Violent Response to NonViolent Actions

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Here’s another video showing what most of us are sick of seeing: A violent response to nonviolence.

A man was “dancing in the street” in Alemeda, CA. By the side of the street, actually.

According to locals interviewed by news media, the guy does this regularly and it’s never been a problem. It’s not a violent problem, at any rate. But the gang of Blue Thugs – armed government workers – reacted to it very violently. The Face-Diapered scrum manhandled and then tackled the man, holding him facedown on the street, as the video below shows:

This despite the absence of any legitimate reason for it. A legitimate reason being a violent threat to themselves or other people.

This wasn’t that.

What it was was the AGW’s “training” on display. AGWs are “trained” in the manner of back alley pitbulls, to snap at anything in their orbit that they perceive as a “threat” – not to their “safety” but to their Authority.

That is one of the may problems with AGWing. Which is itself the problem. There shouldn’t be any armed government workers.  Peace keepers, maybe. People whose job involves just that – but not this.

Such things as “dancing in the street” – and the wearing of seatbelts, the tinting of windows, even “speeding” – should only be matters of police concern in police states. In free states, the only thing legitimately of concern is whether anyone has been harmed; if no one has then there’s no crime.

And any enforcement of laws upon people who’ve not caused harm – as here – is itself a crime.

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  1. If the locals knew about this guy’s routine, then obviously the caller must’ve been an “outsider” who may very well have been a racist.

    • Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have been so blunt about the racism thing. After all, the woman could’ve also just been a typical “Karen”, as someone already pointed out. lol

      • Maybe nobody called. I watched a cop beat a man to death who was just sitting on a bench. He held up both fists in those tactical gloves and told him, I’m going to fuck you up. 5 of his buddies just stood at the other end and watched him beat the guy to death. Nothing was ever said about it. I hope the camera operator was able to haul ass and get away from him.

  2. Cholley Jack and I are offended by comparing these thugs to pit bulls. Nothing about this made any sense whatsoever.

      • Thanks, we’ll try to live through it. Went to the grocery store yesterday. There was new bag boy and he had to love on CJ just like the rest do. As far as I know, he only has one enemy, the vet. But the vet brought that on himself by being so jicky with him. That rubs off on anyone and makes you think “what’s this guy gonna do acting so jicky”.

  3. And note, the only charge was “resisting arrest”. Which begs the question, what was he being arrested FOR? This has been an ongoing problem for some time. “Resisting” is the only charge which certainly implies that we are slaves to the Blue. Whatever they say, it’s Submit and Obey and Comply or Die.

      • Need to clarify….

        If they have no charges to file then the arrest was unlawful. To arrest you they must tell you the charge. Otherwise you should be free to go. He should get a lawyer and sue the county.

  4. In the 70s the Black Panthers expressed their opinion on the relationship between citizens and government by murdering like 10 cops randomly in cold blood. I don’t say this to condone it, just to point out that if you keep fucking with a bull eventually someone gets the horns. The difference is that white Americans are cowed sheep that believe they need an iron fisted shepherd to protect them from the next phantom menace or “invisible enemy” (to quote Orange Shepherd). On the bright side, 3D printed gun technology has hit an inflection point. It is now relatively easy and cheap to print a functioning, reusable semi automatic pistol. Gun control is obsolete when you can press CTRL+P and have a Glock in a few hours.

    • Hi Anon,

      Yup. But these Karens have always existed. What’s changed is that they now have the power to cause unprecedented havoc… one call does it all.

  5. Just in case you thought that the police were guilty of any virtue. There is only one legitimate secular law, if there is one. Though shalt not steal. Whether that be the theft of property, liberty, well being, or life. Interesting that the state is the perpetrator most often, and rarely the protector. All other laws are tyranny, and nothing more. The vast majority of “laws” serve to control and extract rather than protect.

  6. It almost always stems from the same thing in my opinion. Because some filthy chicken shit busy body calls the police! It makes my blood boil.


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