Poking Pork (AGWs Aren’t Quite Done)

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Here’s video taken by a guy on the streets of San Francisco, who finds himself surrounded by AGWs peeved (per usual) by what they consider to be an affront to their authority. The man hasn’t violated any laws – the AGWs even concede this – but nonetheless try to intimidate him by surrounding him, peppering him with questions they know he’s not obliged to answer (but which many people will feel under duress to answer, because AGWs have guns and are a legally protected class of thug capable of using those guns – or their fists or their Tazers – with relative impunity) and generally not leaving him alone:

The younger AGWs aren’t so bad; but the fat old “Sarge” (which branch of the military did he serve in?) is another case in point.

It’s interesting – telling – that these AGWs can’t just let things drop, leave people who aren’t breaking any laws alone – and instead just have to make a big deal out of nothing, every time.

Just to make the point about who serves whom.

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  1. San Fran AGW’s are seriously the worse ever. Worse than Chicago where i used to live. They will ignore drugged out bums on the sidewalk, crap everywhere, drugs and needles everywhere but trust me they will ticket you and harass you for jaywalking.


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