Hut! Hut! Hutting! Now… and Then

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Watch this video and then the one below; see whether you notice anything in common. Here’s the first one, of the Massachusetts staatspolizei.

And here’s the other, taken outside Speer’s New Reichchancellery:

The more things change… they more they don’t.

What was the point of fighting that war, again?


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    • Hey Brian!

      Yeah, and they call their lairs “barracks” just like the military……

      Hey, but it’s not just traffic stuff…they also entrap dudes who think they are meeting up with under-age sluts…..

      Can’t use the military on our own shores? No problemo! Just hire some thuggish morons and give ’em different uniforms and call ’em ‘police’- problem solved! Oh, and the one thing our government should be doing- protecting our borders- they don’t…but Trump talks about it a lot and has promised for years that he’ll actually do something (He’s going to make Mexico pay for it too, ya know…and I’m sure that the check is in the mail!).

      • Nunz, the check was in the mail when Obamer was king. Then they did a backaround. All of a sudden the check was overdrawn….when Trump became king. Damn, we need a new king. I just love bowing to the throne.

      • The Founding Fathers would be aghast at today’s militarized “civilian” police. It doesn’t help that they preferentially hire veterans with COMBAT experience. I’d have no problem with that, but too many of these cretins in the past twenty years or so evidently didn’t get enough “trigger time” in Fallujah or Kanahar. And you wonder how many of these buzz-cut morons were kinda “questionable” in the Army or Marines as it was?

  1. Not to mention the ongoing “investigation” into how corrupt these gestapo wannabes really are. Dozens have been fired or suddenly retired over falsification of their time sheets, putting in for shifts/details never worked and assorted other thefts from the public they supposedly “serve and protect”. Meanwhile all the politicians run for cover and pretend nothing happened, just shows who’s really in charge. The head honcho even got to retire with a six figure pension after only about twenty years of “service” , every one of these thug thieves should be in jail. Most of the people here do treat these a-holes with the contempt they deserve but I’m sure that doesn’t affect their bank account.

  2. In a nutshell:

    Anyone willing to take up arms in service to some group of men who claim authority over everyone else, and thus abandons their personal responsibilities to morality, conscience and their neighbors, become the tools of evil and oppression- monsters who are nithing more than conscienceless machines who can be commanded to carry out what ever evil deeds those who command them desire. It matters not the geographical location or what the group calling the shots calls itself or professes as it’s political philosophy- it’s all the same- including the rhetoric which they use to justify their bullshit and help convince the participants that their service to evil is somehow good- including the pomp and uniforms and other charades and rituals, which serve to legitimize what they are doing in the eyes of those who are too stupid and bereft of decency to notice or care that the violence and injustice they do to their neighbors is not justified nor atoned for by reenacting some ballet.

  3. Campaign hats: Those freak’n campaign hats.

    You have to be a major ass hole to willingly get up every day and put one of those on your head.

  4. All militaries have similar drills, parades, and ceremonial formations. I’ll have to admit, from a military standpoint, the MSP was pretty impressive, especially the ceremonial rifle drill with the chromed M1 Garands.

    But… THE MSP IS NOT A MILITARY UNIT. Or, at least, not SUPPOSED to be. Yet they are, for practical purposes. The Founders of this country, who threw the British Army out of Boston, would absolutely shit themselves if they saw what police have become today — a standing army. We all know what the Minutemen at Lexington and Concord would have done to the MSP, whose job includes violating the Second Amendment rights of the people on a daily basis.

    “Cradle of Liberty,” my ass.

    • Hi X,

      Exactly. It is no longer any exaggeration to make the comparison I did in the post. The MSP looks – and drills – just like the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler.

      • Now everybody sing along. I want a girl, just like the German girl who married dear old dad…….

        When I first tried my hand at electrical work, I worked for a friend who had some customers who were widowed Germans who outlived their GI husbands. A couple of these, esp. one, were real ball breakers.

        We went to one’s house to service her window units for the coming summer. She had a table with a vase and a light on it. We moved it to the side since it was in front of the a/c unit, service the unit as well as all the rest and left.

        We had barely gotten back to the store when she called. She was pissed. We had “ruined” her lamp. We look at each other and laugh cause we didn’t give a shit and neither did the boss but we knew we had to go face the firing line. We go back and sure enough, the lamp doesn’t work. We unscrewed the bulb, shook it to hear the broken filament rattle, got another bulb off the truck and put it in the lamp and turned it on. She was still miffed even though her already burned out bulb was replaced at no cost to her. There was no “thank you” or even KMA. We were DISMISSED. We get back to the pickup and started laughing and asking how the other would like to be married to someone like her.

        We were at anothers house installing a ceiling fan. The house had high ceilings and it was a pretty warm day. We’re both on a ladder and sweating to beat the band. She wanted to know why we were sweating, a sin I suppose. It was cool in her house she said. We tried to tell her it was cool 6 feet down where she was but it certainly wasn’t cool at the ceiling. She gave us one of “those” looks. Some people in their hubris of being superior are very laughable. They’re all over.

      • Actually, Eric, the Waffen-SS had strict rules of engagement re: civilians in occupied countries, Oradur-sur-Glane notwithstanding. The Sturmbannfuhrer, Adolf Diekmann, who is believed to have perpetrated the massacre of 642 civilians (in response for a fellow SS officer of the same rank and three other men, after capture by the Maquis, being handcuffed in their VW staff car and the vehicle set ablaze) had acted of his own volition, i.e., he wasn’t acting on orders from his superiors. In fact, Herr Diekmann was recommended for a court-martial by his C.O. and the Division C.O., then SS-Brigadefuhrer (he ended the war as an SS-Gruppenfuhrer, or Major General) Heinz Lammerding concurred. However, before a court-martial could be convened, as the Das Reich Panzer Division was rather busy in Normandy at the time, Diekman and about half of the men involved at Oradur were killed in action, so no further investigation was held.

        The French Government under DeGaulle requested extradition of the 65 known survivors of Das Reich involved at Oradur in 1952. Forty-four of them were in the DDR, which would not extradite them to France, of the remaining 21, 14 were Alsatians, that is, men who’d were part of that hapless province that was forcibly swapped between France and Germany several times between 1870 and 1945. The 14 Alsatian young men protested that they’d been conscripted against their will; this did them no good as they were convicted along with the “German” lads and all received stiff prison sentences. This caused an uproar in Alsace, and DeGaulle subsequently pardoned them, which likewise caused an uproar in that region of the NW part of France’s “Massif Central”.

        The former commander of Das Reich, SS-Gruppenfuhrer Lammerding, was wanted by France also, having been sentenced to death “in absentia” there, but he’d already been convicted of other “war crimes” by a West German “De-Nazification” court and was in prison at the time. When he was released in 1956, the position of the FRG was that he’d fully paid his debt for his crimes and they would not honor an extradition warrant for him, especially since he was under a death sentence. To do so was expressly against the law in West Germany and remains so even after unification. The French government threatened to send commandos to kidnap Lammerding, but he died in 1971 without being returned to France, voluntarily or otherwise.

  5. WWII was entered to dethrone Britain and crown the US as the new hegemon of the world. Most of the worlds wealth flowed to America so the dollar posing as gold became the world currency. America will be dethroned soon with China being the likely candidate for the next hegemon.
    American police have been nationalized by Federal money and the legalization of civil robbery. This is how they can afford new tanks, armament, vehicles, and personnel. Their new purpose is to further government agenda protect the government and maintain status quo.

  6. We fought that war to determine which set of Sociopaths In Charge would get to sit on top. And at the end, the most successful SICs got nuclear weapons, which kind of makes worrying about anything else pointless. The way they keep poking Russia in the eye with a sharp stick, Doc Strangelove may already have an office.

  7. It’s hard to believe Massachusetts was once know as the “Cradle of Liberty”.

    I’ve been here 8 years know, and I still haven’t gotten used to the sports team obsession and State worship.

    A guy I work with once told me that speeding past a parked porker running radar is disrespectful to the cop!

    I might as well live in California. Same screw-ball attitudes with much better weather and scenery.

  8. Good little nazis. I will say though…the German SS was at least fit…did you see some of those MSP SS? I guess the body mass index standards have increased. Someone has to test the donuts for freshness I guess.

  9. Blue Collar, White Collar, Goose Step Boot.
    What term do we apply to the working class that puts on Jack Boots every day (IRS, Postman, robo cop, etc) ?


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