Armed Government Irony

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Here’s video of an armed government worker lecturing – and threatening – a woman whose child was apparently not quite correctly “buckled up for saaaaaaaaaaafety” in its government-mandated saaaaaaaaaaaafety seat.

After issuing the woman a threat notice – what they call a “citation” or “ticket” – demanding she pay money she probably hasn’t got and almost certainly can’t afford to have taken from her by force by some geek in a costume as punishment for  an “offense” involving no harm done to anyone – she is understandably upset.

The armed government worker then assumes armed schoolmarm mode and commences the lecture – and the threats – over her kid not being “secured” as demanded by the government. She attempts to comply with his effrontery, his obnoxious and tyrannical assertion of Authority over both herself and her child – but the kid is apparently not liking being manacled in its seat and makes a fuss. So she slaps the kid’s wrist to get him/her to sit still so she can hog-tie the kid to make the armed government worker happy.

At this point, the armed government worker threatens to take the kid away and into custody – and to arrest the woman.

Hut! Hut! Hut!

Note that none of this would have happened if the original manufactured pretext for the stop did not exist. If we lived in a free country, in which armed government workers had no power to hold people at gunpoint or even hold them up at all, absent some crime having been committed.

That is, absent harm done to someone’s person or property.

Instead, we are in the opposite position: Harm is done to us by armed government workers, who perform criminal acts made “legal” because they perform them.

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  1. Not everyone knows the horror that children face when taken into government custody. There are foster sex abuse rings. Some cops, social workers,cps, and judges are in on it. Not saying all. I know a lot of friends who fostered and adopted kids that were good families and it took a few years just to be able to adopt. But the facts are out there. There are child pedo rings in that system and they have a lot of connections. Then when the kid goes missing they just say well they ran away. This pork must be a part of the ring.


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