AGW Says: “I Have the Right to do Whatever I want!”

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In this video, we see – we hear – an armed government worker openly say what so many seem to believe (and act upon):

I am the law!

And you’d better obey.

This AGW commenced the Hut! Hut! Hut! routine because he felt the driver of the car was “suspicious.” There’s no law, however, criminalizing this – yet – probably because there are still embers of the remains of what was a relatively free country, not all that long ago.

“Suspicion” isn’t objective – and that’s why it isn’t illegal.

Not that this AGW cares about that. He has the gun – and the badge, which grants him the power to menace anyone he likes in a manner – and to a degree – that would rain immediate legal consequences down upon anyone without a badge who did the same.

Just by claiming the object of his attentions is “suspicious.”

But since it isn’t – yet – a criminal offense or even a infraction to be “suspicious,” the question arises: How did it come to pass that armed government workers are given a pass when it comes to obeying the law . . . which doesn’t empower them to Hut! Hut! Hut! people they claim are “suspicious”?

And what would have happened if the object of this illegal Hut! Hut! Hutting! had refused to obey the AGW’s illegal orders?

What if he had defended himself against the very clear threat to his safety presented by an armed and belligerent stranger acting outside the boundaries of his lawful authority?

We know the answer, of course.

But a different answer is needed.


. . .

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  1. Yet another fat slob with Robocop shades about to go into diabetic shock at any moment.

    The irony of this case is that he isn’t even on duty!!! Why is he wearing his department uniform and demanding a driver’s license for someone not operating a motor vehicle on a public highway???

    These people are nothing but the fat 5th grade playground bullies, 200 lbs heavier…

  2. I responded to someone’s comment on YT that said the second officer was a “good cop”. I explained to him that there is no longer such a thing as a good cop because they are now trained to treat everyone as a potential threat. Yeah, you can probably guess the response I got. But then again, I shouldn’t be too surprised since explaining to folks the truth about the government is like threatening to take a child’s parent(s) away from him.

  3. “How did it come to pass that armed government workers are given a pass when it comes to obeying the law”

    By allowing them to skate every time they exceeded their authority.

    Mr. Trump just pardoned a Seal for ordering his men to kill some folk in Afghanistan. There were eyewitness testimony and a military jury found him guilty. So the precedent is now set. Allowing a Governor / President to pardon is wrong when considering the supposed separation of powers. Yes, the Constitution allows it but still it’s questionable in my opinion.

    This sets the stage for the military to be exempt from judicial oversight just like the police.

    • Ken, countless other soldiers had seen him murder women and children for years but he still got off. He’s obviously crazy as hell but I bet no one has flagged him as being crazy…..with guns.

    • You got that totally wrong Ken. The Navy Seal, Edward Gallagher, was found not guilty of murdering the enemy soldier and was found guilty of taking a picture with his dead body. In fact, at his trial, his fellow SEAL admitted to “mercy” killing him by putting his thumb over his breathing tube. Edward Gallagher had actually tried to save the young Afgan! Trump did not allow the Navy to demote him to E6, he remains and E7. The 2 star Admiral tried to boot Edward Gallagher out of the SEALS and take his Trident, but Trump refused to allow that.

      • The Person has been charged for many crimes,,, a girl he killed and was let off. The military always defended him. The same happens with today’s police. Lt. Calley (My Lai, S. Vietnam) only served 3 years for a massacre after being found guilty and sentenced to life. President Nixon stepped in on his side and a long series of legal battles continued.
        To get a conviction in the military of soldiers doing heinous crimes is extremely difficult. This conviction, ever so small, was a miracle in itself. Again, like Nixon, the president this time went further and pardoned him,,, not on evidence, but simply because he wore the uniform.
        This uniform worship continues in both the military and law enforcement. I “served” and was in Vietnam (68-69) and have seen things happen that should probably not have. I do not think the President should step in, unless he has verifiable evidence made public, in any trial, civilian or military. It sets up a situation where the prosecutors won’t want to bother as the defendant will be pardoned.

        • I’m not going to thank you for your ‘service’ Ken, but I do applaud you for being a functional human being and having morals, unlike most who go through the government’s propaganda military camps.

  4. Who watches the watchers? Therein lies the problem. There really is no real independent oversight of these badge bandits that hold any authority to uphold said badge bandits to a high standard. So we get what we get…a rung above 3rd world federales.

    • Sounds like he must’ve had one too many, as well. Hell, when the guy asked him what he was investigating, he actually slipped and said “nothing”.

  5. Hi JWK,

    “The critical flaw in that otherwise brilliant document is that it DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY EXTERNAL MEANS TO ENFORCE IT”.

    The definition of government, “that entity which exercises a legal monopoly on the allowable use of force within a given area”, precludes providing any external means to enforce it (the Constitution), except for granting that power to a larger/stronger government, which never works well as that government cannot be legally limited. This is the critical flaw of all governments, no matter what is written on a piece of paper. All governments exist, by definition, outside of and above the law or, as you say, there exists no external means to bind it to the law.

    Kind Regards,

    • Could have declared the States decide what was allowed inside their borders, individually, granting power down instead of up. In any case, the “constitutional convention” was illegal on its face, since the Articles of Confederation made no provision for it to take place. Don’t be alarmed, I am a subscriber to NAP, and realize there is no such thing as “good” government, and never has been. Just trying to point out the error of those who think the adherence to the Constitution is a “good thing”.

      • Hi JWK,

        I agree with you completely, I don’t understand the Constitution fetishists who say if “we just got back to the Constitution, we’d be fine”. Even worse, when pressed on how we got so far away from it, they usually blame “us”, not the transparent absurdity of believing that words on paper can limit a government that maintains a monopoly on judging its own actions relative to the law. Also, as I’ve pointed out many times, if it’s up to “us” to maintain liberty and limit government, why do we need one at all? Such an institution will always work to expand its power and to thwart any efforts to limit it.

        “Could have declared the States decide what was allowed inside their borders, individually, granting power down instead of up”.

        They tried that by creating two houses of congressional representatives, one to represent the “people”, the other to represent the States, didn’t work for long. They also tried that with the 10th amendment. The former was formally destroyed by the 17th amendment, the latter has been rendered impotent through disuse and contempt.


        • If memory serves, Hamilton was the instigator of the coup that ousted the Articles in the fake Constitutional Convention and most of the Constitution work was done in secret. The Amendments were added because a couple of States would not ratify without some protections otherwise it would have been far worse.
          Just sayin….

          • Ken, Rhode Island, Virginia and New York only joined with the right to withdraw whenever they desired. We probably all think this applies to any state by proxy.

            Texas joined as a republic and maintained it’s sovereignty. It’s simply a clusterfuck now with the Norther War of Aggression writing official history and people believe there is no right to withdraw. People will believe anything and the more ridiculous it sounds, the more they like it.

    • The Militia was the defender of the Constitution. It is supposed to put down revolts and defend the nation. In the early 1900’s (I think 1906) it was unconstitutionally replaced by the US. National Guard. The militia was the People. The Guard are auxiliary’s of the military. Other than the Navy only the Militia is recognized by the Constitution. This removed any threat of the States taking things into their own hands when dealing with a tyrannical national government. The 17th amendment removed all the remaining power of the States.
      Of course the Constitution is gone forever. Replaced by a government that does what it wants.

    • The only way to enforce the COTUS is what James Madison, its father, said: it’s only for a MORAL & RELIGIOUS people, and unsuitable for the governance of any other.

  6. The catastrophic truth of this incident is, the AGW was absolutely correct. Regardless what is legal or not, the one with a gun, and the authority to use it, CAN do whatever they want. Your only options are die now, or try to gain recompense in a court system that rarely will oblige you, or punish the offending AGW. While the 14th amendment guarantees “equal protection under the law” (your rights are equal to the AGW’s), we all know that the constitution is a dead letter. The critical flaw in that otherwise brilliant document is that it DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY EXTERNAL MEANS TO ENFORCE IT. It leaves the fox in charge of the hen house. One of FDR’s SCOTUS appointees, I forget which, openly stated “The Constitution says what we say it says”.


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