The Purge

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I just discovered this morning that the short video I made the other day discussing the absence of the latest saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety features in the 2019 VW Beetle I test drove recently has been pulled – apparently for “dangerous and derogatory” content. Which amounts to me criticizing the latest pushy-parenting-nudging “assistance” tech such as Lane Keep Assist/Steering Assist and ASS.

See here.

You’d think I’d put on a Hitler outfit and been ranting about “the Jews” – which by the way one ought to be able to do in a “free” country – whether “hateful” or not.

Speech is not action. Hurt feelings aren’t the same as hurting someone. But hurting someone because someone’s feelings have been hurt is hurting someone.

These feelings, of course, are arbitrary.

The feelings of the left – of hatred for straight white men, for instance and for the Orange Man – are sacrosanct. They are free to be expressed without worry about being suppressed. You can even be a “Coonman” – and play Al Jolson – and remain governor.

First Gargoyle – which deemed me “dangerous and derogatory” for writing articles explaining why engines are being downsized and heavily turbocharged to make up the power lost due to their downsizing (it has to do with CAFE compliance; you get to spend more for your next new car in order to “save gas”).

Now DaToob – for daring to say less than laudatory things about pushy saaaaaaaaaafety tech.

This is the first instance I’m aware of that a video rant of mine has been pulled off the air. But I’m sure it won’t be the last. Because  I disagree with various sacred orthodoxies. I dare to think – and state – that government fatwai’ing MPG standards is a disagreeable thing in an ostensibly “free” country – and maintain that the Safety Cult is a very bad thing indeed.

Because it isn’t really about saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

It is about control – and here we have Exhibit A, proving my point.

I pointed out in the video which got pulled that a car which tries to countersteer – to force you back into your travel lane when you are trying to change lanes or leave your travel lane – because you haven’t engaged your turn signal, which the car insists you do – is both controlling and obnoxious as well as unsafe.

The wheel jerking and fighting – or even just vibrating – is distracting and distractions are dangerous.

Punishing or nudging people for not signaling when there is no reason to – other than it being The Law –  is nothing more than Obeisance Training. If there are no other cars in the vicinity, it is idiotic to signal.

But it is virtue signaling.

I am a good law-obeying Clover! I never use my brain to evaluate a situation and then act according to my own best judgment. I reflexively obey all Rules and Regulations like a savage genuflecting before a totem pole.

And if I don’t – and dare to say so openly, in a public video… well, that video will soon be “unavailable.”

Note that the filthy poltroons – both Gargoyle and DaToob – do not specify why they suppress speech. They only give notice that they have suppressed it.

In other words, just because they can.

And we all know the real reason. They don’t like what some have to say. And – a form of psychosis – they consider disagreement with their authoritarian leftist ideology as “hateful.”

This encompasses Libertarian disagreement – which is “hateful” only to the extent it asks that force not be used to impose anyone’s ideas on anyone.

Oh, the humanity!

I am flagged for criticizing the force-feeding of electric cars and of direct-injection (indirectly, via government fuel efficiency regs) and the dubious saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety enhancements provided by distracting tech that pesters the driver at almost every turn – literally, in the case of Lane Keep Assist.

This isn’t High Politics. I’m a car jockey – and I’m on The Enemies List of these thuggy but virtue-posturing tech oligarchies, who are determined to close the American mind using the Internet equivalent of a bench vise which squeezes out everything they don’t like in the hope that they’ll be able to re-establish the controlled uniformity of Acceptable Discourse which existed before the Internet.

A handful of outlets – all controlled by them.

Per Lenin – a god of the authoritarian left who is perfectly acceptable (statues of him are being erected while statues of Robert E. Lee are being torn down) and not flagged as “hateful” despite having erected the greatest human abattoir since the days of Genghis Khan  . . . what is to be done?

The tech oligarchs control their platforms – and can make an argument that, as publishers, they have the right to not publish things. But they have no moral claim to control over the Internet, which is effectively the public square of our time and was created by the tax dollars of everyone – and thus, everyone has a right to avail themselves of this forum.

And to free speech – whether anyone likes it or not.

What’s needed is an alternative to the tech oligarchs. Let them keep Gesichertbuch and Gargoyle and DaToob – and let’s us stop using them. And start using alternative platforms that aren’t speech suppressers – or at least, which do not smear (and punish) mere disagreement as “hateful.”

And there are alternatives – for example, LiveLeak. And there could be others. It doesn’t take millions or even thousands to set one up. It just takes someone who despises Speech Policing to set it up.

Similarly, visit and support web sites that don’t suppress speech – and not just the speech of the bylined authors but also of the commenters. My site – – does not suppress comments and doesn’t require you to “sign up” with Gesichertbuch or any other such. There are others. Go there. Post there. Support them – because they support you.

We can fight back. It’s not illegal – not yet.

But it will be, if we don’t.

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  1. Hi folks.

    Happy Flag Day. I thought you might like to read this morning’s musings on the infamous Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012.


    Early Morning Thoughts, June 14, 2019

    The Horrible Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 (SMMA)

    I keep forgetting to focus on this un-American act perpetrated on the American people by the US Congress, which is now largely controlled by political Zionists. Basically, the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 (SMMA) allows the US Government to treat the American people as enemies of the state – just as they would treat a foreign enemy. Does that help explain why we are having so many problems with government these days? Let me explain from a layman’s legal perspective what I am referring to here.

    This post, like one other post in which I have entered a URL, gets flagged as a spam post. Remove the space in the link and you can go to the actual URL.

    https://highlander .com/the-horrible-smith-mundt-modernization-act-of-2012-smma/2019/06/14/early-morning-thoughts/


    Have a great day!

    John Sutherland

  2. Keep in mind that these tech giants such as Gargoogle/Youtube are connected directly to the CIA, NSA and Israeli intel. Gargoogle received startup money from the CIA. They work closely with the NSA as well.
    A Google offshoot now called Google Jigsaw is providing support and real time intel to the jihadists in Syria, this has been proven.
    As far as Facebook is concerned, there are other sites, Mark Suckaturd remains in power only because he owns majority shares. He is BTW, close to Nuttybombyou.
    Also be aware that Pay Pal is doling out punishment to those who fail to pass the SJW litmus test.
    How soon before your bank account is closed off to you for “social violations”? It has already happened to some people.
    Will you be able to buy a plane ticket? Rent a book from the library? Write a check or use a credit card to pay for groceries? will you be qualified to get a car loan or home loan? will you be allowed to ride a bus? Will your savings account be frozen? Will you lose your job?
    Just how far this will go or where it will end up is becoming quite clear: a totally controlled society whose thoughts and speech are monitored and controlled and those who dare speak truth to power are punished.
    Freedom of speech is being attacked from all corners, even AGWs are waging wars against those who dare criticize them. :
    It appears the First Amendment has become negotiable. The Fourth, Fifth, sixth, Seventh and Eight have already been tossed into the dumpster.
    Soon the Second Amendment will go the way of the others …..bit by bit, one bite at a time until there is nothing left.
    It is the reason why there is a Second Amendment. To restore liberty.
    Voting apparently will not. The idiot you voted for and sent to Crapitol Hill will stab you in the back. Just as they all have.
    The technocrats now have your representative by the gonads made certain with lavish campaign contributions.
    Enjoy your imprisonment.
    Big Brother is watching you.
    “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.” George Orwell.

  3. Captains Log 6-13-19. Earlier today The REAL Nazi’s at youtube deleted the account of Black Pigeon Speaks a conservative blogger. He has a backup BitChute. He HAD almost 500,000 subscribers on youtube.

  4. @anarchyst- You have the right to HATE anyone you want. For whatever reasons you want. But your choice of the words you are using, and your manner of expressing yourself makes you appear STUPID. If you want to convince others of your point of view, you should study how others present their arguments and emulate the ones who are more convincing.

    • It’s not HATE as I do not hate anyone and will and have helped anyone in genuine need. It is merely awareness that certain people and organizations do not have MY country, MY society or MY culture’s interests at heart. In fact, they are hell-bent on destroying everything that is decent and good about today’s society.
      The “signs” are all there, if one dares to look. From ramming “holocaust” falsehoods down our throats to criminalizing anyone who dares to independently investigate this truly minor event in history there is a cabal hell-bent on “remaking society into a society of slaves. Not good…

      • Of course it’s hate. I’ve been trying to give you the benefit of the doubt and understand your position, but your own postings make it clear that you have no facts to support your contentions and are operating out of pure blind, visceral hatred. The mere fact that you contend, with no supporting evidence whatsoever, that plans for the “Skokie March” was some kind of Mossad false-flag event, and you “think” someone involved might have been part Jewish (which you cannot confirm) speaks volumes as to the depths of your paranoia. With you it seems anything where someone Jewish might in any way be involved is by definition some kind of evil, lying subterfuge; and anything critical of Jews is by definition true. You also choose to ignore the many, many instances of the very same things you accuse Jews of originating in YOUR country, YOUR society, and YOUR culture. There is plenty to criticize about White Christians as well, but we do not see you ranting about all of them collectively. If the sum total of these observations is not hate I don’t know what is.

        Sorry, I seen have nothing from you that would convince a person who did not already despise Jews to join you in your apparent desire to expel and or destroy them en masse. (To use coercion, in your own words, to do so and in the process punishing individuals who have nothing to do with your grievances aside from their ethnicity.) You will likely find that libertarians are not interested in joining with you in your ceaseless drive to impose collective guilt on individuals who have done no harm to anyone.

        • Good God Flinders asking questions isnt hate. Of course the holocaust is an invented myth to justify eternal jewish victimhood. Btw the jew dont like arab jews either. Just the make believe european variety. . Churchill wrote a 1500 page memoir after the war. Not one mention of it! Hmmm. Why would that be?

          • Good God, Mark, this isn’t about “asking questions.” It’s about making endless baseless accusations against a particular group of people, blaming every person in that group for the actions some, and wanting to use State violence and coercion against innocent people to, at a minimum, forcibly eject them – all the while ignoring one’s own ethnic group doing the same things. Sorry, that’s just nuts.

      • Hi anarchyst,

        “It is merely awareness that certain people and organizations do not have MY country, MY society or MY culture’s interests at heart.”

        This is very true. But, this group of “certain” people includes pretty much all of the political, corporate, military, environmentalist and financial elite plaguing the world today. Some, but not most, of these people are Jewish. So, either the minority of these Jews are so wily and persuasive that they’ve convinced all of the non-Jews in this group to sacrifice their own self interest for the benefit of the Hebes or, a group of powerful self serving sociopaths are colluding with each other for their own ends. I’m gonna go with the second possibility.


        • Jason Flinders, Jeremy…
          Follow the shekels. You are absolutely correct that almost every gentile politician and political figure has been “bought off” by nefarious types.
          The “good” jews don’t speak out against the activities of the “bad” jews.
          The same situation exists in police departments, which Eric Peters so eloquently writes about. “Bad” cops are routinely “given a pass” because THE GOOD GUYS DON’T SPEAK OUT AND TAKE ACTION.
          When a group is instrumental in formulating and getting laws passed that they themselves do not adhere to, THAT, my friends, is a problem.
          There are no easy solutions, BUT being aware of the situation is a good first step.

          • Your position is so bizarre, contradictory, and convoluted that I can’t make any logical sense of it. You seem to think of Jews in the same way that young children think of the Boogey Man hiding under their bed. “Good Jews” – “Bad Jews” – where are you coming up with this stuff from? But of course no complaining about the “Bad Christians” doing the same things, you just think they’ve been “corrupted” by Jews. So you are guilty of the exact same thing you accuse Jews of! (Hint – there are “good people” and “bad people” regardless of background.)

            You even seem to think of yourself as some kind of White Knight scoring points against your perceived “enemy” by “rattling cages” (“GOOD!” I think is the self-satisfied quote), which is more nonsense, then you imply that people who don’t agree with you are Jews or corrupted by Jews (“Shalom Jeremy”). Now you imply that corrupt politicians are that way because of Jews (“follow the shekels”).

            There are plenty of evil people out there working against all of us. They come from all ethnic backgrounds but you want to focus in on one small group and even conduct pogroms against them in which the “small Jews” (your term) will suffer.

            Don’t get me wrong, I believe you have every right to voice this stuff but from what I can see it is nonsensical. You may get some “attaboys” from those who already hold the same views but I don’t think you are going to make many converts here.

          • Good God anarchyst,

            “When a group is instrumental in formulating and getting laws passed that they themselves do not adhere to, THAT, my friends, is a problem.”

            You have correctly identified the core problem of all “Government”, but, once again, falsely attributed this problem to the “Jews”. Government exists, quite literally, outside of and above the law. That is why those who seek to rule over others also seek to control this power. They consider themselves to be special and wise. They do not believe that they should be constrained by the laws designed for other people. Libido Dominandi is a trait common to at least some of all people, it is not a “Jewish” thing.

            “…almost every gentile politician and political figure has been “bought off” by nefarious types”.

            They have not been “bought off” by the Jews, they are corrupt, self serving narcissists willing, all on their own, to put their interests above “MY country, MY society or MY culture”. You often have great insights into the nature of power and corruption but you delusional obsession with the Jews renders such analysis impotent. If you manage to succeed in driving the Jews from the country, the situation you describe above will not go away, it will get worse. The power granted to the State to achieve such a goal will not “wither away”, it will metastasize.


      • If you criticize any Jew for anything…you HATE Jews!
        If you criticize any jig for anything-you hate all black people!
        If you criticize any Eskimo for anything- you hate Eskimos!
        If you kill a straight white male and grind him up and feed his remains to the sharks because you don’t like his hairstyle……or because you want his stuff….then you just don’t like that one particular guy…and probably had a good reason for doing so! Hey, you’re a ‘victim’ just raging against his ‘white privilege’!

        If Hitler had been black, or Jewish, or a faggot, it would probably be illegal to criticize him.

        • Nunz,

          Well, I don’t roll that way. Criticism of individuals for their actions is always appropriate no matter what their ethnicity. Kissenger and Soros are miserable pieces of excrement – but I don’t go around blaming “the Jews” for all of the worlds ills because those guys are dirtbags. Ditto for Blacks – Louis Farrakhan is a racist piece of garbage, but I certainly would not hold that against Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell. Likewise the Rockefellers are the source of much deviltry (one of the major forces behind the push for world government) but I don’t blame all regular White guys for their evil. I don’t even hold all wops responsible for the Mafia. 🙂

          It would appear though that between the Jews, the Masons, the British Crown, the Illuminati, the Mob, and Lord knows what else people believe is running the world that we’re screwed blued and tatooed. Where is Galt’s Gulch when we need it?

          • Hi Jason,

            In re this discussion: I’ve pointed out to “conservative” friends (ex, many of them) that it’s not “Islamic terrorists” who’ve taken away my liberty; it has been almost entirely white, nominally Christian men. The Chimp, for instance. And Cheney and Mittens Romney (Obamacare).

            • Amen to that, Eric! Regardless of who the real players are, those who would maintain rule must always create an enemy to ‘protect you from’ in order to justify their own robbery of wealth and liberty.

              Funny thing is, when it comes to the Moozlims, the “Christian” conservative Zionists have actually caused any ‘terrorism’ by their efforts to empower those who terrorize the Muslim countries; which they do solely to protect and advance the REAL mid-east terrorists (Oy!). [Well, the liberals do the same too- as no matter who is elected, they all bow before Israel).

          • Of course, Jason. No one is saying that all mebers of any culture, race or ethnicity are all bad or all the same, etc.

            We just use generalizations; much like we rail against ‘politicians’- but no one says “Well you can’t say that, because Ron Paul was a politician, and he’s not like that”. Of course, the ones who don’t fit the mold cast by the larger group are excepted.

            Tell me youi’re not going to be extremely concerned if a bunch of Somalis start moving into your neighborhood. Does that mean that you hate all blacks or even all Somalis? Of course not- but it would be ridiculous to ignore the obvious consequences that will certainly follow if your immediate area is invaded.

            Dunno if you’ve ever personally spent much time around Jews…but the majority of them are militant about Israel and Zionism. Not so much the old-school European peasant ones (Which I guess is why the other variety wanted them exterminated)- but political and cultural Zionism is to the majority of Jews what crime and drugs are to 90% of schvatzes- or organized crime to Dagos.

            When I hear someone railing against Wops for being ‘guidos’ or Mafioso- I don’t say “Oh, you must just hate Italians!”- I realize that a significant number of people from my culture have participated in behavior which caused such behavior to become universally observed to the point of being stereotypical. To deny that would be to deny reality- so why should I point a finger at those who merely point out what they observe and criticize the bad? My beef is with those who practice and perpetuate the stereotypical behavior.

            Political-correctness has inverted this to the point where the observer and critic of negative behavior is demonized, instead of those who actually perpetrate the negative behavior.

            If someone criticizes Italian’s propensity for organized crime or being guidos….I join their criticism! That criticism is not directed at me, because i don’t engage in those behaviors- and if i did, I’d deserve criticism.

            What do you make of Jews Against Zionism?

            If I say it, I’m lambasted as some kind of alarmist who ‘just hates Jews’- But what can you say when actual Jews say it???

            • Hey Nunzio,

              “No one is saying that all members of any culture, race or ethnicity are all bad or all the same, etc.”

              Well, anarchyst is getting pretty damn close. He has called for the forcible expulsion of all Jews, and has referred to them as cancerous parasites. I find it hard to distinguish this from “hate”. Jason was responding specifically to the post where anarchyst claims to hate nobody, he never argued that criticism of any group, ideology, person, etc… amounts to “hate”. He argued that anarchyst was condemning an entire group do to the actions of a few, while refusing to apply the same standard to the groups he favors. I think his perspective is a fair interpretation of anarchyst’s posts.


            • I used to live in Hymietown, remember Nunz? I’ve been around a lot of Jews at various times in my life. Not as many around in my current circumstances but I still have quite a few Jewish friends.

              I would say that the mindless, duckspeak support of Israel for the vast majority of Jews is similar to what we we see with the Climate Cult – they are being used as useful idiots by the power brokers.

              By the way, I have not seen anything from you that I would consider to be virulent hatred. I despise political correctness as much as I do senseless bigotry.

              • Morning, Jason!

                One of my best friends is Jewish – not religious, but supports Israel. Which would be fine if she (and others who wished to do so) supported Israel.

                I mean, themselves of course.

                The problem I’ve got is they demand (whether they acknowledge it or not) that I support Israel. By being forced to hand over my money toward that end. It’s no different than being forced to fund “the schools” or any other thing I do not wish to fund and have no moral obligation to fund.

                That’s the real problem here.

                Same as the EV problem and most of our other problems.

  5. On a slightly positive note – I understand Jordan Peterson is launching a censorship free social media platform of some sort…. best of luck to him….

    • Hi Nasir,

      I heard about this also – and Peterson is just the guy to do it. He has the means – and the name. I am a big fan of his style; he’s polite – but devastates idiocy and cant wherever he encounters it.

    • Horses are actually autonomous, unlike and certainly more so than robot cars. Proof that DUI isn’t going away just because central programming is doing the driving.

  6. Like other’s have already stated, I suggest bitchute. It’s a nice innovation to supply the videos using a webtorrent interface, because it increases the scalability of the service. The main downside is that the video quality is lower than the competition.

  7. You really want safety that matters? Put cell phone jammers for all but 9-1-1 calls in all new cars that activate with the ignition system. From my experience that would save thousands of moronic crash damage and injury incidents on public roads.

    • Hi Torino,

      I get what you’re saying but as a general principle, I oppose all forms of Idiot Proofing on the principle that not everyone is an idiot and has the right to be assumed not one until proved otherwise!

      • Allow me to address that point, Eric.

        It has been my observation that people are as intelligent and responsible as the NEED to be. The pioneers were not “idiots,” because idiocy would cost them their lives and the lives of their spouses and children (cf. Donner Party). When there is no “safety net,” people get pretty anal about doing things the right way — because they can’t afford to fuck up.

        Today, people are idiots because they CAN be idiots… and the government willingly encourages their idiocy — so that the government can be the solution to every problem that idiocy creates.

        • I think the masses have always wanted someone else to take care of them to free them to be lazy idiots. Even in ancient times they wanted some leader to take care of them. Which is why people are so easy to con.

          The intelligent, responsible, prudent, etc of the right mindset are the ones who flee into the wilderness to get away from those who prefer comfortable tyranny.

          And remember it is the people who do for themselves that denigrated as hoarders and worse.

          • I couldn’t have said it better, Brent!

            That is how cities got started- originally for protection against invading mobs/armies (How ironic! Now cities embrace invading mobs!) and for the idea that one could take advantage of the labor of others….not realizing of course that the controls that allow that, also apply to them!

            The idea that one can get something for nothing and have things easy at someone else’s expense, has been a theme throughout human history- and of course, is exactly what we see so commonly today. This is why we can never hope to have liberty/be left alone as long as we live in the midst of people in whom such a mentality is ingrained; because everything they do and stand for, is geared towards collectivism and the use of others labor and property and wealth- and they eradicate anything which runs contrary to such goals- so natuarlly, the independent and self-sufficient can not be permitted to exist as such, as they ‘contribute nothing to the system’. Supporting yourself and yours at your own cost isn’t good enough; in their eyes, you must exist in a manner in which you can be controlled and used.

          • Brent,

            Yup, this is a fact of human nature, going back tens of thousands of years.

            People do not want liberty and freedom.

            They want what people have always wanted:

            1 – To be fed.

            2 – To be entertained.

            3 – To exercise some petty power over their fellow man.

            This last is critical to understand, as it explains every single dictator and authoritarian that has ever wielded power from the Pharaohs and kings of old to today’s pooh-bahs, Pashas and potentates.

            People will suffer under the very worst forms of tyranny and oppression, not so much as why Jefferson pointed out in the Declaration of Independence: that they are used to it and not willing to change, although this is part of it, but rather, they will put up with it just so long as they figure their neighbor is getting shafted and oppressed and taxed more than THEY are.

        • Hi X,

          I heartily concur. Idiot-proofing creates more idiots; infantilize society and you end up with a society of adult infants who need their diapers changed – almost literally. People rise – or fall – according to expectations. Today, expectations are extremely low.

          • That is so true on many levels, Eric.

            I find it especially egregious as it is applied to teens and young men today.
            Less than 100 years ago, a 16 year-old was expected to be (and act like) a man.

            Today, a 16 year-old is expected to be irresponsible; a drunkard; a philanderer; lazy; etc. -a man-child. Even well into their 20’s now.

            Since such has become accepted by parents and society at large, their is really no reason for young men to not fulfill those low expectations. Whyu be a man if you can be a perpetual child?!

            Some small groups still expect their young men to actually be men- like the Amish….and thus they are. The contrast is striking!

      • “I get what you’re saying but as a general principle, I oppose all forms of Idiot Proofing on the principle that not everyone is an idiot and has the right to be assumed not one until proved otherwise!”

        My three or four time great grandfather Cornelius Van Cleef Morris served in the Confederate army as part of supplies although he found himself under fire many times. He let customers help themselves to whiskey in his store in Alabama after the war. When the Presbyterian church proposed a law banning it he said something along the lines “if a man is going to make a hog out of himself he’s going to make a hog out of himself with or without a law.” Thats pretty funny and so true. He got kicked out and joined the baptists. One of his sons and my distant relative was killed in Richmond.

    • Hi AC,

      I know – I’m working on it. The problem is I’m just one middle-aged, divorced dude and there is (per Ringo) too much to do. I do my best, but it gets overwhelming – and I end up triaging.

    • For the way web system are these days wp is par for the course, which is bad but it’s functional because of the way Eric has things set up if you get an account and know the correct link to see the comments in date order, search them, etc. Without an account its still standard sucky wordpress.

  8. I’d like to see a master list of sites where the leftists don’t reign. I have been through dozens of accounts with these folks, I’m frankly sick of making new accounts.

    I definitely push the envelope, but most of the time I get banned for simple Conservative opines, including my support for Israel, now apparently deigned to be “hate speech”.

    Sadly, it’s hard to get others to leave platforms like Faceschnook, even when it makes sense. I’d leave in a heartbeat, but people go where the people are, which means it ain’t sites like MeWe, etc.

    • “including my support for Israel, now apparently deigned to be “hate speech”.”

      Other way around… here in Florida I am not allowed by law to say any disparaging comments concerning the Jewish or Israel. This situation exists in several States and the federalies are trying to make it a feederal offense.

      This is the first I have heard of any site banning pro Israel / Jewish speech or any laws passed to do the same.

      • The politicians in Florida must have rocks in their head. That kind of “law” flies directly in the face of the First Amendment and even with the corrupt courts we have today it’s hard to imagine it surviving a Constitutional challenge. If someone wants to express contempt for Israel, Kikes, Spics, Wops, Niggers, Chinks, Gooks, Micks, Sand Niggers, Towel-Heads, or whatever, in America it is their absolute right to do so as long as it does not rise to the level of violence.

        Remember over 40 years ago even the ACLU fought for the right of Nazis to plan a march in Skokie, IL; a jew-infested burg which contained thousands of “holocaust” liars who might be “offended” at such a march.

        • You are correct that the ACLU supported the “Nazi march” in Skokie, IL, but most people are unaware that the whole “Nazi march” was a sham, put on by jewish interests to get “ordinary” jews “riled up” and to evoke sympathy for their so-called “holocaust”. It was quite effective, the “leader” of the “Nazis” himself being jewish.

          • The leader of the National Socialist Party of America in 1977 was Frank Collin, who denied being part Jewish.

            What is your evidence that Collin was working on behalf of “the Jews” and his planned march was a sham? (Even if he had a yid somewhere in his family tree that in and of itself does not constitute such evidence.)

            • It’s called “controlled opposition”, a cousin of the “false flag” operation. Yes, Collins was not jewish but the leader of the marchers was (is?). This is no different than the FBI infiltrating an organization and then getting its members to do criminal acts so they can “bust” them. As the mossad is one of the most capable and effective of operations, such a rally would have been “child’s play” for them…

              • Hey anarchyst,

                Maybe you’re part of the controlled opposition. You seem like a clandestine Jewish supremacist. After all, if the Joos are responsible for everything, they must be pretty fuckin’ awesome.


                • Indeed. According to anarchyst and fellow travelers, the Jews have been successfully hoodwinking the entire world for centuries, if not millenia. What does that say about people so easily led astray over and over and over again for such a long period of time?

                  At some point the old saw “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” comes into play. You’re right, the Jews must be pretty danged awesome if they’ve managed even half the things that these guys lay at their feet.

                  • And “they” have been kicked out of 109 countries throughout recorded history. Sorta tells you something. Cancer and parasites have to be excised or otherwise made impotent. Looks like its time for country 110 to do the same…

                    • Hi anarchyst,

                      “…violence, absolutely NOT.”

                      Wow, it took you all of one day to move beyond this quaint libertarian constraint on behavior.

                      “Cancer and parasites have to be excised or otherwise made impotent. Looks like its time for country 110 to do the same…”

                      Looks like it’s time for you to reconsider your moniker. After all, at least Chris Cantwell has the integrity to no longer pretend that he’s an anarchist.


                    • Hi Jeremy,

                      Hmmm….regardless of how one perceives the efficacy of the Jews, one would have to admit that they are very effective at accomplishing their goals [At least temporarily- much like a serial bank robber- who through good planning and overwhelming violence, may succeed for a time- until stopped- only ewith the Jews, such a scenario is oft repeated].

                      Considering all of the Jews in the world constitute a tiny minority- and the politically and culturally active ones constitute an even sdmaller minority- it is quite curious how it is that they can manage to get the biggest and most powerful world powers to do their bidding for them.

                      Whether that constitutes superiority, or just shrewdness and a tendency to pursue their goals with no regard to the consequences doinmg so inflicts upon anyone else, I’ll let you decide.

                      Guess it depends on one’s definition of ‘superior’.

                  • Hi Jason,

                    It seems at some level of identity obsession, those afflicted actually advocate the superiority of the group that they despise. After all, if “the Jews have been successfully hoodwinking the entire world for centuries, if not millennia”, then they really must be “better” than we are. I don’t see any logical way of escaping this conclusion.

                    Likewise, Ta-Neishi Coates obsession with white privilege, systemic racism and “whiteness” as the cause of lower black achievement is a tacit acknowledgement of white superiority. Tragically this attitude, pushed by self serving black leaders, is toxic to black people and is probably the largest contributing factor in the persistence of racial disparities.


              • You still have not presented a shred of evidence to make your case. It is all supposition on your part. Who was the leader of the march that is supposed to have been Jewish? What Jewish relatives did he have? (Parents – or some 5th cousin in the distant past?) How do you know that he was associated with the Mossad? How do you know that it was he and not Collins responsible for the idea of the march?

                Apparently you have such a visceral hatred of Jews that you automatically believe that anything said negative about them is true, anything positive is a lie, and that if someone has a Jew in their family background that automatically makes them a liar and anything they are associated with a sham.

                Of course this is your right (you can believe in the Tooth Fairy for all I care), but if you are going to convince others that do not share your visceral hatred of Jews you are going to have to do better.

                By the way, what is your preferred solution to the Jewish Question? Expulsion? Eradication? Here, on a libertarian site whose message is that State coercion and violence against individuals must be ended, what level of coercion and violence do you think should be used against, say, my dentist who happens to be Jewish?

                • Coercion yes, violence, absolutely NOT. I see I have rattled some hasbara cages. GOOD! Jews who behave themselves and become a supportive part of society are not a problem. However, there are too many who have “dual allegiances” as well as dual citizenship that is a problem. No dual-citizenship jew should be allowed to work in any official capacity in any government agency. The “little jew” is not the problem, but sadly will bear the brunt of suffering during any pogrom

                  • You still fail to present any evidence to back up your position re Skokie.

                    The line between coercion and violence is razor thin if it exists at all – in order to coerce someone violence has to at least be threatened. So unless I misunderstand, you want the State to take action against people you happen to not like. A slippery slope, at some point the State may decide it does not like you either.

                    You have not rattled anyone’s cages. That is just another delusion. You have also not provided any evidence to back up your assertions. (Aside from the fact there is no logical reason that the Mossad would even want a court decision legitimizing a Nazi march through a Jewish area. It makes no sense.)

                    All that Israeli “dual citienship” means is that anyone who is Jewish can move there if desired and has automatic citizenship. It does not require any particular action or allegiance.

                    All of the negative attributes you lay at the feet of the Jews is also found in gentiles. You simply choose to ignore it. It makes just as much sense to say that “Christians who behave themselves and become a supportive part of society are not a problem.”

                    Matthew was definitely a student of human nature.

                    • Hi Jason,

                      In re this debate: I have dual citizenship. Swiss and U.S. But I’m “loyal” to no government. My loyalty is to ideas – and to the people who are my friends and family. Worshipping government – whichever government – has always struck me as slavish and sad.

                    • Frank Colin and his pathetic little band of would-be Neo-Nazis were a JOKE, and not a particularly funny one. The whole affair of marching in Skokie was a huge publicity stunt that ran away from the little goofball; well lampooned by Henry Gibson in the first (and by far, best) Blue Brothers movie.

                      Who knows if Colin was Jewish or if he was being manipulated by others; it seems that he was too dumb to know either way. The best solution, rather than to have raised a ruckus over his purported plans to march in Skokie and thus understandably raise the hackles of Jews that had survived the Nazis, would have been to IGNORE him. Sometimes the worst publicity is NONE.

                    • The hate against any broadly defined group is generally, perhaps always one of ‘those people who did bad thing X were Y therefore the Y’s are responsible.

                      And the definitions of these broad groups change over time. Look at how ‘white people’ is defined now compared to say 120 or 150 years ago.

                      Now people who weren’t even considered white when some white people did bad things are now held responsible. It’s all so very insane.

                  • Hi anarchyst,

                    “I see I have rattled some hasbara cages.”

                    Uh no, you haven’t. Challenging your many unsupported claims is not the same thing as advocating on behalf of Israel. This should be obvious but, to the identity obsessed, perhaps not.


                  • Hi anarchyst,

                    “Coercion yes, violence, absolutely NOT.”

                    Coercion is defined by the use of force or the threat thereof. Coercion is violence, so your distinction is meaningless. Care to try again?


                    • Shalom Jeremy. Coercion does not have to involve violence, and very rarely does. Expecting others to live by societal norms is a form of coercion, especially when “shaming” is used to “help” encourage good behavior. Just as one would not wear jeans to a formal affair, coercion can be used to encourage voluntary good behavior…

                    • Hi Anarchyst,

                      How dos coercion operate without duress – the threat of violence for failing to comply? If I am free to walk away without repercussions if I say “no” then I am not under coercion.

                    • I realize you responded to Jeremy, though humorously your “greeting” appears to indicate you assume he’s Jewish just because he disagrees with you.

                      I don’t know if that’s the case or not. However you will find that many “gentiles” are against bigotry of the type you are demonstrating here.

                      However, for my part I can state that the “coercion” we are discussing is not about wearing inappropriate clothing or even general good behavior. It is about using government coercion (ALWAYS backed by violence) to restrict, forcibly relocate, or even eradicate a group of people due to their ethnicity. This is what you appear to support when you state that coercion is acceptable.

                      Aside from a few people already of like mind you are unlikely to find many on a libertarian web site agreeing with that position, no matter what their ethnic background.

                      The vast majority of Jews, like the vast majority of Christians, do observe societal norms. (Aside of course observing a different religion, in a country which is supposed to observe freedom of religion.)

                      Your response therefore is a non-sequitor.

                  • Hi anarchyst,

                    “Coercion does not have to involve violence”

                    Definition of coerce
                    transitive verb

                    1 : to compel to an act or choice

                    2 : to achieve by force or threat

                    3 : to restrain or dominate by force

                    I suppose you can define it however you want but, you’d be wrong.

                    BTW, I assume from your cute greeting to me that you still harbor the delusional belief that I am an advocate for Israel, ha ha! It is quite possible to disagree with you and not be a Zionist.

                    Finally, those pro-Israel and anti BDS laws that you correctly abhor; they’re mostly pushed by “Christians”


                    • This is a response to John,

                      Support for Israel, anti BDS legislation, loyalty oaths as a condition for receiving government contracts, etc… are supported by the political elite, most of whom are not Jewish, because they believe it advances their agenda of control and global hegemony. The Talmud and the Jews have almost nothing to do with it.

                      “Perhaps by Christian zionists, but not by Christ-like Christians.”

                      Did you notice the quotes I put around Christians? As for Christ-like Christians, I don’t see very many of them around and, I suspect that Christ would not consider blanket condemnation of the Jews as very Christ-like.

                      The “Christian” Zionist leaders are almost certainly charlatans and opportunists who have cynically deluded their own flock. Note, it is not the Jews who have deluded these probably sincere fools, but their cynical leaders in cahoots with opportunistic politicians.


            • Morning, Brent!

              The Blues Borthers – along with Smokey and the Bandit – were movies I saw as a kid that probably determined the course of my adult life!

              “It’s got the cop motor, cop suspension and it’s a model made before catalytic converters, so it runs good on regular gas….”

              • A “cop motor”? Isn’t that a black dude runnin in a big hamster wheel while some pig keeps a gun pointed at him? 😉

                [Black guy collapses from exhaustion – pig shoots him] Pig: “He was ‘resisting’!”.

              • Eric,
                At one point in my life I had every line of the Blues Brothers memorized for both the theatrical version and the TV version. And I still nearly typed those lines out perfectly without listening to the clip.

                But yeah one of things that warped me as child was The Blues Brothers. Musically too. There’s a fair chance of me listening to Cab Calloway in the car.

                • Dan Aykroid is one of the few actors I’d like to meet. He seems like he’s pretty far outside of the Hollywood circle jerks.

    • I find it hard to believe that any regular site would ban you for supporting that terrorist state. Support for Israel isnt conservative at all. Its totalitarian. By the way they hate Christians just as much as anyone else.

      • Let’s take a look at “poor little israel”, the only democracy in the middle east, according to supporters…
        Israel practices official “apartheid” to a much greater degree than that of any other country in the world—the former South Africa included.
        Every vehicle driver in Israel proper and in the illegally occupied territories is identified by his or her vehicle license plate as well as personal documentation (identity papers). License plates are coded as to the ethnicity and religious persuasions of the owners, and are used to deny basic “rights” to those who are of “the wrong ethnicity”.
        There are roads and thoroughfares that are designated “for jews only”. “Jews-only” roads and thoroughfares are state-of-the-art, paid for with American taxpayer dollars, while roads used by Palestinians are poorly maintained, with many military “checkpoints” which adds further misery to the lives of Palestinians.
        Any Arab or Palestinian who attempts to use “jews only” roads or thoroughfares is arrested and heavily fined.
        This policy even extends to “footpaths” which are designated by “jewishness”.
        Palestinians and other Arabs are forced to go through humiliating “checkpoints”, even being delayed for HOURS, if they are even allowed to pass, at the whim of the jewish “authorities”. This even extends to medical emergencies, where ambulances are routinely delayed by jewish authorities, “just because they can”.
        In Israel proper, and in the illegally occupied territories, Israeli officials make rules and laws as they go along, ignoring the (official) laws (rule of law) already in place.
        On a whim, any Israeli official can declare that a building, other structure, planted farmland, water wells, and other basic facilities owned by Palestinians are “illegal” and subject to destruction by Israeli forces.
        This even applies to buildings, lands, orchards and crop-producing lands which have been in Palestinian possession for centuries. All the Israeli military has to do is to declare the Palestinian-owned property to be a “military zone”. No other laws or permissions are needed to expropriate land from the Palestinians.
        Water is heavily restricted in Gaza and in the Palestinian areas while jewish settlements can use all the water they want.
        This is a continuing process that is forcing Palestinians off their land and facilitating the building of jewish “settlements” in the illegally occupied areas.
        Let’s turn to the treatment of Christians in Israel proper. In the tourist areas, jewish authorities try to keep the disrespect for Christianity to a minimum so as not to insult their Christian zionist tourists. In fact, the hatred for Christian churches, and Christians in general is so pervasive, it is not surprising to see jews “spit” when walking past a Christian church. Jews are experts at “graffiti”, calling it “price tagging” which they use to good effect as the authorities generally “look the other way” when the vandalism and destruction of Christian facilities by jews is going on.
        The Israeli authorities plan specific itineraries for Christian zionist groups and American politicians so they do not witness the overt, outright hatred that jews have for Christians, You see, “it’s all for show” when it comes to begging for American dollars from the American taxpayers and from these misguided Christian zionist groups.
        The irony of the situation is that the Palestinians who have lived in the middle east for centuries and even millennia are reduced to being unwelcome in their own land while jewish interlopers, most of them from the United States and Europe are overlords in Israel and in the illegally occupied territories.

        • Excellent post. Inasmuch as posting links appears to be defined as a ‘spam’ problem, if you remove the space in this link, it will take you to an article that helps explain more of the problem.

          https://highlander .com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Roman-Cincinnatus-A-Discussion-of-Israel-Jews-and-Zionists.pdf

        • Hi anarchyst,

          Which regular poster here has ever expressed support for “poor little israel” or defended its’ barbaric policies and practices? You still harbor the delusion that challenging any of your numerous evidence free assertions, or your blanket condemnation of the Joooos in general, is tantamount to supporting Israel, it is not. For the record, I believe that, by any reasonable definition, Israel is a theocratic, apartheid State. I also believe that some Jews are part of the global elite class that works tirelessly to advance its’ own agenda at the expense of us “mere mundanes”. This agenda is always peddled as “humanitarian” and “democratic”, but that is a cover.

          But, the same is true of the entire upper echelon of the US political structure. The unwavering bi-partisan support for Israel has little or nothing to do with concern for “poor little israel”, it is a convenient justification for the pursuit of global hegemony. Those members of the elite class in the US, most of whom are not Jewish, pushing this agenda have not been duped by the Jooooos into favoring the interests of Israel over the interests of the US. They care about their own interests, support for Israel advances those interests.


            • Hey Eric,

              Thanks! I appreciate the kind words.

              I’ve come to believe that the obsession with identity prevalent among some in the “alt-right” is a reaction to, and a mirror image of, the similar obsession among many on the extreme left. I also believe that this is largely a manufactured narrative, designed to create conflict. However, this does not mean that the foot soldiers do not believe that their obsession is based in reality.

              This narrative is extremely toxic and, while this sounds hyperbolic, a genuine treat to civilization. This narrative produces two extremely awful results. First, by pitting groups against each other (many of whom have shared interests), each perceived victim group seeks protection and compensation from the State. This enhances the power of the State, creates emotional dependency and undermines genuine self-rule (not in the fraudulent “democratic” sense).

              Second, it destroys previously held convictions and gradually subordinates every core principle to the identity obsession. For all their faults, many of the new leftists in the 60’s and 70’s genuinely believed in free speech and equality under the law. Now, their philosophical descendants are openly pushing for laws that criminalize speech and engaging in, or tolerating, the violent suppression of speech that they despise. They also favor a legal system that explicitly discriminates on the basis of race, “gender”, sex, sexual orientation, etc… Their obsession with identity and their belief in intersectionality, has culminated in the belief that free speech and equality under the law are nothing more than weapons wielded by the powerful against the oppressed.

              Likewise, many in the “alt-right” are former libertarians or anarchists who have become full blown authoritarian Statists. They assert, despite enormous historical evidence, that certain tribes are inherently incapable of living peacefully with other tribes (Jews). Or that certain tribes are incapable of adopting the virtues of Western civilization (blacks). Many have come to believe that their former commitment to voluntary, peaceful cooperation was at best naive and at worst based on a lie intended to render them docile and subservient.

              Take Chris Cantwell, at one time an interesting and provocative libertarian thinker; now a boring, authoritarian reactionary, prone to curious fits of weeping. Our very own anarchyst just claimed it’s time for “our country” to expel those parasitic, cancerous Jews. I’m really curious how he proposes this be done without violence.


          • “Which regular poster here has ever expressed support for “poor little israel” or defended its’ barbaric policies and practices?”


                    • Hi Mark,

                      “Its not a claim”.

                      Are you kidding? I’m being serious because I don’t understand how a rational person can give a clear, non-qualified answer to my specific question and then assert that it’s not a claim.

                      I asked anarchyst that question to emphasize the point that challenging his assertions and asking for evidence is not the same thing as supporting Israel. Curiously, you once seemed to express the same sentiment on this blog when you made a distinction between Judaism and Zionism, although I’m not exactly clear what you meant by this.

                      As for Jason, I don’t know him personally but I’ve read pretty much all of his posts. So, I already know his opinion on Israel.

                      Here’s a small sampling of his Jewish fellatio:

                      “Israel qualifies by any reasonable definition as a ‘terrorist state'”

                      “I strongly suspect that the crew of the Liberty ran across some atrocity being committed by the Israeli military.”

                      “We should not be sending Israel (or any other country) foreign aid and our politicians should not be kissing their asses.”


                    • Jeremy,

                      I think what needs to be done is to apply the same type of standard with Mark that he apparently uses against people he doesn’t like (such as Jews, or people who don’t share his hatred of Jews). Mark’s remarks make it clear he assumes that if a person has a Jewish background that is all that needs to be known about him or her – anything a Jew says is automatically assumed to be a lie, distortion, or fabrication. Ditto for any “gentile” who doesn’t agree with his assessment of the Jewish Problem. Such people are assumed to have been corrupted by Jews. (On the white nationalist sites this is usually referred to as having been “jewed.”)

                      In Mark’s case, rather than using ethnicity as a metric (which would clearly be collectivist and anti-libertarian), we should use a different type of measure. Mark has himself graciously provided a suitable identifying characteristic. He has told us everything we need to know about him by his use of the term “mud races.” Thus we can assume that everything that Mark says is a lie, a distortion, or a fabrication.

                      Aside from his rather bizarre preoccupation with Jews, Mark also seems to have some kind of fetish for sucking dicks. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  9. Censorship is easy to understand if you realize that you live on a plantation as a slave, and that the master (the government) can do whatever it wants to do to you and to other slaves.

    • Hi John,

      Indeed. And the fact that people are beginning to see the fences – and the farmers – is precisely why the suppression is becoming blatant.

      • I just watched your Jun 11 video on the VW. Very good, in my opinion. You seem to have a pretty good handle on what is important in cars.

        As an aside, one of my daughters just bought a 2019 Subaru Impreza and after reviewing its specs, I think it was a good purchase. I travel around in a 3/4 ton 20 year old Chevy truck, so I sometimes miss what is going on in the auto world, but I was impressed by what I saw as Subaru specs.

        Thanks for what you do.

  10. 100,000+ member civics groups in every county = only way to stop criminal dictators from continuing to have a field day on planet Earth. And each member gets to vote on everything via a website in their own home or at a polling place, and it’s fraudproof by putting a serial number (“voting ticket”) on every ballot — everyone picks their serial number out of a box so everyones’ votes are confidential.

  11. Any time a group or person has a monopoly they will use that power. I saw this coming in the late 2000s. FB, Twitter, Google, Youtube, et all were becoming THE GOTO sites. As soon as they established themselves they consolidated their immense power the multitude others gave to them. Sort of like older civilizations where killing someone would give you their life power.
    The Internet is a very powerful tool and the PTB know it. They allowed a lot of things they disliked until they got everything set up the way they wanted it. Now they’re dropping the hammer. Don’t be fooled,,, corpgov is completely behind this. They’ll talk the constitution BS but come on folks,,, we know that has been dead for decades. The sooner we admit that the sooner we can see things as they really are.
    After initial enthusiasm, then watching how it was starting to be abused by about everyone, I concluded that digital will be the downfall of the Free Man.
    This is just the beginning. When Corpgov comes out with Internet reform that will be the end of it as we now know it. They’re just waiting for the howling to get loud enough, Like when they declared the war on drugs,,, more drugs are used now then they were at the time and their laws are now being used against everyday Americans. This war allowed them to turn the police into a well armed internal military. Stealing from citizens from their asset forfeiture ‘laws’. The same will happen when they declare war on Internet abuse. Americans will cheer them on at first,,, then shortly after, the laws will be used against them. They do it every time. And get away with it!

  12. Eric,

    I tried sharing these thoughts earlier, but my comment disappeared. I’ll try to make it again; I’ll try to reconstruct it from memory.

    One, for video, a good alternative is, a rapidly growing site that appreciates free speech. David Knight’s, Alex Jones’, and Owen Shroyer’s shows are archived here; go to Unfortunately, the shows no longer play live there as they did when they were on YouTube.

    Secondly, we can-gasp-go DIRECTLY to websites themselves, guys! We don’t have to go through FB, Twitter, et al, for everything. We can still go directly to sites such as this one, thus bypassing the Big Tech platforms.

    Before I go on to my next point, let me say this: while I like Pres. Trump’s threat of using the anti-trust laws against Big Tech, it’ll take a long time-maybe too long. Though he should still pursue that angle, there’s a more immediate action he could take: revoke Big Tech’s Section 230 exemption. This would have a potent and immediate impact.

    Thirdly, by banning material they don’t like, FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc., ceased to be neutral platforms; at the moment they decided who and what could be on their sites, they became PUBLISHERS, Fellas! Why is this important? Because, as platforms, Big Tech enjoys legal protection from liability arising from what users say on their sites; this is more formally known as Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. If they’re publishers, then they can be subjected to lawsuits against what was published on their sites. If they want to act like publishers, fine; let them be subject to the CONSEQUENCES of being a publisher then! Let’s see if they still think censorship is cool when they get hit with some multi-million dollar lawsuits!

    Fourthly, there ARE alternatives to the Big Tech platforms. Recently, conservative bomb thrower Laura Loomer was on Alex Jones’ show detailing how she’d been banned off ALL big tech platforms; she was distraught, and I can’t blame her. She can’t publish anything on FB or YouTube; she can’t use PayPal; she can’t get rides with Uber or Lyft; and she can’t even order food with GrubHub. Her life, as she knew it, has been ruined.

    However, there was a time when these things didn’t exist. Because I’m older and grew up in that time, I never grew overly dependent on these platforms. For example, if I want food delivered, I simply call the restaurant directly. If I need a ride, I call a local taxi or car service. If we need to make or receive payments, checks and money orders are still available. I could go on, but you get my point. There was a time not so long ago when this stuff didn’t exist; we got along fine without it then, and we can do so again if necessary.

    Fifthly, there’s a SCOTUS decision that’s on point here, and it should be invoked. I’m talking about Marsh vs. Alabama, a 1946 decision. To make a long story short, a Jehovah’s Witness wanted to preach in the town square. Since this was a company town, that meant that the company owned the public square. The company didn’t like the JW preaching in the public square and prohibited doing so. SCOTUS said that, even if the public square is privately owned, THE FIRST AMENDMENT STILL APPLIES! Well, since the Big Tech companies are the 21st Century public square; since they’ve proclaimed themselves as such; then Marsh v. Alabama can and should be applied against them. Why isn’t Pres. Trump directing his AG, William Barr, to do this?

    Finally, Eric, the fact that you had an innocuous video pulled means you’re a target; you need to ask yourself how much longer you’ll be on WP. The Christian/conservative site,, used to publish on WP like you do. In August of 2018, WP just wiped out his page; he lost his site, all his posts, everything.

    Therefore, I would strongly urge you to do two things. One, back up EVERYTHING you have on here, please! It would be a shame to lose it when WP pulls the plug. Two, make arrangements to publish elsewhere for when the inevitable happens. The fact that YouTube pulled your video means you’re on the establishment’s radar, and they WILL do something about the target that is Eric Peters.

    Those are my random thoughts on Big Tech censorship.

    • Government only exists to create and protect corporate monopoly. Honestly, look at every law passed and you can trace its origin back to progressive corporate protectionism.

    • “Her life, as she knew it, has been ruined.”

      Isn’t that what Aaron Russo said his conversation with Nicholas Rockefeller was about? Being able to turn off those who don’t go along with the program?

      ” we can do so again if necessary.”

      The old ways are slowly being closed off.

      “you need to ask yourself how much longer you’ll be on WP”

      As I understand it there are two ways to do wordpress. One is to use their software on one’s own server the other is to be hosted by them. Best that I can determine Eric does the former. Now maybe WP can somehow exert some sort of licensing/update power but otherwise WP has about as much content power over Eric as Microsoft does in stopping any of us from using MS Word. Once you buy it, it’s yours to use. Of course that model of software is also under attack and going away, but it isn’t gone yet. As far as I know WP has only been wiping out those it hosts. For instance the site you reference was hosted at wordpress.

      I wonder at this point if usenet could be made usable again. It is decentralized system with no administrators. Anyone can set up a usenet newsserver, although they choose what groups to carry. The problem is usenet started to die as the public learned about the internet. AOLer’s, spammers, porn, etc destroyed usenet. Because there was nothing to stop them from using the groups incorrectly they did so and essentially destroyed it. People then fled to web forums, blogs, social media sites, etc. The solution, having owners, has become the problem.

    • I used to listen to AJ when he was showing us the ways corpgov was screwing us. This was in the late 80s and 90s. Today he is a wealthy snake oil salesman. He cries about censorship but one cannot comment on Infowars and they just stopped the commenting on Prison Planet. That is what I call mass censorship. Although he claims his site is alternative news,,, like Drudge and Zerohedge I see little difference between the articles their than on CNN or Fox. He is now a powerful Republican like another traitor,,, Limbaugh. I rarely go to their sites.
      Freedom sites like Eric’s or say MoonofAlabama are becoming very hard to find.

      • Hi Ken,

        Speaking just for me: I’m too got-damned contumacious and weird to sell out. I don’t play a convincing fraud – and money, to me, is not everything. The whole point – for me – to climbing the wall of the reservation and lighting out for the territories was (and is) to write and speak my mind.

        If I can’t, I won’t bother!

        • Keep this in mind,,,, they HATE principled cognitive people especially those that fight their agenda. And yes,,, Sadly, I had to look up contumacious… :))

      • I used to listen to him in the early and mid 2000s, and AJ WAS different back then. Back then, he was RIPPING GW Bush, and he deserved to be ripped. I took I hiatus from listening to AJ, and came back recently; he has changed, no question about it.

      • Jones went over the top during the Jade Helm exercise, claiming railroad cars with chains used to haul “patriots to underground chamber below closed Wal-Marts and the mysterious black barns where they were going to be tortured. It was a military take over of the country.
        The black barns were owned by Makers mark for aging whiskey. There were no rail cars with chains and there are no basements in Wal-Mart.
        Jones is a zionist shill. Just like Breitbart….both disinfo sites.
        He can continue selling fake male potency pills though.

    • The reason given for banning is hate speech against a protected group of people, not because they don’t agree with the political speech. As soon as someone happens to sarcastically mock another who happens to be in a protected class (pretty much everyone) they can be un-personed.

      Sneaky lawyering for sure, but proving intent in a corporate environment is increasingly difficult. And corporate lawyers have decades of practice defending discriminatory companies in employment and wrongful termination lawsuits.

  13. Eric,

    I just submitted a comment to this post, and it disappeared!

    That said, I have some thoughts about how you should react to Big Tech’s censorship. One, back up all your posts now. Two, make arrangements to publish elsewhere., a Christian/conservative site, used to publish on WP like you do. Last year, his page and all his posts were taken down. Since you’re preaching heresy; since Steven Crowder and other notable anti-statists have recently been banned; since you’re growing in popularity; you can’t be long on WP. Please, please, please back up all your posts and make plans to go elsewhere. With the way things are going, sooner or later, you’re going to be forced to do this.

  14. For video, there’s, where you can find David Knight, Alex Jones, and Owen Shroyer. Go to

    For search engines, there’s,, or The latter comes with the Epic browser, which DOESN’T track you-wow!

    Also, we CAN still-gasp-go to individual websites! We don’t have to go to Facebook, Twitter, et al for news. We can still go direct to sites like this.

    FB, Twitter, et al called themselves platforms, so as to not be held responsible for what their users say; they operate under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. By banning people, these outfits are now acting as PUBLISHERS, not platforms. If they want to act like publishers, fine; let’s TREAT them like publishers. Let them get hit with big $$$ lawsuits for content on their sites; after all, they’re PUBLISHERS now, so they’re responsible for the content on their sites. Let’s see if they want to continue acting like publishers after they get hit with some multi-million dollar lawsuits!

    That’s one problem I have with Pres. Trump’s anti-trust tack. Though he’s right; though that angle should definitely be pursued; it’ll take too gosh darn long-possibly too long to do any good. Why not lift their Section 230 protection instead? It’s immediate, and it’s punitive. Plus, we’re not regulating Big Tech; we’re merely subjecting them to the consequences of acting like publishers.

    I remember how Laura Loomer was upset on Alex Jones’ show recently, because she’d been banned from everything: YouTube, Twitter, Uber, GrubHub, everything. Since I’m an older person; since I didn’t grow up with all this stuff; I never grew dependent on it. Anyway, there are old fashioned alternatives to all these Big Tech platforms, and we functioned fine for many years without them. Why can’t we do it again?

    Those are my random thoughts on Big Tech censorship.

  15. Cable 3.0.

    Video is still hard to distribute. Still takes up a lot of bandwidth, still takes up a lot of storage. YouTube was an expeditious way to quickly get video distributed. And because it streamed video as it played instead of downloading it worked well over low bandwidth connections. Then once it got a little tractions it became easy to point people toward Even today ISPs talk about the benefit of high bandwidth network connections in how quickly you can download a movie, as if anyone actually does that anymore. No one downloads movies, they stream them. Your TV is only a little smarter than it was in the 1980s, but it certainly doesn’t store anything locally. Great for copyright holders, who can maintain control over their productions. Better for advertisers, because they can change content on the fly, get tons of viewer data back, and know that ads won’t be skipped. Fantastic for YouTube, because YouTube is the only game in town.

    But YouTube really isn’t all that good of a product. It’s just there because it has been there long enough for the network effect to take hold. It helps that it’s free as in beer for content creators, which is great for casual uploads like myself (I record club meetings and short clips I want to share with friends and family). But finding content is a horrible experience if you don’t know specifically what you are looking for. The somewhat random URL for all the video links is impossible to remember so you’re 100% reliant on search and other methods. Anyone who really intends to earn a living making online video content really should look elsewhere. Preferably running on a “platform” that they own themselves. For now that might not be possible, but the more Google, Facebook and the rest push the more incentive there is for a better solution. We see Gab and Mastodon starting to get a little traction for example. Mastodon especially looks interesting because anyone can set up their own server. And there’s still RSS and even email listservs. Sure, it’s hard for grandma and aunt Ginny to figure out something other than Facebook, but the whole process was pretty hard back in the day. Just need motivation to realize there’s more computing power in my desktop PC than ever, and most of it is just being used to run a web browser. Hell, even my phone is very capable of running a social media system locally, at least at the scale of my friends and family. But it can’t be monitored through advertising, so there’s no interest.

    But maybe the “free beer” model has run its course. I know I spend a ton of time on this site, and I support it with a monthly subscription that’s about what Facebook claims to generate in ad revenue per subscriber per year. Or maybe the porn sites will branch out, like Hugh Hefner, into political content. Lots of options for sure. Lots of opportunity for Uncle to cram the genie back into the bottle too.

    The network will route around blockages.

    • The old internet worked quite well once you figured it out. The problem is that the old internet was designed for decent people who knew how to behave properly. That is it was very libertarian. It was a high trust, high IQ environment. It broke down when the masses got connected to the internet.

      Hardware wise yes, my phone could run the services of those days and not even notice the load. I ran stuff on a 25Mz 28MB NeXT machine. The problem is they are all high trust systems. I remember when you could manually connect to sendmail and make fake emails from the command line. Of course nobody did that maliciously back then. Only for the occasional joke or fun.

      These decentralized old systems are easily attacked and made useless, which is what happened with spammers and idiots. So I don’t know if we could just go back to the old ways, the attackers would exploit the same issues. Then the decentralized nature would have to go away unless there’s a solution I am unware of. things like block lists and the rest on the user end are just a big hassle.

      • Well, I’m not really interested in communicating with the planet, the the people who are vetted by others. I don’t understand the allure of having millions of followers or following celebrities, even the ones who post risqué pictures and the like. But then I’m not the audience for E! and People Magazine either.

        We will figure this stuff out soon. But the transition is going to hurt. Media will lose so many eyeballs that will go to sites like this for their news and entertainment. Even now we see the quick decline of traditional TV -the prime time ratings of most networks are single digits these days, and don’t even look at terrestrial radio. Cord cutters are killing traditional cable tv. Meanwhile I see a whole lot more podcasting, and a few new faces at places like here.

  16. Google the following names: “Monika Schaefer”, “Ursula Haverbeck”, “Sylvia Stolz”, three martyrs sacrificed on the altar of the new state “religion”, “holocaustianity”. All three have been imprisoned for merely questioning certain claims of the so-called “holocaust”. See for yourselves what happens when you question “the holiest of holy” holocaust.
    To add insult to injury, Sylvia Stolz was prosecuted for merely defending her client, doing her job as a lawyer.
    I don’t expect many people to check this out, but if you do, you will not like what you find…
    TRUTH abhors censorship.
    Just WHAT are the “holocaust” promoters trying to hide?
    See for yourselves-if you dare.

    • Actually, the “Holocaust” was real. My grandparents had old newspapers from World War II with photos of skeletal-looking corpses being bulldozed into mass graves and long articles detailing the scenes of the death camps and labor camps. . My cousins and I found these papers are were totally shocked. Plus, we were taught about it in school. Why anyone would deny these historical facts is beyond me.
      Denying that it happened is exactly the same thing as communists/socialists denying or ignoring the hundreds of millions of their own citizens that the communist regimes killed in Soviet Union or in China/Cambodia and Southeast Asia.
      It is a fact that whenever governments OF ANY KIND acquire too much power, they abuse it, and all governments evolve toward greater power and eventually seek to KILL millions of so-called undesirables- that is you and me.
      The person who first thought up the idea of government should have been quietly strangled before he spread his evil idea to others. Government is like a pet snake. Never turn your back on it.

      • The “historical facts” that you mention are full of lies and fabrications. No one disputes that there were many deaths in WW2 or in the camps at the end of WW2. The skeletal remains photos were a part of a propaganda program to demonize the “losers”. Yes, there were piles of human bodies, but what the media of the day did not mention was that the deaths and emaciated bodies were a result of disease–typhus, NOT extermination. Context makes all the difference in the world. The only way to keep the shekels flowing is to keep the so-called “holocaust” alive. A question for you–why are jews pushing to criminalize any honest investigation into the “holocaust”? As “holocaust investigation has been criminalized in many countries, it would appear that they have something to hide.

        • The acid test is to convince someone who was there (whether inmate or guard) of these “lies and fabrications”.

          It is primarily non-Jews that are pushing to criminalize questioning the
          holocaust as part of a trend to outlawing any speech that can be in any way interpreted as “hateful” or “racist.” Germany is a special case in that they are extremely sensitive and over-reactive to anything the least bit reminiscent of the war and nazism. (A friend some time ago was hosting friends visiting from Germany who had brought over a model of the Hindenberg as a gift. Instead of the “twisted cross” on the tailfins it just had simple dots!)

          This is obviously the wrong approach, but politicians think they can just make laws to deal with every perceived problem. When all you have in your toolbag is a hammer everything looks like a nail.

          Of course every right-thinking person knows the Truth – that Hitler was benevolently relocating the Jews to a homeland he was having prepared for them in Madagascar, and the so-called “death camps” were simply staging areas. So the hebes had to ride “coach” in the trains, you can’t expect first-class accommodations in an en masse migration. The troubles came about when the Fatherland was the victim of vicious sneak attacks by Czechoslovakia and Poland. Having to divert all of Germany’s limited resources to its defense, the final stage of the migration to Madagascar had to be put on hold. As other European countries joined the invasion of the Fatherland it was simply not possible to provide the staging camps with needed supplies, resulting in starvation and disease that was in no way the fault of Germany.

          Anyone saying anything else is spreading lies and fabrications.

          • You would think that jews would be happy to see their WW2 “death totals” reduced, but such is not the case. They hold on to their “6 million” which has been easily disproven, as it forms the basis for their worldwide extortion program. Their “holocaust shrines” are turning into jewish-run “freak shows” in order to keep the shekels flowing and the sympathy for their (false) “plight” (eternal victimhood) alive. Any idea that requires government censorship and outright prosecution to keep from being disseminated is PROOF that it is false. The so-called “holocaust” falls into that category, as any dissension from the “official narrative” is now banned in many countries. TRUTH cannot abide censorship.

          • You are correct. When it comes to the jews (again), it is the “double standard” that they insist on, BUT ONLY FOR THEMSELVES that is the source of much of the angst, consternation, and yes, outright hatred that many people express toward them.
            If they fully embraced the societies that they are in, even as a minority, people would have no problem with them, but they refuse to fully assimilate, using their (mis) perceived “victimhood” as a shield against those who dare to question their aberrant behavior.
            Most people are unaware that there are communities here in the USA that are for JEWS ONLY, openly flouting “civil-rights” laws that they had a hand in formulating. Look up Kiryas Joel, New York. If you are a “goy” you are not permitted to purchase property or send your children to the “jews only” public schools. Not only that, most of the occupants are receiving “public assistance” despite being one of the wealthiest populations. If whites attempted to utilize the same practices to form their own communities, they would be shut down–jews would be crying the loudest about “discrimination” and “civil-rights”, BUT ONLY FOR THE GOYIM.
            This “double standard” that jews are so adept at using for their own advantage is being seen more and more as being detrimental to civil society

            • Hi anarchyst,

              Once again, you ascribe a trait common to all of humanity exclusively to the jews. It is true that some Jews believe in Jewish supremacy and apply a double standard to others. But, so do some Whites, some Blacks, some Asians, etc… Most, of any group, do not. The monolithic “Jew” that you keep ranting on about does not exist. Some Jews are guilty of what you describe, as are some whites, blacks, asians, etc…

              It is also true that it is culturally verboten to criticize nativist tendencies among some Jews or to suggest that “Jewish privilege” might be a thing. But, I believe that this is due more to the increasing anti-White bias permeating popular culture today than any “Jewish conspiracy”. You see, every group is not only entitled, but encouraged, to express racial and ethnic pride except Whites. Moreover, it is socially unacceptable to express racist or anti-ethnic views toward any group but Whites. This is a glaring double standard that, if continued, will exacerbate social discord.

              But, this is not a “Jewish” thing, it is what happens when identity obsession is nurtured and deemed of social value (except of course for Whites). Every oppression narrative has to have victims and villains. Currently White people are the villains and everyone else, to a greater and lesser degree, are the victims. You, Mark3, Jarhead Mike, etc… are playing your part of the “villain” perfectly.

              Again, paraphrasing Randolph Bourne, “class warfare” is the health of the State”. Those in power pushing this narrative need villains to promote the ludicrous idea that there exists a huge underground White supremacist movement ready to take over America. Congratulations, you’re it.


  17. In the near future , I can see the new legal advertising on tv. For example; Did you wake up in a bad mood? Has someone said anything to you that contradicts your ideal utopian world view? Has your feelings been hurt? Well we have good news! You can be compensated for your grievances by calling the offices of Crooke,Swindal and Steale. Call 1-800- SUE THEM and get a free no obligation case review. What these namby, pamby, limp wristed SJW’s need is a sock in the mouth and a foot in the ass!


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