Armed Government Worker Threatens to Kill Photographer

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Here’s a video of an armed government worker not only unholstering his gun but pointing it at a photographer, whom he claims made him feel “unsafe”:

If a civilian had pointed a gun at a person taking video what do you suppose the consequences would have been?

What if a photographer had pointed a gun at an armed government worker – claiming the government worker’s gun made him fear for his “safety”?

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    • Morning, to5!

      There is a common denominator to all these events – the armed government worker is never arrested, much less prosecuted. Why? This is halting, when you stop to think about it.

      A law enforcement “officer” (as they prefer to style themselves) has done something patently unlawful. Something criminal. He has done it on record (video recorded). There is no question he’s done the thing. Yet nothing happens. Not even a scolding. In this case, the armed government worker pointed a loaded gun at a man who did absolutely nothing to warrant it. The law requires an imminent threat of great bodily harm (in many states, with an obligation to retreat if possible) before one may legally use a lethal weapon in self defense.

      Well, if you are an ordinary person and not an armed government worker.

      All that’s required in their case is a squeal that they “felt unsafe.” In other words, whenever they like.

      This is outrageous. It amounts to more a double standard. It amounts to a license to kill – us, by them. Whenever they wish – and that is hardly an exaggeration.


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