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We had an ice storm in SW Virginia more than a week ago; it knocked down a lot of trees. It’s almost all been cleaned up… except for the government-owned Blue Ridge Parkway.

It’s still impassable. The downed trees haven’t been touched.

Meanwhile, it took less than two days to clear a far more difficult-to-get-to backcountry road I often travel.

The difference?

That backcountry road was cleared by the initiative of the people who live on it – and so have a stake in clearing it. The Parkway is controlled by the government – which locks it down at the first threat of bad weather (using the excuse of dumbed-down/least-common-denominatorism… that because some idiots can’t deal with, say, snow, the road must be closed to everyone) and then takes its time re-opening it.

The people who paid for it – via their taxes – are thus denied the usufructs of their mulcting.

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    This project has been completed for at least the last month or so, yet the bridge remains closed. No one has been working on it for at least since mid-October but the barricades remain and there are a few pallets of trash/debris just sitting there. I guess because they have the time they might as well keep it closed. Maybe someone loses money if they complete the job too soon…

  2. The wind blew down my interstate exit sign a couple years ago in May, and it just laid on the ground. It wasn’t put back up until sometime in November. They mowed around it all summer. There is still a bare spot on the ground where it laid, that collects trash and leaves.

    There are still signs up on I-65 for the star plaza theatre which closed a year ago and has since been razed.


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