Three More “Bad Apples”

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What will it take for people to understand that it’s not “just a few bad apples”? That the whole barrel – of armed government workers – is rotten?

David Gabbard may understand.

Last September, after being waylaid at gunpoint – i.e., “pulled over” – by an armed government worker named Scott Townsley, Gabbard made the mistake of believing he lived in a country where government workers don’t get to visit you at home and beat you up for critiquing them.

He posted something on Facebook about the incident:

“Just love being pulled over for no reason lmao. #maybenexttime. #policeharasment (sic),” the post read.

The next day, Gabbard says, The AGW and his friends appeared at his home and proceeded to Hut! Hut! Hut! him. Gabbard’s lawyers say the AGWs passed by a window at the back of the house and saw Diana Muncy, Gabbard’s girlfriend, in a state of undress. When Muncy screamed, the AGWs ordered everyone in the house to come outside – despite no one having committed any crime, nor even alleged to have done so.

When Gabbard went out to see why they were there, Muncy began recording on her phone.

“AGW Townsley started mentioning the Facebook post immediately,” Gabbard’s attorney noted:

“I did not harass you yesterday,” Townsley can be heard saying on the recording, according to the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in London, Kentucky. “I don’t care if everybody knew what you meant. I knew what you meant … that’s the only thing. I knew what you meant.”

The AGW then kicked Gabbard’s dog and began to taunt him.

Muncy called 911 but the dispatcher would not send help because “the police were already present,” according to the suit. A transcript of the 911 call is included in the lawsuit.

The 911 transcript says “the supervisor of state police is taking care of this complaint.’

At that point, according to the suit, one of the AGWs noticed video cameras at the front of the home and showed Townsley. The AGWs then returned Muncy’s phone and left.

News story here.

As the late but very great Will Grigg always used to remind us, no matter how bad a situation is calling an AGW is sure to make it worse. In this case, the AGWs called themselves.

But hey… it’s just a few “bad apples”… right?

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  1. The only plausible response to armed bandit gangs is organized response by organized individuals. Call them a sheriff’s posse or a militia, or just colloquially as our gang. Nothing else answers naked aggression but consistent firm defense. And when the armed bandits claim legitimacy, it may be necessary to practice stealth (robes and hoods?). A code like Omertà will be important.

  2. No sane person desires to force anyone to do, or not do, anything except as required to keep others from doing so to them. Much like most other government employed parasites, AGWs are therefore necessarily insane. It’s a job requirement. Of course since the Sociopaths In Charge have largely driven the Sheeple insane too, such appears “normal”.

    • It would be an improvement if the government employed parasites were merely incompetent. But no, they are malicious and corrupt as well.

  3. If you or I showed up at someone’s house, angered at a FB post that we didn’t like, showed up with several “friends”, kicked the family dog in the front yard, and challenged the resident(s) to fight, we’d be “hut-hut-hutted”, and if not shot and/or beaten to a pulp, facing a slate of felonies that could leave us “guests” of the State for a LONG time. Moreover, the resident, especially if a young woman, undressed, was frightened, could legitimately respond with FIREPOWER, as a situation of immediate harm is present.

    The State of KY had better be prepared to fork over MILLIONS to make this one “go away”, and those AGWs should be not only fired, but faced serious felony charges themselves. Of course, I won’t hold my breath…

    • The worst part is it won’t be the state of Kentucky forking over the money, it’ll be the taxpayers who foot the bill. Not only are us mundanes forced to pay the overly generous salaries of our tormentors, we also have to pay for the lawsuits that eventually follow. Is there anyplace outside the USSA without this level of insanity? Would love to find it; meanwhile these rat bastards should be forced to pay out of their own pockets. Better yet the homeowner should have blasted them with a 12 gauge for abusing his dog, I would have.

  4. What do you do when you have to call the police on the police? America has a bad security system — the correct way to do security is to have alot of civic security groups that are transparent and answer to the civics groups — and the peoples’ vote at civics groups overrides the courts.


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