Here We Go Again . . .

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A psychopath shoots up a school and the Usual People “demand” that only psychopaths be permitted to handle guns.

It’s not said that way, of course. Honest language being problematic language these days.

But that is nonetheless what’s on the table.

Psychopaths includes armed government workers – including as a for-instance the armed government worker (Philip “Mitch” Brailsford) who murdered an unarmed and pleading for his life Daniel shaver in Mesa, Arizona – who will not be disarmed. They have in fact been armed-up, with arms that are already illegal or very difficult to legally acquire if you are not an armed government worker.

And of course it includes the run-of-the-mill psychopaths, who can be expected to heed laws forbidding them to possess guns as exactly as they obey laws forbidding them to assault, steal and kill.

And there are more such psychopaths in circulation today – of both kinds.

How will it make the rest of us “safer” to disarm us – but not them? It’s a valid question, which is why it is rarely asked – and never answered when it is.

If, as a hypothetical, everyone could be disarmed – the psychopathic and non alike  – then perhaps a viable practical argument could be made in favor of the same. It would still be morally dubious to criminalize mere possession of a gun (or any other thing) merely because “someone” – not that specific person – might use a gun in a criminal or reckless manner.

But at least the playing field would be even, sort of.

Women and older people would still be hugely more vulnerable to physical assault by people larger and stronger and younger. A gun in the possession of a woman or an older person makes them the equal of a large man bent upon doing them harm.

Nevertheless, the hypothetical “gun free” zone that actually did exist might be a thing with appeal. The problem is just that, however.

The hypothetical part. The fantasy part.

“Gun free” zones exist, all right – in the sense that there are places where people who obey laws do not carry guns. This is of course precisely what those – such as the Florida psychopath – count upon. For the same reason adduced by the famous bank robber Willie Sutton, who explained to the idiots who asked him why he robbed banks: Because that’s where the money is.

In “gun free” zones, there are no guns  . . . in the hands of the soon-to-be-victimized. The people who are going to be slaughtered like cows in a packing plant because they do not have guns.

This is the true nature of the “action” insisted upon by the psychopaths, who are psychotic precisely because they either deny reality or know it and grossly, purposefully lie about it. They demand that guns be controlled – just not their guns. They demand we – the ordinary volk – be placed at the mercy of psychopaths with guns. But not themselves.

Could the effrontery be greater?

It can only be countered with outrage – and honest language.

When government workers give up their guns, when it is illegal for anyone to carry a gun – including armed government workers – then perhaps it will be polite to at least listen to their eructations without balling up a fist and fighting the urge to knock out their teeth.

But until that happy day arrives, all this talk of “demanding action” is nothing more – and nothing less – than their demand that you be punished for the crimes of others and that crime be committed upon you by them.

. . .

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  1. It’s the psychiatric medications that have been taken by every mass killer over the last 30 years that are causing the problem. Big pharma operation here.

    • Hi Joe,

      I don’t doubt that’s part of it; also the general psychoticization of society; so much is topsy turvy, meaningless and mindless. It leads to profound alienation, which leads to nihilism, which leads to…

    • Astute point Joe. However it is only one of the two common denominators present in most school shooters. The other one is single mother homes. You’ll never hear that brought in the lamestream media though.

  2. Society has been deliberately made sick. It starts in the schools where people are intentionally broken, shamed, punished, and so on. Dumbed down and dulled. Even drugged if the low level managers decide it’s needed. Rendered permanent children.

    And what do such people need? Management. They need to be managed for their entire lives because they are not capable of managing themselves.

  3. I have an unique perspective on school shootings, having gone to a high school where one happened. Gun “control” people are so dishonest when it comes to their propaganda, yes propaganda, because that is what it is.

    My high school is a small private parent run, largely from of group of churches (though NOT run by the churches) of a couple similar denominations. A pretty close knit community, where people know each other and nonsense was pretty rare. A school you would think this would never happen. But it did.

    Keep in mind this shooting happened in 1987. So it was long before the hysterics you get today. Though it probably helped create the hysterics of today. It was covered pretty heavily by local TV & Newspapers, and went out on at least the wire services.

    Remember at that time there was still a hunting/gun , fishing, camping club. I doubt it was against to the rules to have a rifle in your personal car or pickup in the parking lot. The exterior doors of the building were left unlocked all day and there were no cameras on campus. Back then school staff weren’t “afraid” at the mere sight of a gun. Even people who didn’t like guns didn’t see them as evil items like they do today.

    Here is a couple news stories of what happened there that day.

    The interesting thing was there was already was a “safe school act” even in 1987. I can’t find info on it, as a newer law (2010) with the same name is the only thing that comes up.

    What basically happened, was a student shot a teacher. Why? Because he had been caught smoking, resulting in the student getting kicked off the soccer team. No, not weed or some other illegal drug. Regular old tobacco cigarettes. Probably the biggest vice for both students and staff back then. The shooter also had mental health issues. So that was actually the biggest reason why that happened.

    So what happened? The teacher recovered, and returned to school a few days later, the shooter was charged with attempted murder and some gun charges but got probation and got the mental health treatment he needed. He is today married, employed, has a few kids and seems to be fine. The teacher retired from the school a few years ago.

    Did the school and his parent ignore warning signs? Most certainly. But did anybody think something like that would happen? Probably not.

    What would happen to the student if he did that today? Probably a very different outcome.

    Sounds like the shooter in Florida was also a disgruntled student with mental problems. So yet again, a mental health issue, not a gun issue.

    (had to remove the links the spam filter wouldn’t allow this to post)

  4. I caught my guns all clustered together yesterday, they were plotting to go on a road trip to the beach. The gig was up, however, when one of them asked me for gas money and the car keys. To make matters worse, they had planned to run off fully loaded, and half cocked! Oh yeah, they also mentioned something about what they would do to my dog if I didn’t comply. That’s when I finally decided “I need more gun control”.


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