Tankless Marines?

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I know a former Marine officer who knows other Marines. This former Marine had an interesting conversation with some of his active-duty Marine friends and relayed some of what was said to me, on condition of anonymity. Given the importance of what follows, I agreed to this condition.

According to this source, the Marine forces stationed on the West and East coasts of the country are being shorn of their tanks – ostensibly because the higher-ups do not believe Marines will be deployed in future with tanks but will instead be equipped with much lighter equipment, such as artillery/rockets, to make them more mobile. I checked into this and it’s Pravda – truth. It is part of a plan sallied forth back in 2018 by Marine Corps Commandant General  David Berger.

See here.

My Marine officer friend thinks this is very strange. He thinks the Marines are being made tankless for another reason. An anticipatory reason.

For the reason that’s coming up in about five days from now: The anointment of El Presidente (s)elect Biden by the Congress – and perhaps something else.

There are rumors afoot – and as a journalist, I take rumors with a grain of salt – that the Orange Man is going to do something spectacular on January 6.

Like bring forth Jeffrey Epstein.


Trump lawyer Lin Wood publicly hinted that the ur pedophile did not not commit suicide while in custody; rather, was somehow spirited away and has spent the last several months since his “death” being interrogated about serial pedophilia at the highest levels of government, including – it is alleged – at the level of the Supreme Court. Wood has accused the chief justice of the United States, John Roberts, of having skeletons so jangly in his closet that he is a mere puppet of the interests that seek to re-throne the Obama Regime fronted by the senile  . . . pedophile.

That the reason Mr. Justice Roberts refused to even consider the case about election fraud brought by Texas and other states – on the very odd reasoning that they lacked standing to bring such a case – is because they have the negatives, basically.

There are reports of indictments – and arrests. And a great deal more. All of it headed our way, shortly.

And the Marines? My friend says they are the branch of the military most likely to back the Orange Man, if such a thing were to develop. Which would be harder for them to do without armor – and the firepower – that tanks provide.

These are rumors that should be taken with a boulder of salt.

But it is interesting to contemplate the what-ifs.

What if Epstein is alive? What if the Orange Man had the foresight – the genius – to spirit him away months before the (s)election, knowing it was foreordained he would “lose” to the senile pedophile? Planning to let them steal the election; giving them just enough rope . . .

And then . . .

If the Orange Man actually has such a thing up his sleeve, if he has been organizing such a thing for the past six-months plus and isn’t JFK’d before January 6 (or something worse, to change the subject and shut everyone up – like an EMP “attack” by the North Korean Dear Leader) then Caesar and Alexander will appear as second-raters in the annals of history.

It is a thing so incredible as to be almost unimaginable – and for that reason it probably is.

Lin Wood is either insane – the man has made claims so extravagant that he’ll be ruined if he can’t back them up  . . . and he and everyone within his radioactive penumbra will become the go-to punchline for lectures ad infinitum about “conspiracy theories” for decades to come.

Or something very big is going to happen, very soon.

We’ll know one way or the other in about a week.

. . . .

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  1. “He thinks the Marines are being made tankless for another reason.” — The USMC’s Brain Trust decided to abandon tanks long before Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

    “Orange Man is going to do something spectacular on January 6. Like bring forth Jeffrey Epstein. Alive.” — No, no lunacy here. 😒 Will your beloved Orange Man also produce JFK and Elvis Presley, alive? And don’t forget Bigfoot.

    “the reason Mr. Justice Roberts refused to even consider the case about election fraud brought by Texas and other states” — Each of the three justices appointed by Trump also voted not to hear Ken Paxton’s farcical lawsuit. You “forgot” to mention that, right?

    “if such a thing were to develop. Which would be harder for them to do without armor—and the firepower—that tanks provide.” — Ignoring the fact the USMC’s top leaders chose to disband tank units long before the 2020 election, the USMC didn’t have any armored units based near Washington, D.C. The Army, not the USMC, has always had the bulk of U.S. armored forces. Precious few, if any, soldiers would betray their oath of office if your beloved Maximum Leader tries to impose martial law to illegally remain in power.

    “Lin Wood is either insane” — That fact was never in dispute. I sure liked Eric Peters better when he was a libertarian and not an apologist/sycophant for the amoral, unprincipled, narcissistic, habitually-lying authoritarian Donald Trump.

    • Hi Sky,

      I marvel that people can read what I wrote and take it at other than face value – as my take on an extremely unlikely but extremely tantalizing scenario. Not that I like it or believe it likely… but that I find it interesting. Potentially, amazing – if true. In the manner of the Night of the Long Knives. It doesn’t mean I approve. It means such a thing would be audacious, historic…and interesting.

      I have likewise written – and said – numerous times that I don’t like Orange Man so much as loathe and dread the alternative.

      Don’t you?

    • “The USMC’s Brain Trust decided to abandon tanks long before Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.” -Donald Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide. Biden is just a sore loser.

      • The Chinese have a saying, “May you live in interesting times.” Any election is a choice of the least of two or more evils. Trump, warts and all, is infinitely more preferable than the forBIDEN City – man of China. The fact that the 10 most recent Secretary of Defense’s, dating back to the late 80’/early 90’s, all signed an op-ed condemning Trump, warning him not to involve the military in resolving this stolen election, should illuminate how deep the Swamp goes in DC. These are definitely interesting times…and as the Boy Scouts say, Be prepared (for anything, I’d say), especially regarding this election, and the resulting fallout!!!

        • And just how WOULD the military “resolve” this election fiasco, save in some military coup? Do any of us really want to go there?

          We have to face facts…Trump’s own party sold him out. True, while he has the allegiance of the “rank and file”, and many up and comers, the “old guard” of the GOP never wanted him, but had no one better back in 2016. His victory over the Hildebeast was a complete surprise, maybe even to Trump himself. Since then, most of the “old guard”, no matter which party they belong to, ostensibly, have done their utmost to sabotage Trump’s presidency. His even getting elected at all, and managing to not be removed from office or assassinated to date, is a political story for the ages.

  2. Im not happy with trumps bumpstock ban and support of the shut down. I voted trump for economics, freedom of religion, and anti war position and action. Trump has to win by hook or crook cause the dems cheated this one with no reservations. if the dems win itll be a a 1 party system by name as well as action.

    • Moo,
      This COVID BS is the implementation of the NWO- a one-party system, worldwide. Agenda 21 is here. Our only hope would be if enough people had resisted…not just now when our power is gone- but long before, as they were taking all of our liberties and strengths and very souls- but now all that is left is a majority who cower behind filthy masks, obscuring their own faces, without so much as a pea-shooter being pointed at them.

  3. Men who love justice long for a resolute and final end to the evil that surrounds us. It will come some day as it is written.

    Meanwhile, I suspect that there will be a continued wheezing and slouching toward Gomorrah with good men hanging on in quiet desperation.

    Why? Because good men still have too much to loose to actually fight. Our freedoms are being winnowed by a thousand little cuts and still we accede.

    Where is John Galt?

  4. I have no idea what will happen in the next 17 days, but my gut instinct tells me that Trump will be taking the oath of office on January 20th.

    • Hi Geoff,

      I pray that he does. Not because I am religious, particularly – or because I particularly like Trump. But the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

      • Hi Eric, I really don’t have much to add to the comments below. I really respect and admire your writing and opinions, but I think you’ve gone off the rails here. Trump has had so many opportunities to rock the boat, and has taken advantage of none of them. Kuntsler has been claiming forever that Trump has an ace up his sleeve and just you wait, he’s gonna burn it all down. Not yet, wait a bit more. Soon! Any day now, just wait. You’ll see, it’s coming! NOT! Trump is clearly not smart enough to take advantage of the many, many opportunities he’s had to make a difference, the only thing he gives a shit about is himself. January 6 will come and go like any other day, as will January 20. Biden will be our president, and the dumpster fire will continue until it all crashes and burns. The Marines, Army, National Guard and cops will do exactly as they are told and do their best to crush the citizens, whether they have tanks or not. In fact, most of those buzz cut motherfuckers will probably relish their role, likening it to a video game where they get to destroy the enemy, which is us. I hope and pray that your take is correct, Eric. I’d love to see Trump burn the whole fuckin’ system to the ground on his way out, or just to shove it up the ass of the deep state, I’d give my left nut to see the election results overturned with Trump being sworn in on the 20th. Unfortunately, however, in my heart of hearts, I know it ain’t gonna happen.

      • I hope that you’re right but I fear that’s not gonna happen.

        I still have confidence that the American people, once informed, and the scales fall from their collective(ist) eyes, will do the right thing. It won’t be easy. Wasn’t in 1776 or 1861. Maybe we’re overdue for a “challenge” that tests our mettle.

  5. Meh. I think Eric let his imagination run away with him on this one.

    Gen. Berger certainly is a first-class POS, but I seriously doubt that Marines are being de-tanked to prevent them from supporting Trump in a coup. There hasn’t been a major tank battle since World War II. Armor is going the way of the battleship into obsolescence now that we are in the era of satellite-guided unmanned drones.

    The Marines have also given up their M16 rifles, and are now issued M4 carbines. The heresy! The apostasy! MARINES without RIFLES? Well, I guess it’s not as if they have much time to shoot enemy soldiers anyway… being so busy taking sexual harassment training and celebrating Gay Pride Day at the Pentagon and banning the Confederate flag and all of that important stuff.

  6. Kunstler, My favorite lefty, has an interesting piece on this.

    Trump will of course be a disaster but PeePad Joe and his KneePad Ho will be a catastrophe.

    Trump’s paramount, astonishing achievement Is exposing the breadth and depth of corruption and making it impossible to pretend that this is anything other than the final people versus the Deep State confrontation.

  7. For all the good Trump did his first three years in office, I’ll never forgive him for throwing us to the wolves in 2020. He essentially abdicated in March and ceded control of the nation to tyrannous state governors and the satanic MSM. And as a parting gesture, he signed that monstrosity of an omnibus spending bill. Biden will no doubt be worse, but I say good riddance to treasonous Trump.

    • Besides -yes- exposing the fact our elections mean nothing and that there is a deep unelected government – Trump accomplished nothing besides hire traitors. How much of that wall did mexico pay for? Unfortunately he was an unvetted by the elites candidate and turned into a total buffoon. How different candidate trump was. Instead we got president kushner. And yes that godawful establishment wish list he signed with zero negotiation just tops it off.

  8. This is wishful thinking on steroids!

    I find the Epstein thing to be a diversion. It’s obvious he was running a blackmail operation for Israel using underage teens – not actual children. Epstein died/disappeared because he became a liability.
    But, it’s much more exciting to believe Bill Clinton was raping 5 year olds and drinking their blood!

    BaDnOn’s tank explanation makes perfect sense. Believe it or not, the government is actually very efficient when it comes to murdering people.

  9. Would love for some of these rumors to be true about big, bold actions. The 13D Q-anon chess game claims always struck me as far-fetched, and designed to put patriots asleep…controlled opposition. Orange man was far from perfect, amazingly incurious about history and the depth of the conspiracy to eliminate anyone not of the Deep uniparty control grid, but this was a binary choice, and on balance the far superior choice to buy some time.

  10. EP Autos turns into Q-anon! 😉

    Sheesh, Eric- if the Orange Turd having just pardoned a bunch of political criminals (Including The King Of Medicare Fraud, who bilked the system out of $1.3 Billion….but who funneled a lot of money to Kushner) doesn’t clue you in to what an absolute fraud this guy is, and that he is NOT going to save us….I don’t know what will open your eyes. (But of course, he doesn’t pardon Assnange or Snowden!)

    OM has already had tons of unprecedented opportunities to shake things up in the past four years- more so than any other president in history. He could have easily gone after the Clintons; He could have had the heads of everyone who was involved with Epstein on a platter, yada yada. He had immense popular support and could have done so much to really make a difference- and he knew what needed to be done, because he campaigned on the very premises of doing many of those things.

    But he did NOTHING. Less than nothing, actually, because he increased the filth and corruption of the Swamp by appointing some of the worst traitors to high positions, and he continually compromised and ‘made deals’, when he had the power not to, and nothing was stopping him from doing the right thing. He has been no different than any other Republican or Democrat- and as we have seen, the last steps of the NWO agenda have been implemented under his watch, without so much as a cautionary word- nay, in fact, he touts the ‘greatness’ of the COVID vaccine, and even accepts credit for it’s implementation, as if it were a great thing.

    Trump will do nothing. If he were going to do something, he would not have waited this long; And if he did do something, it would not matter.

    “3-D chess”….the guy would lose at tic-tac-toe.

    • Well said Nunz,
      Trump lives in his own world of delusion; BEFORE he was elected he said a lot of things I agreed with – wind down the forever wars, get out of NATO, etc. Instead he let everything drag on for four years and sent even more money to the Pentagram. Bit late now to turn things around. Epstein probably had dirt on Trump as well as every other swamp critter, no way were they going to allow him to live long enough to testify against them. Will be very surprised if Ghislaine Maxwell isn’t also suicided in the near future, notice that she hasn’t been allowed bail by the “just us” system.

      • Hey Mike!

        I agree completely! What you said is jthe blatantly obvious truth; to deny it, one must come up with all of these 3-D chess theories and such….and they’ll probably still be pushing that stuff even after Pervert joe has been in office for a few years… “Trump 2024!” LOL.

        Stay free up there in Bean Town, my friend!

      • Mike, considering how entrenched we’ve been in the Middle East for two decades since that obvious false flag operation known as 9-11, that Trump could wind things down, being opposed all the ways by his own military bureaucracy, was a political miracle of itself. We have to face facts…our “commander in chief” is as much a figurehead as was Hirohito to the Japanese military in WWII. Of course, if one recounts how the situation room in the White House, during LBJ’s administration, was directing movements of Army battalions in ‘Nam, maybe that’s not all bad.

        The real issue is that, regardless of the one man we put in the White House, along with the 100 in the Senate and 435 in the House of Representatives, they’re not the one’s driving the Juggernaut that is the US Government, especially its military. There’s even a huge contract outfit that actually drafts legislation for the members of Congress; it’s well-known that most barely manage to read the Executive Summaries, and have to rely on their staffers to dredge through the details. More or less, our “Government” is a corporatocracy, much akin to, in the Star Wars franchise, if the “Trade Federation” had completely taken over and was running the Galactic Republic. We might actually be better off to have Palpatine secretly using his “Dark Side of the Force” to manipulate events…even in his evil, he had the wisdom to know what needed to be done!

    • Nunzio,

      I can’t remember where I read it, but he and/or Kushner have ties to George Soros too! Soros lent him money to do the Trump Tower in Chicago back in 2004. I know that Jared Kushner does business with Soros too, but I”m not quite sure in what capacity. If all that is true, it would explain WHY DJT never went after George Soros. Keep in mind that Soros is on record as saying that it’s his life mission to destroy the US, and he’s done a lot to make good on that.

      I was wondering WHY DJT never went after Soros. Why didn’t have him arrested? Why didn’t he have him deported for what he’s done? Soros has engaged in seditious conduct, so we have every right to toss him out of here. Why weren’t Soros’ assets frozen? If his assets and those of his organizations were frozen, he couldn’t give hundreds of millions to BLM, Antifa, and so on now, could he? Had DJT done that (i.e. frozen Soros’ assets and those of his organizations), he could’ve starved the beast and put a stop to last year’s rioting real quick like now, huh?

      Oh and BTW, if DJT REALLY wanted to do what Eric is suggesting, WHY did DJT sign the new COVID relief bill? Doesn’t he know that it contains language CHANGING the Insurrection Act? Doesn’t he know that, as I understand it, in order to invoke the Insurrection Act, DJT has to consult Congress? If he were REALLY intent on doing what Eric is suggesting here, then WHY sign that POS bill that handcuffs him? I’m just asking questions here.

      I could go on, but you get my point. I’ll believe it when I SEE it.

  11. If Epstein is alive, there will a lot of people taken aback, shocked. Definitely more than surprised.

    I guess if you can get 15,000 marines at the Capitol on Inauguration Day, the Day of Epiphany, Three Kings Day, surreptitiously deployed by infiltration, then all of a sudden, there is no inauguration.

    Who knows?

    • oops, I confused Inauguration Day with the confirmation of the electoral college vote on Jan. 6.

      Well, anyway, it still might be some kind of surprise on Jan. 6 or on Jan. 20.

      Never mind.

      Sometimes, I’m an ignoramus too.

  12. I don’t want anyone to think I’m any kind of fan of the military-industrial complex, but I am a fan of military technology. It’s always fascinated me.

    And I LOVE tanks. From the early British models, to the German cats and the Russian monstrosities, to the M-60s and the M1 Abrams’, they’ve always held some place in my heart and imagination. Few man-made things are as magnificent or terrifying.

    But, I’m thinking they actually have a point. Increasingly, everything is done with drones and missiles. There is dwindling need to drive 60 ton steel monsters armed with short range cannons all over the desert.

    A similar phenomenon has occurred with battleships. Ever seen the movie “Battleship” (2012)? Modern battleships are mostly missile delivery platforms. They don’t look anywhere near as satisfying as the leviathans of WWI, WWII, however, which is why the characters in the movie bring out one of those relics from retirement. Bristling with enormous howitzers, THOSE were battleships. But they only has a fraction of the range and accuracy of today’s ships.

    Same thing with fighter planes, truly. I think we Americans, especially, are enamored with the romantic “Top-Gun” ideals of air superiority through lightning-fast sky machines and their steely-nerved pilots. Unfortunately, that era is coming to an end as well, due to aforementioned drones and long-range missiles. There is simply decreasing reason to spend gajillions of dollars on fighters anymore, save for filling the pockets of MIC contractors.

    I did enjoy the morning excursion into the realms of possibility, though. 😉

    • I LOOOOOVE “tanks” as well, although I prefer the English term “AFV”, itself an almost-literal translation of the German term “Panzerkampwagen”, which simply means, “Armored Battle (or Combat) Vehicle”. My fave of all is the so-called Swedish “S” tank, which many consider, with some justification, to be a tank destroyer, given its fixed-gun mount and its role (which the vehicle was designed around) to defeat invading Soviet/Russian armor. Low, very maneuverable, well-protected for its weight, and with a hard-hitting 105mm main weapon, the S-tank was fortunately never used in combat, but proved itself a formidable platform in its intended role, usually gained lopsided results in war games against conventional MBTs.

      The Marines have had their role as the supplemental combat arm of the US Navy, including ground defense of Naval facilities, and securing island and/or beach head objectives as part of Naval operations. Of course, any large naval vessel has always had its complement of jarheads for shipboard security, including against a potentially mutinous crew! There’s nothing wrong with them having AFVs, provided they’re in support of the mission, but when Corps units were deployed in situations that Army units could have just as easily engaged in (and this goes back a century, to Bellau Wood in France, where a brigade of jarheads fought the “Jerries” so tenaciously that a captured German officer gave them the nickname, “Teufelhunde”, from which they get their popular English translation of same,…Devil Dogs!), it calls into question the role of the Marine Corps in the first place! In particular, I never saw the need to issue and deploy the 70-ton M1 Abrams MBTs to the corps, though since the 80s it’s been the standard battle tank of the US military. IMO, IF there’s a verified need for heavy armor to engage same, or other targets best engaged by MBTs, that’s what a US Army Mech division or Armored division is for! A long-standing characteristic of Marine infantry is their MOBILITY, and heavy armor just ain’t compatible!

    • The symbology of tanks in times like these is interesting. A tank running over lone dissenter in Tianamen Square. Boris Yeltsin riding in a tank. Tanks in the streets as shorthand for civil unrest. But, if I understand it correctly, it sounds like the gov’t is taking away the tanks, from the Marines at least. Who might be partial to Trump? Or something? There may still be a lot of Army tanks, though.

      • They’ll sell them as military surplus to local police departments, because drug dealers and stuff. Or perhaps to help the military deliver vaccines.

        • Yeah, and they’ll be renamed with something cuddly like “bearcat.” Lotsa new “mandates” to enforce. To keep you safe from da virus. By shelling your house or, more likely, just sticking some kind of battering ram device on the turret. I think I’ve seen that done in places like Gaza and the West Bank.

        • Most law enforcement agencies can hardly afford the “toys” they already have. Few, if any, have the funds and the TRAINING to operate even a few main battle tanks, let alone the mission requirement. There’s only so much they can mulct from the people they’re supposedly sworn to “serve and protect”!

  13. Eric,

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Oh, that COVID relief bill that OM just signed? It changes the language of the Insurrection Act, making it HARDER to pull what Lin Wood is talking about…

    • If one stays out of the water, not much the “Kraken” can do!

      That is, the DNC and its co-conspirators in the Lamestream Media are doing their utmost to avoid discussing the subject at all, and only engage in ridicule when they feel they have to. They understand that this is an issue that the Judiciary Branch would rather not touch at all, for good reasons, and it’s left to the respective State legislatures and the Congress to resolve in via political means, as they are ALREADY authorized to do so IAW the Constitution. I hate to say it, but the REAL problem is not with lying, cheating, Democrats, after all, it’s what they DO…but with RINO Republicans who’d rather “Go along to get along” than support their President when he needs them. Truth is, although the GOP “rank and file” generally like Trump a lot, most of the party hierarchy despises him, if, for nothing else, he’s shown how feckless and USELESS they truly are. If they don’t show some fortitude and back Trump on Jan 6th, I predict the demise of the GOP, much akin to the demise of the Whig party it came from in the 1850s, and good freakin’ riddance!

  14. Hopefully by inauguration day we’ll finally know for certain what the truth regarding all these strange rumors are. And we’ll know who was right. And if the military movements, people supposedly disappearing/getting arrested, rule/policy changes, appointments, and all the other weird related or unrelated things turn out to be true, we have to then wonder it is designed to be used against us or them.

  15. Morning Eric,

    Well, call me highly skeptical. The problem with the 3D chess, long game, etc… argument, presented mostly by that merry band of pranksters Q-Anon (I don’t know, but I suspect they’re just brilliant trolls) is that, if Trump were the man they describe, he already would have done something. No, Trump has revealed himself to be an unprincipled, petty narcissist, often with good instincts, but lacking the courage to follow through. In other words, despite his brilliant, but false, posturing as an “outsider”, a typical politician, albeit with a very unorthodox style. Despite what seems to be obvious voter fraud, Trump lost the election. Had he been the man he claimed to be, had he challenged the Covid hysteria with a consistent, scientifically valid, narrative, had his criticism of his media and political foes been substantive, rather than coming across as petulant whining, Trump would have won by a margin too wide to cover up with cheating.

    But, if we’re going to contemplate unlikely scenarios, it seems more likely to me that Q-Anon, and the entire 3D chess narrative, were orchestrated by the neocons in both parties in order to keep many Trump supporters complacent and eternally hopeful, unwilling to pressure Trump for fear of screwing up the plan, until it’s too late. Well, it’s too late. An added bonus, those Trump supporters who fell hard for the disinfo, and become proselytizers for it, can be portrayed as batshit crazy people. This scenario is probably not true but, unlike the 3D chess, long game narrative, it’s actually consistent with what has happened. The only part of “long game” narrative that coincides with reality is, “just wait”.


  16. This has the air of the Q-Anon Deus Ex Machina scenario that has been floating around for some time now. Why it sounds plausible is because there have been events that have happened that would lend credence to the theory. John Roberts, during his confirmation, did have some rather strong accusations of wrong doing over adoptions involving foreign born children. Jeffery Epstein’s death is marinated in intrigue. Since his demise and the capture of his accomplice, Ms. Maxwell, there have been numerous busts of various pedophile operations around the globe. And, unlike the Lolita Express, involve actual pedophilia, not just statutory, underage, dalliances. Have Epstein and Maxwell turned? The Hunter Biden laptop is alleged to have even more evidence of not only international corruption and graft but, to have even more evidence of underage criminal sexual activity. Additionally, Pelosi et al, have made no bones about having Trump removed by force. In fact, I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened.

    What is most interesting, however, is the fact that these are rumors and rumblings are from inside the military itself…at least among the rank and file. One thing I’ve always said is that, if ordered to do so, the military and police will obey orders to fire upon citizens that might resist an open tyranny. They have been trained to Follow Orders despite the quaint notion that they’ve sworn to “uphold the Constitution”. They also swear to obey the President and Officers. What if the officers and president disagree? Whom do they obey? The Fourth Turning (Strauss & Howe) is far from over. Anyone that thinks that just because we brought in new calendars things will revert to how they were in 2019 is delusional.

    Perhaps Raider Girl is right, January 6 will just be Another Day in America. But, it could also be said that “it was just another day” in England…July 4, 1776.

    We shall see.

  17. Is our government infested with pedophiles? Absolutely. Sir Sniffsalot is about to ascend as the chief among them. Courts, Congress, agencies, all with perverts in their ranks. But is Epstein to be resurrected to out them? Not a chance; even if he were alive, the PTB aren’t going to allow themselves to be outed by name.

    No. Nothing will happen, apart from some wailing and gnashing of teeth for a week or so. A million MAGA asshats will gather in the National sewerpipe, Orange Ass will make a speech, and then… everyone will go back to sleep, grumbling that we’ll get them next election, and that us patriots will never allow this to happen again (until it does). Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    What used to be Estados Unidos is no more. The only question we should be asking is what is will become of its fetid, rotting corpse, as what remains is cleaned off the bones by the scavengers. And how we will get along in the new normal.

    I heard so many good byes to 2020, coupled to the sentiment that somehow 2021 will represent some upswing. Nuh uh. Gonna be a lot worse. Strap yourself in. No getting off this crazy thing til it bottoms out.

    • Perhaps some strongly worded tweets as well. OM could’ve done so many things that were well within his prerogatives and the law. But he didn’t. Regarding the military, it’s striking how hard they’re masked up. Looks more like COBRA troops these days. Maybe that’s the point. Even a deep fake body double type Epstein saying wild ish could cause a lot of havoc. Purported moon landings and all being Wikileaked lately…

  18. There is no doubt there are plans in the making that are beyond our comprehension, mostly because of the abundant censorship we suffer. Which of course is part and parcel to those plans in the making. If we were allowed to examine any and all evidence of the coming tyranny, it could not succeed.
    Truth can easily withstand any scrutiny, criticism, or argument. It neither needs nor requires protection by censorship. LIES DO!!

  19. I am going to go with female intuition. January 6th will be another boring day like any other. We are all going to get up and go to work, come home, eat dinner, and go to bed. There may be a slight tiff in Congress on going, but these people have never accomplished anything so I don’t expect any dramatic changes.

    Now, on a second note, the Ayatollah of Iran has stated that Trump is going to die in a few days, so that is an interesting tidbit. Just to note: if one plans an assassination on a world leader I would not advise letting the rest of the world know. For one, they do things like prepare and bomb your ass back into the Dark Ages.

    I expect a recurrence of Epstein right next to Elvis and Jesus. I am hoping if he does show that he could bring John Bonham back with him, because I would love to see one last Led Zeppelin concert before the world explodes.

    If Jeffrey and John do appear I would like their entrance to be to the tune of Immigrant Song, it has a catchy intro and is very upbeat.

    • Hahaha! Just envisioning the exultant returns of Jesus, Elvis and Bonham with your soundtrack. t I

      Of course, with Epstein… On of these things is not like the others. But It would be mind-blowing and (should) shake the faith of the doting masses.

      But I’m quite sure you’re right about the 6th being another boring day.

      Quite interesting about the Ayatolla of Rock-n-rolla. It would seem to be that he should have little reason to threaten Trump’s life. Sounds like a proxy threat, if anything.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        I think All Along the Watchtower would work as well for Jesus and Jeff’s entrance and would give an ironic sort of meaning to the song. 😉
        I am a sucker for a good guitar riff.

        Iran is still waiting for revenge on the killing of Soleimani, who was killed a year ago tomorrow. Announcing it to the world is probably not the best move strategically though. Some people have a tendency to seek out the people threatening their life and it usually doesn’t end too well.

    • Hi RG,
      I second your intuition, there may be some sturm und drang in DC but overall it will be just another boring day in a seemingly endless stream of such. Jeffrey Epstein is staying dead, the Pedophiles That Be made sure of that when he was suicided, Ghislaine Maxwell will be next.

      • Happy New Year, Mike.

        Epstein’s death is now part of the conspiracy theories of time. Him, Princess Di, Michael Jackson, and Elvis are swinging on a hammock on some beach in Fiji drowning rum punches laughing on how they got one over on us.

        I expect 2021 to be a hard year for Ghislaine. I wonder if she will die of Covid?

    • Could he bring back Keith Moon of the Who, Bon Scott of AC-DC, and the Porcaro Brothers that have passed (Jeff and Mike) so Toto can play again with the classic lineup? That’d be one jammin’ concert!


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