With a Clothespin Affixed to My Nose…

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I just voted – not for anything, but against everything the political Left is determined to impose on everyone. From forcing everyone to tithe to the insurance mafia (or the government, it makes no difference to the person being mulcted) to the intellectual AIDS of elevating certain infantile, disturbed and dangerous people’s feelings to the same stature as facts.

Genug, already.

It is enough.

Where to start?

Like a lot of white guys, I like women – all kinds. And I have no issue with guys (all kinds) who like other guys. Or women who like other women. Or both. Whatever you’re into is cool with me – and I think also with most white guys – provided you leave us (and our wallets) out of it. That you don’t insist we avow to you that it’s all just fabulous and you don’t point guns at us and expect us to pay for your aberrations.

I certainly don’t expect anyone else to pay for mine.

Genug already with all the “racist” shaming over disagreeing with you, too.

Most white guys do not wear white robes – nor do they want to, either. They have no secret desire to keep anyone down. They just object to having their pockets emptied, their motives maligned –  and their freedom to be left the hell alone assaulted.

This includes being free to not associate – for whatever reason; it’s really no one else’s business unless you take the position that you have the right to force other people to deal with you when they’d rather not – which is a very odd concept, especially for Leftists to espouse given that they insist straight white men must only deal with women at their pleasure, on their terms and only when they have explicit (written, even) permission.

Otherwise, they are – says the Leftie – to bugger off.

White heterosexual men men are portrayed as villains for things they’ve never done, by people determined to do lots of villainous things to them.

Genug with this noxious, hypocritical cognitive dissonance.

The Left doesn’t like walls – or guns – except when the walls and guns are protecting them. There is a wall of guns around every Leftward politician, so clearly it is neither thing the Left actually objects to; rather, their objection is to people other than those on the Left (the leadership of the Left) having or using such things.

Genug, again.

I have no issue with immigration. As a Libertarian, I accept – and endorse, liberty of movement. But it is not liberty of movement which the Left is literally screaming about.

Rather, it is the expansion of their client base.

As Monty used to say, let’s make a deal. Would the Left agree to a policy that opened the borders but closed the spigot? Zero tax increases to fund any further expansion of the entitlements now richly available to all who apply, immigrants included? Would the Left – all of them – agree that any needs which arise – for example, multi-lingual teachers or just more teachers at government schools – will be met entirely by themselves, since they want the border opened? And claim there will no effect on the taxpayer’s pocket?

This would not be technically difficult. A plebiscite could be held. Those who vote yes would have their names appended to a special tax registry – to be called upon in the event a need arises.

No me gusta?

Interesting . . .

There is also this noxious business of the electric car – being literally crammed down our gullets when there is no need, because there is no market. The Left may just be dull enough to accept at face value the various idiocies about how EVs will save the planet but others not as dull have come to realize it is a shibboleth and the real agenda is to restrict and control mobility.

Ours, that is.

The various Left office-seekers will not be riding in armored electric Teslas.

Besides which, I have come to a somewhat initially begrudged but now open affection for The Orange One, who has done more to drive the Left to carpet-chewing hysteria than a six-pack of Richard Nixons. The show alone is worth it and I’d like for it to go on for as long as possible.

Which is why I roused myself to vote.

I hope it counts.

. . .

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  1. Next vote?trump,and vote out the local piggies.The rest,bite me! 4 years of gridlock beats 4 years socialism and nanny state.Wont even be a part of the rest of it.beyond that?2 choices of elites,wont vote for any of em.They have no legitimacy.

  2. Deep state steals election.In YOUR FACE! I knew this election was one of most important we would ever see.Its because as it turns out it was the last pretense of an election.Votes dont matter,only who counts them.Weve gone commie vrs banana republic.Very sad.America is no more.
    Not even pretend we can vote.This is very very bad!

  3. I live in Minnesota which is the Massachusetts of the midwest. Surprisingly thought other parties get on ballet and i usually vote for the liberterian party or the constitution party or write myself in. I did vote republican for governor and senate and house and AG. I was shocked when 77% of my city’s population voted in favor of property tax increase. I also was not surprised that the dems basically own this state. This is the state of handouts and pc culture.

    • What state isn’t going that way these days, Moo?

      Got government schools? Hollywood(Zionist) media? It’s just a matter of time….the same message is being disseminated to all the rats….

    • by some miracle minnesota voted independent thinker Jesse Ventura in a while back. Didn’t last of course. The state is hard core communist and with their tax rates and the polar weather I can’t imagine how anyone with a brain would move there.

  4. Well, I’m ashamed for Montana for re-electing Whats-His-Name to the Senate. I’m about ready to move to Wyoming.

    Except, our little county voted 75-25 for Rosendale.

  5. I couldn’t stand the stench this year. MN voted a straight communist ticket for the statewide offices, and the other side wasn’t much better. Might have to move. I like the area, but the politics are killing me.

    • Hi Lonewolf,

      It is getting bad here in SW Virginia, too. I’m not sure where I could move, in the event it becomes necessary. The whole country seems to be embracing the tar baby of socialism. Maybe the Orange One will have the balls to actually say – openly – that, no, health care is not a “right. Because to say so means you claim the right to do violence to others, to compel them to provide it – and to characterize thievery as a “right” is outrageous.

      Helping people in need – freely, because one wants to help and because one is able to help – is a marvelous human instinct. But no one else’s need gives them the moral right to take from others, unless they were harmed by them.

      It’s a moral lesson Americans in general have forgotten.

      • I know what you mean. Every state seems to have plenty of bad in it. I just get very frustrated part of the time.

        The way I see it people only have one right. The right to be left alone to do as we please, as long as it harms no one else. All others stem from this principle.

        Charity, freely given, is a good thing. If it is forced it is one of the most tyrannical things that exist. The only way to force charity is through theft, and then it is no longer charity. People in general are lazy. This is actually a good thing. It is biologically built into all creatures to be lazy. You don’t work harder than necessary to obtain the resources you need to survive. Unfortunately, the rise of welfare has created, or encouraged, the rise of a class of people who will not obtain that which is needed, but expect you to obtain it for them. I raise a big garden every year. Give quite a bit away. Old folks, or those unable to physically do so, I will happily pick and deliver produce to. There has been other who say “I’d like some of that.” Able bodied folks who don’t work. Those I invite over to pick what they want when I have what I need. It follows the Biblical principle of not reaping to the corners of the field, but leaving it for the poor to glean. In twenty years I have had TWO people show up to pick their own. The rest all expect it to be delivered to them. Bunch of lazy bastards.

        I heard a story a number of years ago about a lady, I want to say from Oklahoma. She was flat broke, with just a part-time job. Went down to the local welfare office and signed up for food stamps. Every year she used some of that money to plant a garden, fruit tress, berry bushes, etc. Within a few years she stooped collecting food stamps. Didn’t need them anymore. She didn’t make any more money than before, either. If everyone used them this way I would be more than willing to donate to the program.

        Americans in general would no longer recognize a moral if it bit them in the ass.

      • Eric how is saying that Health Care is a right any different than the right to bear arms? That right doesn’t mean the gov’t gives you a gun.

        You do have the right to healthcare. Meaning that if you can pay for it that it should not be denied to you. Just like all your other rights. They don’t compel anything.

        • “You do have the right to healthcare. Meaning that if you can pay for it that it should not be denied to you.”

          Ever notice that the same people who say everyone should have a right to medical care even if they can’t pay for it will openly use the government to control what medical care everyone, including those who can pay, have access to? The same people who moan about how the poor cannot afford care will pass regulations that drive up the cost of care and use the government to keep cheap alternatives and prevention from the very same people they claim to champion?

          • Oh yeah, the system is a mess. The point I was trying to make is that a doctor should be able to say I won’t treat you because you are black, or blonde, or irish, or whatever. If you can pay for treatment then they should treat you.

            Welfare is the only “right” you have that they force on you. They don’t give everyone a gun, They don’t give everyone a blog and a video camera for their 1st amendment.

            • The right to choose association of businesses was taken away because with government licensing some people could not find services at any price. The licensed people could all say ‘no’ or the government could even pass laws to require them to say ‘no’. If they didn’t say no they would lose their license. So as a patch businesses are now required to serve all (of protected groups). The real solution is to get rid of government licensing such that everyone is served in a free market.

      • Medical services and goods are made into a right (to have at the expense of others) because it profits those who provide medical goods and services. That’s the whole purpose of government getting involved in it.

        Has medical care been left on the course it was on in 1910 prior to the meddling it would be very cheap today. Look at all the advancements that should be reducing costs but don’t because people have the perception they should be expensive. There’s no real reason for high prices today. It’s all made so by contrivance.

    • The whole country will be California soon. No surprise- even if voting mattered, the people who vote are the products of government schools and the nedia, and you KNOW the ideas and agendas they push.

      The kight of liberty in the minds and hearts of the people, and the morality, culture and values from which it springs, have been thoroughly extinguished; as a result, there is no other possibility of any other course being pursued.

      Eric, the only thing the Orange One might say, is that he has a different or “better” socialist healthcare scheme.

      This country has become rather unique, in that not only is it a dictatorial micro-management high-tech police state; and not only does it have the consent of the vast majority of it’s slaves; but it’s power proceeds from the bottom up- from the people- rather than merely being a regime which imposes it’s whims on a people who view it as an enemy. And THAT is what makes it so insidious and far-reaching, powerful, and long-lived.

      Whether such was the planned goal of some long-pursued conspiracy, or whether it just worked out that way, we may never know- but the end result is the same.

    • MN native here as well. It’s crazy how this state is so democrat especially when the lutheran and catholic church have such a strong presence here. I guess its the most virtuous thing to do is to vote democrat now because here in MN the Dems give the most hand outs. I was shocked that in Minneapolis 77% voted yes to raise property taxes. People are running from Illinois because of 5% property taxes. Another shock the attorney general who is physically abusive in 2 relationships.

      • Moo, what’s surprising about the leftyism with Calf-licks?

        The Catholics have been the primary force used over the last half century to turn South America and most of the rest of the “developing world” socialist. No surprise there. The Cat-holic church is the very embodiment of authoritarian collectivism. Remember their deals with Mussolini and Hitler? And just look at the current Marxist snowflake globalist asshole pope….

  6. Some Americans may have thought that tyranny would never come to the US because the rich, celebrities, media, politicians, and American people would resist.

    Who would have thought that the rich would loot the country by getting bailouts and subsidies while being the ones conspiring and building the police state by paying actors, singers, and atheletes to distract Americans with bread and circuses, using reporters to push propaganda, real crises, and false flags, and buying off and corrupting politicians with campaign donations and cushy job promises to start wars, import refugees that weaken and divide the US, drive up the debt, make laws that enslave Americans, and throw crumbs to pacify the 99% in the form of food stamps, Obamacare, Obamaphones, and public housing?

    The destruction of the USA is nearly complete.

  7. Some good news here: the Marijuana legalization initiative in Michigan passed by 55%-45%.
    It’s the end of the world as we know it! LOL

    • I’ll bet ya that the bureaucraps who had opposed the pot for so long, will have qualms about being enriched by the extra revenue it generates from being absurdly taxed, nor will they have any qualms about extending the tentacles of control over more people’s lives; nor with expanding “law enforcement” to enforce such…..

      In America…even when ya think liberty wins one…it really loses.

  8. Well said eric…. well said…. All the things you mention, trust me – impact brown guys who want to be left alone to try to do the right thing as well….. and will get worse as time goes on…

  9. The only thing worth getting out to vote for was no on the $55 million school bond, but it passed as the school district told people it wouldn’t raise taxes (a lie). Part of that money will be used to further institutionalize school campuses for saaaaaaaaaftey.

    • Hi Handler,

      And now Pelosi is baaaaaaaack. This country is staggering on the edge of a precipice. It is almost fully, openly a socialist enterprise now.

      • And if there is a God ( which I doubt) please do not let her attain the Speaker’s chair. Strike her down with a bolt of lightning or a plague of locusts but DO SOMETHING!

      • Sessions is OUT! The midterm is done,the orange one OWNS the Senate,and now,for the first time,he can get his appointees in.Which he was unable to do when he fought not only the dems but the never trumpers too.
        The swamp is draining yet more,pompeo is next in line.As was Nikki Haley dumping her.Those running their own policies against the orange man are finished.
        As for the press conference,well past time he put an end to their thinking its a dem anti administration hate fest.Cant find anything uglier than acosta.
        Yup,its only getting started.Well done orange man.

        • Hi Fred,

          I saw that press conference, too. It was boffo! As a journalist and ex-DC rat myself, I loathe the establishment press. Their unctuous hypocrisy, among other things, is insufferable.

          They are what I would be if you guys discovered I had a Tesla S in my garage!

    • Same here. Our bond passed 3/1 and has saaaaaaafety measures as well. Every school district is foaming at the mouth to show worried clover parents how saaaaaafe their juvenile penitentiary is.

        • Morning, Handler!

          That was not the way to start my day… he looks like he really likes kids, if you get my drift. Also, have you noticed these schools look like the HQs of Fortune 500 companies, almost? Huge glass walls, impressive atriums, lots of architectural detail because hey – cost is no object when you’re spending other people’s money. Locally, the Middle School has a huge garish electronic billboard in front that urges people driving by to “check them out on Facebook.”

          Of course.

          • The whole group of em look sketchy.I vote out every incumbent in local gov most every time.The swamp starts stinking on the local level IMO.

          • He’s definitely into young boys. There is/was a local pedophile ring that included a member of the school board.

            I don’t have even kids, and I’m footing the bill for all of this crap. They even offer a goddamn summer feeding program! If you can’t afford kids, don’t have them! It’s that simple! We wouldn’t need eugenics if government would quit subsidizing bad breeding. That’s what I told the creeper when he begged for my vote. Of course, he could not refute any of it.

            • Morning Handler,

              Yup. Same here. I haven’t got kids and yet am mulcted to pay for the “education” of other people’s kids. I am accused of being mean – of not caring about “the children.” Actually, I like kids. Love my niece. I help a couple of my buddy’s teenage sons with cars and am happy to do it.

              But I do not understand how other people’s decision (taken by them, with no input from me) to have sex and produce children imposes an obligation upon me to provide money to offset the cost of raising them.

              It’s really quite something when you roll it around little. And then think of the casual effrontery of people who demand your money at county meetings and such.

              I saw a bumper sticker once: If you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em!

              Or house/educate them.

              I take care of my cats. I don’t expect others to “help” at the point of a gun. And yet, they expect me to “help” them – always at the point of a gun.

              • Another thing that always baffled me is the special “education” program. Those with severe intellectual disabilities will never live normal lives, so why bother “educating” them? It’s so ridiculous.

                The county also operates a massive fleet of short buses with A/C and wheelchair lifts. Think about what it costs to fuel and maintain 300 air-conditioned school buses!

                The parasitical public “education” system must be abolished if we want to see the end of Cloverism. Unfortunately, I don’t see any signs of that happening. It was so depressing to see that many people vote in favor of the school bond. And I live in a very red state.

                • Handler,

                  I had a neighbor once who had a relative who became very ill and severely disabled, and who was given six months to a year to live.

                  Among the various freebies the state of NY was giving to/pushing onto this person…..[wait for it]….was VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION!!!!!!!

                  ….for a person who was too sick to walk on their own, much less work- and who had max a year to live!!!!

                  It’s all about spending our money, so they can increase their budgets and take more of our money next year and say that they ‘helped’ x-number of people.

                  My neighbor was livid when he heard that they were trying to push Vocational rehab on the guy….he went down and screamed at government employees. If this had been today, he would have perished before his sick relative at the hand of an AGW.

                  My idiot nephew used to hang around with some near-‘tards who had been in all kinds of special ed classes in school, and all kinds of tax-funded programs. (The only way he could have friend among whom he could be the superior)- For all the money spend on them, they all amounted to nothing more minimum-wage earners and welfare-drawers to this day- which any one of them could have been had they quit school in the fourth grade and just gone to work. The special ed and other programs achieved exactly SQUAT, except the spending of money.

                  In fact, those kids would’ve been better off had they quit in the 4th grade, because then they might’ve been self-reliant; but the years spent in all of those programs taught them how to work the system, and to be dependent upon various gov’t programs their whole life.

                  Contrast that with Bob.

                  Bob was a guy who our landlord would hire to do lawn mowing and other light maintenance jobs when I was a kid.

                  Bon wasn’t quite right. He was ‘slow’. He didn’t drive. He’d push his lawn mower all over town and walk where ever he needed to go. Nice guy; kept to himself; never got in trouble. He earned his own way- and in his day, they didn’t have special ed, or “programs” for his type. He just made his own way, and didn’t have to rely on others or any government programs and caseworkers, etc. And didn’t acquire the entitlement attitude that virtually all of the retards today have.

                  You don’t see any Bobs today. I wish we did. I liked Bob. I respected him. I can’t say that about any of the ‘tards I’ve come across in the last 25 years.

                  No one had to force you to be nice to Bob, or to like him, or to give him false respect and use only certain terms when talking about him. You did those things automatically because Bob was a man. These state-coddled ones today are perpetual kids, even if they’re smarter than Bob (some of ’em can drive!) because that’s what the state has taught them to be. I’ve never seen one mowing a lawn.

                • Most people who are labeled disabled today aren’t.

                  The pile of money for all these government jobs, contracts, department budgets and more means continually creating more people that need “help”.

                  If I was born 20 years later than I was I would have been labeled and turned into some sort of disabled dependent. I’m not normal. My perceptions are different. I didn’t get properly conditioned, merely ended up damaged. There’s more but the system would, if I were child today, would outright destroy me mentally and physically so some government employee could keep a job and a pharmaceutical company get more profits and who knows what else.

                  It would also prevent another small nagging voice against the management of society.

                  Idiots are created for a purpose. Also how will people accept management of society if they couldn’t look around at all the people that need managing?

                  Not one dollar of those efforts is “wasted”. The purpose simply isn’t what we are told it is. It’s something else.

                • Morning, Handler –

                  I also live in a very Red area… but dare object to being taxed for “the schools” and see what happens. I did. And saw. A few years ago, when the Tea Party thing was a going concern, I involved myself. When I suggested that property taxes are an affront to liberty and that people ought to be responsible for the kids they make and that other people who didn’t make them shouldn’t be forced to be responsible for other people’s kids… well, you’d have thunk I French-kissed Bill Clinton.

            • In the modern world irresponsible and/or risk taking people are just hapless and not the cause of their own problems and the responsible and prudent are “lucky”. This justifies the theft from the later and delivery to the former with a wide variety of middle men profiting on the transfer.

  10. Voted today to say no to a bond issue for the park district rec center (another after only 8 years) expansion. It’s sounding the NO votes have won at almost 3-1. Nice to see it stopped in its tracks for now.

  11. I had to go vote no on some 250 million or so dollars of bond issues. I voted for random LP people and such. Not much else to do. All of it likely entirely pointless.

    The reason that ordinary white men can’t be left alone because that’s where the productivity is. The so-called elite and everyone else want it for themselves and letting ordinary men keep it means the whole system falls apart.

  12. Not much to vote for here in Texas – just clicked the “Libertarian” party vote; I figure it’s a gateway to anarchy. On my way home from work anyway, and only one other person voting with about eight machines present.

    At least there was no bond or such on there – Texans just LOVE taking my money for their idiotic pet projects. I’ve yet to see a bond fail.

    • Katy ISD two years ago blocked theirs because it had a $90 million stadium being built. The kind school board reduced it to $75 million and it passed next time around. At the state level the tards in Ausitn make too many concessions to the insurance industry that make us on par with California in my opinion. Bureaucracy rolls on.

      • No property taxes? If only! I’d move there.

        The TX of today (At least the cities and the burbs, which now make up most of it’s population) are full of exNYers and CAers and all kinds of libtards in general. Austin has one of the biggest No-shame [faggot] parades in the world….

        Texas has essentially fallen to communism. There’s virtually nothing left of the old America…anywhere.

  13. It was either Mark Twain or H.L. Mencken who said “if voting made a difference they wouldn’t allow it”. Sadly that seems to be true; I voted for the Trumpster based on his (supposed) desire to get out of NATO and the forever wars. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • Accredited to Mark Twain.
      “Sooner or later the people will elect a moron.” H.L. Mencken.

      “Maybe something else around here sucks…..like the public, yeah, there’s a good slogan , the public sucks, f*** hope, f***hope,” George Carlin.

    • It’s accredited to Mark Twain.
      “Sooner or later the people will elect a moron.” H.L. Mencken.
      ……So where are all the bright people who can step in and save the day……..we don’t have people like that in this country. They’re all at the mall, scratchin’ his azz, picking his nose and reaching into his fanny pack for his credit card to buy a pair of sneakers with lights in them.” George Carlin.

    • I was almost tempted for a brief time to go and vote for The Donald myself. But I did figure it was likely that he was just saying the things he was saying to appeal to the people he knew he had to get in order to win… (“Lock her up”, Get out of NATO; Stop the foreign wars; Find out what REALLY happened on 9-11; Vaccine truth; Any state’s concealed carry permit good in all the rest, etc. etc.)

      I could only imagine how red my face would be had I actually voted. I feel pretty stupid just having expressed some support for him….especially after appointing Kavanaugh to Deep=state Swamp creature; and telling the pigs to not always be “so nice” (!!!!).

      All politicians play us like a flute, if we’re stupid enough to participate. Nothing EVER changes for the better due to an election; and there is NOTHING holding a one of them to their promises, as every one of them incessantly reminds us the minute they get into office.

      • There were still things to vote on here in northern CA, even though the big stuff, like Governor and Senator are fairly much a foregone conclusion, thanks to the once-Golden State being in thrall to the Dummycrats. At least in my congressional district (CA-7th), the race is competitive, though I’d be shocked if the incumbent is thrown out. What we do have that’s worth while is Proposition 6, a measure to REPEAL a “temporary” gas and registration fee tax imposed by Gov. Moonbeam last year. You should hear all the caterwauling about how CA will go to shit if Prop 6 passes. I will bet that even IF it does, it will be challenged in the courts anyway, which seems to be the Dummycrat response every time they don’t win at the polls.

  14. At the poll guy in front of me asks..”If I leave one blank,will it mess up my ballot?” gal just smiles and says no.We all knew what he meant too.For Senator it was Fienstien or another from her party.Wife and i left that one blank too! 🙂
    I thought of you Nunzio as I left lots of blanks,and voted NO on all the judges.

    And that if you dont vote,you cant complain is hogwsh IMO.If you find voting any of them repugnant thats valid in my book.

    • I don’t know which is scarier, Fred. The fact that voting doesn’t work…or that it does! I mean, considering the character of most Americans these days, and just who or what is running for office…

      I got yous all beat! I accomplished something today; I installed a new battery cable on my tractor! So there!

  15. I wouldn’t waste my time. Both sides are equally leftist. The overtly left just proclaims it unabashedly. The other side makes a pretense of offering an alternative, but ends up doing the exact same thing.

    Hilary would’ve invaded Syria.
    Trump bombed Syria.

    The left is for more immigration.
    Trumps is letting in more immigrants- legal and illegal, than Obozo- while giving lip-service to stopping it.

    So we may be a hair more comfortable when the non-overtly leftists are in because they say the words we want to hear and pretend to fight leftism. Maybe we shouldn’t be so comfortable just because Hitler seems a little less evil than Stalin…..

    Maybe it would be better if the overtly leftist won….because then maybe the conservatives who have been slowly dragged to the left would start waking up and stop accepting pseudo-conservatism/neoconservatism, and be forced to confront issues which may make them more Libertarian, rather than their just perpetuating the status-quo which has turned the Republican party from the small-government fight-socialism party, into the light version of the Democratic party…..

    Where are those who voted for Trump because he was supposed to be the peace-with-Russia no new wars candidate? Hpw’d that work out? Now we are just as much on the precipice of WW3 as we would have been had The Bitch won. Only now, more will be willing to fight..since “their guy” is in.

    There is no difference. All things continue to deteriorate (except for tyranny, or course) no matter who is in.

    Nixon implemented wage and price controls…the central tenet of Marxism…..

    • trump has done a lot of swamp draining actually,against a truly deeply entrenched enemy against him.We only get the failures jammed down our throats,not the victories. Its just in its infancy,get a 2020 win and things will continue to change.It WAS a very big deal when Graham quizzed Kavanaugh extensively on the legality of military tribunals.Thats big,really big.The Podestas/pizza crews,Lolitas etc are squirming on that!!Maybe the pedophiles,satanists et all can be brought down?Doubt it,but hoping.
      Grab the popcorn,the show has only just started.trump may go down in history as one of the more influential presidents ever.Dont bet against it.
      Off to vote,I want the orange freak to win,he’s the best hope weve had since Ron Paul.

      • Kavanaugh IS the Swamp…..

        He authored part of the so-called Patriot Act.
        Helped to get Obozocare passed.
        Is in favor of and even promoted gov’t spying on all citizens.
        Has no reagrd for the Bill Of Rights…
        Let the Clintons get away with the Vince Foster murder…

        I’m sorry, but any seeming differences between the two parties are in word only; and to whom they try and appeal- to give the illusion that there is a choice, and to keep the average plebe participating in the sham, rather than rock the cradle.

        Yeah, it’s easier to tolerate the rhetoric when a Repugnantcan is in and it may make us feel slightly better….but that’s part of the problem: We go along because we see them as “fighting the other side”, when in fact, both sides accomplish the very same objectives.

        In fact, now that the Dems are going so radically leftist, the Repugs are shifting further to the left to appeal to the Dems who are leaving that party…

        I hate to repeat- but it all comes down to Hitler vs. Stalin. Nothing more.

        • Indeed.
          The SCOTUS though has way too much power to begin with. This was even feared by Jefferson.
          When the SCOTUS can rule on such things as Citizens United and give the nation away to corporations and other uber wealthy people like George Soros or Sheldon Adelson, they effectively committed treason.
          Courts are not to be trusted.

        • Nunz, Brett’s work with ol Ken Starr-Chamber’s law firm that handled the Clinton stuff is the true meat and potatoes. He didn’t ‘let them get away’, he ran interference SO they could get away. He was owed a favor for being the clean up guy for the gov-mob in the 90’s.

          • Yep, Brazos. And now he’s already siding mit zee libruls on a death penalty case….

            Just another case of stupid Americans getting the government they so richly deserve….

    • In a Simpsons Halloween episode, the kids have to deal with an anthropomorphic sentient pumpkin, brought to life by Milhous’ wimpy, childhood wish (parodying Linus in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”). The “Grand Pumpkin” is pissed off that people carve pumpkins (“Pumpkin Atrocities”!) and scoop out the seeds and ROAST them (“You ROAST the UNBORN? REVENGE!!”). At one point, Nelson grabs a small yellow pumpkin and threatens to cut into it. The Grand Pumpkin scoffs, saying, “Go ahead! That’s a YELLOW pumpkin!”. Nelson, shocked, retorts, “You’re a RACIST!” The Grand Pumpkin responds, “All pumpkins are RACISTS…I just ADMIT it!” Then he proceeds to eat Nelson.

    • Want another good one? There some congress critter out in Washington State, a raving fundamentalist, who believes that people should be killed if they don’t repent. Seriously. His children are urging people not to vote for him. He has been visited by the Feds.
      I have no doubt there will be those who will vote for this dangerous nut ball.

      • Wow….just what Jesus advocated. NOT!

        Seriously, I hesitate to call myself a Christian (as do many of us) because of these nutjobs…..(and all of their kind in most of the Sunday churches!)

        • Dude, you are no more responsible for the nutjob bible thumpers than I am for the double Sowilō rune wearing nutjobs of my faith. Both are fringe lunatics who have missed the meanings and intent of what they claim to follow.

  16. Boooooo!

    (i voted too, left everything blank and voted no on school bonds, no write in spots for my dogs to get votes this time around)

    • I wrote in accidently last time for Mikey Mouse.NOT Mickey.They wouldnt give me a new ballot either to correct it.I felt so stupid,if Mikey Mouse had been elected to the local court would I have been chagrined!

    • I wrote in Ron Paul’s name the last time, that was 8 years ago.
      Voted this time because of the marijuana initiative here in Michigan. Voted to legalize it. Fuck the religious right.
      There were a number of libertarians on the ballot so I voted for them all. Not that it really matters anyway, only the two current gangs get elected.
      Otherwise I would have left them blank.
      Will the voting machine flip my vote?
      Who did your voting machine vote for?
      “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes that counts.” Joseph Stalin.
      George Carlin: why I don’t vote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxsQ7jJJcEA

      • Same here. I was active in his campaign in Texas across a large swath of East Texas. A lot of our ‘inside’ guys streamed stuff from state meetings and at the national convention that turned me into the anarchist I am today. Thanks Ron!

  17. Great comment today Eric.Im voting today too,against my wishes,its too much at stake right now.Stand up silent majority and get to those polls!!


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