You Do Not Have the Right to Refuse to Answer Questions

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Here’s a video of a brave man standing up to armed government workers at one of the internal checkpoints that have been erected in the land of the “free.” The armed government workers demand that the man answer their questions –  on the face of it, an obvious abuse of the right to remain silent, to not answer questions posed by armed government workers.

The armed government workers get around this by abusing the man – subjecting him to interrogation first and when that does not succeed in eliciting the answer (which they already know; more on that in a moment) they arrest him – including a degrading pat-down, as if he had committed a crime –  and then dragoon him into their facility for forcible fingerprinting and several more hours of abuse.

Mind: The man was merely traveling down the road in his car; had committed no offense nor given any reason to suspect him of having committed one. But the armed government workers – in an inversion of both decency and what used to be decent law – assert that his failure to answer their questions, contrary to his right not to answer them, constitutes “suspicion” in and of itself  – and that gives these creeps the necessary pretext to do, essentially, as they wish to him and by implication any other person who crosses their path.

What makes this even more despicable is that the creeps – most of whom appear to have at least moist backs themselves – know perfectly well that this man is, in fact, a citizen. A middle-aged white male who speaks perfect English – unlike themselves.

What they are doing here, then, is making a point. Making an example of the man. Punishing him for daring to affront their authority – which is the real “crime” here.

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  1. Police could have asked to see license & registration, a lawful order, and it’s their prerogative to do so. I don’t really see the point of refusing anything at a border checkpoint as we want border patrol agents to be nosy and ask questions, don’t we? Just me.

    • Hi Jimmie,

      Many of these “border” checkpoints are nowhere near the border; they can be as deep as 100 miles inside the U.S.

      And while you are technically correct about the license and registration thing, insofar as it being “lawful,” the fact that we are compelled to provide these things upon demand is further evidence of the tyranny we’ve been acclimated to. A free man should not have to present his “papers” just because a government goon orders him to. Hell, a free man shouldn’t have to have “papers” at all!

      My 50.

      • Jimmie means well but is entirely INCORRECT about “license and registration”. These are BORDER PATROL officers. LE agents of the United States Government. They do NOT have jurisdiction to enforce traffic laws, period! A pertinent response would be, “officers, please show me your orders that you’ve been duly deputized by the Webb Co, Texas, sheriff, or as officers of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Else, what is the basis of this detention, and am I FREE TO GO?”

        You do not have to show your “papers” to anyone. Your D/L need only be presented if you’ve been stopped in the course of investigating a VC violation or crime.

        If We, The People, want to authorize ICE agents and other Federal LE agencies to demand one’s “papers”, then, by all means, pass a Constitutional Amendment in the Congress by 2/3 majority vote in both House and Senate, and let it be ratified by 38 of the 50 states to take effect. Or any other legislation that in effect suspends the normal Bill of Rights in a certain “zone” for purposes of Immigration and Customs enforcement. That’s why the amendment process in Article V, to make changes in the Federal Government authorized powers or proceedings that the prescribed supermajority of members of Congress and the State legislatures deem fit.

    • jimmie s: “Just me.”

      I wish it were just you……..

      Reminds me of the old shoe salesman’s joke. Tells customers with dirty feet “I wish I had a hundred like you!” when he is thinking “’cause I have 1000 like you.”

      We were headed north from San Diego (?I5?). All traffic came to a crawl, then a stop. USBP building with traffic lights across many lanes of traffic. Every car had to stop as if at a stop sign. One agent standing outside the building smoking a cigarette. No others in sight. I suppose “it’s their prerogative to do so”. But it appeared to me that it was the prerogative of hundreds of citizens of “the land of the free and the home of the brave” to get on with their business.


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