishers.

    What horrible monsters must live there. That endure and produce surplus wealth to perpetrate such awful conditions of brutal medieval subjugation. May those tax serfs all lose everything they have, and be made lowly beggars for being part of such a monstrous neighborhood association of witless warlocks.

    They are all guilty. They must all be punished. This has to end. Fuck that entire community and fill choke them out with fish heads. Maybe Putin should scramble some jets for that part of Alabama’s ass. Return the favor to NATO and its Creditors with a little Crimson Maidan of his own.

    • Why Tor, you sound even more colorful than I get….
      Rough night with the girlfriends? 😉 Did you take them all to a sneak-preview of “50 shades…”? 😉

      Jokes aside – I’m with you.
      Only I won’t wait for the clovers to rise up, they LIKE being subjugated…. They LIKE “50 shades of Blue”.
      And they want us to be joined to their collective – so, FTAFTFH. By force. Cod Liver Oil is good for Clovers….
      And if a few clovers get eviscerated, run over, blown up, stabbed, shot, burned alive, buried alive, well – they grow back, very quickly.

      We were put in charge of the garden – and our society has sought ways to control us ever since (the exact civilization being unimportant.)

      Clover fears us. Sheep fear us. We are the wolves; the “sheepdogs” are the predators, though. Sheep and Clover don’t realize that.
      so, they can play the role of “innocent bystandard” and “collaterol damage” – and we’ll give them the posthumous emmy they deserve, and get on with the business of making a new society. Based on the original version of our own, with notes added to make it better. (Articles preferred to Constitution, but those are still better than the rest.)
      And why would we do it that way, instead of agorist/anarchist?
      Well, cloverSheeple cannot handle freedom; they NEED those barb-wire fences.

      We can control ourselves, they cannot. So we fence them in, and FTAFTFH – if we think to feed them at all.
      E.G., a retard (used in clinical sense) may in fact have the same rights as I, before the law. He has no ability to comprehend or act on them; he must be cared for, fed, cleaned, clothed, etc; he will never hold a job or build anything. At most he will make a doodie. Maybe even in the toilet….

      Why feed it?

      God knows his own, but even in nature, animals kill the weak and unfit. They are not morally bound or constrained; we must emulate that. (I say that being one who would be killed, too. Bad eyesight.) Spartans were correct (and only the most obvious example, since many other civilizations did the same: kill the unfit.)

      We have become too soft-headed, as well as soft-hearted.

      We need to rectify this with extreme prejudice. Can you imagine one of the “greatest generation” whining about doing pushups, say? Being FORCED to wear a helmet to ride a bicycle?
      Yes, they’re whiny little twats now, but imagine when they got back from the war instead.

      THAT is what we should emulate – and since we are NOT corrupt, and therefore outside the realms of power, we can’t just pull a few threads and cause massive changes at a regulatory agency. (Besides the fact you can’t fix it from the inside, as it’s doing what was intended.)
      We need to conduct proper war, set things right, and then fence in the sheep, AGAIN. Until they grow up.

      I can deal with the ignorant – they can be taught. I WILL NOT deal with the stupid, those who are ignorant, and happy in their ignorance. It’s not Religion, where you can debate on the great unknown. If you stand in front of the train, you get killed. These days, we pull the idiot out of the way. So we have a nation of idiots, and willfully ignorant stupid people cannot be taught or reasoned with. Work around them, eliminate them, whatever.
      Yes, they have indulged in aggressive actions against me (and ANYONE with above-room-temperature IQ). And they will continue to hate, despise, and damage us, as long as we allow it. They will use our good nature against us, our morals, our better judgement, our restraint. And they will make a giant playpen where we, too, must sit with them, in a straightjacket and diaper, defecating on ourselves, urinating on ourselves, and unable to make a change.

      So, yes: by the very act of breathing and wasting valuable oxygen, they are offending us.
      Only ONE cure for terminal stupidity….
      Give it sooner rather than later, so there’s a society LEFT to save from it’s own willing & intentional destruction.

  3. Frankly it should be the responsibility of the police to prevent “escalation”. At least that how it used to be. They are the ones with “training” and they are the ones with guns (since many cities have taken away your 2nd amendment right to be armed).

    It’s not like police don’t know they will encounter people who are hard of hearing or deaf, who don’t speak english, are mentally ill, have medical issues that make them do what they do, are under the influence of something, or just don’t want to talk with anyone at the moment.

    Someone shouldn’t end up injured or dead because they came across a cop. Even if they may not be “innocent” of something. In the case of this gentlemen, the cops were no better then some street thug. In fact probably worse, as thugs would have just knocked him down, robbed him and run away.

    Police need to do a better job of ignoring the neighborhood busybodies as well. So many are too quick to dial 911 over things that don’t need the involvement, well, of anybody.

    Why couldn’t the person answering the 911 call ask for more info about the ‘suspicious’ person. How could a middle aged man look ‘suspicious’? It could have been prevented had the busybody just been told, it sounds like someone just walking around………………………….

    And once again taxpayers will be stuck with the bill.

    • What eric said earlier, can equally be used here as follows IMHO…

      If I could make sense of the statist-religion stuff, I might be persuaded. But (and no offense is meant here) there’s so much question begging, contradiction and just plain gibberish that all I can do is shake my head in puzzlement and move on to something I can make heads or tails out of… like a schematic for a Mikuni carburetor!

      – How the fuck can you dismiss sky stalin stuff. And then turn around and quote the gospel of democracy stalin!!!

      “the responsibility of the police to prevent “escalation”. At least that how it used to be.” Where does one find this scripture I’d like to know. What do you even mean by such things. Is this in the book of batonbashing or what other realpolitik revelations gospel please advise.

      The 2nd amendment. How is that any more real than the 2nd commandment. Or the second verse of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.

      1 you better not shout
      2 you better not cry
      3 you better not pout
      4 i’m telling you why.

      These four things the first four biblical commandments, the first four constitutional amendments. They all have the exact same worth don’t they. Which is none. How can a grown man regurgitate any of this with a straight face. What a bunch of Chicken George slave snivelling this all is.

      Police need to do a better job of ignoring the neighborhood busybodies as well.

      Isn’t that the same as you need to be nice and not naught so Santa Claus brings you toys. Isn’t that the same as follow the commandments or God will punish you. Isn’t that the same as you better pick Master’s cotton the way he tells you. Master writes the laws. Passes the constitutions and amends them. Don’t be foolish, be a wise slave and OBEY. Because IM TELLING YOU WHY. Founder Claus is coming to town and crossing the Delaware In Their Glorious Sleigh of Glory. And Massa’s gonna gibs me dat thing he promised last Christmas.

      And once again taxpayers and prayersayers and all the other little children are asleep in their beds with visions of good government sugarplum fairies all dancing in their heads.

      • Yeah, there’s that.

        If the guy had been looking in people’s windows or trying doors, I might understand. But according to the news accounts, the guy was merely walking down the street. When – how? – did that become “suspicious” and justification for harassment by police? If we still lived in a free country, the cops would have had no legal right to do anything more than engage in an attempted consensual interaction: “Hi there, how are you?” And the man would have been free to ignore them and walk away.

        No, I take that back. In a free country, there would be no such thing as cops at all.

        • We are ‘free’ to be like everyone else. That’s how humans seem to like their societies. In a place where everyone drives walking is suspicious and requires ‘corrective action’ to discourage it. Not speaking English in place like Alabama is suspicious and requires ‘corrective action’ as well.

          There is no real freedom in human society. Conformity is demanded. Our freedom as Carlin put it, is ‘paper or plastic?’. Tiny insignificant choices within a a very narrow framework.

          What is the war on driving? It’s people trying to enforce a different narrow choice band. They will make driving ‘bad’ and walking and biking ‘good’. It’s seems that humans cannot comprehend any sort of real ‘diversity’, but only narrow ranges of socially acceptable thought. Then they fight over what the range will be. The supporters of one range becomes the victor in a given territory and anything outside of that is punished officially and unofficially.

          It’s sick and despicable and needs to end. Jesus failed and so has everyone else who has sought to correct this.

          • My question was more aimed at the choice of employing them.

            Cops make some sense if they are like Andy Taylor, that fictional cop in a fictional town. They even had a scared law enforcer to make fun of, Barney.

            I understand why they go for the job, the bug light is very bright. But why hire Barney Fifes when Andy Taylors are desired?

          • Tom Woods likes to write about ‘Reading from the 3×5 card of acceptable opinion.’ And there is nothing on the card worth a rodent’s rectum.

          • To be fair, most of the “failed” ones were talking about making society better by tolerating others.

            Making society better by removing the bloat works well, too, but won’t ever make it into a religion…. WOMEN are the ones who want religion, so it must fit to their emotional natures. Their need for safety in numbers. For forgiveness. For wiggle-room to allow the emotional abuse of whomever she is aggrieved with.

            But never the scary aggression of big, strong, evil men. (Which is to say, MEN. Who will clean up the herd by driving out those who do NOT belong – the sick, the insane, the demented.)

            Something to think about… God is Daddy’s little girl’s ultimate, “I’m going to tell Daddy on you!”
            And in our modern version, the State has replaced God () – so it’s, “I’m calling the police!” and her feelings are paramount, regardless of what REALLY OCCURRED.

            So DON”T FTAFTFH. Don’t feed them at all. And don’t F them, either. Treat them like any whore – street trash. Deny them any attention. And to REALLY stick it to them, ensure that they see how strong and capable you are, and KNOW they’ll never get the time of day from you. Attention whores, and the hotter the better, can’t stand being ignored – especially if the male ignoring them is obviously a quality man….

            BTW, it’s not exactly a chromosomal thing any more – many “men” are in fact women with an attachment. No Cajones.
            Ruled by their emotions.

            That’s what they’ve been socialized (and medicated) to be, but don’t hold back, they just need to be made aware of their abilities, and they’ll sort it out.
            Unless we DON’T stop the trend, in which case, THEY will come to medicate US.

            The Us vs. Them is obvious.
            Remember Patton’s definition of Patriotism, and apply it liberally…

      • richb, busybody’s are one of the worst people in society. My uncle and I had a contract to haul the products of a cotton gin. We had our diesel rigs and for some reason one was down so we had a borrowed truck, a C 60 Chevy we hauled bales to a compress with 20 miles away. One day on the return trip, I meet the local DPS, out long after his normal hours and he turns on his bubblegum machine so I stop. I get out and ask if I was speeding(no speedo, but a tach anyway). He says I wasn’t speeding but he had a report of a suspicious vehicle. I had long bushy hair stuck out from under my Stetson but other than that, I saw nothing suspicious. He asked whose truck it was and I told him. He shakes his head and says Be careful. You too, say I. Busybody’s, wasting hell out of everybody’s time. He had to dress and go back out, I was detained while the dock was about to overfill and all because of somebody with nothing to do except cause trouble. They’re everywhere.


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