AGW Escalation

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Here’s a video of a traffic stop in Tempe, AZ that neatly synopsizes the problem with what is styled “law enforcement” in this country.

Which is really: Kowtow to Our Authority.

A man is pulled over for a trivial traffic violation. The driver was on his way to the hospital t visit his mother and using the car pool lane. He explains this to the armed government worker who pulled him over – who treats the driver with contempt and derision, mocking his concern for his mother and thereby  gratuitously angering the driver, escalating the situation.

The AGW then mulcts the driver – issues him a “ticket” – rather than being a human being and issuing a warning and wishing him/his mom good luck (which would have de-escalated the situation but not been profitable).

The driver – upset now – spits at the AGW’s vehicle, which triggers a gun-drawn Hut! Hut Hutting!

The AGW curses the driver, slams him up against his car and – apparently – fractured his wrist. But the danger was greater than broken bones. The victim – unarmed – had a loaded gun pointed at him and pressed against him by an obese AGW who, at the same time, is shoving his bloated body against the driver’s. The gun could easily have discharged, even if the  angry fatty hadn’t pulled the trigger.

Mind: While spitting at an AGW’s car isn’t nice, it’s not illegal. It’s certainly not a “threat” to to the “safety” of the AGW. But it was a major affront to the AGW’s authority.

The AGW’s higher-ups issued the usual apologia – claiming the angry fatty “could not see what’s in his (he driver’s) hands…” gaslighting the unarmed victim, who was holding his insurance paperwork.

Had the AGW shot the man to death, it would have been claimed he “feared for his safety.”

All over nothing – and for nothing.

AGWs wonder why they’re despised by almost everyone – including people who’ve never committed any sort of real crime. But are sick and tired of seeing cries committed by armed government workers.

. . .

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  1. “Trooper couldn’t see what was in his hand?” so my guess is the trooper is blind because what he had in his hand certainly wasn’t a weapon.

    • The officer continues to struggle with the girl, not allowing her to stand up while asking her to put her hands behind her back.

      At one point, as Christiansen stands over the girl, gripping her arm, a school administrator intervenes, saying, “Officer Christiansen, she is not a threat to yourself or others.”

      Christiansen replies, “No. She is.”

      Eventually, the administrator tries to talk him down, saying, “Sir, we are not going to use excessive force to get this done.”

      Christiansen then yells, “We’re not excessive!”

    • You may notice old guys will often get out of the car when pulled over. 50 years ago it was reasonable, maybe even polite, to get out and talk to the cop. 50 years of drug war, deification of armed government workers in matching outfits and the general populations eagerness to trade liberty for (perceived) safety have made it so that getting out of your car when pulled over could be a fatal mistake, especially if you’re in a panic driving to an emergency. Fascism has nothing to do with racism. It is entirely about valuing the state, in particular the power of the state to impose its will, over the individual. By that definition this is a fascist culture and the trend is not yet slowing.

      • Hi bg,

        It wasn’t even that long ago. It was common practice to get out of the car and go talk to the cop back in the ’80s. I know it because I lived it and remember it because I did it myself, numerous times. The culture of Officer Safety! and Hut! Hut! Hut! dates to the new High Holy Day of Nahhhhhhnlevven and the Decidership of The Chimp. That inbred little sociopath did more to turn this country dark in eight years than his predecessors did in the previous 50.

        • eric, I couldn’t argue that. In fact, I’ve said same. I used to get out, license in hand and if he dawdled, walk back to his car, obviously unarmed, and wait for him to address me. They don’t much like to walk so accommodate em…..or that’s the way it used to be.

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes, but I’d qualify that. The AGW has been “trained” to equate it with being confrontational And by the way, why should it be justifiable to attack someone on that basis alone? One should be able to raise one’s voice – even yell and curse at – and AGW and not risk a physical attack solely on account of that.

      • I agree, but the reality is that, when pulled over, it’s best to stay in the car with your hands where the cop can see them. The reality is that he has the gun & badge, and we don’t.

        • Hi Mark,

          You’re right that it’s the (sad) reality now. But it wasn’t, once. And not that long ago, either…. Just think, when the Blues Brothers movie came out, the Hut! Hut! Hut! scene was considered absurd. Consider it now.

          • And so was SCMODS, which told Officer Hut Hut that Elwood was wanted for parking tickets, so giving an excuse to start the Hut Hut Hutting! If you told me I’d be paying for my muni po-po to have more computing power and comm connectivity than Gemini 8 in their cars, I would have laughed and thought “in what universe would a city gummint prioritize spending geedus on car computers and comm over cop cars and cops???” Well…

            • Adding normal text because the system thinks this is spam.

              BLUES, ELWOOD
              ILLINOIS LICENSE: B263-1655-2187
              MOVING VIOLATIONS : 56

  2. “AGWs wonder why they’re despised by almost everyone…”

    Eric –

    While I don’t disagree with your comment noted above, I have to say that this isn’t universal. I see a whole lot of COP WORSHIP that goes on to the point that I wonder if the worshipers have formed their own “church”. It’s that ridiculous.

    It takes one of these cop-suckers an actual violent run-in with the police before they change their minds (and it isn’t happening very quickly, that’s for sure).

    • To see the excuses they make, Jim, I don’t think even a violent interaction would change their mind. The most it would do would make them fall back to the “One Bad Apple” theory every time one of these videos comes public.
      The absolute pitifullness of their statements “Just obey their orders and submit a complaint after”, “You need to respect their authority”, “They deserved the beating for not showing the officer respect” makes my skin crawl.
      There’s all this talk about ‘civil disorder’ happening around the world and people say it’ll come here soon and I’m just shaking my head because of the collections of authoritarian worshipers and apathetic drones, mixed with people who just want to be left alone to go about their lives.


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