Ass-Grabbing AGW

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Heres’ video from an NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach, Florida about a grabby-handed AGW – a “sergeant” (in quotes because AGWs are not – yet – the army and civilians don’t hold ranks) who has been suspended – but not arrested – while his activities are investigated.

Once again, note the disparity. If a civilian not in government uniform grabbed a woman’s ass, it would be cause for arresting the offender. Other civilians are not merely suspended when they commit some vile (and illegal) act.

Blue Privilege abounds.

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  1. On this one, I’ve got to worry about the perpetuation of the species.

    How did playing grab ass become what it is today?

    (Not that I’m in favor of cops breeding.)

    In the very near future, how many will need to sign off on a “put inside” permit?

    Because if things keep progressing as they are, I’m going to start lobbying for blow job licensing.

    It’s not sexual harassment, it’s trying to get laid. That’s what animals do.

    Everyone all of a sudden forgot humans were animals?

    Do you lock up your dog for years when it humps your leg? Put it on a sex offender registry?

    Welcome to the anaphrodisiac world of tomorrow.


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