Armed Government Worker Points Gun at Kids

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Here’s a video of an armed government worker pointing his pistol at a bunch of elementary-age kids. The “hero” waves the pistol in their general direction, indiscriminately threatening the lives of these kids – none of whom present any sort of “threat” to the “safety” of this badged bully:

Imagine the multiple felonies that would be leveled at any of us Mere Mundanes if we were to point a loaded pistol at a bunch of eight, nine, ten-year-old kids.

Why no warbling about the “safety” of “the children” from “concerned moms”?

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  1. Yeah, bet the El Paso PD was bleating about “Officer Safety” to justify why he drew his sidearm and pointed it at a group of CHILDREN.

  2. The perfect ending to a vid like this one would be a concerned parent showing up and beating the living fuck out of the heeeeeero.

  3. And then you get the retards in the video comments pointing out “fowl language” and the kids behavior, really? Really?? C’mon!


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