Hut! Hut! Hutted! . . . For Working Out

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The loathsome  governor of Michigan – Gretchen Whitmer – who is an extreme Diaper-Decreer – sent her Shock Troops to a gym the other day. The crime? Working out without permission and sans Diaper.

Last week, Tino Ulicne, owner of the RTB Gym, defied Whitmer’s dictate and opened his gym to those who wanted to be their voluntarily – which of course cannot be tolerated. 

Being healthy is now a crime. Also trying to earn an honest living. Ulicne told news media that his gym is on the verge of going out of business because of the Gesundheitsfuhrer’s orders.

“It’s a do or die situation,” he said.

He might had added: The Gesundheitsfuhrers are killing him – and millions of other sane Americans  – using the fear of insane Americans.

Interestingly, the one person at the gym not Hut Hut! Hutted! was apparently . . . and armed government worker.

According to the Michigan Sentry, several individuals have reportedly confirmed that the individual seen leaving the gym was a plainclothes officer with the Detroit Police Department named Lamar Harris.

As the Sentry reports, according to a report from the Detroit News, Harris graduated and became an officer in 2019. They also presented photos of celebrated cookies made by Harris’ friends and family, shaped as guns and barbells, featuring his presumed badge number, 881.

Once again, the “essential” apparently are invulnerable to the WuFlu – or at least, to the restrictions and punishments applied to the rest of us.

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  1. I hear one say “We’ve got a job to do”. Yep, you do you POS. Not everybody will take that job because of what it involves. It was noticeable to see the AGW get escorted out and then hear, You all need to get over there. It’s that cop on fire I wouldn’t piss on.

  2. They aren’t going to stop until the price of their tyranny gets too high. Until the AGWs determine there might be safer occupations. And more sane and moral as well.
    I find it nearly unbelievable, that so many can’t realize that we are subject to far more evil insane propaganda now than we were a couple of months ago. You can scroll through news sources, the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird variety, and all the headlines are touting the “increase in case count”. Never mind that an increase in corona flu case count standing alone is no more relevant than an increase in case count for acne. In fact, with case count taking off like a rocket, and death count with a slight uptick in a few places, mortality rate is taking a nose dive. Which means an increase in case count is a good thing, as it also gets us closer to herd immunity. Public schools can declare victory. They have successfully created a population incapable of applying basic math, or of critical thought, or of recognizing a bald faced lie.

    • One of the main catalysts behind the acceptance and demand for so much tyranny are the “stimulus” checks and unemployment “bonuses”. The sheep hate the idea of being responsible adults and earning one’s keep, and are thus using the PLANNEDemic to their advantage. Little do they know that Billy Boy and the CCP are ready to slaughter them/us one by one.

      • Hi Blue,

        I’ve heard that people are getting as much as $1,000/week to not work. $600 in WuFlu assist plus $400 in normal unemployment. THat’s $4k a month, $48k a year. It’s a helluva lot more than most working families bring in . . . from working.

  3. Found this quote online, thought was worth reposting:
    ~”Apparently Winchester [ammo manufacturer] is bringing out a new propellant, smokeless of course, called covid, will allow all future gun deaths to be accurately labeled on death certificate as Covid.”

    Maybe the lying betrayers will oneday catch the covid afterall?

  4. Psychological warfare to keep you depressed and your immune system a wreck all designed to kill you psychologically and eventually physically. Soon there will be food shortages and price increases to stress you out even more. Now we can better understand how they got the Jews to board the trains.

    • Hi Ken,

      Indeed. A now-ex friend of mine (because she is a Diaperer and insists on general Diapering) is Jewish. I got into a discussion with her once – pre Corona – about Security Theater at the airport; about why I won’t go near an airport anymore. I pointed out the conditioning to arbitrary authority; the invasion of personal space, the treating of people like cattle – and what I regard as the danger presented by that. I argued that people who are conditioned to submit tend to submit. That once people are used to being treated like cattle, they become cattle. That what goes on now at airports is disgusting on that account as well as dangerous. That these cattle are ready to be boxcar’d off for “special handling.” Her reply? She just wanted to live her life and saw the conditioning as an inconvenience worth suffering to be able to board a flight.

      And in that moment, I realized why her ancestors meekly did as the guards ordered and boarded those trains headed east.

        • Morning, JWK!

          There is something halting in that; the grainy videos of people leaping out of trucks and obediently trotting to the edge of the ditch without so much as spitting at the men about to shoot them.

        • Patton was a realist and a man who spoke his mind which got him killed. Took two tries but the “physicians” who treated him he second time did as ordered.

          He thought less of the German army to the point he was willing to let them starve, give them a bit of their own.

          He was smart enough to know that annihilating Stalin and what he had built would be the smart move when the equipment and personnel were in place. It would have saved the world a great deal of misery, esp. 60 million people who made up the USSR. He had no respect for the political idiots higher up the military chain than he.

    • True. However, Hitler presumed, and rightly so, that they would be much easier to load on the train after they were disarmed, along with the rest of the population. Of course they willfully submitted to being disarmed as well.

        • Agree. Like the images of lampshades and soap bars that I was told in grade schoold were made from jewish corpses, JWK’s cavalier comment repeats vicious war-time propaganda created to vilify Germans in general, because they were a defeated enemy on whom jewish elitists sought revenge, and to vilify AH in particular for having committed the sin of circumventing the Rothschild banking cartel by bartering directly with Argentina and other South American countries for natural resources in exchange for engineering expertise and thereby restoring the German economy while the rest of Europe and America were mired in depression. This type of propaganda directed against war-time enemies is akin on a smaller scale to stoies during Deset Storm 1991 about Iraqi soldiers raiding Kuwaiti hospitals to bayonet babies.

          Criticism of Geman collectivism is one thing, but the jew-scripted blatant falsehoods perpetuated worldwide since WW2 about “Nazi atrocities” are another. Khazar Jews as a collective are the wealthiest and single most politically powerful ethno-racial group in the world and yet we are harangued about their supreme victimhood so endlessly that holocaustianity has become practically a universal religion, and the slightest questioning of the narrative or even objective academic research into the actual history are criminal offenses, punishable by years of imprisonment, in most Western European countries and will result in permanent career termination in the U.S. and Canada. This alone should give truth seekers pause.

          Here is a link to an article about a well-documented, but seldom mentioned post-war mass murder of German civilians by General Eisehhower.

  5. Yep, the cops are immune, apparently. Here in Ohio, governor dipshit has exempted first responders from his mask decrees