Live From Corona Country VIII (Part 1 &2)

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This is my first post-lockdown video and I am ecstatic to report that not everyone is locking down. Life is being lived! God bless my fellow Virginians who are not Corona Cringing under their beds – and giving up their lives!

Also, the bodies are still not stacking up like cordwood at the regional trauma center; the place looked closed, practically.

It makes you wonder, as INXS used to say…

. . .

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  1. I had a colleague at work who was unfortunate enough to be photographed by a local journalist shopping for produce while wearing an N95 mask (she has asthma). The resulting newspaper article caused her to receive death threats and hate mail, accusing her of “hoarding” masks and people even called her boss to complain.

    Compliance with “social distancing” fatwas has been a virtue-signalling display on the left now.

  2. You think its bad now, wait until folks that no longer have a job start getting hungry. Hunger and thirst are the only motivators more powerful than sex. The death rate from not eating is 100%. People will come out of their house, and they won’t be happy. We’ll get marshal law that makes the Gestapo and the SS seem like boy scouts.

        • Well, Mike C. That is a reflection of your own character- (Does the “C” stand for “Clover”?)- to care more about semantics than the actual message. Such mistakes can be easily made, even by those who know better, in the heat of expressing the thought at-hand. I’ve committed that very one myself at least once. (Granted, I’m not exactly Chaucer….)

  3. FYI, Mike Pompeo openly admitted during a recent press conference that this was a “live exercise.” This was all prepared for during Event 201 which took place on Friday, October 18, 2019 8:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. The Pierre hotel New York, NY. You can visit the Event 201 site and browse through the material for yourself. The Resources page is particularly interesting as are the sites you’ll get to by looking at the sponsors. This is all just a drill, a diversion. Furthermore, the numbers out of Europe, Italy in particular, are now being revised and are significantly lower than reported. The wheels are already starting to fall off of the Plandemic bus!

    • Not to mention that Event 201 nearly perfectly predicted the current “pandemic” and its effect. So, I guess Bill Gates et al are either prophets or the social engineers of this “pandemic”.

    • From the beginning, I believed – and said, openly, to customers at my job – that this felt like watching a bad movie, where the script-writer knew where they wanted the story to go but couldn’t really figure out a reasonable, suspension-of-disbelief-preserving way of making it go there, so instead they just arbitrarily made the necessary events happen with little to no plausible explanation. That’s how it felt watching the crisis advance – like stories were breaking and statements were being made with little to no connection to what was actually happening on the ground.

      • SC, I know how you feel. I did something I haven’t done in ages….took a whole klonipin a few minutes ago. I was exposed to some lying tv a the doc’s earlier today. I nearly had a fit listening to the lies. Our tiny, local clinic has all these extra people and there’s virtually no patients, just staff and several I’ve never seen who didn’t know their way out. At least the people in my tiny population county are seemingly unaffected. Nearly no people in town, as usual. Plenty truck traffic of all sorts. Grocery stocked to the rim. I noticed I didn’t see any kids alone and the school is closed.

  4. Its an unearthly hour for me, I am unable to sleep, hence this commenting after seeing the video.
    In my home county ruled by supposedly staunch conservative republicans, it is the exact same situation. I brought this up to highlight that this control-mania knows no partisan bounds.

    • Hi Ma-sh,

      It’s very important to defy this tyranny being asserted before it becomes tyranny accepted, forever. The current “lockdown” may lift, eventually – but if we let this one stand, more will be imposed. Some may recall that shortly after the “Homeland” Security apparat was erected, they actually tried to impose a “freeze in place” order at airports. On command, people were expected to . . . freeze like statues and not move until told they could. That was a bit too far, even after Nahhhnnnlevven – and they stopped trying to establish the practice.

      I am going out again today, in defiance of Coonman and for the sake of an important principle. If enough of us do the same, this “lockdown” becomes unenforceable and a joke, as it ought to be.

      • Though traffic isn’t back to normal levels, there was enough on 519 that I couldn’t really open up my Focus and run fast as I wanted. That’s glimmer of hope, I guess…

          • eric, I went to the store Sat. I didn’t have to go but there were a couple things we needed. The only sign there was out of the ordinary was a sign that asked you to limit yourself to a dozen eggs. Went back Monday because I was near and needed a few other things, like some more jalos(seems we need them no matter how often we buy), got some more eggs and ice cream(truck has just run and it was fully stocked). Oh, the bread aisle was pitiful but we keep bread in the freezer so no biggee. In fact, we keep a lot of just about everything.

            I ordered another 250 lbs of cat food from Sam’s just because it was on sale.

            Being a + member I get free shipping on most things although not fresh food.

            But to show you the difference in rural Texas and other places, Sergie Dractev, a heavy hauler trucker with his own YT channel was in Amarillo last week at the Flying J. He was freaking out everybody was acting just like it was another day. He’s Russian and is from Canada and believes all that bs just like it’s the truth.

            I’d had to drive into Dallas for any reason. A couple days ago they sent the Texas Nat. Guard into Dallas to do house by house inspections. I can’t make this shit up. I was stunned by it and if I lived in Dallas, they’d be stunned to find nobody home. I’d have loaded up and driven the vehicles away and taken a taxi back and locked the doors and turned out the lights. Can’t leave the cats and can’t take them all.

            I was looking at one of those new tactical flashlights you can start a fire with. I know they really work cause my buddy I buried last year had one. He dropped it into his recliner and before he could get out and get it, the recliner was beginning to burn. They cause permanent eye damage. The silent automatic weapon.

            But people here in my county pay no attention to the corona crap and take it for the bullshit it is.

      • Still working here (since we’re “essential”) but took the morning off to go shoot some clay pigeons with my son & boss. There were 4-5 others shooting pistols & rifles. No respirators in sight.

    • Ma-sh, any differences between the parties, is purely to maintain an illusion for the public. One woos the liberals…one woos the conservatives….but they both end up doing the exact same things. Notioce how the wars for Israel never end; our liberties keep eroding, etc.

      Trump, for one example, while giving lip service to the Second Amendment, because such is necessary to court non-Democrats- has actually done more to destroy our 2A rights than anyone since LBJ.

      It’s all just a show to pacify the public, and keep them participating.

      • Hey Nunz,

        I coined this phrase over twenty years ago, “they pretend to disagree, so we can believe we have a choice”.

        Also, the US does not conduct “wars for Israel”, it conducts wars for American hegemony. Israel is merely the perpetual excuse.


        • Hi Jeremy!

          Great phrase, that!

          But we do disagree about the hegemony. We are clearly Israel’s bitch. The amount of resources we devote to their wars; the support we give their terrorist state while decrying the actions of other states which do much less, or are usually just defending themselves; and that we let Israel dictate so much of what goes on here…..well, to call that ‘hegemony’ is like calling Obamacare “free-market affordable care”.

          • Hey Nunz,

            We will probably always disagree about this but the idea that the power elite in the US supports Israel against its own interests is absurd. Perpetuating the idea that Israel always faces an existential threat to its existence does serve the interests of Israel, but that is not why the US propagates this narrative and supports Israel. It does so because it desires a perpetual excuse to be involved in the Middle East, Israel provides that excuse.

            The mainstream narrative, “the US has a “responsibility to protect (R2P)” and support Israel because “if we don’t, she will wiped from the earth by by her implacable enemies” is understood as nonsense by most who post here. But, the alternative narrative, “the US is controlled by the Joos and do their bidding against the interests of the SIC (hat tip to JWK), is also nonsense.

            Yes, the US disproportionately favors Israel and conducts wars, dispenses loot and enacts policies that benefit the SIC of Israel against the interests of “us”. The question is why the power elite in the US do so? Let’s see, maybe they do this because it serves their own interests, provides a perpetual excuse for perpetual war, and all the crony profits derived from that, and keeps an avalanche of campaign money flowing into the coffers of avaricious politicians. Or, they do so because the nefarious Joos have bamboozled a bunch of otherwise decent, White Christian folks to do their bidding against their own interests.

            The US is not Israel’s bitch, they are co-conspirators, but the US is definitely the senior partner.


      • Nunz, discussing who would do what when Clinton and Bush 1 were running. I asked my older friend who was ex CIA what he thought each would do. He replied “The same thing”. That said it all and BC even ran on the precept he’d pass NAFTA, a bill written by Bush 1, if he got the win. And so it went, rapidly.

        • ‘Zactly, Eight!

          Call it “The Green New Deal” or call it “The Corona Stimulus”- They ALL voted for it; and while the premises it’s based on my be different….the money ends up going to the same players; the government grabs more power; the economy ultimately goes down the crapper (maybe delayed a hair, until the newest band-aid falls off) and we are the poorer for it, and ultimately, it will just makes things that much worse.

  5. While locked down in Corona country, Virginia residents with time on their hands could benefit from going to unz dot com and reading fellow Virginian Philip Giraldi’s article titled Virginia Goes Zionist.

    It describes the astonishing VIAB (Virginia Israel Advisory Board), embedded into and funded by the state government to promote the interests of a foreign state.

    Board member Eileen Filler-Corn, a leading advocate for Israel [and for gun grabbing], recently became the first woman to become speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates.

    Sucks to be a colony …

    • Hi Jim,

      Off topic a bit, but my teeth always ache when I come across one of those Hyphenated People, like Ms. Filler-Corn. Will her progeny be Triple Hyphenated People? Ms. Filler-Corn-McKneeslap-Jones? Oops, that’s the generation after the Triple. It’s an axiom that when you encounter a Hyphenated Person you have encountered a Clover.

      • It’s mainly a feminist thing. I knew a dude in high school that had a hyphenated surname. He was not a Soy Boy, but rather a white knight. His mother worked for some communist/feminazi organization in DC, I think.

        By the way, “Filler-Corn” sounds very gross!

  6. Traffic is light in my area (we have the stay home thing too). But there are people out there. I am still going to work (how much longer is becoming a question unfortunately). My commute time has been cut in about HALF! From about 35-40 minutes to 15-20 minutes. Setting the alarm about 10 minutes later tomorrow. Seems to be far fewer bad drivers out there as well (could that be due to most old and young being at home?)

    A friend and his wife plan on driving around on the weekend to downtown Chicago, just to see how deserted it is. Could be interesting since they will be sporting Indiana plates on their car, and the wacko mayor has closed down most of the public spaces in the city including the lakefront and trails. I wonder if he will be hut-hutted or not for daring to drive there (especially with out of state plates). i guess we will see…….

    I think the long term repercussions from this will be far worse than 9-11 was.

  7. The citizen tyrants around here are on social media commanding my city to enact a “stay-at-home” order. Never mind there’s only 44 friggin’ cases in a county of over 200,000 people!

    Care to guess which gender these tyrants belong to?

    • Half the ppl on social media are disinfo agents — yes, they’re people that are HIRED to disinfo the public, all over the internet.

  8. The weather has been San Diego in nature here in Houston past two weeks. Gorgeous and sunny.
    Get some vitamin D while the weather is nice.

  9. High Desert Calif. We went and visited 80+ yo parents yesterday. Traffic was normal. Pops and I went to the auto-parts store, everything normal there. Our 2 local hospitals were like ghost towns. Grocery stores are stocked, except for Costco and Walmart. Wife was furloughed from her job 3 weeks ago.

  10. Ya know what’s interesting too: I had to take my mother to the hospi’l on Sunday. The place was EMPTY- even the ‘mergency room. I guess for some reason, people aren’t injuring themselves 😉 anymore! Do you think that this “crisis” may just cause people to realize (the same people who are always crying for “free” healthcare) that they can live life without constantly running to a doctor for every little bruise and sniffle? That 90% of the shit that they waste their time and money on they’d be better off without? Nope! When/if this nonsense ends…I’m sure that the ER’s and Chamber Of Commerce brunches, and the Museum Of Lesbian Artifacts and driving two hours to watch one’s high-school “spoats” team, will all pick back up right where they left off.

    I’m hearing people who live in town whining that “everything’s closed”. Not because it’s a detriment to their liberty…but because they simply don’t know what to do with themselves without shopping and eating out and clubs and organized activities.

    If this martial law continues, there will likely be “civil unrest”- not because people care about the principle of their freedom being taken away…but just because they are bored- and that “unrest” will likely be used to implement declared martial law, complete with “troops” on the streets….which may be the whole reason for the invention of this over-reaction to the flu. Then the people who are “disappeared” or who are killed, will just be attributed to “Coronavirus”, just like people who die trying to drive through a flood are listed as casualties of the storm that caused the flood…..

    I’ve long said that we should flee this shit-hole while we can, because one day we’ll wake up and things will suddenly be different, and we may lose our ability to escape the country- and now, I too am a victim of what I had long foreseen coming… (at least here in KY now) we can’t even cross the state border!

  11. I have noticed that the weather is awful there. All the time. It is good that coffee shop is open. How are the crowd levels? Do you think it is worth them staying open?


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