The Dashboard Mother-in-Law

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Who needs a mother-in-law along for the ride when she’s built into the dashboard!



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  1. Just wait until automated driving is in full swing. Then we won’t be allowed to “drive” anywhere during certain hours, or when it’s raining outside due to sensors not being able to function properly.

    • “Is there any way of disabling eyesight?”

      Yeah, just pour some bleach into your eyes. That’ll do it! 😅

      But seriously, the best way I can think of is to probably rip that camera/sensor/whatever it is right out the dashboard! Funny how people dread having a “backseat driving” mother-in-law, yet are willing to pony up several grand for an artificial counterpart.

  2. Spy-Ware for convicting you of non-PC driving. Plus, audible warnings while driving will require your attention to leave the road to check the warnings that are constantly screeching at you. What a self-fulfilling fallacy is that?? The only option, if you want to keep you attention on the road, is to ignore all the GD warnings. Either case is self-defeating, which does not surprise me in the very least. I believe you are 100% correct, Eric, when you say that modern car features are intended to discourage driving altogether. Damn if I would pay any price for a car that constantly irritates the crap out of me!

  3. Unfortunately, the current quality of driving skills, or lack thereof, actually justifies this crap. At least half can’t even manage to use a turn signal properly.

  4. A take off on one of my favorite movies….. Gumball Rally!

    Raul Julia: Whatsa behind you notta matter!

    Today per auto manufacture: Whatsa behind you or beside you notta matter!

    Keep eyes on the road,,, don’t turn your head to pull into a parking lot,,, don’t look for folks in a blind spot,,, don’t look at the man waving a flag,,, don’t look at the children playing ball as you approach…
    If I followed that line I would have been dead years ago.

    • ken, I had a friend truck driver with summa that safety bs. He was in a traffic jam on a multi-lane interstate and a car whipped across his lane and he didn’t hit it only because he saw it and slammed on the brakes. His phone immediately rang with the home office chewing his ass for using brakes that way. He was doing 15mph when the idiot did his cut across.

      That’s the very reason I detest driving in large metro areas with several lanes. The locals driving4 wheelers do insane shit left and right. I was in one lane in the D/FW metroplex one day and the other company driver was in the other middle lane. This Dodge pickup got so close to his rear it was hard to believe he didn’t rear=end him, his idea obviously to collect an insurance paycheck. When the other lane was clear I moved into him and caused him to have to move to the other unoccupied lane. I gave him a harsh look and a middle finger so he went on. Then I called the other driver and asked him to follow me since he had a smaller rig and load and could stop faster. We made it to the two lane interstate like this without enough distance between us(something neither desired)for a car to get in. And that’s the shits of driving a truck these days. Too many people looking to make a wreck and the truck driver is always at fault when the cops get there unless you have a dashcam, the very reason so many truckers have them and use them as a CYA device.

      • That’s the very reason why I have a dashcam. It’s such an invaluable tool for me, that now it’s hard for me to drive without it.

        • Another old driver and I were having a conversation and we both said we spent more time checking our mirrors than looking ahead. I’ve had a car whip up under my trailer and luckily not touch it. I was holding my breath and waiting for the crunch when I whipped out. We counted 13 Mexicans in it, the reason it was so low to the ground other than being old. The CB went wild after that display. We were just waiting for a chance to stop and drink a cold one and let the traffic die down. Nothing like trucking in late afternoon Houston traffic where the 4 wheelers won’t let you leave a safe distance and it’s always when there’s big increases in speed and and then jam on the brakes.

    • I agree! Driving is not as cut-and-dry as our dear leaders want us to believe. There are indeed times that it is necessary to glance away from the windshield for a split second. Like checking your mirrors prior to making a lane change, for instance.


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