Carrot and Stick

LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation are working together to design seamless usage-based insurance (UBI) solutions for Mitsubishi automobile owners and drivers. Shown here: LexisNexis Risk Solutions smart phone app for Mitsubishi vehicle owners smart phone app provides feedback after a driving event. (PRNewsfoto/LexisNexis Risk Solutions)
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Reinhard Heydrich, who was the Reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia – formerly Czechoslovakia, until the Nazis decided it wasn’t anymore – was probably the smartest Nazi. He knew how to wheedle his victims into cooperating in their own victimhood.

“His Czechs” – as he styled them –  would be rewarded with extra rations and less brutal working conditions when they submitted obediently  . . . and punished when not. He called it the “carrot and stick” approach. It worked so well that the Brits parachuted a team of SOE operatives behind the lines to assassinate the entirely too-effective Reichsprotecktor.

Mitsubishi is the first major car company to emulate his example.

Owners of new Mitsubishi vehicles will be rewarded with free or discounted oil changes and even free cups of coffee if they agree to load an app on their phones that will track their every move – behind the wheel and otherwise –  these moves (in the form of data) then sold to “partners,” including the insurance mafia – in order to more effectively dun you.

It’s being sold, of course, as a way to save people money – but the premise is faulty because the definition of “good driving” upon which the promised savings depend isn’t based on “good driving.”

It is based on obeying traffic laws, which is not the same thing.

Ask any cop.

They routinely exceed the posted speed limit, as a for-instance – particularly when they’re chasing one of us for also exceeding it. This is necessary, certainly, since it is not physically possible to catch a “speeder” without “speeding” oneself.

But that is neither here nor there as far as whether this “speeding” constitutes unsafe driving – or just driving faster than a number posted on a sign.

Most drivers – probably every driver – agrees at least implicitly with the cops that it’s not unsafe driving, given every driver drives faster than the number posted on those signs every time they drive.

It is merely a question of degree – and of how often and for how long.

Do we really want to be tagged as not-good-drivers because we (along with everyone else) drove 40 in and under-posted 35 zone? Must we become moving roadblocks for the sake of obeying a secular totem pole, our consolation prize a cup of coffee and a discount oil change?

And that’s not going to last, either. The obvious long-term goal is to make this monitoring mandatory and forget the free coffee. Then comes the stick – which will be fines and surcharges and similar such for non-compliance. The insurance mafia is champing at the bit for this – and now Our Friends at Mitsubishi are going to help them along.

Another “data point” to be monitored by the app is acceleration. Anything more than the most tepid, turtle-cautious change in velocity will likewise be taken as evidence of bad driving – and the driver dunned accordingly. This means no more than cruise-control passing – which of course effectively means no passing,since it can’t be done effectively – safely – without significant acceleration.  Forget threading the needle through herds of Clovers.

What’s desired is that we all become as Clovers (more about them here).

The app – being GPS connected – also knows when you have come to anything less than a complete stop at a stop sign – the absence of cross-traffic being irrelevant – or made an illegal (but perfectly safe) right-on-red.

Of course, mindless rule-obeying has become the ne plus ultra of “good citizenry” as much as “good driving” – though in both cases, nothing could be more profoundly moronic, leaving aside unsafe.

People who have been browbeaten into mindless submission to rules because they are rules – who never question those rules and the authority which spews them – are the perfect candidates for the ditches and ovens which almost inevitably follow, in time.

As the Reichsprotecktor.

Has anyone given any thought to whether “good driving” – and being a “good citizen” – sometimes requires ignoring the rules? As when the rules are wrong or stupid – and obeying them not merely foolish (such as sitting mindlessly at a red light that never changes when it is perfectly safe to make that right turn) but also potentially unsafe?

A violent swerving maneuver or slamming-on of the brakes to avoid a kid who just ran into the road, for instance. Is that unsafe?

Can the app discern the difference between this and “unsafe” sudden jockeying for position?


The answer, of course, is that it can’t.

And of course, that is not the point. Which, despite the hymning, isn’t the encouraging of “good driving.” It is the browbeating of independent thinking and action; anything which deviates in the slightest from the Herd Programming – and not just  as it applies to cars and driving but to everything.

Submit, obey.

One wonders whether it has occurred to Mitsubishi – and to other car companies who are certain to jump on this bandwagon –  that they are rendering pointless the purchase of any car capable of more than torpidly traveling from A to B with a load of nearsighted old ladies on board? 

What would be the point of buying a car that can go faster or corner harder or stop better if the use of those capabilities contrary to traffic laws and so prima facie bad driving will be immediately registered and charged to your account accordingly?

Some of you may also remember the funny-at-the-time but depressingly predictive in retrospect Sylvester Stallone movie, Demolition Man. In the metrosexual future portrayed, people are immediately fined for using foul language by automated (and everywhere) ticket dispensers. And independent driving, of course, has ceased to exist. Independent everything has ceased to exist.

The people have become cattle. Docile, obedient.

Somewhere or other, the Reichsprotecktor smiles his thin-lipped smile.

. . .

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  1. Herr Heydrich, SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Polizei, had quelled active resistance in the “Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia”, which was the name the Germans gave to the rump state after they assimilated the German-speaking Sudetenland into the Reich in 1938, and, after Hitler bullied Czech President Emil Hacha into allowing the occupation of the remainder of Czechoslovakia on March 15, 1939, and parted off Slovakia as an independent “allied” state of the Reich (both Poland and Hungary jumped into the frenzy and nipped off bits of the moribund state for themselves). As this “protectorate” contained the Skoda factories (of which the Tatra 97 had been copied by Ferdy Porsche in designing the KdF “People’s Car”, aka the VW Beetle), which produced a very good line of tanks without which Germany could not have pulled off the subsequent invasions of Poland, the Low Countries, France, and even the Soviet Union. Not only was Bohemia and Moravia well “pacified”, it was productive. This stuck in the craw of the Czech government-in-exile, and as Germany was on the roll again in mid-1942 in both the Soviet Union and in North Africa, they alone had incentive to knock off Heydich. The “Blond Beast” was slated to be posted to France, both to ready for an anticipated invasion, but also to raise French “volunteers” in the Germans’ “Crusade against Bolshevism”. Heydrich himself, like many Nazis, had his arrogant streak, believing that the Czech people “loved” him, therefore, he ignored common-sense precautions like not having an accompanying guard in an armored car which might have saved him from the subsequent attacks by the Czech commandos which finally mortally wounded him. He even refused to alter his daily route from his sumptuous mansion in Prague to his office! What’s also interesting to note is that Hitler’s personal physician, Dr. Theo Morrell, regarded by many as an eccentric and a “quack”, recommended that the wounded Obergruppenfuhrer be treated with a new sulfa-based drug, which Heyrich’s doctor declined…Heydrich would die of sepsis and shock from his wounds on June 4, 1942.

    The well-documented tragedy of the massacre of the village of Lidice happened a few days later as a warning against further cooperation with “terrorists”. The Czechs would be among the last liberated from the Nazis in May 1945…the Soviets sent down from the Berlin area, after having secured it, Marshall Konev’s First Ukrainian Front, with over a million men and about 3,000 tanks, to take Prague, which was already being fought over between the Waffen-SS and Czech partisans. What’s interesting is that Patton and his Third Army had crossed the German-Czech border on April 30, 1945, and were waiting less than 20 miles from the city limits, with virtually no German forces standing in their way, but were help up under explicit orders from Eisenhower.

    • Excellent summary, Doug!

      Heydrich – as one of my favorite authors, Philip K. Dick observed – was particularly sinister because he was competent. If he had succeeded as Fuhrer, especially if in say the summer of 1941, it is almost certain Moscow would have fallen and the Soviet Union overrun. Heydrich would not have indulged the Hitlerian imbecilities of abusing the Soviet people … at least, not until after the Soviet Union had been defeated.

  2. A few weeks ago, a guy named Chris attended a local Lawrence, Kansas, public city council discussion regarding local bodywork licenses.

    With a prepared speech in hand, some guy stepped up and took a stand for the right for massage therapists to give “genital massages.”

    A true hero if you ask me.

    Guy’s Plea for Legal ‘Genital Massages’ to Lawrence, Kansas City Council

    • Tor??? I thought you were dead! 😀 (Where ya been?!)

      Genital massages….why not?- those councils have been giving us anal massages all along…

      Why is it though, the few times we see peoople making a stand on principles of liberty, it’s never about being able to do what you want on your own property; not having to ask permission; not having to get a permit to have a yard sale; etc.- it’s always about things like genital massages or sodomy?

      I can see why some mainstreamers get turned off the minute they hear anything about Libertarianism…

    • That is just another step toward the New World Order that George HW Bush publicly endorsed. The powers that should not be are actively working at making the U.S., and indeed the civilized world, into a digital prison by rolling out 5 G and ‘the Internet of things.” Max Igan has a Youtube video warning us about those things along with bitcoin in its current digital form: I discovered Max Igan several months ago, and I highly recommend his show. Be advised that you should get to know his other sites because Youtube has been making his channel harder to find. Even though I have been watching several of his shows per week and am subscribed, at my Youtube home page his channel doesn’t even show up. He is Australian and very anti-government. Most shows do not show his face. He likes displaying art and digital effects. I sometimes do other things like cleaning things up while listening to his shows. Here is a related show of his on Vimeo about the smart grid:

  3. Whatever happened to “zoom zoom”?

    I’m the safest driver in the USA and my car insurance rates still go up 15% a year. WTH. Why can’t we just post a $5,000-10,000 bond and then not have to pay for insurance anymore?

  4. Disclaimer: I work for a competitor to Mitsubishi. This is strictly my own observation.

    Mitsubishi makes good, sensible cars, but by the recent admission of its own chief operating officer, Trevor Mann, the company has been underperforming in the US. Lately the local daily newspaper and radio stations have been running lots of ads with screaming deals for new Mitsubishis. The prices are enticing.

    But the company is still recovering from its 0–0–0 offer fiasco some years ago. Remember that one? Zero down, zero interest, zero payments for a year, all geared toward college-aged young adults. When I saw those TV ads years ago when I worked elsewhere, my first thought was that someone at Mitsubishi US had lost his bloody mind. In theory you had to have excellent credit to get the 0–0–0 deal, but most people in their early 20s had effectively no credit—meaning no time for derogatory information to have appeared yet. That isn’t the same as “good” credit.

    Those kids signed the papers, drove off in a new Mitsu, and then after a year said, “What, you expect me to start payments? Duuuude! Here, just take the car!” After repossessing these vehicles, many of which had not been driven gently, maintained, or repaired, Mitsubishi took a half-billion dollar writeoff just in time for the economy to tank 10 years ago. It is only now starting to recover. In the meantime repeated rumors have claimed it was going to abandon the US vehicle market. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened. I don’t want to see Mitsubishi go.

    But it’s in the same situation as Suzuki was in several years ago before it gave up selling cars in the US and Canada in 2012–2013: it has one of the cheapest new car franchises to get, and some of those obtaining these franchises are none-too-reputable used-car dealers. One such person in this state who runs radio ads for new Mitsubishis is the brother of a notoriously shady used-car dealer, and he himself also has a used-car operation. This doesn’t bode well for Mitsu.

    And now this app surfaces. Some people who don’t care or don’t know better will take one of the company’s screaming deals and choose the app to save a few peanuts. In my opinion, they deserve what they get after the monitoring is used against them. In the long term this will not help Mitsubishi or any other automaker that pushes such. And we already have a lot of mandated nannyism being phased into new cars over the next several years; we don’t need snitch apps on top of that. I don’t look forward to any of it.

    • E-kramp, it boggles my mind, how many absurd decisions corporations have been making these days. It’s as if it’s planned destruction from within. From Tesla to, these businesses are all dead before they even open their doors.

      Look at (Pet food and supplies at competitive prices, delivered to your door with free shipping). They sent me a 20%-off coupon, which is what made me try ’em. Their prices are good even without the coupon- same as the cheapest price I can get at any big discount B&M and cheaper than any pet shop- and with free delivery.

      Then there was a 40%-off deal next time I ordered. From now on it’ll be regular price though- which is still good…but…meh…if the store has what I want on the day I go shopping, I can just as easily pick it up there..if not, order from Chewy.

      Their profit margin must be razor thin to sell at those prices, WITH free delivery. They’re eith gonna have to raise their prices, in which case, most customers will walk; and all the money they’ve spent building the name and advertising will be wasted…or they’ll just hemorrhage money. Either way, they’ll go bust.

      So many businesses these days are like that. Some get lucky and find some fool to buy them out before TSHTF….but that’s just adding fuel to the fire. Where are all of these idiots coming from?

      I’m a high-school drop out, and I can see the dysfunction of all of this as clear as day. Why can’t the Harvard and Yale and Princeton MBAs? But then, that’s one of the reasons I dropped out. I wanted a real education- as opposed to thinking I was getting one, while instead being programmed to be a gremlin for the NWO.

      We are truly entering a new dark age.

      I can think of so many examples of ridiculous business plans and practices, just off the top of my head, that I could sit here and write a book right now without moving out of this spot!

  5. Decades of payments, every 6 months. On time, every time. No accidents in that time. No moving violations (at least not in an insured vehicle). Multi-line discount.

    Pamphlet in the renewal notice tells me I can save on my premium with the data logger.

    Hey why not look at my history with your stupid company and see if you can find some loyalty deal? You know, the one that you’d probably give me if I threatened to take my business elsewhere?

    The problem (aside from we need them more than they need us thanks to Uncle’s fatwas) is we all just accept the minimum service level and that’s good enough. Much like everything else in highly regulated environment there’s no incentive for businesses to offer anything more than the minimum standard and only compete on price. Any benefit from going with a premium service will likely be negated by the additional cost being a significant percentage of the baseline. So like flying on a domestic airline, we just put up with the lowest level, because moving into first class is 3X more expensive and pretty much impossible to be worth it, unless offered as a bonus for frequent fliers.

    • Amen, Alex!

      I took my ’76 TA out yesterday, down to the coffee shop where I often go to work. The gawps of bafflement the car gets remind me of the Elio in Time Machine. And then when I tell them the car has no air bags…

        • they have already done the things that really helped,crush zones, safety cage and Shoulder harness , they can shove the rest( I would hate for my Obituary to read” He might have survived the crash if the airbags( face bombs) had not killed Him.

          • Hi Kevin,

            I’ll take it farther. My “safety” – and yours – is none of the government’s (read, other people’s) proper business; not in a free country. In a free country, a free man owns himself and therefore has every right to risk himself as he deems fit. Whether other people are appalled by this is irrelevant for the same reason that whether other people like what I eat is irrelevant – though they are dying to regulate and control that, too.

            It slays me that people will talk about the “land of the free” while being controlled at every turn.

            Americans are as free as free range cows – and well on their way their way to being feed lot cows.

  6. Even if the app is generous in how it interprets what a full stop is – all it would take is an update (because quarterly profits are threatened) for that interpretation to be significantly tightened. And who reads the changelog of their app updates? They usually show up at 2am when your phone is charging.

    • I have automatic updates turned off.
      Oh hell yes I tire of reading descriptions of such but I persevere as the old Indian in Josey Wales says.

      My old phone hadn’t been updated in years so Google stuck a shitty reminder over my home page that was there to the time of its untimely death.

      My new phone is fully updated so every call I make is preceeded by a voice reading the phones location.

      I got a call yesterday after a new load of updates had been installed. Now there is a “Camera” and One way Camera installed” when you are involved in a call.

      Probably I’m not the only one who thinks that feature can be turned on without it showing on the phone.

      Even though Location is turned off their reading of it shows they record as closely as possible your location by triangulation.

      When on trips of a non commercial nature I have the answer for that, the battery is in my shave kit. FEFEFH

      • “iOS 11.4.1 also includes USB Restricted Mode, which was first introduced in the iOS 12 beta. USB Restricted Mode is designed to make your iPhone and iPad immune to certain hacking techniques used by law enforcement or other potentially malicious entities to gain access to an iOS device.”

        I’m sure Apple is only a little bit less creepy than Google, but at least they pay lip service to not selling out your data. And gay men probably have a lot of secrets they’d better keep if they want to keep their CEO job.

        App developers on the other hand…

  7. Eric, You titled this post “Carrot & Stick.” I see what the carrot is…the incentive to receive free oil changes and cups of coffee. That’s a pathetically small incentive, but at least you list it.Then, you describe all the sinister motives for Mitsu to do this.

    But you don’t list any disincentive for not loading this app. There is no “stick,” at least that you mention. Not much like like “mandatory insurance,” is it?

    Without more convincing motivation on one end or the other, this little ploy is going to be too weak to even snare very many of the sheep.

    • I suspect that owners will be considered uncooperative by their insurers and soon feel the stick in the form of increased premiums. I know that I would not meet all the “guidelines” that State Farm has programmed into their similar carrot. And I am almost certain that I will eventually “get the stick” for not “volunteering” to plug one in and “save” on my premiums.

      I can see a point in the not-to-distant future when I will opt to give up the independence that owning two vehicles provides and become an Uberer. I am sure it will be less expensive. And I am less likely to “Go Postal”.

    • Oh they’ll participate for participation’s sake. Look at every other app out there. Look at facebook. They don’t need a reason other than to feel included in whatever bs trend is happening at the moment. They’ll accept this for the free coffee and forget they even installed it after a month.

  8. And if not enough of us sign up for tracking, it won’t be “voluntary” anymore. It will quickly become a requirement for even being insured. And since insurance is already not voluntary………

  9. The SCARIEST thing, is that they can “offer” this crap with absolutely no fear of alienating their potential customers. No one gives such things a second thought anymore, because they are all so used to being tracked via their dumbphones, computers, supermarket reward cards, EZ-passes, etc. etc.

    A few generations ago, such would have outraged the majority of car buyers. Today? “Meh…”. “Don’t you want to be safe?” “Are you trying to hide something?” “FREE coffee…YEAH!! GOOoooo sports team!!!”

    They know they can not only get away with pushing this garbage, but that this is actually what people WANT. Most people today see things like “On-Star” and such as benefits to be coveted, and actively request them.

    Another reason why we need to “git” while the getting is good- because as you can see, the net is tightening from every side- It’s all coming together- the Brave New World- and before long, those of us who are opted out, will have to opt-in just to be able to escape…and then they will hit us with a ton of bricks of “non-compliance” for having opted out all of these years.

    “No Obammycare? No crossing the border for you, comrade!”, and so forth.

    We’re just about there.

  10. Insurance companies started this crap in 1996, just as soon as they found out the “new” OBDII port would allow car data to be transmitted via a plug-in-port device. Thousands of mindless sheeple signed on for their “discount” rate, installing these transmitters to “save money”. It was, is, and always will be a con, and a violation of your right to privacy. Offer most any sheeple a “discount” and watch them line up for the shearing and the slaughter that follows! 70 years after the Nazis overran Europe, most people anywhere are just as stupid and gullible as they ever were.

    • Can you say “Snapshot”? That crap the not so funny ‘Flo” pushes for progressive. I am told if you crash in a newer car they can tell if you had your seatbelt fastened or not and act accordingly .
      There is ” A bridge to far”. ( alas there are no Fives to blast Parliment)

      • Ever since On Board Diagnostics (OBD) have been in vehicles they can download the last 15 seconds or so of data that was locked into the “Black Box” when the airbags deployed. Things like throttle position, brakes, speed, seat belts etc.

  11. This is just the beginning.
    Within 5 years they will “offer” us Breathalyzer attachment for our sail fawns.
    If the sheep voluntarily blows into his phone before turning the key, and does this “successfully” for a year in a row, then the benevolent overlords will give out a sticker or a cup of tea or a $1.99 reduction off his insurance premium.
    Sign me up!

    • Kevin, I’ve been waiting for the new Fatwa for all new vehicles to have breathalyzers installed and tied to the ignition just like the add on jobs but not requiring the driver to blow.

      A friend got one via court order because a DPS occifer commonly drove by his house and knew his semi unique vehicle. Once he’d been nabbed, he was a great target as afterwards.

      He had to quit using mouth wash in the morning. If he forgot to not use it, he’d get his 7 year old son to blow so they could go. Of course he was sometimes stuck and had to wait for repair when it malfunctioned.

      • Man that shit’s ridiculous, what a nuisance. There’s a big difference between the people who get nabbed once (and probably well below the limit), and the repeat offender jackasses who can’t seem to drive home without running people over (and fleeing). The former doesn’t call for an ignition interlock. Either way the technology’s obviously severely flawed if it can’t distinguish a rinse of mouthwash from a 40oz..

        • Hi Moose,

          The fixation with alcohol – rather than impairment – and according to a one-size-fits-all, arbitrary standard that doesn’t take any account of a given person’s being in control of their car (or not) is what bugs the hell out of me.

          An old coot with glaucoma who hesitantly drives 15 MPH below the speed limit, hunched over the steering wheel, wandering across the double yellow – and so on – is treated kindly by the system and we are told to be understanding and tolerant. Yet she is as or more likely to kill someone than a “dangerous drunk,” especially when that “dangerous drunk” isn’t either thing but merely has an illegal BAC level or an open container in the vehicle.

          • Actually, I’ve told people “if you want to murder someone, get drunk and use your vehicle.”

            Local TV ‘personality’ here locally was so blind drunk after a night of bar hopping he managed to crash through barriers blocking off a closed street & trapped some poor slob coming home in the wee hours underneath the car, crushing them to death.

            IIRC the driver didn’t serve more than a couple of years…

            • The way to murder a person is to get them on a bicycle (or maybe a motorcycle) and then kill them with your motor vehicle. Be sober, stay at the scene, and say the magic words. “he came out of nowhere, I didn’t see him”, “he swerved right in front of me” or variants there of. The very worst will be a low level traffic ticket.

        • Moose, I got into a big shitty taking a DOT breathalyzer. I had an appointment for it but was suffering a sore throat so without thinking I popped a Hall’s mentholyptus lozenge and didn’t realize what I had done till face to face with two women manning haha the place.

          I spit it out and said I should have stopped and got something to eat or drink just making conversation. I said I was aware that the offending lozenge would show me drunk.

          This younger of the two goes into a rant about how I can have nothing to eat or drink, essentially saying what I had said and knew. It wasn’t my first rodeo by a long shot.

          So ranter says I can have a 10 minute stay of execution which was wrong since the DOT says 15.

          We go to the back room and I’m simply trying to tell her about such as that lozenge on breathalyzers.

          She proceeds to go into another rant at which the older woman calls her name and says “Don’t you remember it was Hall’s mentholyptus I failed with?

          Wrong thing to say agreeing with me so younger one gets more nasty going. I passed with a 0.00 so younger bitch writes some bullshit on a paper that accompanies the test papers. .Turns out if any comments are made the results are as automatically thrown out. The next week I go to different testors and of course with no lozenge I went in and joked with the women who did the company DOT stuff for us and there was no issue. I gave them my latest log books and told they were going to get to read some fine fiction. They laughed and one said “We call these Liars Books “. Then it was my turn to laugh. Amazing how one person with just the slightest amount of power can cost a couple of people money and loss of revenue….more money, and that is govts raisin dee tree.

          • And they wonder why there’s a shortage of drivers, and why the only new ones they can get are Mexicans…. I doubt even Soviet Russia was ever as bad as those DOT Nazis (and all of our other Nazis).

            ‘Least in Soviet Russia, you could bribe ’em with a few cigarettes. Try that here, and they’d accuse you of terrorism and a hate crime for wanting to inflict health maladies and death on ’em!

            The few instances I have to deal with those types, I don’t play nice. I don’t smile or joke with them, or act as though I’m grateful if they just somehow allow me to do what I’m supposed to be able to do.

            I give them a hard time; I quote their own rules at them; I bust their balls. Believe it or not, you actually get better treatment when you do that. If they think you know what you’re doing/what you’re talking about, and that you are not willing to be a pussy just to get their approval- but that you may well prove to be a thorn in their side, and at the very least cause a lot scrutiny to be thrown their way, they [i.e. government leeches of all varieties] tend to save their sadism for easier targets, and just stick to perfunctory bidness.

            I’ve been doing this since the mid 90’s- never had a problem (Although it isn’t often I deal with any government stooges). Knew a guy back in NY who was a REAL wise-ass….it was amazing what he used to do. He’d treat ’em like the dirt that they are.

            Seems that these low-level Napoleons, be they male, female or ‘other’, are all like women. The worse you treat ’em, the better it works out. (I’ve actually had to tone it down since moving to the sticks, where offices are staffed with locals who tend to be more decent. I came in like al ion, and made an ass of myself. But just lately, I’m starting to see the change, as the iolder generation are being replaced by the younger and/or people who “aren’t from here”. It’s starting. Heck, ran to the small town near here on Tuesday, where one would almost never pass a pig…and passed THREE of ’em in the few minutes i was there. The noose keeps tightening…)


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