AGW Kicks Man For Improper Push-Ups

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Here’s security camera footage of an armed government worker – a jail guard – having some fun with a prisoner. The prisoners are on garbage patrol, loading bins of trash into a dumpster. One of them has the temerity to toss some food to a bird – a cookie, apparently. This outrageous act enrages the supervising AGW, who orders the man to “drop and give me 50.”

The man doesn’t do an adequate job, so the AGW kicks him in the ribs.

According to news reports, the AGW was fired after the incident came to light – but wasn’t immediately Hut! Hut! Hutted! by the other AGWs who witnessed it happening.

This incontestable act of sadism was simply watched. The AGW who had his “fun” at the expense of a helpless man powerless to protect himself, protected  by Blue Privilege.

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    • Between that and the AGW from this article, seems things are slowly turning around, though not fast enough

      He fed a bird a f***ing cookie, he didn’t do anything criminal at that point, and they gotta punish him for it. Wonder of the AGW will get the same treatment from the other inmates once he’s one of them.

      Also, if that terrorist didn’t act aggressively and kept things calm and professional, no one would of died and he would have been a cop a bit longer until he decided to go Allah Akbar!

      • I know, the guy gave a cookie to a bird! If it had been against some rule, they could have just reminded the guy of it and let it be.

      • I posted that link in a couple of other places on this site, and Eric responded to it. He said that the ex AGW didn’t get what he deserved, because he only got 25 years. I said yeah, that may be true, but at least he got something! Normally, when an AGW kills an innocent person, he isn’t charged; he keeps his job; and sometimes is even promoted! At least in this case, the AGW lost his job, was tried, and sentenced. It should happen a lot more often, yes, but at least it’s happening…


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