Hut! Hut! Hutted! Without a Warrant

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On August 20, 2018, the Yañez family of Salt Lake City, Utah was eating dinner when more than a dozen armed government workers in full Tacticool drag surrounded their home and demanded entry. The agents claimed to have a warrant but would not produce one despite repeated requests from the family.

When the family refused to let the AGWs enter without first seeing the warrant, the AGWs commended Hut! Hut! Hutting! – forcing their way in with battering rams and attacking the family. The AGWs tackled the mother, Maria, with a riot shield and pinned the father, Munir, to the ground and repeatedly shocked him with a Taser. They also pointed an assault rifle automatic rifle at a child before handcuffing him; two other children to leapt from the kitchen window to escape the Hut! Hut! Hutting!

According to the subsequent lawsuit filed against the Division of Adult Probation and Parole:

AP&P agents had approached the Yanez family several times about the location of their oldest son. That son had not lived with the family for quite some time. When agents arrived at the house again on the night of the incidents, the family refused to let them inside without a warrant and demanded that the agents leave the property. Instead, more and more agents, including some wearing body armor and carrying assault-style rifles, arrived at the home and escalated tensions by falsely telling the Yanez family they could enter their home at will. When the family refused to let them enter, the agents surrounded the home, broke down the front and back doors simultaneously using extreme force, and detained the family members, including children. The person the agents were looking for was not in the home.

The complaint also alleges that “the agents stole $7,000 in savings that the Yañez family planned to use to pay for their only daughter’s Quinceanera party”; that agents taunted Yañez, who is a U.S. citizen, on the way to jail telling him that he’d “be back in Mexico tomorrow”; that Garcia saw agents place a kitchen knife where her adult son had been tackled and handcuffed in an effort to justify his arrest; and that Garcia was told she “must know where her son is because you are a Latina.”


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  1. Too funny that a Secret Service ad shows up in this article. As if they are the answer to government sponsored terror through law enforcement using the threat of moral violence.

    I personally believe we are past the point of peaceful resistance when political tyrants are actually passing laws that completely and utterly destroy the fundamental rights established in the Declaration of Ind., Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    War is when the government corporation tells you who the enemy is. Revolution is when you figure out for yourself, who the enemy is.

    The Tree of Liberty is thirsty.

      • After WWII was actually when a lot of the evil came into the US. We “forgave” and took in a bunch of Nazis after the war because we wanted their science, but not just rocket science – things like mind science, drugs, probably the occult, and so forth. Our bosses knew their bosses had knowledge on how to snow the general populace, and were only too eager to take advantage.

          • X it was expediency and the use of countless Russian lives instead of the rest of the Allies. Patton saw the use of some German armies to defeat the USSR and he was probably right. It would have saved a long, drawn out cold war that was less than cold.

          • Hi X,

            In re Stalin and WWII. Indeed. Kids are taught the Germans started WWII by invading Poland, a war of aggression against a peaceful state. Very few kids know about the Ribbentrop-Molotov deal and the agreement by the Germans and the Soviets to partition Poland; that the Soviet Red Army also invaded Poland a few weeks after the Germans to claim their share of the country.

            War was not declared upon Soviet Russia and while Ribbentrop was hanged as a war criminal, Molotov lived a long life and died of natural causes in his bed.

            • eric, probably no one is taught the twisted path of the Soviets, Germany, Finland and Norway and how Finn’s fought in both the Soviet and Germany armies when the allied Soviet/Germany pact broke down.

              It’s amazing the Finland didn’t end up in total ruin and Norway too. The Soviets were too confident of easily taking Finland and then allied with Finland just as the same happened with Finland and Germany. It’s a real head-scratcher to this day. I’m sure Fin history is varied all through the timeline beginning 1940 on to the end of the war with the Axis.

              • Amen, Eight!

                Much of the credit goes to the savvy of Mannerheim, who defeated – or at least, badly bloodied – the Red Army and then kept the krauts from sucking him full-in on their side.

                Mannerheim was one hell of a guy!

                • Yep eric, and he resigned before the first battle with the Soviets and then came back and led them through that complicated shitstorm.

                  During the entirety of WW11, the severe cold weather was hell on invaders and so it ended up being hell on the Soviets and Germans no matter if they were allied or enemies.

                  The siege of Moscow was more of a siege on both armies with the Soviets having an advantage of dealing with that sort of cold more than the Germans.

                  Every time I think about that war I’m amazed of the sheer numbers of casualties everywhere.

                  I might have said this before but a guy I worked with was in the Battle of the Bulge. He said when it was over they separated the regular army and the SS, took the SS to a big field and mowed them down with 50’s. They had some really hard feelings for the SS….and for good reason.

                  He’d shit a brick if he were still alive to see the SS is alive and well in this country in every town and state. The difference goes to the real SS who weren’t all cowards.

  2. Regular people are guilty. Just take you pick of charges. If they weren’t guilty, then why would they get fucked up so much by the cops. It’s circular reasoning but it works for them, not so much for their victims.

    And just to think, we have Clintons, Anne Richards, Perry, All the Bushes, and everyone they employed plus Obama to than for the way this country is.

    I didn’t mean they started this. But before WW11 there wasn’t this sort of thing happening constantly. There’s a long list of criminals in office to blame for what this country has become.

  3. So who were the criminals in this incident? Like “sobriety” checkpoints and asset forfeiture, this is a criminal act. They are required by law to produce the search warrant BEFORE beginning the search, thus allowing the occupant to produce the “items or persons to be seized” before they tear down their house. There wan’t any “justified fear of disposal of evidence”. In a just world the ONLY time such tactics would be used is in a hostage situation.

  4. All this hate and discontent when we should pity our cops. Like the two AZ cops getting retirement disability, they will soon enjoy the same when they report their PTSD to the city psychiatrist. Poor things,,, all that stress tasering and threatening innocent citizens. What a tough job.