Reader Question: WuFlu Facts?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Keith writes: I have plotted CDC mortality counts by week for the past 5 years and the CDC’s own data shows we are at or below the mortality counts per week for the past five years. In other words, there is no COVID 19 pandemic and hasn’t been. There was a peak mortality in March of 73K people vs a norm of 55K. That quickly subsided and is now below the trend line of four prior years. I would be happy to email the spreadsheet which includes the CDC site address where the numbers can be downloaded. The variance from the average is about 62K total for 2020, not the fabricated 220K plus number brandied about by lame stream. 2018 had a peak around 68K and no one said a word.

My reply: The facts are interesting – but many people seem uninterested in them. This includes the corporate media, which systematically suppresses them by ignoring them. Instead, the cases! the cases! By now it ought to be obvious that the problem is not ignorance. It is a calculated, organized effort to create and maintain mass hysteria, for purposes that are as follows:

One, to destroy Trumpism – even more so than Trump himself. By Trumpism I mean resurgent American nationalism – which threatened the generations-long march toward world government – as well as antipathy to the orthodoxies of the left.

Two, to consolidate corporate wealth and power via “lockdowns” that mostly applied not to them and by using the threat of corporate job loss to suborn obedience with Sickness Kabuki and more to come. Corporations and corporate employment are to become the new government in fact, if not law. You will obey – not because you’ll be charged with a crime but because if not you will lose your job and be unable to obtain a new one.

Three, to provide a pretext for the imposition of socialism via “public health” measures, these to include the elimination of cash – necessary to eliminate any redoubts of economic independence – and the the micromanagement of society in the name of “stopping the spread” and “keeping us safe.”

The facts are the enemy of this agenda, which is why they are not discussed. It is not because they – the people who control the narrative – are unaware of them. The entire point of what is going on is to make sure the facts are shouted down by the hysteria.

We cannot hope for a revelation of these facts by the media, for just that reason. And the people being “programmed” are largely beyond the reach of facts already. We are now in a fight – one that may soon become physical. All we can do is refuse to bow to insanity – first using our own minds as well as by ignoring and even mocking the Kabuki. The more mass non-compliance, the better.

But we may also have to fight the maniacs. It is sound policy to prepare for that, even if it (hopefully) doesn’t come down to that.

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  1. The disturbing “Eyewitness news” media is part of the reason. Another is shitposting.

    Just reporting facts doesn’t grab viewers attention, so every story has to be humanized with a personal anecdote. We’ll never again see a story with simple factual information, like we did before Vietnam, Leaving it up to the reader’s imagination to generate an emotional response to, say, number of men killed in action. No, now we have to show the gore and hell that is war in order to advance the agenda. Unless the war is the agenda, then no coffins on TV. This all started with the Eyewitness News format in the early 1970s, where consultants started telling local stations how to produce stories for maximum engagement, instead of public service. Then in the 1980s when news became a profit center it was game on.

    For every fact based on statistics there’s an exception. And someone there to make sure to elevate the exception in an attempt to negate your point. Humans are wired to seek out the exceptions, because in a jungle environment the exception is usually what killed our ancestors. They went on to reproduce because they were a little more perceptive than the others. There’s not much that can be done to counteract the shitposter, since they’re stimulating some very old parts of the brain (Jordan Peterson goes into great detail about this stuff).

  2. Hi Keith,

    Hey, I would like to get the spreadsheet! If possible, please contact Eric and he will provide my email.

    Also, have you seen this?

    It’s treading the same area and strongly suggests that the relative stability of total deaths is best explained because Covid deaths are being over counted and other fatal causes (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc…) are being under counted. Of course, when critics noticed this and began pointing out the obvious, JHU promptly retracted the study and claimed that people were using it to mislead the public. Yeah sure, one of the few papers that tries to put the numbers in context is misleading, but intentionally conflating the CFR with the IFR to terrify people, wildly exaggerating the risk to most people, inventing heretofore unknown risk vectors (the asymptomatic and reinfected), desperately cherry picking the data to support the (provably false) lockdowns/masks work narrative and constantly screaming about CASES, CASES, absent any context, is not!



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