We Like Bitcoin… We Think!

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Ok, maybe it’s not a scam. This Bitcoin thing. It appears one can actually use it as money – that is, to buy things with it.

It’s just not easy.

The hardest part is converting Bitcoin to cash. As far as I can tell, this requires transferring Bitcoin to one’s checking account and – for now, as posted yesterday – I am and probably will remain leery of this.

However, the good news – as far as I can tell – is that you can use Bitcoin to directly buy stuff at several online retailers such as Overstock.com. I think I did so yesterday – and will report as soon as I know.

That said, I cautiously endorse Bitcoin – the learning curve notwithstanding – and will be adding a Bitcoin button to the EPautos “Donate” button, for those who’d prefer to support the site this way.

I think my Bitcoin address is [email protected] – if anyone out there wants to try to send in something this way, please give it a whirl and let’s see whether it works!

More to come –


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  1. Interesting…from 20,000 to 14,000 in about a week.
    1000 people hold 40% of the coins.
    Founder from Litecoin sold his entire holding because he wants to do something new for humanity.More like he said,hey whales,weve reached the top,dump it boys.

    If that isnt a prescription for a pump and dump I dont know what is.Pass the popcorn.

  2. Try to get an answer to some simple questions:

    (The “dollar bill” is called a “federal reserve note”. A “note” is a debt.)

    Answer the following question for any specific one dollar bill…

    #1: Who owes the debt.

    #2: Who do they owe the debt to.

    #3: Exactly what does the debtor owe?

    Good luck getting answers to those questions.

    The emperors new notes.


    Where & why does the federal reserve come in? Why is it called a federal reserve note? Somebody should ask Yellen these questions.


    Yellen is a Keynesian economist and advocates the use of monetary policy in stabilizing economic activity over the business cycle. She believes in the modern version of the Phillips curve, originally was an observation about an inverse relationship between unemployment and inflation.

    In her 2010 nomination hearing for Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Yellen said, “The modern version of the Phillips curve model—relating movements in inflation to the degree of slack in the economy—has solid theoretical and empirical support.”


    What I want is two answers.

    #1: What the predators-that-be claim.

    #2: What is the official legal fact (if one exists).

    People are inventing all sorts of strange theories, and that’s fine. But that’s not what I’m interested in. I want a specific answer from the federal reserve or US treasury. Not necessarily an answer to me personally, but a document somewhere (on the federal reserve website for instance) that states what THEY claim.

    Once we have their SPECIFIC claims, we can move forward.

    But without a specific answer… ANYTHING GOES.

    Which is, indeed, what the predators-that-be want.


    Federal reserve notes are definitely not money.

    If the holder is creditor, who is the debtor?

  3. Bitcoin is a gov psyop.Brought to you by the lovelies at the NSA.

    They say follow the money.WHO will benefit?? It will be the NWO,the one world currency.The Bankers.

    Great game they are playing.Put out this great currency thats making people ‘rich’
    Get people to accept it.
    Crash the dollar.
    GOOD NEWS! You can trade for the next 7 days your dollars for Amero’s,incidentally brought to you by the Banking Cartel.
    Now crash the gov controlled Bitcoin,you know the currency THEY set up.Not some mysterious Asian guy we cant name,its the GOV that set this up.THEY have all the code needed to do what ever they want with Bitcoin
    NOW they have you.All buying,selling,taxing,wages,everything is now controlled by ‘the bank’
    Who in their right mind would accept negative interest rates…not me or you.We would pull out of the bank and take our cash.No cash/ GOTCHA!!

    Can YOU say 666????

    • My thoughts exactly, Fred.

      Don’t people think that it was awful “coincidental” that that a WORLDWIDE computer-network based non-cash currency just happens to come on the scene at this time, when countries are declaring war on cash?

      That it is touted as an “alternative”- but yet bears all of the traits of the standard-issue government doll-hairs (i.e. is another worthless fiat currency which has no intrinsic value; can be easily surveilled without you even knowing; yet when you aquire it, it is a mystery as to where it comes from, and where your money goes…only “the watchers” truly know; etc.)

      And no one thinks it funny that electrons and trinkets should should constitute such a faith-based avalanche of me-too-ism that the worthless things should be counted to be of more value than gold?!

      Like I say….any time you see the masses rushing toward something; run the other way, ’cause the masses are always fooled. When you see the cattle running, Uncle is usually holding the prod. (And to the slaughterhouse they go!).

      The world just didn’t suddenly wake up one day and collectively spontaneously embrace electric cars and electronic fiat currency…. Anything that happens, happens for a reason.

      • Progressivism is about progressing towards technocracy. If we look at the early works of technocracy it is that currency would be based on energy. What is bitcoin and most if not all the others based on? Energy. I invoke Admiral Akbar here, “It’s a Trap!”

      • BrentP,Nunzio,I think whats happening is we are seeing it from outside the box.This wasnt my original thought,I came to agree with the scenario from the research I did.

        The key is we arent the types to accept anything at face value without doing our own due diligence.

        Now we need to spread this far and wide to help others see what is happening.We may not have the precise playbook on the scam,but we do have the basic premise correct IMO.

        • Nice sentiment, Fred- but ya know? I’ve been living outside the box for decades, and I came to realize early-on, that even if you show most people the written admissions of our overlords, they STILL refuse to believe/accept it.

          And that doesn’t just apply to the masses at-large- but it’s often even true of many who should know better.

          In a world of mass propaganda, preaching only seems to work on the choir. Those who come to it, will come to it because they see the injustices and contradictions of the system, and care enough to want out. Those who can’t see, or who see, but don’t care enough, are a lost cause.

          We’re the mental defectives (or maybe everyone else is, and we’re normal) on whom the brainwashing hasn’t fully worked. There are others, and when they see us, they join us….but we just can’t help those on whom the brainwashing has worked. We can’t overcome the effects of that humongous all-encompassing system.

          People want to fit in; they follow the crowd. If something was bad yesterday and everyone accepted it as being bad…they agreed. And if that same thing is declared as being good today, they will accept it as good, just because the TV and the guy making a speech says so, and they’re told that this is now what everyone else believes.

          We can’t help lemmings. : (

          They’ll just call you a tin-foil hatter. The ones who don’t….already know what you want to tell them.

          We preach to the choir….but at least it strengthens the choir. (And that’s worth something. Back before the interwebz, I thought I was all alone in this stuff. It’s nice to find others with whom to have camaraderie; and whose ideas and knowledge bolster your own.)

          I’ve told friends and family things, and even showed them in black and white how those things were the very agendas being pursued by the overlords. They’d laugh. Then, when they’d see those very scenarios come to pass 10 or 15 years down the road, they conveniently “forgot” how it had all been foretold to them.

          • Same here.I have exactly ONE family member who gets it from the get-go.i have another that takes 2 frustrating years of pointing ‘it’ out before he gets it.And then its like he discovered it on his own (but it was me who planted the seed,he just doesnt remember it 🙂 )

            So I do believe we can make a difference.For some its just the thought has never crossed their radar.They can still think even after public schooling (thank their parents for that)

            And as you say,the toughest of all to point out the propaganda to is the worst victims of propaganda.They have a built in firewall thats almost impossible to get past.

            • Ya know Fred, too, I guess we can’t even blame people for not believing, when they haven’t seen at least some of the cracks around the edges for themselves.

              I had just clicked on some Youtube video with an interesting title, and what did it turn out to be? A guy ranting about the CA. fires were set by the gov’t, and being allowed to burn out of control “for a reason”… That reason being that they want to use that very area to build low cost housing and high-speed rail [Apparently, welfare queens have places to go, and need to be there quick!]….and how he has “Seen the proof with his own eyes, and the maps in their plans when overlayed with the fire areas, match them perfectly” [Of course he doesn’t even make an effort to actually cite this information….].

              And I’m thinking, so how does the average flag-waving tax-paying voter distinguish this nonsense, from what you and I say?

              Or, like this guy I encountered once in a local store, who was ranting about how everything was micro-controlled by the Freemasons and the Rothchilds in conjunction with the Illuminati….and I’m thinking “Hey buddy, you might weant to consider mastering the basics of personal hygiene before you start expositing international politics”….. But to the average schmoe, we probably sound just like that guy- and if what we told them was coming, comes to pass, well, surely it had nothing to do with anything we said…it was just “coincidence”! : D

              • And then there was a guy like I met, very weirdly, in a Wally. He made some statement showing his disdain for something that was/wasn’t being done at Wally. We met eyes and I said something like “yep, that’s about it”. Then he said a few more things. Every time he’d mention something I’d just nod. He was obviously of a similar thought of the people here. I said a few more words, he did too and then we went our ways. It’s strange how many times something similar has happened to me. Not sure what my “look” means to others.

                I equate it to the night I was running with the deer herd and……….they allowed me to do so. I won’t explain further but it would seem all animals seek a like kind….and can ascertain it with no spoken word.

                • Must be a TX. thing, 8. I’ll hear someone make an apt comment, and think “There’s potential here.”- and then the next thing out of their mouth will be some statist/communist/snowflake claptrap…..

                  “They should legalize pot” : )
                  “….and then tax the hell out of it!” : (

                  “I don’t trust that Bitcoin…” : )
                  “….the government should regulate it!” : (

              • If I recall correctly the fires are used to return areas to nature. People are not given permission to rebuild what they had. That is the fires are put to the ends of agenda 21. It’s a small jump from there that the fires are deliberately started to bring about those ends.

                • Exactly. In other places, they’ve done the same thing where there’s been flooding/hurricane destruction. And in some places, just the opposite- like NJ- where the state actually paid for businesses to rebuild in waterfront areas which were destroyed by hurrycane Sandy.

                  CA. on the other hand, doesn’t even have to wait for a disaster (much less have to instigate them)- as in many places, like the areas surrounding San Fagcisco, they put a moritorium on building any new housing (or make it so expensieve that it becomes economically unfeasible)- which is why prices in the fagdom of SF stay so absurdly high.

                  Funny thing is, it’s such mish-mash, that anyone looking for any particular example of pretty much anything to justify any given political theory, can find one somewhere.

                  How much of it really is part of a conspiracy, is debatable. Some definitely is- but things aren’t always as black and white as some would have us believe. And maybe that is by design- because what better way to hide something that goes on in plain sight, than to create a lot of confusion and complexity, while doing the real dirty deeds selectively in scattered places?

          • ” I came to realize early-on, that even if you show most people the written admissions of our overlords, they STILL refuse to believe/accept it. ”

            Exactly. I would show people legislation and law. Written down. Public. The reaction: “shut up you conspiracy kook” or worse.

            The conditioning is so strong. Lately I make more headway by guiding their conditioning to the root causes. But still it’s not much. It’s hard to overcome 13-21 years of school conditioning and then the media conditioning. It is hard to overcome even when one’s rational mind knows better.

            • So true, Brent. O’ve found too (and more so, the more time progresses) that if someone watches TV, they are a veritable lost cause. We just can not counter the hypnotism and brainwashing of that sophisticated pervasive propaganda, which has been so carefully honed now as to be almost impossible to overcome, unless the victim hits the “off” button and walks away by choice.

              I think too, it all comes down to one’s core values: How much they value freedom and justice.

              Just before I dropped out of school, I remember reading an article in the paper, about the owner of a small deli in the Bronx, whose little corner store got raided by the “peace officers”, who whisked him off to the pokey, as he hadn’t been paying his protection money to Uncle.

              Even to a kid, seeing something like that shatters any illusion that one may have that we are “free”, or that there is such a thing as private property, etc. You just need to see something like that, and if you have any care at all for your right to direct your own life and control your own property, you quickly realize that something is terribly wrong, not just with a system which would perpetrate that, but with everyone around you who would allow that, and even defend it, while claiming that “we are free and this is the best system that the world has ever known”.

              At some point, sooner or later, everyone must confront obvious realities like that- but how many take a stand and object, and refuse to participate vs. those who just shrug and say “That’s t5he way it is; what are ya gonna do? Now how can I get mine?”.

              How many would even take a stand when being forcibly conscripted to kill and be killed for their master’s wars?

              The propaganda hasn’t made them this way; it just makes it easier for them to live with the wrong choices. They keep their finger away from that “off” button not by coercion, but by choice.

              • I have yet to find an injustice that will get normal people to question the state. They rationalize it away time and time again.

                For quite some time now when people complain about something I just say that’s the way it is supposed to work.

                People think the punishments are deserved and that working the system is how one gets ahead. It is so many generations ingrained.

                Ultimately people just want it this way. Which is another thing I tell normal people who complain. Lay out the things they believe in and want and then the consequences of it they complain about.

                Does no good.

                They expect the state to fix things that are a result of the very nature of the state.

      • Like I say….any time you see the masses rushing toward something; run the other way, ’cause the masses are always fooled………
        Anything that happens, happens for a reason………….
        I invoke Admiral Akbar here, “It’s a Trap!”………..
        Situational Awareness 101.

        Gentlemen,you are spot on.

  4. What are the most fundamental insanities?

    #1: 99.999% of humans believe someone has authority over them.

    #2: 99.999% of humans believe governments exist.

    #3: 99.999% of humans believe corporations exist.


    I won’t continue, there are more, that’s enough.

    Seriously! Don’t humans ever ask themselves how any other human being could possibly ever gain authority over them? After all, every human being comes to exist in the same manner.

    The symmetry of that situation proves nobody can have any more basis to be an authority over you… than you have to be an authority over them.

    Seriously! Don’t humans ever ask themselves what happens when a couple dozen human beings sit around a table, smear ink (or toner) on paper, then scribble more ink on paper at the bottom in the shapes of their names? Does anything pop into existence?

    Obviously not… which means nothing real was created, no “government” came to exist. And further, don’t humans ever ask themselves whether a document written and signed by a couple dozen human beings can POSSIBLY obligate millions or billions of other human beings… even hundreds or thousands of years later?

    Yes, almost every human on the planet is insane in the most fundamental possible way, namely, inability to distinguish what is real from what is not.

    And humans wonder why “the world seems insane”? Well, that’s because THEY are insane. And not just a little bit insane, but utterly, totally, radically, completely and fundamentally insane. They are stark raving lunatics to the very core of their being.

    Sadly, the 0.001% of humans who understand the above… have mostly decided to take advantage of this overwhelming human insanity to become more effective and monstrous predators. And they diligently work to further the rampant insanity crippling the human race rather than help humans become sane.


    If you really believe that a pack of human predators signing a piece of paper can somehow magically grant them authority over everyone on a planet (or continent), and obligate and enslave everyone therein…

    … you really do believe in some completely insane sort of fictional magic that is 100% false and bogus in every possible way.

    … and you are part of the 99.999% who make human life the cruel joke it is.


    Sanity is seeing what’s in front of your face, and not seeing what isn’t.

    Think about that for a while. Think deeply. Then wake up and start getting real.


    You were born, they were born, everyone was born. That’s how you all came to exist.

    The point is that no way exists for one human being to gain authority over any other human being. The entire notion of “authority” has been perverted and is now a complete lie.

    The original idea of “authority” came from “author”, which simply was the implication that an “author” tends to “know more” about a topic than others (most of his readers). It had nothing to do with control, theft or enslavement.

    The fact is, humans have no chance, because they are so overwhelmingly brainwashed into hyper-extreme insanity.

    My hope is if even a couple percent of humans clearly understood what I said previously, and decided to “do something about it”, all the kings horses and all the kings men… would be dead. Along with the king.

    And mankind would be free… or, as free as can be expected. The point is, humans would exterminate human predators with as little thought or hesitation as they exterminate the less dangerous predators in the animal world. And that would be that.

    But they won’t, because humans will not figure out that the situation is precisely what I said, and precisely as simple as what I said.

    Soo ahead and re-define concepts for your own self-delusion. I can’t stop you. However, if you ever want to improve your situation, I can assure you that the first and most important step is to be thoroughly and intransigently honest with yourself.

    Which means, stop adopting the sound-bite lies that the crafty human predators-that-be concoct and provide for your intellectual self-delusion, to make yourself feel better about being a willing participant in your enslavement.

    Stop becoming their aid, their ally, their source of funds, their apologist, their propagandist and their comrade… even as they screw you blind.

    I do not doubt that threats of violence and harm can be motivations. However, no matter how you spin and twist the consequences of that fact, it cannot lead to “might=right”.

    For any slightly sane human being, to arrive at such an obvious falsehood would be a clue you made a mistake somewhere along the line, and need to revisit your thought processes. Most of you have surrendered your brain and mind to the predators, who now own you to the core (your consciousness).

    • Amazingly, most people seem to think that there is a fundamental difference between the Mafia and government, which somehow justifies the violence and extortion of one, while classifying those same acts when perpetrated by the other as the crimes which they so rightly are.

      In reality, the only difference exists in their own minds. It results in a gang mentality. “We will fight and die for our gang (Including Spanky and Alfalfa… 😉 ) because we are members of that gang and it oprotects us from the other gang; and anyone who does not respect our gang is our enemy”.

      And this is why Anarchy is the only logical choice for Christians. The very first commandment: “Thou shalt have no gods before Me”. In the Hebrew (Not to be confused with that Jewish coffee, Hebe-Brew) the word translated as “god/gods” literally means “judges(n.)” and “mighty ones”.(as applied to men, such as Nimrod- the founder and ruler of ancient Babylon).

      If we think that a mere man, our equal, has authority over us, we have elevated him/them to the position of a god- and this is why all empires and kingdoms ultimately end up persecuting those who do not recognize their authority/abide by their laws; as they, as gods, can not tolerate the competition of another God who claims exclusivity.

      And that also explains why emperors often claim (literally, or through their actions) godship; and why the state seeks to order every aspect of society and conduct, and acts in a messianic way; trying to replicate the acts and role of God, and even try to out-do Him and go beyond the bounds He has established for creation, because they are competing gods, and are trying to establish superiority.

      Romans 6:16 “Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; ”

      Sadly, too many Christians today obey men who are nothing but their own equals; and thus have themselves elevated those men to god status; and have them “before Him”.

      Your post, Tor, is really about the most fundamental of ALL questions, which all men should consider- but sadly, outside of Libertarian/Anarchist circles, who ever even mentions such things? From the hallowed halls of academia [more like hollow halls these days] to the philosophers; to psychologists and preachers- the most fundamental question of our physical being, which should be the most foundational premise of our existence: Who do we obey, and why? Why should another man our equal or inferior have a right to dictate our actions and control our property, and be able to do that which we do not have the right to do, but with impunity?”, is never even hinted at. It is a taboo subject (Lest the slaves should wake up). It is never mentioned; and so it just assumed that all will fall in line and obey and continue to venerate these man-gods, just because “It’s what everyone does”.

      • law == fiction.
        legal == fiction.
        state == fiction.
        nation == fiction.
        leader == fiction.
        official == fiction.
        congress == fiction.
        president == fiction.
        authority == fiction.
        corporation == fiction.
        government == fiction.


        All these sorts of conversations are rather hilarious. The entirety of the conversation and every element is utterly and inherently fictional. People spend their entire lives, and most of their earnings, and most of their worries on… NOTHING. None of these things exist.

        Planet earth is overrun by stark raving insane human chimps who forgot that Simon Says is just a silly fictional game… and that so-called “government” is nothing more than a name-change… a “rebranding”… of the Simon Says game for adults. Which demonstrates, kids aren’t yet as completely insane and brainwashed as adults, since they just laugh and run away when the neighborhood kid currently pretending to be “Simon” orders them to do something crazy.

        When will adult human chimps become semi-sane?

        Answer: Never. Humans are toast.


        As an individual human you can refuse to be wacko, insane, stupid, self-destructive.

        Do not participate in delusion and self-destruction.

        Laugh, then run away.

        • Unfortunately, just like putting on a fake white beard and a red suit, and going “Ho, ho, ho!”, the life that people endow these fictions with by playing their parts, as if the fictions were real; and by using guns to convince you that they are real, tends to make the fairy tale real; just not legitimate.

          • Yep.

            In America and most of the west, every day is Demented Christmas.

            Ho Ho Ho.


            That obese costumed asshole has a gun pointed at an unarmed groveling nigger.

            Pro Nouns

            He has a gun pointed at him.

            Faux Nouns

            The peace officer has his service revolver pointed at the compliant perp.

            • “Peace officer”- Now THERE’S an oxymoron!

              Wherever they go…you can be sure there will be violence where none existed before; or more violence where some already ceased.

              It’s like calling an A-bomb a “redevelopment aid”.

                • Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to live in the Aussie Outback…. If they hadn’t gone all commie-feminazi-snowflake, I’d be there right now.

                  Damn shame. It’s like their whole country has turned into California.

                  Took everyone’s guns away….now the crime has skyrocketed [big surprise….NOT!] -and yet the gun-grabbers keep preaching the gospel of “gun control”.

                  • Australia outside the cities used to be like the way the USA was. RWD I6 and V8 cars, guns, free, english speaking, etc… A viable place to flee to. Now well who the hell wants to put up with that environment to live under the same control freak crap? Freedom might be worth putting up with various biblical level plagues and vicious wildlife but without it, why bother?

                    • ‘Zactly, Brent. Aussieland USED to be what America once was.

                      They fell fast. Practically overnight.

                      Damn shame. It was always a given that I would end up there. No more, now.

                      Back in the late 60’s/early 70’s when there was still a good-sized minority of sane people here in America, a lot of Americans who saw what was coming here, moved to Australia.

                      Who’d have thunk it would be like moving to CA.?!

  5. Eric if you want to take your profits on bitcoin, open a separate bank account at a separate institution. That account can be devoted solely to your bitcoin profits. I saw this mentioned on the other post.

    You can sell, and take your money out via atm over a few months. Maybe leave enough in there to pay the capital gains tax. Then when that’s done close the account. Don’t attach your real bank account to the bitcoin account (for transferring the money) if you’re worried about theft or something going wrong.

    I’ve heard some exchanges are putting cap on selling, either per day or per month. Very shady.

  6. You can also exchange bitcoin for gift cards:


    I used this service to exchange for Amazon gift cards when I sold mine last year (sigh, only doubling my money…). Since I use Amazon fairly often it made sense. Still not as useful as cash, but easier than dealing with the exchanges.

  7. Bitcoin IMO is a prototype for technocratic currency.
    1) It is traceable allowing the government experts and control freaks to monitor and control transactions.
    2) It is based on energy.

    • I agree Brent, it’s a first step on the way to eliminate cash transactions completely. No more getting a discount from your local tradesmen for paying cash; Uncle wants to keep track of every last cent so he can tax it and seize it if you piss him off in any way.

      • Yep guys….and they’ve figured out to impose these draconian tyrannical schemes on the masses in a way which makes people gladly line-up for it (just as they do for their portable surveillance devices- a.k.a “smart phones” and information-mining -a.k.a. Facebook”- etc. ) blissfully unaware of the true nature of what they are using, and who and what is behind it.

        Any time you see the masses scurrying towards something, that is a pretty good sign that we should run in the opposite direction.

        It will be just like traditional banking- where controls are implemented gradually, “for your safety” of course….to the point where traditional banking is so highly regulated and surveilled that it can be a crime just to take money out of your own account; and where Uncle is made minutely aware of everything you have, in every bank, and what you do with it. But most people just “go along”- many even unaware of the level of control and surveillance being inflicted upon them, until they try and do something “prohibited”- or are locked out of a “safe deposit” box until an IRS agent can be present, etc. And even then, they don’t “get it”, because they have been brainwashed into thinking that government is benevolent, and it’s all “for their own good”.

        Those of us who are Christians, have been expecting this for a long time. A worldwide cashless system which will prohibit anyone who does not accept the government’s means of verification (Mark Of The Beast) from participating in any form of commerce. Such was not even possible 1900 years ago when the prophecy of it was written, when it was not even feasible to imagine anything but physical currency- as what else could there be, and how could one describe it at a time before the knowledge of electricity even existed?

  8. Your public bitcoin key/address will look like this:

    A bunch of numbers and letters.

    Make sure that when you publish your address, you don’t give out your private key (which looks similar) because that is what you use to withdraw from your wallet. The public key/address is what you use to have someone send bitcoin to you. Most wallet services don’t give out the private keys, so you should be fine.

  9. One Bitcoin and you can buy a compact car from what I hear. Its hurting my gold and silver “values”. I feel like I got scammed.

    • Sounds like it may going to become a good time to buy gold soon, if gold drops, as expected, due to Bitcoin. Then when Bitcoin bombs……. (I’m not looking to make any money for doing nothing- just to preserve the value of what little i have…)

      • I don’t buy into that. I think that the gold thing is a thing of the past. Kind of like driving. Now people just want to sit in a virtual reality bubble with their virtual reality currency. I don’t see an end to this thing. Maybe I should buy stock in a sex robot company.

        • Swamp, When you find a Cherry 2000 let me know. I’ll take 2…..need a backup, besides Pamela Gidley is a better actress than Melanie Griffith and better looking. On second thought, maybe I should order a gross.

        • I’ve never owned gold before….but if it takes a good dive, I’ll take advantage of the opportunity. Gold has pretty much been a constant throughout recorded human history. Bitcoin, even if not an outright scam or scheme for government psychological/financial control, will be a mere flash in the pan under even the best scenario. It is unsustainable- and just like paper fiat currency, has no intrinsic value.

          Exchanges…use of computer networks….having to tie it to anoth financial instrument/account….and it’s ability to be regulated on all of those fronts (not to mention it’s vulnerability to hacking) all make me wonder what the appeal of Bitcoin is, other than the fact that it’s recent meteoric rise to bubble-like levels….which seems very coincidental, iffin ya asks me.

          I’d rather have something I can hold in my hand, and bury if need be….and something which pretty much had the same value 3000 years ago as it does today.

          • And best of all, it can’t be tracked. By the revenuers of any stripe. Nothing is perfect, but I learned to value that years ago when a state government demonstrated its ability to take everything I think I own. You can’t even trust real estate, its heavily tracked and registered. But gold and silver coins- can be cached securely many places by a clever individual. He might even get into the habit of caching a weapon with each one.


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