Here’s Why There’s a Problem…

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Car companies used to be places where car guys worked. Engineers, gearheads. People who at least liked cars and thought of them as more than commodities – like toothpaste, say.

Today, they are places where former insurance company and fast food guys work.


Cars are incidental – and car guys (especially guys) irrelevant or at least inconvenient.

Race and sexual identity politics are everything. Push it, hard.

Because what’s between your legs – and what you do with what’s between your legs – is critically relevant to the sort of car you might drive. Ditto your hue.

So goes the logic.

African Americans on Wheels. Gay Wheels. Jews in Jeeps. Aryans in Audis. The last two are made-up. The first two are very real – and GM does everything it can to promote and push them to the fore, even to the extent of hiring the guy who founded Gays on Wheels, a publication which only a few gays ever read but that doesn’t matter.

The politics do.

When I, your faithful keyboard monkey, began writing about cars back in the early ’90s, there were still car guys running the car companies. I had beers with these guys and we muttered sympathetically together about the  geeks and race hustlers who were beginning to ruin everything. Turning cars into appliances. Forcing everyone to dry-hump the leg of the Safety Goddess who now rules the country through cucked men and women who have become sick parodies of men.

The business no longer cares much about cars – and forget car guys.

I am glad I got in while there was still some fading light left. Had the opportunity to hang out with guys like John Coletti, Bob Lutz and Martyn Schorr. Some of you may recognize these names.

They – and their kind – are all gone now.

I soldier on.

Sic gloria transit mundi

. . .

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  1. Yeah – this industry is now another reflection of the war against men. Also, I (female) recently went for car service & cleverly sidestepped dealing with the new female attendant, to discuss my issue with the guy & made sure the old guy mechanic did the work – ha.

    • It is interesting that your comments indicate that you are proud to exercise a degree of discrimination against your own gender that most women would complain about. Genitals have nothing to do with mechanical competance. I managed a service station during the Arab oil embargo and my experience was that gender played no discernible part in the mechanical knowledge of either my mechanics nor my customers.
      Your way of thinking would mandate that Danica Patrick is a candidate for reassignment, when her showing as a guest in the Sports Illustrated swimming suit issues was far above the professional models she shared the pages with. Add that to her driving and mechanical experience and she would probably be a better service writer than anyone you have ever discriminated against.

    • My guess would be that the female involved was a so-called “service writer” and had zilch experience actually turning wrenches on a customer’s vehicle.

      • Which would have given her far more in common with the average customer than any of the mechanics would have. Sometimes it takes a simplistic way of thinking to understand a simple thing that might simply be routinely ignored by one more sophisticated in their knowledge.

    • You made a smart choice and please don’t get Me started on some of the Salesladies ( like some Men, I haven’t a clue as to why they are in the business- I hate it when I look at a vehicle and I know more about it than the salespeople)

      • Then you should be far more understanding of what those of us who try to educate the ignorant go through, since you appear to be blaming the ignorance of the ignorant on them instead of the public fool system that taught them everything they know.

    • I agree with River City. I also am female and I would only want a male mechanic for my car. That also goes for electricians, computer service, plumbers, appliance repair, etc.

      Speaking of male mechanics – McLeas Tire’s (Bay Area, CA) male mechanics have kept my 1999 Mazda Protege running great for many years now. It never has a problem and runs like a fine top. Once a male friend who had to relocate my car for me told me: “I love your car!”

      • Hi Elaine,

        My take on this: Because of the poison of Affirmative Action and sex/sexual orientation politics, it is entirely reasonable to question the bona fides of any woman, black (man or woman) and so on… because the fact is that even though the particular individual may be 100 percent qualified, there is the nagging suspicion that they may have got “help” via quotas and so on. The burden, then, is heavier on them to prove that they are competent…

        I, personally, would be more concerned about say a female doctor than a male doctor.

        It’s vicious – for everyone except the incompetent, who benefit from the affirmative action, quotas and PC generally.

        • Eric,
          I tend to feel the same way about MDs in general and specifically those trained in America as you do females, for the same reasons. There are large gaps in education between western trained medical personnel and others. The best credentialed American MDs tend to be female, FWIW. Dr. Sherry A. Rogers and Dr. Terry Wahls are two cases in point.

  2. Okay. I took the bait: I went and visited Gays on Wheels.

    I am…well…I am….stuttering and speechless. I thought this was a joke. But no, there is actually a group of supposed human beings that look at cars through the eyes of the “lgbtq” crowd.

    We have truly lost our minds, when a piece of machinery must be viewed and reviewed based on what you do with your genitals. For shits sake, this is off the charts goofy and laughable. You “lgbtq” folks are freak’n out there.

    I swear, I am going to go eat the business end of an 870.

      • I want…no, I dare…any “lgbtq” person step forward and explain how sexual orientation or genital issues have ANYTHING to do with the products produced by Cincinnati Milacron ( or Bridgeport Mills (

        I dare your worthless, silly, retarded ass to sexualize these two companies and the products they make.

        I dare you!

        • Anybody who can believe that having plastic surgery to cosmetically change the appearance of a person’s genitals can change their biological and genetic reality is already living in lala land and should be ignored instead of catered to.
          The closest that Cincinnati Milacron or Bridgeport Mills could come to being sexualized is if they were to go into the same business as da Vinci® Surgery as it could be applied as mentioned above.

        • These sexual deviants have gone from demanding “tolerance”, which meant at one time not having to risk going to a fag bar and getting busted by the Vice Squad, to outright promotion of their deviancy, as if whatever disgusting things they do among themselves somehow gives them “coolness” or a special qualification on whatever subject.

          • I have always thought of them in similar fashion to sports fan(atic)s that dress up in teamwear and paint their faces in team colors. Since neither of them have ever hit on me or tried to get me to support their individual deviances from what would be expected of an well-adjusted intelligent American, I have never had any problem ignoring them, as is appropriate. The behavior of consenting adults should never have been criminalized in the first place, so there is no compelling reason to think that those who act differently without creating a damaged complainant should be treated like the criminals that they aren’t.

  3. As straight man in the auto industry, who is also African-American is must ask, “What the *#@% are you talking about?” Have you not seen the Corvette ZR1, Dodge Demon, Ford GT & Camaro ZL1? The cars are orders of magnitude better than the muscle cars of old. You also have the choice of Tesla Model S, Chevy Bolt, Chevy Volt & Toyota Prius. These are technology tours de force. It doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black or Puerto Rican – everybody can participate and share great ideas. Oh, I do consider myself a “car guy” by the way after growing up building boosted Hondas and now cam’d Corvettes should prove!

      • It is all around you! America is a great big melting pot of cultures. Look closely and you’ll see Italian-Americans, Caribbean-Americans, Asian-Americans and even a few indigenous people in the mix!

        • Hi Bobby,

          I’m with Bill on this business. On the one hand, we’re admonished to stop thinking of people in terms of race/ethnicity; on the other there is this burgeoning emphasis on . . . race/ethnicity. “African-American” is also an odd term. Would a Boer who emigrate to America be “African American”? If not, why? And why would an American black be more “African” than the Boer, who was born there?

          It all makes my teeth ache…

          • It is a good thing that Tiger Woods never uses a hyphenated label:-)
            “Tiger refers to his ethnic make-up as “Cablinasian” (a syllabic abbreviation he coined from Caucasian, Black, American Indian, and Asian).”

            • I travel a lot for my work. When I’m in Europe or Asia, I’m referred to as “The American”. When I’m in the US, I’m referred to as “the black guy” or “The African-American” by people who don’t know me. Think about it, how would you describe me to a friend?

              • If you were a friend, I’d refer to you as Bobby. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a reason to refer to you at all as long as you didn’t make me draw my Glock.

              • But should one be disciplined, or even fired, if, in a room of 6 workers someone asks for Bobby and he says “The black guy over there.”? It happens. It is not a pejorative, just the most ready identification at the moment.

                Would you care to tell us how would you rule on that if you were a member of a disciplinary committee? Either if you were or were not the Bobby in question.

                • The speaker should be treated for autism if there is more than one black in the room.
                  It doesn’t matter what anyone but Bobby feels about it. Only the damaged complainant has a dog in the race.

                  • That’s why I asked him……..

                    I have worked with black employees who would think that to be as good a direction as any other, and with some who would run to HR. I wanted Bobby’s take.

                    I worked defense work for years. We had two black engineers who were sent to every meeting with the government. Whether or not they had anything to do with that meeting. They were not happy because they were being used as showpieces. One day Chester put his bare arm along side George’s and they both stared pointedly at them. Chester asked George if he had any idea why they were in that meeting. George said he had no idea. They were only sent to meetings that actually involved them from that day on.

                    • No reply button for Bill but this should fall in line. These two didn’t need, nor want affirmative action. They were good engineers.

                      I am way past “too young” to remember darned near anything.

                    • Good one Ary. I remember 60 year old stuff but can’t recall supper last night.

                      Doctors say it’s common, take cumin…..and garlic.

          • Technically my buddy’s Egyptian wife is African-American, right? Same goes for my Algerian doorman. WTF is wrong with the term “black”? While I’m at it, WTF is wrong with “Oriental”? It means “from the East”, fer Crissakes.

              • Hi Bill,

                The whole thing is about posturing and feigned offense.

                How is it any more (or less) offensive to say something like: That’s Eric, the tall white guy over there in the corner…

                As opposed to: That’s Bobby, the tall black guy over there in the corner.

                I’m not offended, because there’s nothing insulting or malignant about the statement. Why is Bobby offended?

                The answer is – he’s not.

                It’s pretended indignation.

                Hopefully. Because if he really is offended, he needs a psychiatrist.

      • It exists only in the minds of fevered apologists( who forget their ancestors were slaves also and they, for the most part, are modern wage slaves.

    • This site is too weird for me. By weird I mean privileged, right wing, racist, misogynistic, and homophobic. I’m out…

      • Hi Bobby,

        This is a Libertarian site. Couldn’t be farther away from “right wing” – or left wing.

        It never fails to baffle me that some people can equate the ideas of non-aggression and voluntary interaction with either of those two coercive collectivist ideologies.

        As far as “misogynistic” and “homophobic”:


        We’re Libertarians. We don’t hassle anyone unless they hassle us first. And then it’s because they hassled us – not because they are women or gay. We don’t care who you sleep with – so long as you don’t expect us to “embrace” your “lifestyle.” Go in peace, do as you please. And extend us the same courtesy.

        That’s all.

      • Privileged eh Bobby? I know some of these people personally and know many from conversing with them for years. The only “privilege” I see in the group is the privilege of not being part of any party, saying to hell with party line and anyone who wants to be “special” by dint of color, race, sex or any other qualifier.

        Is a person sexist because they maintain there are only two sexes? Is a person misogynistic if they don’t want to play the game according to “some” women? And I do mean “some”. There’s many a woman who posts here and clover is the only one to use her sex as an excuse for or against anything. If you called me racist in front of my black friends they’d laugh you out of the room. Yes, go back to your unfree speech, the pc stuff that makes you “feel” the best. I’m unaware of anyone here who’s touchy, feely so be offended by plain speech and no flag waving and go to some site where they’ll go out of their way to be as pc stupid as possible.

  4. Did you ever have the pleasure of Meeting Don Hackworth? He was a renegade in the board meetings. He ran Buick for quite a while. He was a REAL car guy. I did some work on his house and he sent me to the F1GP in Montreal 2002 with pit access. Great guy. He is mentioned three times in this article attesting to what I have said… he was untamed and unable to be tamed.

  5. My latest hate vehicle is the Lincoln MKZ i think it is ; the ad for it is terrible. side stepping completely the actors representing the target market the voice over tells it cocoon of serenity shutting out the world outside; well ok silence can be a virtue. Then “lane departure controls to keep you on track” (you’re meant driving the car, honey) then the smooth voice over for the moonroof then the car pulls up to a damned farmers market restaurant without the wheels turning !!!! it could an ad for a fridge or something else forgettable

  6. For Joseph O., and any others that keep using this label:
    a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen; a lack of hope or confidence in the future.
    “the dispute cast an air of deep pessimism over the future of the peace talks”
    synonyms: defeatism, negativity, doom and gloom, gloominess, miserablism, cynicism, fatalism; More
    a belief that this world is as bad as it could be or that evil will ultimately prevail over good.

    Please understand the words you so flippantly, and errantly misuse! Eric is not being pessimistic, but rather, realistic and critical in his observations about automobiles, and their future as it will ultimately affect all of us.
    I get the same B.S. label from people who seem to lack the ability to do their own critical thinking regarding many aspects of our society. We are, if anything, optimists, for pessimists have NO HOPE, and are constantly in a state of despair! Please learn to distinguish our voiced displeasure with things that we find unacceptable, versus, the kavetching, moaning, and sorrowful fatalism of an actual pessimist. WE believe positive change IS possible, otherwise we would not waste our breathe bringing these facts to the attention of others. Just as this rant, in and of itself, is not pessimism, but rather an expression of displeasure of being mislabeled, and holds the “hope” that readers will comprehend the message herewithin, and think before simply branding a critical thinker as a “Pessimist”. Capece?

  7. It’s not just the auto industry. Check out what’s going down in radio. iHeart (nee Clear Channel) is just about to admit that life boats would have been a good idea on their Titanic adventure. As with the auto industry, nothing left but bean counters and PC hustlers.

    • Iheart is to Clear Channel as Premiere is, both divisions to give an impression that both were something other than Clear Channel. Iheart arrived too late to compete effectively, especially since their offering was more dismal than all the competition combined. Premiere is based on its host’s narcissism which is supported by talents being spread too thin. Instead of jettisoning John B. Wells when his listenership exceeded Noory’s, he should have been retained for his greater instigative reporting skills and Noory consigned to doing interviews with those who he fawns over.

      • Are you a CTM member? I am, but haven’t listened much lately because the iPhone app keeps crashing. I can’t be bothered to download the episodes to my PC and upload them to the phone via iTunes. I’ve tried to contact CTM for support numerous times to no avail.

  8. “So goes the logic.” It obviously isn’t a kind of logic that a normal person would learn anywhere such would frequent.

  9. I’m getting ready to go to the local appliance store to look for my new car.

    Doesn’t have the same ring to it. But vehicles are becoming more commoditized, with fewer desirable options and more standardized features that we don’t all want.

  10. Unfortunately its not just cars,it’s everything.Sears being run by a hedge fund’genius’instead of someone with a life in retail….the list goes on and on.And the light doesnt come on either,as for instance Yahoo going down the tubes.

  11. Gordon Murray (the designer of the McLaren F-1 and in more recent times the Lightstream manufacturing system, the T-1 and also TVR’s new sportscar) states he has no interest in anything being provided by the mainstream manufacturers today. It is all much too heavy, too large, too lumpen, too full of gadgetry (connectivity, menus and all that dross), just too uninteresting for a good driver to bother with. Even the hot hatches are poor driving experiences for the most part. He is right. All these vehicles are horrible to drive with poorly resolved ride, terrible steering, just fat heavy over-expensive nonsense.

    Perhaps the reason is indeed that people who really like cars, people who love them even, are not in charge of making them any longer.

  12. The Red Army had the Zampolit. The political officer who’s job it was to ensure the political correctness of the soldiers.

    Remember the guy Sean Connery killed in The Hunt for Red October?

    Corporate America has Zampolit Shanaynay.


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