The Virtue of the Fear Mask

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There is one upside to the sickening spectacle of half or more the population pretending to be Michael Jackson – that is to say, pretending to be sick.

It is that the rest of us know who we’re up against. Who exactly. On a person to person basis.

It’s as though we now have open rather than secret ballots. Pre-Corona, it was hard to know for sure whether your neighbor just voted to have the government steal more of your money on his behalf – for “the schools” or whatever need he felt you ought to pay for.

Now you know who is itching to vote to force you to be vaccinated and tracked like a downer cow – to ease their sick fear that you might get them sick otherwise.

Now you can see – exactly like Rowdie Roddy Piper’s character in the documentary, They Live.

Only you don’t need the special sunglasses.

The Fear Masks identify who is sick – and not merely sick in the head, PTS’D by overexposure to Fear Porn – but also those who are a very real threat to your health. Not because they’re sick, of course. If they were, then why are they not home?

Rather, because of the sick demands they will make.

When you see a Fear Masked person you can make the same reasonable assumption – and take the same precautionary measures – that you would if you saw a thuggy-looking young man sauntering in an alley.

You’d walk across the street.

Or get ready to defend yourself.

It will come to that with these Fear Maskers.

It already has come to that.

The non-sick are being assaulted by the sick-in-the-head for refusing to pretend they are sick. For not showing the proper “respect” – as Head Quack Fauci recently put it – open ended, pathological fear of sickness.

Which is extremely sick.

It is egging on the mentally sick by pretending they’re not and demoralizing the healthy in the head for the sake of those who aren’t. Maybe we should “respect” the people in mental hospitals who believe they are Jesus or Napoleon by dressing like pilgrims or members of the Grande Armee?


Does anyone recall the story of the . . . emperor and his new clothes?

The Head Quack knows perfectly well that healthy people don’t transmit sickness – because they haven’t got any to transmit  – and therefore insisting they wear a Fear Mask out of “respect” is as silly as pressuring a continent person to wear Depends out of solidarity with people who pinch loaves in their BVDs.

Fauci and the Fear Maskers are trying to shame the sane to not hurt the feelings of the sickness psychotics. This is like giving in to a temper-tantruming child rather than correcting the child. Only worse because it’s adults who are temper-tantruming and other adults insisting we give in to them, so they’ll feel better.

These people are much more dangerous than temper-tantruming children – who haven’t got political power to make us give in to their feelings. They can perhaps scream loud enough and stamp their feet hard enough to get their bedraggled parents to give in to them. But they have no power to force the people trying to eat their meal at the next table over to take bites in between a plexiglass partition.

vector cartoon illustration

Adult children, however, can make you eat your meal with a plexiglass partition in between yourself and your dining companion.

And they can vote to have laws passed that will force you to accept a Big Pharma/Big Brother syringe packed with god-knows-what injected into your body for the sake of their fear – the consequences of this paranoia to be born entirely by you.

Perhaps also by your children – including the ones you haven’t had yet – whose health might be affected by whatever was injected into you. And of course the children you already have – who, likewise, will be forcibly injected with “medicine” of dubious provenance, the side effects of which could be and often are extremely unhealthy as well as permanent.

Far more so than the possible effects of a transitory bug that most people will leave in their kleenexes after a couple of weeks.

But the Fear Maskers think they have a blank check that will never bounce. That the sane must be forced to accept anything that makes the insane feel better. No matter how much it actually harms hundreds of millions of people.

Refuse the Mask.

And know, when you see a Mask Wearer – in the absence of a mandate to wear one – that you are facing, at best, an enabler and at worst an enemy who will mouth unctuous pieties as he secures you to the rack, the moment he has the power to do so.

. . .

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  1. Here in the people’s republic of illinois where you are denied food if you don’t wear it you have to pay closer attention. Look for the people who wear it half-assed take it off immediately when not required. Those just barely complying to get through their day.

    On the other side, the people wearing it alone in their cars…

    Just pay closer attention.

  2. This might be true in Virginia… and I visited there recently, they’re a lot more lax about it there it seems.

    But in New York where I live, you usually can’t even get away with not wearing the mask and go into a store.

    Some of us do it ’cause we don’t feel like fighting all the time when going into stores, but don’t agree with it.

    • Same here in the Chicago area. But those of us who don’t believe in this social ritual have been half-assing it in various ways. One of the two straps, nose exposed, beat up mask, etc and so on. Just generally half-assing it and then only when required or else. of course it isn’t everyone who doesn’t believe, but it’s a good way to show it.

      • Hi Brent,

        Mass refusal is the only way this is going to be stopped. Acquiescence is acceptance. Even “half-assed.” It is imperative to not give in, even if it means getting arrested/fined and so on. If we’re not willing to do risk that, we’ve accepted this. And that’s it. Notice the rioters are being treated very differently than the people who grumble and obey the Fear Masking decrees.

        It is time to learn from the rioters. Force only understands resistance.

        • eric, very true that. Ifn’ I had to wear a mask, I’d get one of the N95 jobs with vents in it. I have no idea why they make them but probably so surgeons don’t pass out on the job.

          • Its so they can be used for extensive jobs. I’ve used them when I was sanding, and grinding. They are also good to keep saw dust out of your nose and throat. The prefix masks are much more about function, than the Prog virtue signalling scrapes of cloth, we are seeing today.
            If you get up to the P100s, you are talking about the same type that the bio researchers use.

        • The trouble is where I am subversion, contempt, and half-assing it are our options. Has been all my life. Something to do with the culture here I still don’t understand. Something about direct resistance gets a person isolated and attacked here. Every moment of every day becomes a complete hassle.

          That’s why I call various things social rituals. They are just rituals and a damn good sized hunk of the population just fakes it. But if you outright resist the believers and fakers will all turn on you.

  3. The Fear Mask stuff is largely a red herring, or yesterday’s problem. The PTB have already moved into the next phase: The more pressing concern for us is the ongoing and planned rollout of contact tracing and the intolerable and unspeakable evil that will come of it.

    • Yep, BAC- Gradualism- on the fast track now though. But that’s how they do it- implement a series of small steps which lead to the real goal, and it NEVER fails to work on all of the sheeple. Be it the “Moon landings” or “terrorism” or the flu- First they establish the topic through entertainment to make it a subject of the average person’s thought and to familiarize themselves with it; Then comes a real-world event or two just “coincidentally” involving that topic, which prompts the “need” for certain responses…and VOILA! You have the very people who if they had been left alone would have been fighting such things, demanding those very things and more!

    • BAC, you mean we don’t need our very own Stasi?? How else can we insure, that we have a Safe, Secure and Healthy Home Land?…

      This PSA brought to you by the Ministry of Truth.

      MiniTrue, endlessly working to protect your mind from Wrong Think™

  4. I love seeing the mask weirdos who double down on their insanity, like wearing a mask while driving. Just what we need is insane, hypoxic drivers.

    My favorite so far was the very over weight gal I saw walking through a mostly empty parking lot (e.g. outdoors) wearing a paint respirator. “No ‘rona getting through this thing. I be safe!”

    I also find it pretty funny to see a mask wearer with the mask pulled down past their nose. Too dumb to realize that that defeats the supposed purpose of the mask. And, besides, if it’s that difficult to breath with the damn thing on, why not take it off? Duh!

    • I didn’t end up doing it. not yet. but I considered wearing my paint respirator or my welding mask to send the opposite message by using the method of going over the top to ridicule the mask wearers.

      • Hi Brent,

        Another option is to dress like Michael Jackson – the Fear Mask being the first step. How about the rest of his outfit? The hat, clothes – the mannerisms? Shamon!

          • I’m still considering wearing my Israeli army gas mask when I go to the doc this week. I do like the way the filter is off to one side so you can still use your rifle. I”m afraid if I went in with it and an AR slung on the front with a bandoleer across each shoulder my doc my drop me. It’s hard enough to find one herebouts anyhow. I considered drawing a mouth on the mask they made me wear last time with missing teeth and broken teeth so that when I spoke it would gross you out but it might be too distracting. Old man, good doc, not a situation I can mess with. Besides that, she admitted last time I saw her it was a ruse. But if she has to wear one knowing that, it makes it easier for me.

            I was trying to watch this video of this woman FBI spokesperson speaking of George Floyd. I noticed it was 28 minutes. What the hell all does she have to say. She pulls off this mask after having other agents move further away, as if that theatre needed to be seen. Then she begins speaking. She spoke so slowly I thought I might kill myself before the end so I just canned it and will wait for a transcript of someone else to translate it into a few lines. WTH causes people to speak that slowly. Hell, I’m a slow talker but she was ridiculous.

  5. Well, I had a great weekend out and about on Saturday and Sunday. I was hanging out with friends on Saturday and on Sunday I spent time at an outdoor competition with roughly 30 other guys and many other folks just passing by. Not a single fucking mask in site, no stupid god damn social distancing, and no talk at all about the corona-pocalypse!

    • I had the same experience last weekend! Big gathering, not a mask in sight. The fear is waning, methinks. At least around here.

      • Yes, it’s nice now but the boogeyman is waiting just round the bend and he’s gonna get you for not wearing that mask, for getting out and having fun and getting exercise and fresh air……..and socializing and being with people you care about…..and dare I say, speaking about what is going on. You need to get used to staying inside like they were in Minneapolis last night where cops and the Nat Guard were shooting people sitting on their porches with non-lethal rounds no matter you might lose your vision or any of a million other injuries.

        They were just making sure everyone COMPLIED.

        Seriously though, stay away from your damned phone when speaking out loud. I had a certain ad showing every time I looked at the weather app. The wife and I were talking about something we needed or were considering buying and the next time I checked the weather, there was an ad for exactly what we’d discussed. Of course, having a smart tv is probably just another way to spy and I have to sign in to gmail to get the same YT’s on the tv as the computer.

        There are people I speak with that we leave the phones in the pickup and walk into the pasture to talk. That’s not paranoid, it’s being safe.

        • I have been experimenting with leaving my phone at home whenever I go out. Just a few short years ago, everywhere I traveled, I didn’t have the damn thing. Am I really that dependent on it now? It’s psychological.

          Breaking an addiction is difficult, but not impossible.

          The only problem is, if you really need a phone in an emergency, you won’t find a payphone on every other corner anymore. And good luck getting some kind stranger to let you use their phone. Might have the Rona!

            • Jason, a few years ago heading to see and old friend I turned my phone off. Once there I saw where a weather site had communicated with my phone. Since then I remove the battery(not a total fix since it has an internal battery). I’m about to get an RFID blocker for it and my credit cards.

              • 8, I don’t think mine has an internal battery since it doesn’t know the date and time if turned on when out of range of a cell tower. Problem is 3G service is going away in the near future and with each tech generation it’s been getting tougher to find something that is just a telephone.

                There are some relatively simple 4G flip phones with removable batteries available but I don’t know if any or all have internal batteries that keep the spyware going.

                • All smartphones are constantly spying- it’s usually in the EULAs- The app that gives ya the weather or tells ya how much 2+2 is exists to spy.

                  Only old-fashioned “dumb” phones can truly ever be turned off.

                  I just bought a duplicate copy of the mp3 player I use….’cause the day is soon coming when they’re not even going to make these stand-alone devices anymore; everything’s gonna be on a smart phone, and guys like me will have to live like the Amish (Not a bad thing!). The stand-alone mp3-player market is already decimated! (And no, it’s not an iPud! It’s a Cowon!)

                • If 3G goes away, I guess that’ll be the end of the line for me as far as phones go. T’was hard enough finding a non-smart phone for 3G- with 4G I guess it’ll be all over.

                  Constantly updating with no backward compatibility……the diametric oipposite of the way things used to be, when ya’d buy something and it would do it’s thing for as long as it lasted…which could’ve been decades. Now they want ya to get a new one every year….even though the new one is no better than the old, and in-fact may actually do less!

                  Of course, no one seems to care, ’cause the average slave wants something new and shiny and different all the time, just like a monkey…..

                  Frick, I hate this. I wouldn’t even carry a phone, ‘cept whadduyah do when ya blow a transmission out in the middle of nowhere? -Or even in town? Can’t remember the last time I saw a pay phone…much less a working one!

                  • There are no pay phones as far as I can tell. I used to use them to call friends when I had a chance.

                    I’d write now but nearly all my real old friends are dead.

                    My Samsung Galaxy 5 can be bought used, very cheaply. You can choose 3 or 4 G or auto connect on what you can get. It’s just a matter of setting it to only use 3 G if that’s what you want. But be warned, it is a smart phone, evidently smarter than me cause when I get some info from it, I write it on a pad.

                    I have drug my feet on this stuff and the young think I’m a stupid old man. That’s fine. But I wrote my first computer program in 1968. I wonder when they wrote their first?

                    • That’s another thing too, Eight- The Tracfone costs me $64 a YEAR. I’m not willin’ to spend more than that for service…’cause even at that price…for two or three calls a year, it’s pretty darn eggspensive….and at least if I smash this $20 (as I nearly do every time I use it) it’s no big deal, and no paying hundred of dollhairs to end the contract.

                      I like pad and pencil too. A lot of times I’ll draw a diagram or something…often better than a photo- as I can emphasize what I want (Arrow: “blue wire”) and label things, etc. Try doing that on a phone!

                      Or I can just jot something down in half a second, before someone’s phone is out of their pocket…much less typing on the darn thing.

                      Plus what ya write on paper is yours only, unless someone physically takes it from ya.

                      Guess there are benefits though- like ya can record your farts and stuff….. (My old “Best Farts of ’86 cassette broke! -and it’s a damn shame, as I don’t fart like that anymore…even when I eat the same exact chili!)

                    • Nunz, “Plus what ya write on paper is yours only, unless someone physically takes it from ya.” Eggzackly.

                    • I miss corresponding via snail mail!

                      [Eight goes to mailbox and finds letter from Kentucky]

                      Eight: “This should be good!”

                      [Opens letter]

                      “Dear Eightbert,
                      How are you? I am fine. How did that long-tailed cat make out with the rocking chairs? My azaleas are doing good.
                      Here is a photo of me(L.) visiting Jason Flinders.
                      Well, I guess I’ll close for now.
                      Love, Your Pen Pal,

                    • Dear Nunz, what brand is that same exact chili?

                      I follow the same general recipe for lots of things including chili but never had the same results. How does that work? It doesn’t work? Well, you can tell I made it then.

                      love, your pen pal, Lonesome cowboy Bert.

            • I just keep an old-school Tracfone in my glove compartment- only turn it on 2 or 3 times a year when I need to make a call. Even if it wasn’t for all of this spy crap, I still wouldn’t carry a phone. Who the hell wants to be bother every 5 minutes?!

              What amazes me is how these stoopit things have become so accepted and popular. These phone and “app” companies are in the information business- They make their money compiling intimate profiles of their users: What they buy; where they go at what times; your political views; who are your friends and fambly; your intelligence; who you visit; etc. etc.

              Just read the EULA for the phone service and the apps…you agree to all of this!

              They also share/sell/use your photos- e.g. compile databases of who’s in ’em, where they were taken, etc. and not only can all this get into the hands of Uncle, but just as odious is that all of this “sharing” and spying gets one used to the idea of having no privacy, and of giving up whatever info is asked for -“Hey, they it’s no worse than when we use FaceCrook or our phones, and what are we going to do, stop using those? Heaven forbid!”.

              • Nunz, some of the big trucking companies now demand access to your phone they use for dispatch and you pay for. Truckers have learned the hard way to buy a cheap phone and have a number not of your real phone. If you don’t, they will steal every bit of information from your phone. Yeah, they really care about their employees.

                • I swear, Eight! Hijacking your own phone…ELDs…DOT…etc. It’s amazing they can still find anyone willing to drive. Then again…this is ‘Merica…land of the fee, home of the slave.

                  • Yep Nunz, that’s what Brian says and he’s right. I wouldn’t drive one of the big carriers rigs for love nor money. If they can’t hook me up with a 95 Peterbilt with no electronics, I don’t want it. Hell, the electronic engines pull better on cruise control than the pedal. Go figure. I’d love to have an old 2 cycle Detroit Diesel in a Marmon and let everyone hear the scream of a mad 2 cycle diesel from 50 years ago.

            • Jason/Nunz/Eight,

              I couldn’t agree more with regards to these smartphones. Everyone is always talking about how “they” want to chip all of us. My response when this comes up is that they already have us all chipped via these damn things. They’re usually quite taken aback when that registers.

              That said, check out the Librem 5 phone from the Purism project. They only deterrent is the price unfortunately. Does anyone know of someone that has and/or used this phone?

              • c_dub, I checked them out once. They are so slow and useless OS wise as to be nothing more than a phone. Then considering the price I could only ask “Why?”. Do they still make them? Oh, I understand wanting to remove yourself from the silicon valley giant spy network but for what you get, you pay the price of having something too slow to endure.

              • v_dub ( 😉 )

                Exactly! Nearly everyone is already voluntarily externally chipped. They’re already comfortable with being tracked and having no privacy. Next step: The implantable chip- which I would guess would be like a SIM card, which contains your unique identifier, etc. that will work in conjunction with your phone- so that no matter the phone you use…it is always tied to YOU. It’ll be billed as “Identity protection” of course…..

                That Librem phone- I believe as long as it’s using the wireless infrastructure, it is still tracked- and any non-open-source apps will still spy, or not work if they can’t, ’cause that’s the main reason apps exist (Why else would one need an app to do everything- especially on a Linux OS, which can already do most things without software?).

                Glad I never got started on the damn phones….it’s easy enough to live as we always have. Get messages when ya get home; use paper and pen; wear a watch, etc.

                Any of you guys who are addicted to these spying distractions, should take a break from ’em, and see how nice it is to live the way we all used to….you probably would find it refreshing and not go back to the electronic tether.

                If we can’t resist the surveillance and tyranny even when no gun is being to put to our head…….

          • Anon, it’s been nearly 25 years ago that my wife’s car almost completely lost the transmission in the far reaches of west Texas. A kindly stranger did stop and let me use his phone to call the wife and have her bring a trailer to haul the car on. We were lucky that it would do nearly 30mph and so we did make it home…..hours later.

            It wasn’t long after that (my dad was with me)that we all got bag phones, the only ones you could use out here in the sticks.

            I got a cell type phone when they were still analog. I used my external antenna for my bag phone and that analog phone would reach out better than the shitty digital phones would. I didn’t make the change till the towers had been changed and I had to or not have a phone. The bidness I was in then made it pay for itself and now we’ve just taken the cost of a cellphone in stride. I actually don’t spend near as much money with an unlimited cellphone and a mifi as I did with a landline(local only)and satellite tv and dial up internet, not even close to it.

            I was recently considering using a VPN and started going through them to see which I wanted. The 2nd rated one(on the site I looked at)began by saying they had me by the short and curlies and knew everything about me and where I was……in Austin. I crossed them off the list. I’m way the hell out in west Texas and you can’t drag me to Austin for love nor money. Ok, I got close last year when my best friend died but I won’t be back to San Antonio or Austin again ever I hope. What shithole ratraces they are. I was almost dispatched to Austin a few years ago and I wanted to avoid it so badly I used my contacts to find the same thing nearly on top of us and avoided dragging that big drop deck dove tail trailer through Austin. I had already made 2 trips through the D/FW metroplex to Seagoville and beyond and it was hell starting on the east side of Ft. Worth and all the way through.

            But going through, at least I had my phone I could speak with much smaller rigs running in front of me.

            I thought going through with a 270 inch Peterbilt and 48′ trailer was hell but I rented a car to make the same trip and was nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs since I couldn’t see shit out of that new Dodge. I would have been much more comfortable in a big rig. I hope to get my old pickup fixed up that has big, diesel guzzling(not really)mirrors with spot mirrors. I can’t have too many mirrors. I like a spot mirror high and low plus a west coast mirror and a side mirror that looks straight down. I’m not going to use that pickup for getting beaten going through pastures since I have one that won’t be hurt by that(it’s already had too much to matter). I might even be tempted to put fender mirrors on it.

            I guess I won’t have to worry about working again doing what I do best, operating dirt equipment and heavy hauling since the damned insurance companies are the only ones that can use age to limit your employment…..and they do. I find myself being as capable now as I was years ago but beyond 70 you’re SOL. It sucks but I’ll do something I like as much if I can figure out what I like as an alternative. I used to do metal fabrication and may go back to that but only things that don’t have me out in the sun or ice all day on a ladder. Screw that.

  6. Fear and division are the primary tools of tyrants. The “mask” is just another division. With a big splash of “racism” now added to it. Seriously, could we be more divided? Could the Psychopaths In Charge possibly invoke more fear? Seems that people have forgotten that the most dangerous entity on the planet is government, which makes pandemics and race wars look like rank amateurs. We are encouraged to get our panties in a wad over corona flu, which even by the wildly exaggerated numbers has killed about 375k worldwide in the last five months. While governments have killed that many in a week or two on numerous occasions.

  7. Meh….just ’cause they have the sense to not wear a mask, doesn’t mean they’re not collectivists… On Long Island and in MI (just two examples I’ve heard of) there are pro-Trump protest groups paying such homage to The Donald and his office that they remind one of the fervor of Hitler supporters in 30’s Germany. (Not pointing that out as a criticism of Trump- just to show how even crazed law-and-order right-wingers can be on the right side of an issue….but it in no way indicates that they are like us, or have any interest in liberty overall- much like the Tea Party types or the Ronald Reagan worshipers, they’re just the right-side of collectivists who are happy with tyranny, as long as it is tyranny with which they are comfortable).

    • Agreed, Nunz –

      However, Fear Masking (when not imposed) is the sure mark of Cain. The person who dons the mask has bought the fear. Such people are more a threat to us than your run-of-the-mill collectivist because it’s not just “gimme” – it’s a rabid, hysterical fear of us as “threats” to their lives… and down that road lies the ditch.

      For us – or them.

      • And I agree with ya on that, Eric! Those who don the mask, are totally gone- virtually programmed automatons. If they are so blinded to reality, and so accepting of media-speak as to wear a mask, they will also take a vaccine and or microchip; and they are/will be the ones who detest us for not complying, and will gladly rat us out; refuse to do business with us; etc.

        • Amen, Nunz!

          And that is why they must be shamed and made to feel silly. And to hell with easing their idiotic anxieties. This may come at a severe cost. I have lost three friends of many years standing over this – but perhaps we weren’t really friends after all. In any case, I will not only not budge on this, I will push back and am doing so. Every got-damned day, until this ends.

          • I am willing to lose friends over this as well. We are falling for a lie.

            You lose three friends and gain many more. Keep it up, Eric, and, thank you for standing up. I am doing the same thing.

            • The wife spoke with her idiot cityslicker sister yesterday. She eats that shit the MSM serves up 24/7 like it’s the best thing ever.

              She had no idea George worked with Chauvin and tried to tell her that was wrong.

              BTW, I found a great YT yesterday that probably won’t be up for long. It made me think of Bush 1 funeral where the shrub says something to Laura and her jaw hit the floor and she turned and spoke to Jeb and he did the same thing.

              Everyone was wondering what he said but I didn’t need to ponder too long as I said “He said Poppy had JFK killed”.

              This is a great video and worth every one of the 123 minutes since this guy puts it all into perspective.


          • Eric & Swampy,

            I always used the term “friends” in real life very loosely. I think most of us have no true friends- unless we live in some magical place that I don’t know about; We have acquaintances….or people with whom we are familiar, with whom we may socialize; people who we are not in philosophical agreement with, except maybe on a few practical points…but whom we find tolerable.

            Then circumstances come about which further illustrate our differences….and we find them intolerable.

            Most people are just concerned with the trivialities of daily life…and as long as they have a reasonable prospect of getting what they want as far as the mundane things go, they will be content, and not give a damn about anything else.

      • Or perhaps both? Ask yourself, who benefits if the Empire shatters, and falls into a real civil war? Or turns into an out right dictatorship? Perhaps, all sides are being played?

        • c_dub, I like that. I’d like to have one with a masked cow and the words Cutter/Canner, more of a cattle specific term. For people who aren’t familiar with the term it would maybe make them try to find out what it meant.

          • I wasn’t familiar with those terms Eight so I looked them up (Duckduckgo of course, no Googuhl). I had a good guess on what they meant and my suspicions were correct. Thanks for lesson.

            • So everybody has one now and then. Some will take a calf with no mother that looks pretty good but you’ll find out will never grow to be a good head. They’ll stick it with a cutter/canner and when it stays close, it looks like her calf.

              Of course, once you buy them as a pair, you have almost nothing. The cow will continue to go down and will go down. The most money you can make on her is to shoot her between the eyes and put her some place you can snipe the coyotes.

              The calf will hang out and eat and eat and not grow. The next time you go to the sale you’ll sell it as a calf and maybe get lucky and get a price you won’t lose too much on. Buying and selling cattle is commonly ripe with people doing a con. If you’re smartened up a bit after that, you’ll find out if you can, who sold her. You’ll avoid their cattle in the future.

              • My neighbor had a cow whose calf was either stillborn or died shortly after birth- I forget which. He also had an orphaned calf. He rubbed the orphan around all over the dead calf, to get it’s scent on it- then put it with the dead calf’s mother, and she accepted it. Calf did great.

                I’ve always bought and sold my cows privately- with the auctions, you get gypped on both ends…and there’s always shady stuff going on- people dumping their rejects. Went to a few auctions, just to see….was never tempted to participate. Just like car dealer and salvage auctions….people competing to see who will pay the most for stuff ya know the least about. I wanna pay the least for stuff I know a lot about.

        • I love it! I’d get one, if the font were clearer. (Although, >$30 after shipping for a T is redonk… Is it 100% cotton?)

          • Nunz,

            Yes, I agree that they are a skosh expensive. And it is 100% cotton (under the “show more details” link).

  8. You are so wrapped up in your anti-freedom obsession that you have fallen way behind the times. Coronavirus is Last Week. Now it’s all about racial hatred and Civil War.

    Time to re-align your psychoses.

    • No youre missing the big picture. Its about a complete communist takeover. Right out of the Alinsky and Marx playbooks. Theyre not messing around. They want complete control now.

    • I think the “pandemic” ran out of gas as far as politics are concerned. They tried to stick that on Trump, didn’t work. Now the riots going on now are too organized to be spontaneous. Remember the crap in Charlottesville,Va? The leftists are now doing a nation wide version of it to affect the elections just like here in Virginia that gave the democrats/socialist/communist total control.

    • Hi Mike,

      Ok – now I am really baffled!

      My “anti-freedom obsession”? If anything, I am obsessed with freedom. I am one of a small handful of writers who’ve consistently advocated for freedom… to stay home/close your business/wear a Fear Mask if you like – but leave everyone else free to go out, open their business/patronize businesses without being forced or pressured to wear a Fear Mask – which is precisely what’s being done all around the country.

      It is being done to make people who are healthy afraid – and to make those who are unhealthy in the head feel “ok.”

      Which is pretty damned sick.

      • Eric,

        An intellectually consistent freedom advocate would support “everyone” being free to go out or stay in, and open their businesses and patronize other businesses whether or not they chose to wear a mask. You have not been advocating anyone’s right to decide the mask issue for themselves. To claim otherwise is hilarious.

        • Hi Mike,

          I’ve been advocating precisely that from the beginning of this deadly serious farce. The whole point here is that Fear Masking is being imposed; that we increasingly do not have the choice… just as is true in re opening/patronizing businesses, etc.

          Can you really not see that?

          Fear Masking is being pushed – by law as well as relentless propaganda – in order to create the impression that Fear Masking by healthy people is both necessary and reasonable. This, too, ought to be obvious. As well as both obviously degrading and dangerous, for all the reasons I’ve adduced numerous times already.

          Your suggestion that Fear Masking is just another free choice – like wearing jeans – is as silly as arguing that taxes are “contributions.”

            • The real threat is listed in that YT I stuck in a comment. This bidness of rioting all over the nation is the real push to put everyone in prison planet, remove the 2nd A and take over the world.

              If you don’t see our 2nd A as the very thing no other country has and is our saving grace you’re missing the whole picture. I’m trying to figure out how to keep martial law from being implemented nation-wide.

              So far Orange man hasn’t gone off the deep end and has only declared antifa as a terrorist organization. I’m not much on using the “terrorist” moniker but antifa is certainly pushing the envelope on that one.

              These people are stupid and crazy. They crave fascism and don’t see how their end game will put them in the same prison as everyone else.

              People who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it has never been more in our face than right now.

              • They think that they themselves will somehow get an exemption and will pleasure in watching us all die. Thing is, they won’t last long.

                • swamp, I’ve been doing an ammo survey for about 2 months now. I feel naked and thought I was doing fairly good.

                  Asked my cousin and he said “about 30,000 rds”. No shit. He thinks like I do. Plus he has different autos for different tasks.

                  • ***”I’ve been doing an ammo survey for about 2 months now”****

                    Eight, it’s already been done- everyone knows: Four out of five cartridges prefer Dentine!

                    • Nunz, I think you have Bush Hogitis. It can cripple a man at the least. I was lucky when a blade barely missed the tractor and went on off across the field.

                    • Oh, me rikey bush-hoggin’ and mowing, Eight. It must be to me what drugs are to some people. Just oozing around on the tractor or Grasshopper, listening to mp3’s and day-dreaming….. Out in the sun… detached from the real world. It don’t get much better than that in this life…’specially these days! Got it all done…9 hours (spread over a couple’a days) [not counting the mowing…another just-over-3 hours]…now I can’t wait till it’s time to do’er again…and considerin’ that the grass looked like it was literally growing before my eyes…that might not be too long from now! (Wish I had a place to keep square-bale hay…shame to let that nice grass go to waste. Used to let my neighbor hay it…for free…but he was waiting too long to cut it, and ruining my grass!

                    • Nunz, I get it though. The grass must be at least a certain height(tall)or you won’t cut it and it’s just a waste of time.

                      I went through baling hell for many years cause we didn’t get enough rain to get the grass tall enough to bale.

                      The geo-engineering bs has had us in a drought for so long and temperatures like I’ve never seen in my life for anything but a short time.

                      The last few years we suffer 110-115 for months and months at a time. And you never know about winter. This year we had a low of 3 degrees and last year a low of 8 degrees. We had cold as hell in 18 for half of April and then it turned to summer like the flip of a switch. One day I’m freezing and the next I’m trying to turn the water off to my heater core.

                      Freezing in the morning and burning up in the afternoon. And this isn’t mother nature at her worst, it’s global engineering with the sky covered in chemtrails and a grey look to what should be a blue sky. Fuck all this shit by the deep state. DARPA is deep state along with Google and YT and Faciabook and the rest of silicon valley. I’d do something about it if I could identify my enemy. But I’ll never see my enemy. They are in places where you buy truffles for $94,000 a plate, maybe a celabratory lunch……or not, just a lunch.

                    • Darn, Eight! You nailed it! The enemy we know is there; whose tentacles we can see….but whose actual face and name we never see or know (Well, ‘cept for the Shrub fambly)……

                      It’s like the plot of the scariest horror movie…. “The Enemy You Never See”….

              • Eight, that’s part of the plan- Regardless of who or what is rioting, if they are declared “terrorists”, all the unconstitutional BS established in the “Patriot Act” and all such other things, as well as the declaration of Martial Law can be used to totally obliterate any hints of what remain of our liberties.

                This likely will not be that be that event, yet…but is leading up to it…and it will be soon.

                Just as with Pearl Harbor or 9/11…enemies are easily manufactured or conjured up.

                (More later…gotta get back to bush-hogging!)

        • Mike, one can advocate for free choice, and still remind people of the consequences of their choices. The consequence of fear masking, is aiding and abetting the collectivist agenda. Which is VERY anti freedom.

          It might be an ill informed choice, but it is still a choice, and it still has consequences. While I personally lack the zeal, for the Anti Mask Crusade, that others have (I feel more sorry for most of these folk, than angry) I can understand their perspective.


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