The Views of a Clover in re Corona

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A reader sent me an excerpted “letter to the editor” from a Corona Clover named Steve. I reprint it here:

“If we’re going to reopen the economy, we need an enforceable law that requires mandatory mask-wearing while at at indoor venues with fines for noncompliance. We need enforced standards for various types of businesses to ensure social distancing and other safety measures with mandatory fines for noncompliance. Repeated violations should result in pulling the businesses’ licenses.  This will help the economy, lessen the risk of transmission, and help us bridge this crisis until a vaccine is free and universally available.”

Where to begin?

A good a place as any is with this we business. It is always we – decreed by an I but without the honesty or the guts to say so.

It is an elaboration of the moral dissembling – and oily effacing effrontery – behind the “common good.” There is no such thing, of course. There is the good of some – defined (again) by an I.

It isn’t even the good of some. Because the “good” is presumed by the I, who of course did not ask each specific individual what he considers to be “good” but rather tells them. And enforces it, as Steve clearly wants to.

Upon everyone.

Every collective is inherently authoritarian because there is no such thing as collective leadership – that is, dictatorship. There is always and only the dictatorship of an I and always necessarily at the point of a gun. It is why communism – the dictatorship of the Proletariat but actually of Lenin –  and all the other isms aren’t voluntary associations. They require coercion else they come apart once the individual realizes he isn’t in charge and – if free to do so – decides to say no, thanks and leaves.

So, this “we” Steve uses really means he.

And that you are to obey him, defer to his wishes. He will decide when you are allowed to transact business, earn a living – and under what conditions. With whom you will be permitted to associate and under what strictures.

Your wish to rationally assess your risk of catching Wuflu or any other flu (the Steves of this world are sickness psychotics, ill people who will not be satisfied with lockdowns and face-diapering for just this sickness) takes a back seat to his fear, which is open-ended and so justifies everything Steve and people like him feel they need.

No matter what it costs you. No matter the harm it does to you. No matter the fact that Steve – and people like him – are the ones who are sick.

Just not physically.

Steve dreads getting sick – and so everyone else must be presumed sick even in the absence of any reason to so presume. The mere possibility that they might be is sufficient to force them to live like highly infectious lepers, to perform Sickness Kabuki.

The healthy – in the head and otherwise – are to be threatened with murderous violence – let’s not speak in euphemisms – for not adhering to Steve’s “guidelines” – which is a euphemism as “guidelines” imply suggestions one is free to adhere to or not and these you aren’t, in Steve’s New Normal.

Which is as abnormal as can be imagined short of mandatory actual diapers in addition to Face Diapers – to ease equally neurotic fears about incontinent messes. The difference is one of degree, not principle.

Just as anyone might be sick – or could get sick – anyone might lose control of their bladder.

For that matter, why not impose “guidelines” – also enforceable using murderous violence – that motor vehicles must be strictly limited to speeds no higher than a man can walk, since otherwise someone might die?

Because otherwise, people actually do. As with the WuFlu. As with any flu. As with life, if one lives it.

Pre-Corona and the organized, whipped-up hysteria about the risk – a fraction of the actual harm caused by the virus – there were neurotics with a Vision Zero, demanding just that. Zero people killed by motor vehicles, no matter what it took and regardless of the ratio of harm caused by these prophylactic measures vs. the putative harm averted by them.

Thus, cities made no-go zones for cars, a kind of vehicular social distancing. Cars forced to wear the equivalent of the Face Diaper, such as external air bags – to keep pedestrians (none specifically, just the class) “safe.” Even if a driver never actually hits one, he will nonetheless be forced to “dress” for just-in-case.

New cars will soon have (many already have) electronic speed limiters – not the dumb kind that prevent a car from going faster than X on the top end but faster than any posted speed limit, anywhere. A variable speed limiter. If the sign says 25 MPH, the car is limited to that speed until the speed limit says otherwise.

For saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety!

Even though no one has been harmed. But because someone might be; because someone like Steve is “concerned” and fearful of that might.

Do you discern a common theme?

“Safety” has been weaponized. It is a highly contagious sickness, with the “cure” inflicted on those who aren’t sick.

Superficially, this is for the sake of sick people like Steve. We are urged to be “kind” to them – that is, accommodate their derangement rather than call it out and refuse to pretend it isn’t deranged.

But it’s deeper than that.

All of this is really for the sake of  people much sicker than Steve, who use people like Steve – in the manner of Lenin and his useful idiots – to get what they crave above all the normal human desires, such as happiness, friendship, love and achievement.

What these ill in the soul people crave is power. Perhaps because they no longer have souls.

It takes people like that to use fear against people like Steve – in order to control not just him but everyone else.

Steve must be handled with care, as the fictional shyster Saul Goodman in the streaming series, Better Call Saul handled his neurotic older brother, who feared electricity and lived as a hermit in a house with the power cut off, by the light of Coleman lanterns.

But Saul didn’t turn off the power in his house.

And neither should we. Though we ought to be free to choose – for ourselves. Which is something the Steves will never allow, if they have the power to prevent it.

. . .

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  1. “Steve dreads getting sick…” I don’t think so. I think he dreads the responsibility of life and freedom. Seeing other people embrace both is an unbearable reproach and a constant reminder of his own cowardice.

    • STeve is a peabrain. He has no conception of how many lives are being lost to the lockdown. Everyone who can do the figures on this has realized there’s no amount of lives, even the fictitious lives supposedly lost by the MSM, can come anywhere close to the amount of life/years being destroyed by the covid scam.

      50%-80% at least of people who need surgery, cancer treatments, heart ailments and every other sort of malady that aren’t being treated right now are sitting at home dying, just exactly what the oligarchs and tyrants want. We are being treated as if we have no sense. Hell, it’s not even a virus. Now they’re beginning to understand it’s bacterial since countries that have mandatory bovine TB vaccines has almost no deaths. All the treatments that have saved those in bad shape(few of them without previous morbidities)are antibacterials. The actual truth is virus is a not a living thing. A virus will wreak hell going from one dying cell to another but passing it along is not a problem with healthy people. If you’re sick, stay at home. If you need to work, go to work. The governors ran out of their legal 30 days of shutdown long ago so everything being done now is not only illegal but unconstitutional.

      We need to send hit squads to politicians that support this bs and get this country back on its feet before it’s too late. The Steves of this world can do as they wish and I will too. Don’t even tell me I MUST mask. It ain’t gonna happen. We’re about to have a huge backlack against all this and without the Steves of the world it would already have happened and we’d be like the countries that never had a lockdown and are doing fine right now. Steve, get out from in front of that damned TV and MSM, get some guts and go to work you little pussy who doesn’t care who lives or dies or care about this country.

  2. Where to begin? Free Speech? Freedom of Assembly? Freedom of Religion? I am surprised that the lawsuits have not begun flying yet as things stand now. But, then again, are they being filed without the mainstream lies discussing it?

    • Even if lawsuits were filed, courts have degenerated into little more than rubber stamps for whatever unlawful fiats the political classes issue. Odds of any court ruling against the State are so infinitesimally small that it’s not even worth the time or money in most cases. And that assumes that any court will even hear a case against the State in the first place. Most judges aren’t about to bite the hand that feeds them and confers so much illicit power upon them.

      • Yep…the courts- the same asshats that say that stopping every nth car without probable cause is somehow perfectly in keeping with the intent of the 4th Amendment; that the Second Amendment can be infringed; that they can force you to buy health insurance as long as it’s structured as a “tax” -so essentially saying that they have the right to tax anything and everything (Why not force us to buy AfroSheen and Newports- as long as they structure the mandate as a tax?)

        Friggin’ idjits! Having to rely on them to uphold any liberties or the Constitution is like relying on Wile E. Coyote for next building project!

        • Hi Nunz,

          I agree with all you’ve written in re the Supreme Court (sounds better in German, Obergerichtshoff) except for one thing: They are not “asshats.” They are tyrants and calculatedly so. The bastards know just what they are doing. Of all of the current lot, Roberts is the most egregious. And who appointed him? The most egregious Decider of the past 50 years.

        • Hey Nunz,

          No matter the supposed intent of the founders, the idea that the court would serve as a check on the power of government is, at best, a comforting delusion. Democracy, revered as a restraint on government, but actually the means by which it maintains legitimacy in the minds of most, is arguably the greatest enabler of tyranny ever devised by those who lust for power. The court serves the same function, sold as the means of binding government with “the chains of the Constitution”, its’ actual function is to legitimize State power. Aside from a few aberrations, which probably had more to do with personal animus than principle, the court consistently finds ways to justify the expansion of power.

          It’s remarkable that otherwise intelligent people cannot see this obvious fact: the function of the court is to legitimize, not restrict, State power. How could it be otherwise? The court is made up of lifetime government lawyers, appointed by a President who has no interest in restricting executive power, confirmed by senators who have no interest in restricting legislative power. Outside of personal animus, what reason exists for the justices to be hostile to the exercise of power? Why would any branch seek to limit the power of the others? Is it not more likely that the branches would collude with each other, inexorably increasing the power of the whole, and the parts? Is this not precisely what has happened?

          If the purpose of the court is to limit government power, then the members are uniquely unqualified for the job. They are chosen and confirmed because of their lifelong dedication to the exercise of State power. No person with a history of hostility to the exercise of power would ever get the job.


          • Well-said, Jeremy, Eric & Eight!

            Tyranny can be imposed by an outside power or an internal one; via overt violence, or via the coddled, manufactured consent of the tyrannized via brainwashing and the threat of violence.

            Any way you slice it though…it all comes down to the same thing.

            • Hi All,

              Just reading a 1987 book called Crisis and Leviathan by Robert Higgs. Higgs documents that government grows with each crisis and never retreats to the old level. This book was written 33 years ago and it looks like Higgs was George Orwell class prescient. He reckoned we would end up with either socialism or fascism. Sheesh. As I’ve said for years, break out the popcorn…things are getting interesting.

              • So true, “Joe” (Sorry, I can’t spell Giuseppe…)

                But one doesn’t have to be prescient to see that…. Look, 90 years later and we’re still living with the crap they enacted in response to the Great Depression! ‘Nuff said.

  3. In a society full of those who were raised to be faithful collectivists, and who are brainwashed to the point where they think that the tyrants who have created all of the problems around us are the ones who will “keep us safe” if only we give them even more power and control, no matter how much tyranny is imposed, they will just demand MORE- reasoning that problems and threats only exist because people “Don’t comply”- therefore, forcing more people to comply is “the answer”- to everything- because the “all-wise, all-knowing, benevolent omnipotent god known as “the state” is their god, and these clovers are it’s evangelists/voluntary agents and promoters.

    How’s that working out for them? The state is “protecting” them from getting the flu as well as it is protecting them from rioters and looters! In fact, via it’s COVID response- e.g. lockdowns, etc. the state is essentially looting them and everyone else by destroying the economy….and these clovers are cheering the government looters on!

  4. The greatest hypocrisy is how they “worry” about safety as their rabid dogs loot, burn cities and murder. Those who want to kill us tell us everything is for our “safety.” How can any rational person challenge anything designed to keep them safe? Easily – the safety they concern themselves with is not ours, but theirs – we are the threat that must be eliminated

  5. ‘“Saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety” has been weaponized.’

    As has cliiiiiiiiiiimate change — which looming menace e-vehicles somehow are supposed to ameliorate, despite sucking in amps from dirty power stations that remain majority fossil-fueled, even with filthy coal in some benighted backwaters inhabited by deplorables.

    Sometimes one must escape from the madness. Here is the late Alan Clark MP in his diary entry of 28 June 1987, on his beloved Silver Ghost:

    In a Ghost you waft along, high enough to look over people’s hedges, noiseless enough (as was the original intention) to leave horses unscared.

    It started at once, of course, although I hadn’t been near it since last November.

    No (NO) modern car would have done this. Because the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost has — except for the magneto which sparks on a turn — not one single piece of electrical equipment.

    No battery (flat) or pumps (stuck) or solenoid (up the creek, Squire) or ‘black box’ (I’m afraid we’re talking about a factory replacement unit, Sir, at £873 plus VAT).

    There are twenty-one separate actions, all of them involving beautifully crafted mechanical linkages, from turning on the gravity petrol feed to actually cranking the starting handle.

    And after they have been completed in the correct sequence it will — infallibly — fire on the first compression.


    Twenty-one separate actions in correct sequence, culminating in hand cranking. This should serve as an absolute bar to the Steves and Karens, who would stare at the “beautifully crafted mechanical linkages” like an Amazon tribesman confronted with a quantum supercomputer.

  6. “We?”
    Reminds me of the Lone Ranger joke:

    While being overrun by some very pissed off Indians the Lone Ranger says to Tonto: It looks like we’re finished Tonto! Tonto replies: Who are WE Whiteman?

    Yep we are constantly being fed the “We” bullshit.

    Everyone needs to check out this article from Martin Armstrong. Seems he went to ER for undisclosed reasons but got Corona’d instead! It’s funny and sad at the same time. Clinics/Hospitals are raking in several thousands of buckeroos from insurance/medicaid/medicare for each of those ‘free’ tests. With this kind of money involved and demented corporations you can damn well bet this will continue. Wait till the ‘free’ injections come!

    • And of course rational people are not seeking medical care if they can avoid it because they don’t want to be locked up in a COVID19 ward for profit as suspected of having COVID19. Which can result in actually getting COVID19, then on a ventilator, then dead.

  7. The world has gone completely insane. This is so nuts that it is frightening. The other side (of the same coin) is working overtime on their own brand of insanity, which frankly scares me even more. Over at The Burning Platform a retired spook who goes by Southern Sage has penned a screed titled The Enemy Within that would make Goebbels blush.

    His solution is, “civil war, followed by a hard dictatorship, and accompanied by extremely harsh punishments to root out the Progressive cancer.” He claims that commies are motivated by hate. Yeah, well they aren’t the only ones. Out of 265 comments from the white nationalists that inhabit that site there was nothing but enthusiasm for his program. We are so incredibly fucked.

    • I read the article and did not come to the conclusion you have. In fact I thought it rang mostly true. Concerning the “civil war followed by a hard dictatorship he did not say that was his solution. He said:

      “Now it ‘MAY’ take civil war, followed by a hard dictatorship , and accompanied by extremely harsh punishments to root out the Progressive cancer.”

      Note he said “MAY”. “May” is conditional. It might happen,,, It might not. Nowhere did I read that this was his solution.

      I have read enough history to know we are already in a pre-kinetic civil/race war. The Progressives have patriotic Americans on the run. Antifa today is the same communist organization as infected pre-fascist Germany. Same symbols, same flag. They occupy the same building in Berlin as they did in the 1930s. The result of their activities was a fascist Germany. No one want this,,, it’s just the way it works. History proves it time and time again.

      A far left organization always results is a far right organization and vice versa. This is the way the flow works. It can not be changed in the late stage. We are presently in a non kinetic civil war. Law and Order are not being enforced as most government authorities and institutions are far left progressives. Rioting, looting and burning down businesses will cause serious blowback if not stopped. If the ‘authorities’, the cops, the military stand down,,, as they have recently,,, the civil war will go kinetic as people who have lost everything have nothing to lose. Afterwords you invariably end up under a dictatorship and the cycle starts over again.

      Nationalist definition: an ideology and movement that promotes the interests of a particular nation.

      A nationalist is not a fascist or a racist as many try to insinuate. I do not know those 265 commenters so I cannot say what their politics are or what their race is. To do so would be racist. What I do see is many angry individuals tired of be accused of crimes against humanity they did not do. And once that anger reaches a certain point,,, right or wrong,,, shit happens.

      However it is true when you say we are incredibly f*cked.

      • Ken,
        I know he said “may”, but no other alternatives were presented so I think it’s safe to assume that will be the game plan.

        We are being set up in our own color revolution and presented with a false dichotomy. It’s either we have a hard dictatorship or let the commies have their way. I understand perfectly everyone’s motivation to put an end to the ridiculous horse shit that has been going on, but don’t think for a minute that it hasn’t been done to produce the exact reaction we’re seeing. Bankers always finance both sides of every war, and you can be sure their actively involved in the propaganda on both sides as well. I know what was the ultimate fate of the Freikorps.

    • Hank,

      The lefties have to be liquidated-end of story. I don’t say that out of hate; I say it as a matter of fact. I’ll draw an analogy between us and soldiers in battle. If I were in battle, I have no animus against the enemy I’m fighting. That said, he’s trying to kill me. If I don’t kill him, he’s going to kill me; IOW, it’s either him or me-simple as that. The same applies with the leftists.

      Have you actually READ AND HEARD what these folks say? Did you see the Project Veritas videos of the Bernie supporters and campaign workers saying that people like us need to put in gulags? You know that Bill Ayers, former Weatherman terrorist and mentor to Barack Hussein Obama, said that about 10% of Americans would have to be killed in order to usher in their socialist utopia. Oh, and what about the recent riots? How can we have no CHOICE but to liquidate all leftists? They’re a CANCER on society! They’re EVIL-end of story. What do you do to a cancer? The same must be done with leftists…

      • This is why anyone who has any interest in preserving any autonomy and any notion of liberty had better find a far-off corner of the world to sit it out….’cause the two sides are squaring up here, and neither one is any friend of liberty. We are the enemies of both sides, ’cause both sides represent tyranny.

        • In what far-off corner can you sit it out?

          When the US collapses, the entire globe will feel the catastrophic effects. Unlike the narrow, mostly male, mostly older segment of the White population who subscribe to libertarian principles, nearly all other foreign peoples perceive themselves as members of a collective – i.e. race or ethnicity – and will likely be inclined to blame White Americans as a collective, right or wrong.

          In backwater countries like Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Kenya, Turgistan, you and your resources, modest though they may be, will stick out like a sore thumb. Israel, of course, will test your DNA to verify your ashkenazi-hood.

          I researched Panama and Costa Rica for a while and monitored their covid 19 respnses. Their lockdowns were more dictatorial and difficult to evade than ours here in a solidly blue East Coast metropolis. Americans and Europeans who were trapped there were given no equality of treatment under the law. Not saying they were entitled to it, but in several cases their vehicles were impounded and high arbitrary “fees” were levied.

          • Hi Mack,

            Agreed. And that is why I have chosen to stand my ground – for both practical and principle reasons. Sometimes, it is necessary to fight – or at least make it clear you’re willing – to preserve your freedom as well as your things. We’re about a week out from the day Americans go through the pantomime of celebrating that virtue. Perhaps it’s time they practiced it.

          • Mack, you are right in that there are no truly free places, because…humans. (Silly humans!)-except in remote places. Central and South America are going totally socialist- but even there, once you get away from the cities, there are many places where life goes on like it always has- They just don’t have the government infrastructure to control everything, everywhere, like the US and Europe do. But personally, I don’t want to be so close to the very thing I’m trying to escape.

            But even in such places, it’s a matter of levels. Government just isn’t as intrusive in the average person’s life as it is here.

            And there are places like Patagonia/The Amazon, where it’s still essentially wild. You go off somewhere and hack-out a homestead, and no helicopters will be flying over looking for an excuse to “hut hut hut” you.

            I’m shooting for the South Pacific- There are small island nations with scores of out-lying islands where there is essentially no government. But if you’re looking to duplicate the lifestyle we’ve come to know here……that’s another story. Smooth-paved roads and readily-available electricity and box stores are largely dependent upon government for their existence (It doesn’t have to be that way- If people in general were Libertarian, such things would be possible in a Libertarian world…but the fact is that that is just not the way it is, and will not be, because where you have enough people to warrant those things, you have people wanting to control and extort, as well as people who are willing to accept those things in exchange for “perks” they offer.)

            Even in Central and South America though, I have known many people who have moved there and who have been there for over 10 years now (Including Panama and Chile) and are very happy. There’s just far less intrusion. But personally, I want a “purer” place.

            No matter where we go, it’ll be a matter of “hiding out” in a more remote area…but the thing is, there we can do so successfully without a huge, rich, hi-tech-festooned government caring, because that’s just the way that many people live there- whereas here, we will be sought-out and herded, because non-participation/non-compliance HERE is essentially a crime already.

            It’s not easy- the viable places are hard to even get to- not like you can just get there in a day. It might take a week or more just to get to the “jump off” point…and then require weeks or months of traveling and exploring to find the sweet spot- but personally, I’d like to be able to live life where I can be left alone and enjoy some good years, as opposed to staying here and fighting every single day to remain free while seeing things just getting worse and worse and KNOWING that the day is fast approaching that we will either have comply, or be carted off or killed.

            Staying = No hope. Leaving = Hope, and better than anything we have here.
            Things are only degrading here, and it’s going to get MUCH worse. Go down with the Titanic…or take your chances in the lifeboat. Me? I’ll choose the lifeboat- either way, we’re not going to dining in the 5-star dining room….but those in the lifeboat are a lot better off than those who went to the bottom.

            • Not that I disagree with your sentiments, but before you expatriate, just remember: many of these places do not have potable water or tolerable water sources; ground water is often contaminated or has microbes or parasites; many countries will require significant financial and other assets of you in order to allow long term immigration – your entry will be time-limited via a visa; you will need a minimum of several years there to garner eligibility for citizenship to denounce your US passport; you will need cash assets, with 5-10% currency conversion commission; few speak English in remote areas; foreign countries are not that friendly to Americans not there as tourists; you need be familiar with local customs and taboos; many remote areas are only accessible by donkeys and mules in these countries with days or weeks of travel with your supplies; as a white American you will stand out and may be viewed as a target or of someone with money worth robbing, even if this isn’t the case; squattie potties are the norm and TP is often hard to come by and can often be a gross hose; the islands in the Pacific are often patrolled and controlled with the military and they are ever present and know you are there; good luck if you are ever stopped by a local official, as they can F with you any way they want, and it won’t be in English.

              Point is, there’s lots to consider, and be careful and wary of hearsay experiences from those living abroad. I’ve been all over the world and have resided in some of these remote places. It’s not easy.

              • I agree, BAC, in that there are lots of concerns- but I’ve been interested in leaving since the 80’s – so I’m aware of the problems. There are American and British expats in many of the places I’m interested in.

                Avoiding the military is a primary concern, which is why I’d never consider places like the Philippines or Thailand.

                I’m hoping to relocate to Belize first, just to use as my travel hub (Access to planes without the TSA bullshit)- and maybe become a Belize citizen, as no one wants Americans- and becoming Belize is EASY!

                The requirements for most of the small remote places are usually very minimal- no criminal record, and either a small income ($600-$1000 a month- doesn’t have to be forever…just till you get your citizenship. The better ones, you don’t even have to be a citizen to own real estate and live there- and owning property often means you can stay for as long as you do so- although, in remote places, no one’s really going to know, much less care. It’s not like you’re gonna be riding your bike on a mud road and get pulled over.

                I’ve also learned recently that having had grandparents who were from Italy, I can get Italian citizenship, which is EU citizenship- very easily- pretty much by just proving my ancestry. Not that I have anyu intentions of moving to Dago-land or anywhere in the EU- but being a citizen of the EU might open doors for me which would otherwise not be an option.

                The thing is, while you are right- it is not easy (That is what keeps it good!) it is doable- and sure beats sitting here watching the noose draw ever tighter.

                And yes, of course some cultural taboos have to be respected- or at least not blatantly spat on….but that is to be expected- and should be the case, anywhere. Most decent expats are heartily accepted- Me? Probably not as much, since I’m a loner- but that’s just it: I don’t care….I just want to be left alone- and from what I’ve heard over the years, as long as you don’t do anything blatantly stupid or nefarious, that is usually achievable.

                most expats who have trouble in the remote places, are the same ones who’d have trouble anywhere- They get drunk and start trouble, or commit some crime….

                I remember years ago reading of a German who established a wonderful life on one of the small Pacific islands (I forget which one)- but then either murdered someone or raped someone, or maybe both- I forget- But they didn’t even have a jail in that island nation…so as punishment, they deported him back to Germany…where he was wanted for some crime…and in addition to nabbing him for his past Kraut crime…I believe the Germans also prosecuted him for the crime(s) he committed on the island. (Ya’d think the islanders would’ve just hung him or something…. must be really hard to make them mad!)

                Thanks for the concerns though. They are all valid points for people who may not have been considering expatriation seriously in the past- and they do apply to many places.

        • Nunzio,

          How do you figure both sides are enemies of liberty? I can see how the leftists are enemies of liberty, but I don’t see how their enemies (i.e. US!) are enemies of liberty; what the left’s enemies want more than anything is to be left alone to live their lives. How is that being an enemy of liberty? Am I missing something?

          • MM, I was talking about the left vs. the right- not the left vs. us. The sides being drawn are the D’s vs. the R’s; the commies vs. the Nazis. WE are not even on the political radar.

            The choice being proffered is chaos and violence from the bottom up [Riots, transgenderism, etc. to destabilize society] or “law and order” -i.e. more police; more “security”, etc. The former is being encouraged and allowed so that people will demand the latter.

            The choice isn’t between any of those things and liberty- Liberty is not even on the table- It is a given that that will not exist here anymore. The choice is communism or National Socialism- so either way, we lose.

            The majority who fight the left, are not fighting for liberty- but just for a stronger police state. The enemies of our enemy is not necessarily our friend- any more so than Hitler was for “fighting the communists and terrorists”.

            • National Socialism and Communism are BOTH leftist! National Socialism isn’t right wing at all. Lenin said that the end goal of socialism is communism. Shoot, it’s in the name! To equate Nazism (the German acronym for National Socialism) with being right wing is inaccurate. Both are leftist; both are the same; the only difference is that one is slightly more extreme than the other.

              That said, I’m inclined to agree with your overall point: that the leftist insanity will be allowed long enough to have the people clamoring for more security. It’s classic ordo ab chao; it’s the Hegelian Dialectic in action.

              • Exactly, MM!

                The only thing is, while left and right are both different sides of the same collectivist coin, right is just the version that emphasizes nationalism and other minor differences- basically communism vs. socialism (Isn’t that exactly what we’re seeing between the D’s and R’s today? They both want “socialized medicine”- they just squabble over the details of how it should be administered.)

                Naziism is most often classified as “far right”. I guess liberty is not even a consideration on the political spectrum, because if you look-up virtually any politcal philosophy that advocates rule by authority and law, it’s ALL collectivist to one degree or another. The left/right spectrum is really just a way of classifying various forms of collectivism- the only real differences are in the overall goals and means of administration and economics.

                • Nunz, Communism and Nazism are kissing cousins. Proponents of both forcibly impose their values on normal people who just want to be left the hell alone to live their lives, and throw the refuseniks into gulags and concentration camps.

                  • Hi Jason,

                    Yes! Both are simply permutations of the same thing – authoritarian collectivism. That is their defining essence. Of what relevance is it to the individual whether he is enslaved by an elite claiming to channel the will of the proletariat – or the nation and the race?

                    Stalin admired Hitler. He knew a kindred spirit.

                    • eric, the more Republican that sign anti-2A laws and listen less to the regular guy with no money, the closer we get to having NO difference….with the exception of ol Joe, who’s out of it. I’ll hold my nose and vote for Trump even though I fail to see how he’s not one of the oligarchy who knew all about covid well before-hand. He did sign the CARES act in Jan of 2019.

                      He doesn’t let anyone see his tax returns which is probably the only way he’ll get a vote this next election.

                      I guess we could just sit back and wait for out and out civil war and see where the sides line up.

                      Every day that goes by I’m feeling that’s what’s going to happen regardless of anything else.

                      As much money as big corporations have give BLM, it’s obvious they want to destroy the gun-totin white people who won’t go down without a fight.

                      Too many other changes, including the entire economy system are pushing it in that direction.

                      We could reach a time when no amount of wealth is going to protect the uber-wealthy. The country and the world won’t be worth living it at that point no doubt.

                      At least I bought a 700 lb calf I couldn’t afford but it beats starving and having to show up at the courthouse for govt. handouts.

                      I need to convince my neighbors to leave that chopper on the ground and quit killing hogs wholesale just to leave them lay. We’ll need all the wild hogs and deer we can grow in the near future. I’m convinced of this. Others don’t seem to realize the end game coming up here. I’m baffled they are so cowardly and go along with all this covid bs. I’m not religious but “God help us all”.

                  • My point exactly, Jason. Just slightly different “brands” of the same tyrannical product.

                    The Left-Right politcal spectrum is just a way of mapping the different brands of tyranny. Liberty is off somewhere far from that spectrum- as if it weren’t even an option.

      • I’ve stated a few years ago that JM was right and I am still waiting for an apology from his executioners. JM was definitely right about Follywood, especially today more so than a few decades ago. But the groundwork was being laid and the people refused to see this.

  8. So Steve is publicly announcing his inability to to predict/foresee issues with mandatory mask laws? Pretty sure we’ve had numerous examples of negative outcomes already. I guessing, he’s probably never had a job or at least one that required any type of physical exertion. So what’s the consequence of continually refusing to mask up? Re-education camp? Firing squad? And his blind faith in vaccines is mind blowing. No vaccine has ever been claimed to be 100% effective. So now what Stevie my boy. Maybe Steve should just live his life in a bubble or a hazmat suit for the rest of his life.

    Piss off, Steve and mind your own damn business. Glad I’m not your neighbor.

    BTW, in regard to vaccines – my opinion is that they’re all zero percent effective and very dangerous to your health.

    • Vaccines are supposed to stimulate YOUR immune system to strengthen it against specific threats. They are supposed to work by exposing your immune system to “minor” infections.

      The dangers are: 1. There is no guarantee that the deliberate exposure will be minor, and in fact in people with weak immune systems they are likely to get serious or lethal infections. 2. The stuff put in with the innoculant- the metals, solvents, growth media, genes and viruses from the vaccine production- are indeed toxic, dangerous, and unpredictable.

      So to your point- they may or may not be effective, but such an extreme solution should probably only be attempted on extreme, virulent, highly lethal and common pathogens. And they are assuredly very dangerous to your health.

  9. Lincoln County , OR just issued a mask mandate that only applies to white people. I tried to post a link to the story but my post kept getting kicked back as spam…..
    It’s one of the lead stories at The Western Journal and WND
    You can’t make this shit up !

    • Hi Blues,

      I hope the people of Lincoln – the non-neurotics – have learned from the rioters. To crib a saying: Fuck the Masks!

      Don’t wear one; fight back if fucked with. Do not put up with this – or you will soon be putting up with much more.

    • So in today’s crazy identitarianism, what if I claim to identify as a “person of color”? Am I mask exempt in Lincoln County?

      • Hi Charles and Bluesman,

        While the directive is absurd and pandering, it doesn’t apply only to whites, it lists exemptions, all of which, except the last, could be invoked by anyone. Here’s a link to the directive

        Here is the offending line:

        “People of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public”.

        Of course this is just virtue signaling crap, motivated by cynically manufactured racial hysteria, still, any excuse not to wear a mask should be used. Encourage black people not to wear a mask; in fact encourage everyone not to wear a mask, who would otherwise not wear one. Use any excuse, health condition, disability, etc…, which, I suspect, are included in the approved list of exemptions of every mask mandate.

        And Charles, I don’t see why not. Just claim you suffer from Dolezalism.


  10. I strongly suspect that such psychotics are the result of a couple of things. First, that they are filled with fear, but know not what it is they fear, and so pick the first identifiable source, whether it be a fearful thing or not. Second, that they have let their own lives spiral out of control, and so instead of gaining control over their own lives, pursue control of everyone else’s so they can use such control to force others to accommodate their lack of control. All the while not realizing the very action of controlling others is why they are no longer in control In either case, there is always an abundance of Psychopaths In Charge eager and anxious to facilitate their insanity. This could be applied to other aspects of what was formerly our “society” as well, besides corona flu. Such as “racism” or “capitalism” or “hate speech” etc. After all, both parties are insane, and they proliferate in abundance. It is indeed apparently a contagious disease.

  11. Yes, I’m seeing this myself. In fact, my own sister is a Steve. A self professed “dedicated CNN watcher” she has allowed herself to be so fear-mongered that she is openly calling for the masking and imprisonment of everyone cause ‘Rona. A week ago she told me that ‘Rona “is everywhere!” It’s heartbreaking and maddening at the same time.

    • Heartbreaking indeed. In these dangerous times it would be ideal to trbe up with family, But both my sisters are Hilliary-voting libs, and the gap between how they perceive the cultural landsacpe and how I see it is too far to bridge.

      • Hi Mack,

        This division – even within families – has an antecedent. It is the war of 1861-’65 and its antecedents. Families were broken up over similar irreconcilable differences, then as now. The big difference now is the division line isn’t geographic. The country is mottled. Authoritarian collectivists not only across the street but perhaps even in your own home.

        This will make it much harder to peacefully go our separate ways, which I believe is the only way this can be dealt with absent a horror show on par with what happened in Russia in the 1920s ands ’30s.


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