How We Know It’s a Show

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I recently got into a “debate” with a Sickness Cultist, who berated me for my heresy. I tried reason with him, which works as well as mixing oil and water.

One thing I tried to specifically get an answer to is a question that ought to be of interest to anyone interested in a reasonable discussion of this business.

It is simply this:

If it is necessary to wear “masks” – as they’re styled – why are there no standards, beyond the thing being a “mask”?

Why isn’t there a requirement that the “mask” be at least an N95 and ideally an N100 respirator that actually can thwart the exhalation of those extremely tiny viral particles? Why is it that a literal rag – an old bandana, for instance that’s so porous one can see daylight passing through it – qualifies as a “mask” and grants entry to stores and such when it absolutely cannot thwart the transmission of viral particles?

Also the disposable “mask” that almost everyone who wears one of these wretched symbols of submission wears? It says – it explicitly warns – right on the box that these things do not prevent the transmission of COVID-19 (all caps, now) or – implicitly – any other virus, the material being too porous to serve that purpose?

“This mask is not a medical device . . .or personal protective equipment offering protection from COVID-19 or any other airborne particles. This product is not intended as a replacement for medical grade personal protective equipment or other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19… ”     

And yet, they qualify. Technically, a literal Diaper over one’s face qualifies.

Come on in!

It makes no sense – it is dangerous . . . if you’re really worried about getting sick. If this is serious – in terms of “the virus” –  then no one should be allowed within a public area without an N95 or better device covering their faces. Something that actually works.

Unless the “mask” is for show. Unless it is theater – as Pope Fauci XVII actually admitted some months ago.

In which case, it all makes sense.

The “mask” is to show that you give in – or that you believe. It is not about stopping the spread of anything – unless you count disbelief.

And that is what cannot be tolerated.

These people walking around with their “masks” on are literally like people who wear tinfoil hats – with the difference being that the latter are still snickered at, the wearers regarded as being in need of psychiatric help – while the former are lauded as Responsible Citizens who are Doing Their Part.

In fact, all they’re doing is showing how little they care about their health – and how much they want to believe.

How easy it is to terrify and control them, just by saying boo!

The less-than-N95 “masks” are the equivalent of a pocket full of posies – remember the rhyme? – but because they have been told by Anderson Cooper that they “work” they wear them.


You’d think they’d be interested to know whether they work. Would at least consider the answer when someone asks them how come there is no standard requiring that they work – but permitting literally anything to qualify, so long as it covers your face.

But they aren’t.

Because they believe. Put your hands against the television set! Heeeaaaaa-uhl!

They grow militant when someone asks this question – when someone demands to know how it is that a piece of Holy Cloth does anything other than cover the wearer’s face. They  grow even more militant when the follow-up query as to why it is so important that people cover their faces – even if the covering doesn’t do anything other than cover the wearer’s face? – is asked.

The answer one gets is the Corona equivalent of the mentally ill autistic girl whose face corkscrews into a paroxysm of fury and spits outs How Dare You! when someone questions the theology of the Climate Change Cult.

The adult Greta I debated – or rather, tried to – refused to answer either question. Instead, I was accused of being “inane” and “childish.”

It reminded me of the answer I sometimes received as a child when I posed a question that an adult couldn’t answer:

Because I said so.

That’s not good enough.

If you can’t answer the question, then maybe you ought to re-think what this “mask” business is really all about and why your life as well as the lives of others isn’t worth more than the cost of a dirty old bandana.

. . . .

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  1. I can only assume the militant attitude is a result of not wanting us “dissenters” to “disrupt the system”, which would force the dildos to return to the old way of life (i.e. SELF-ACCOUNTABILITY).

  2. Don’t question, obey. The good Fooch doctor and his eugenics promoting wife.
    BTW, if they work (for now 10 months of use) why is the advertised infection rate rising?

  3. President Ronald Reagan would have ordered all Americans to rip off their masks like he advised/commanded Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. Germans felt good tearing it apart bit by bit, piece by piece.

    No mask is going to feel much better than wearing masks until the cows come home. Count on it.

    Your brain is conditioned to think you’re supposed to wear a mask because now that’s the rule. An Iron Curtain of the body has descended us into some kind of hell. Pavlovian to the core. “Dad, get your mask on,” my daughter ordered me while I was in a place of business, I said, “Stop being a Karen.” She laughed.

    Joe Biden is at an age where he should be thankful for the next 100 minutes, not 100 days, and I sure as hell wouldn’t be wearing a stupid mask at his age. You don’t really want to be caught dead wearing one, but it could happen.

    Rules are meant to be broken, stupid rules must be broken.

    Go ahead, Joe, keep making a masked fool of yourself. Obviously, it is easy as pie.

    Are we talking about the House of Judah or the House of Israel?

    Moses led them out of Egypt and that was the end of the Pyramid projects. lol

    Which blood thirsty mob was it that wanted Jesus crucified?

    Brothels, Baths and Babes

    Nothing is sacred in this world.

    How about those dumb Norwegians?

    And those stupid Native Americans?

    And those double ham-fisted drunken Irishmen who never leave the bar?

    Where’s Don Rickles to poke fun at everything? Or George Carlin? Or Bill Hicks?

    Nothing is sacred in this world.

  4. Eric, once I saw the utter HYPOCRISY of my state’s chief embarrassment, Gavin Newsom (aka “Gabbin Nonsense”), dining with his cronies, their spouses and/or girlfriends, in a swanky wine country restaurants, all in close, intimate dining and sans the hallowed face-diapers, I knew for sure it’s all BULLSHIT, and they KNOW it and promulgate the lying “narrative” anyway.

    Fuck these petty tyrants. If we can’t vote ’em out, we’ll do it the “old-fashioned” way…pitchforks, torches, tar, feathers, sufficient lengths of rope, and a sturdy tree branch or lamp post!

  5. I’m not sure if I’m more frightened by the true believer cultists or the scammers. The comments from the cultists on any article where some poor folks trying to enjoy some basic aspect of life are busted for violating the random edict of the day are terrifying. Who wishes a slow, agonizing death by plague on someone for going to a party? Fortunately, Corona almost always turns out to be a false goddess and just can’t seem to smite the sinners effectively.

    • Hi Bama,

      What we’re experiencing is a real-life demonstration of the mass hallucination portrayed in the children’s book about the emperor and his new clothes – which I am sure is shortly to banned as it might get kids thinking.

      • We’ve already reached that state as depicted in “Demolition Man” where some all-powerful “smart guy” (Dr. Cocteau, portrayed by Nigel Hawthorne) is entrusted with ALL the “decisions” because he’s…well…”smart” (though not smart enough to contain the bad guy he had thawed out to do his dirty work). Big Tech has already cast its fate with the elitists that control both political parties and the the Lamestream Media and has no inclination for any…”THINKING”. Just that the “Boobsie” as described by the late HL Mencken CONSUME, FOLLOW, and OBEY.

  6. An N95 mask doesn’t work, either. Such a mask is 95% effective at stopping particles 300 nm or larger. So that’s about the outer limit of its effectiveness.

    I’ve seen estimates of the C19 particle being between 70 nm and 125 nm large. Let’s go with the biggest number: Draw a circle 1.25 inches in diameter for the virus. Now draw a circle around it 3 inches in diameter for the smallest thing the N95 mask will sorta stop. That hole with 6 times the surface area of the C19 virus ain’t stopping it.

  7. History does repeat doesn’t it?

    Not just Germany. The entire west has shifted drastically to the Totalitarian end of the spectrum.

    In case you missed it, on November 18, the German parliament passed a law, the so-called “Infection Protection Act” (“Das Infektionsschutzgesetz” in German) formally granting the government the authority to issue whatever edicts it wants under the guise of protecting the public health.

    The government has been doing this anyway — ordering lockdowns, curfews, travel bans, banning demonstrations, raiding homes and businesses, ordering everyone to wear medical masks, harassing and arresting dissidents, etc. — but now it has been “legitimized” by the Bundestag, enshrined into law, and presumably stamped with one of those intricate official stamps that German bureaucrats like to stamp things with.

    Now, this “Infection Protection Act,” which was rushed through the parliament, is not in any way comparable to the “Enabling Act of 1933,” which formally granted the government the authority to issue whatever edicts it wanted under the guise of remedying the distress of the people.

    Yes, I realize that sounds quite similar, but, according to the government and the German media, there is absolutely no equivalence whatsoever, and anyone who suggests there is is “a far-right AfD extremist,” “a neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist,” or “an anti-vax esotericist,” or whatever.


    The chillingly prescient last paragraph,

    “Unfortunately, once this kind of thing gets started, and reaches the stage we are currently experiencing, more often than not, it does not stop, not until cities lie in ruins or fields are littered with human skulls. It might take us ten or twelve years to get there, but, make no mistake, that’s where we’re headed, where totalitarianism is always headed … if you don’t believe me, just ask the Germans.”

    • Hmmm….Infection Protection…. It’ll be used to stop the fags from spreading AIDS and gonorrhea, right? RIGHT?

      😉 oh..wait…it’s only applicable to fake diseases transmitted by people who don’t have it, by not wearing ineffectual virtue signals or shooting themselves up with monkey puss and fetal cells? Well, WE’RE the real monsters, aren’t we?

      • Hey! What do you have against gonorrhea?

        Been there (hetro). Better that the rest of the options. Easy fix.


        And I thank it for mildly prodding me about the dangers out there.

      • Speaking of AIDS, why haven’t we heard about a huge spread of AIDS in the midst of the opioid epidemic? With so many people turning to shooting H and Fentanyl, and with illicit IV drug use a significant conduit to transmit AIDS, what gives?

  8. That is why activities such as raising awareness, or presenting your case, or arguing your case, presenting logic and fact based conclusions, or anything else you try to counteract the irrational and emotional drumbeating everyone is subjected to is a worthless waste of time. Like voting.

    The facts are these: The vast majority of Americans do not read even one book in any given year, cannot articulate a chain of logic, and are never going to admit their long-held beliefs are in error, even when shown proof. Americans are now so enmeshed into the political economy that anyone, anyone that comes along to show them the truth is now a threat to their economic lives, as they see it. Seniors love Social Security, military members love their perks, teachers love their easy jobs and salaries, home owners love their low interest loans, college students are waiting for their loans to be erased; everyone is on the take now.

    How can you argue logic and facts with a mind never exposed to them, much less a philosophic world view? How can you discuss basic Constitutional theory with someone who cannot even read, much less understand the words of the Constitution?

    I feel like many of us (you) are still at the denial or bargaining stage. Need to move to acceptance and act accordingly. Things are not going to improve for the vast population that is the United States over the next 24 months. The collapse will need to become much deeper before the majority finally wakes up, takes action, reverses course. And even then the results may be very harsh, if not unfathomable to us today.

    We need to safeguard ourselves and each other, so when this system collapses, there will be enough of us to help build a more rational system, and complete the cycle. The only way to prevent degeneration of a political system is 1) keep the jurisdiction small, 2) keep political influence as insignificant as possible. Hopefully, the U.S. can break down into comparatively smaller and smaller components without killing too many people.

    • Well reasoned and said sir. “The fact that I have to pay for water in 2019…is just unacceptable.” said a Yang gangbanger, who actually had some skills.

      Things are the way they are because a vaaaaaaast majority of people want them exactly as they are.

      When the collapse hits, there’s a chance for a better future, but things could get even worse, French rev. style

      Plan accordingly.

    • It would be great if we transitioned to a smaller more sustainable government after the last remnants of the current system come crashing down. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the numbers to implement anything of the sort. What’s next is going to be way worse than anything we have seen in this country. I think we’d even be lucky if we ended up with a Soviet style system, because I personally think what’s coming is going to be many times worse. The government through the technocracy will control absolutely ever last part of your lives, and the current group of livestock will happily accept it. My one hope is that there will be a place to go to escape it.

    • There is only one path forward, separation and survival. The majority of people are slaves to the system, incapable of surviving without direction and support from government masters. The timing is uncertain, but the collapse is inevitable. Relocate to small cities in rural counties, prepare and organize locally, maintain a low profile and be ready.

    • Sadly, Andy, the coming collapse will not wake anyone out of their stupor. It’ll instead be the beginning of their “New EWorld Order”. I mean, look at the Great Depression. Everyone flocked to Uncle for a loaf of bread and a menial job, as Uncle had become the only game in town after everything else collapsed. CCC camps, WPA, and four freaking terms for commie FDR because he dribbled a few crumbs to the proles after looting everyone. What is coming- our crash- will be that on steroids..with technology…and a population of non-resourceful, spoiled people who don’t know how to do anything in the real world, and who do not possess a tenth of the character of their ancestors who went through the Great Depression.

      It is not going to be pretty.


    A bill passed by the D.C. Council on Tuesday would allow children as young as age 11 to obtain vaccinations without their parents’ consent.
    The bill, which was approved 12 to 1, requires that the doctor send the vaccination record in such cases to the child’s school, rather than to the parents, and seek compensation directly from the insurance company without involving the parents.

    • If there was a reason to yank your kids out of public school, this should be the final straw. Most 11 years can’t decide what they want for breakfast, but they can determine if they should have a vaccine that they did not research and could have ill affects on them for a lifetime!

      What happens if the child is allergic and has an adverse reaction to the shot? I guess the public school has no liability, much like the pharmaceutical company.

      I read some of the comments from other readers at WP. These people are sick. I hope they never reproduce. The council voted 12 to 1 for this to pass. From my reading it has to go through another vote and to be signed by Bowser, but every parent in America should be absolutely terrified.

      This country is f’ed.

      • “All kids who get the safety vaccine to keep their classmates safe get 15 extra minutes of reeeeeeeecess. If you want to get the fun shot, line up here!”

        • Hi Michael,

          Recess? Nah, they took that away a long time ago. Wouldn’t want the kiddos to unbundle some energy and get fresh air.

          Today, it’s probably, “take the vaccine and you can sit at your desk without your mask on all day today.” 😕

          • Nope. The Vax does not even claim to prevent transmission.

            Mask are here forever. Everything points to them being useless if not harmful, yet forced masking under penalty of “law” continues near universally. Obviously, it is not about health or the mask, it is about training the herd to comply, unquestioningly.

            And it seems to be working spectacularly well.

      • 11 years old? YOU can has vaccine! YOU can has abortion! YOU can has birfscontrol! YOU can decide to ‘change your gender’.

        What? You need an aspirin? Sorry- need mommy’s permission for that. WHAT’s that? An asthma inhaler? That’s a DRUG! This is a xero-tolerance school! You’re going to juvie, bitch!

      • Until I get reliable info that the vaccine would be in my interest, I’ll refuse the damned thing. That there’s felt a need to promote it via such underhanded means is indicative enough that it’s safety and usefulness are in question.

      • Hi Anon,

        Thank you for publicizing this. I don not say what I am about to lightly. If such a thing is enacted – and attempts made to impose it – then we have the right to resist it by any means necessary.

      • Oh my gosh, this basically allows for concentration camps. Will the police be wearing Brown Shirts? Do we get a Gold Star? I can’t fathom that any assembly person could actually vote yea on such a bill. They took an oath in office to abide by the Constitution.

        I actually read the entire bill. It is pretty damn bad.

        Maybe the date of January 6th will have relevance, after all. They are going to force us to fight, no matter what.

      • I say this living next to NY and interacting with people therefrom daily. This is the worst state in the country, and is made up of the most vile and despicable people on earth. As a whole, selfish, ignorant, self-important, arrogant, condescending, evil pieces of shit. They deserve this bill. They deserve Guano. They deserve each other.

  10. ‘Why isn’t there a requirement that the “mask” be at least an N95 and ideally an N100 respirator that actually can thwart the exhalation of those extremely tiny viral particles?’ — EP

    Apparently, because ten months into the pandemic, the US is unable to produce N95 masks for users other than health care workers.

    Google Shopping shows no N95 masks available for sale to the general public.

    Setting aside the use of N95 masks for medical reasons, the unavailability of N95 masks for construction workers and home hobbyists means that their respiratory health is being compromised by dust inhalation.

    A country that geared up to produce Liberty ships for WW II in barely more than a year is now abjectly helpless to gear up N95 mask production to meet demand.

    ‘Positively 3rd World’ is the proposed title, should ol’ Bob Dylan choose to write a late-career song about this ongoing sh*tshow of incompetence and fecklessness.

    • In fairness, an N95 mask is a single use item which should be disposed of after no more than a couple hours of use. So if all 300 million sheep were to wear 4-5 disposable masks a day we would have to produce 1.2 billion masks per day, every day, along with the huge waste of the materials which go into them (plastics, fiber, elastic, metal).

      Also if used for a biological contaminant, they should all be disposed of in biohazard bags after use and disposed of as medical waste. That’s the rule.

      So once again- just pointing out some objective reality, it’s all a farce. And masks don’t work and NOTHING stops a virus except time and distance.

  11. My daughter and I went to Michael’s the other day for some art supplies. We were not wearing the holy rag, and were accosted by a rag wearing clerk upon entering the store. I pleaded I have a “medical condition”, and cannot wear a rag on my face. The rag wearer did not buy it, and told me I would have to mask up, or leave. I left, reminding her to tell her manager Michael’s lost 2 customers today. She did not seem to care. SMH…..

    • Hi Rush,

      Michaels lost me, too, not just because of the face mask (I didn’t test it, though I expected them to be stringent on it), but their principles are all around draconian. I did a curbside pick up back in November for a flower arrangement I was creating for my grandfathers gravesites. One, they didn’t have half the stuff I needed, two, they took forever to bring it to the car, three, I got out of the car to greet the person bringing me the stuff to greet them, open the trunk, and tip, and I was met by a sulky faced girl around 19 (from what I could see of it from her mask and implied tone), who demanded that I show her my receipt and my ID before she would hand me my two bags of fake flowers. I asked her who else was going to be picking up my order? She said “We are required to check.” I asked if the receipt is on my phone isn’t that enough of a clarification that I ordered it? Did she think someone stole my phone to pick up a $20 order? I got a sigh. I did show my ID, because I wasted enough of my life waiting the 20 minutes in the parking lot. I did not tip though. I am usually pretty nice, but this girl irked me. They don’t even ask to see my ID when I pick up beer from the grocery store.

  12. The willing acceptance of a thing based on no facts whatsoever can only be described as belief or faith, as in religion or cult. While I have no objection to religion, many of our moral behaviors originated in them, there are an abundance of evil things that have been done in the name of religion, and little in the way of anything not evil among cults. You cannot argue with a true believer. Facts, reason, logic, etc. are irrelevant to them. The question being, how and why did COVID panic become a religion/cult? If we could answer that question, perhaps a solution could be discovered. I certainly have no idea.

    • Tyranny is not created by tyrants, it’s created by submission.
      Masters do not create slavery, slaves do.
      What level of tyranny you are willing to accept is exactly how much you will get. There is now, always has been, and always will be a gang of psychopaths, at least one and often more, frantically seeking that acceptance.

  13. I just want to let everyone know…until you name the enemy of the USA (what’s left of it), and the world at large…you will never defeat the enemy. Ever. You don’t have to go back far in history either (who were the masterminds and leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and why?)

    Side not, since this is an auto site, Henry Ford knew about (((them))).

    • To his credit, Henry Ford recanted his bigoted screeds before his death.

      However, we know all about ((((YOU)))). A filthy little malicious bigot who is such a sniveling coward that he cannot even muster the cajones to name his so-called “enemy”. Pathetic. People with your demented mindset are the true enemies of the USA.

    • I hate to rain on your parade, A, but evil comes in all shapes and forms, it is not characterized by religion, gender, or nationality.

      To quote Plato, “Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil.”

      • RG, Anon is correct though.
        Although what you say is not incorrect, the fact remains that there has been a cabal of ethnic Jews extant since before the time of Christ, who see themselves as the only rightful rulers and physical inheritors of this present world, and have worked behind the scenes for a couple of millennia, covertly using other evil people to further their goals. While evil is certainly not confined to any particular group of humans, the fact remains that one subset of one particular group has managed to maintain their objective, and now we are seeing that objective come to pass before our very eyes.

        From Karl Marx to George Soros; The Hollywood media (Without which none of what we are seeing would be possible) to Facebook, to the international financiers.

        Ever ask yourself WHY we are always fightinjg Israel’s wars? WHY we give them our money ($500 million of the new flu stimulus alone is going to Israel!)…WHY we make laws in America out-lawing the mere criticism of Israel? WHY other countries throw people in JAIL for disputing the Holocaust? WHY Israel turned away a boat-load of Jews who had escaped Nazi Germany?(They weren’t “the right Jews”- Israel is the most racist nation on earth, and they were using the Germans to ‘cleanse’ their race of those they considered impure); WHY Israel pushes the liberal agenda throughout the Western world, promulgating “diversity” while skewering wqhites (especially those who hold traditional or Christian values) while in their own country they blatantly and openly exalt their own race to the exclusion of all others?(And they do the same even in their own neighborhoods here, by artificially increasing the housing prices and doubling the property taxes, even the most highly taxed areas, to keep all opthers out- and also manage to avoid the intrusion of ‘low income housing’ and such things which they foist up other non-Jew prosp[erous suburbs).

        There is a reason WHY a certain group of people gets booted from nearly every nation on earth over the last 2000 years. They pull the SAME shit wherever they’ve gone- and then when they get flack for it, they spin it as though they are the innocent victims.

        • Sorry, Nunzio, but you and I are not going to see eye to eye on this. There is evil from all walks of life. Every individual should be allowed to be judged on their own merits and not lumped into a group to be disparaged or accused.

          Saddam Hussein, Josef Mengele, Maximilian Robespierre, Atillia the Hun, Mao Zedong, Idi Amin, and Vlad Dracula, just to name a few….not Jewish.

          Evil is in the soul. It is not a creed, a race, or a nationality, but a sickness that knows no bounds. One group does not have credence over another when it comes to the death and torture of human beings and animals. History has taught us that.

          • RG, I’m not disputing that evil is universal among humans. But that does not dispel the fact that there happens to be a group of people who just happen to be of a certain subset of Jews, who have worked tirelessly for centuries to effect the very things we see coming to pass before our very eyes.

            A propensity for any and every group to be evil, greedy, and to have a lust for power and control, does not result in a worldwide multi-generational cooperation that is able to achieve a common goal over such a long period of time and on a worldwide basis….such would only result in the Mafia, or in regional and relatively short-lived governments, etc.

            To deny that such exists, is just to be ignorant of the actual facts (As opposed to the fairy tales portrayed by the [Jewish] media and government skools. But of course, we are not allowed to criticize our real masters.

            It’s funny, how nearly every highly-organized nefarious device operating in this present world- from the UN, to modern academia, the media, police and military training and objectives; the pornography industry, the ACLU, SPLC, BLM- virtually everything that has been used to tear down our culture and society, and destroy our sovereignty and freedom, can ultimately be traced right to Israel- the ones we are not allowed to criticize, which prohibition is even affecting those among us here…….

            • Nunzio,

              Which Jews are exactly running these institutions? The Rothschilds? Is this who we are supposed to be blaming? What about the likes of Rockefeller, Morgan, and Carnegie? How about the Clintons or the Bushes? There have been many who wished to destroy American capitalism and personally benefit from such destruction. Most of them are not Jewish.

              Sorry, I completely side with Jeremy and Jason whose arguments have been superb and enlightening on this topic.

              • RG, families like the Rothchilds have been operating on an international basis for CENTURIES. Rockefellers and Clintos et al are mere flash-in-the-pans in timeframe and geography, and only have a very limited impact on world affairs- basically, only as much as they are the tools whom the Cabal uses.

                This is WHY (just as one ‘for instance’), regardless of which candidate is in office, the same wars, social engineering, and agendas continue unabated.

                Do you really think that our ‘rulers’ are serving we the people? If not, who are they serving? Just trace the agendas back….back before the UN existed; back before the USA existed….. The French Revolution; the Bolshevik Revolution, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, what is going on here today….are all related- all roads lead backto Israel…via Babylon.

                This is NOT the Biblical Judaism of Abraham; this is the Pharisaic Judaism of Babylon which Jesus repeatedly condemned- and even THEN, they were able to pursuade Rome to crucify Him,.

                • Nunz,

                  I don’t think any of us are naïve enough to believe that our rulers are serving the people that they represent. They are serving themselves, of course. I do not believe they are serving anyone else, but their own interests.

                  To think that one family (the Rothschilds) are the puppet masters for several centuries is unfathomable. I realize they are a wealthy family and have assets around $2 trillion dollars (the same value as Amazon and Bezos other holdings) and they hold a large sector of the banking industry, but the wealthiest among them is only worth around $20 billion, with most of them around the $1 billion mark. Bezos, Buffett, Musk, and Gates far surpass them in wealth.

                  • Well, no RG- it’s not just one family; not just the Rothchilds- they are just one of the better known examples- and it is the combined wealth- or more accurately, the power that comes from the ability to control vast wealth- of a group of families who have been pursuing a common objective for ages which makes them so powerful.

                    And if the rulers of so many countries of the world are just serving themselves, then how is it that we have arrived at the point where all of those leaders have sacrificed their own wealth and power and people for the establishment of a system of world governance which will not benefit them, but is in-fact the stated agenda of the very people whom you deny are running the show?

                    If you’ve studied history, you know that this agenda goes back long before any of these self-seeking overlords ever existed, or before their ancestors came to wealth and power- or before they themselves were picked off of the trash-heap, like Barry Obozo, who has risen to fame and fortune because he serves that agenda? These servants are not merely self-seeking- they are fulfilling roles in a common agenda. Look at where that agenda came fro,m and who has been maintaining it all along, and you will see that I am right.

                    By what logical process on earth, would the US and England smash-up the Mid-East to establish a new country for a handful of rebels and complaioners who had been booted out of the region several times over the course of several thousand years, and then spend the next 100 years fighting wars to sustain that artificial and illegitimate nation, and give it tons of our wealth, and abet it’s terrorism, while calling it’s victims “terrorists” when they seek to defend their own nations against the one nation (and it’s ally) which we ‘allow’ to have nuclear weapons, while prohibiting all of it’s victims from having the same?

                    Nopw THAT makes no sense. Remember, when that all began, the oil in the region was of relatively little consequence. Meanwhile, the UN, whose predecessor was The Laegue Of Nations, which grew out of……..our efforts to establish that little nation of matzoh-eaters IS the very visible promoter of the agenda which is destroying our world and culture and shamelessly pimping worldwide communism.

                    If you can’t see THAT connection, I can’t help ya. 🙂

        • I’ll take it a step further. The so-called “civil-rights (for some)” movement was spearheaded by communist jews whose only purpose was to destabilize capitalist societies. I personally witnessed the so-called “peaceful civil-rights (for some) demonstrations” and saw for myself what a farce they were. That being said, blacks were “coming into their own” without this phony movement. Blacks were excelling on “the content of their character” without the “help” from serial abuser and plagiarist Michael (Martin Luther) King. TRUE “civil-rights (for all) were set back by the very “demonstrations” that were a part of the 1960s.
          I came of age during the first so-called “civil-rights” movement and saw for myself the underhanded dealings, the demonization of decent, law-abiding whites, and in general, the deterioration of civil society.
          Almost all of the “civil-rights” workers and demonstration “handlers” were of one persuasion–New York based leftist communist jews. They cared not one wit about true “civil rights”, but were there to create hate and discontent among their black charges (who were too stupid or naive to see that they were being used to suborn and destroy legitimate government and society–a favorite communist tactic).
          These New York-based jew “carpetbaggers” fomented their hate and discontent, only to become future “civil-rights” attorneys, race-hustlers, and America-hating leftist communists…and the ADL and $PLC being invented.
          Those of us whites who were in the middle of this “civil-rights” revolution had a saying: “Behind every negro, there is a jew”. No truer words were spoken.
          Let’s not forget jewish infestation of the nation’s education and entertainment systems, (which continues to the present day), in which they can spread their jewish supremacist poison.
          The so-called “non-violent civil-rights demonstrations” were anything but “non-violent”. Robberies, rapes, and other criminal acts committed by jewish civil-rights handlers and their black “pets” were common, but never reported, as even the “mainstream media” of the day was “in on the game” and conveniently turned off their cameras during the acts of violence. You see, even then,”creating crises” was a part of the agenda.
          The “beginning of the end” of America was the use of federal troops against white Americans, which, in itself was a violation of “posse comitatus”–the prohibition of the use of federal troops for domestic law enforcement purposes.
          President Eisenhower, being of jewish extraction showed his visceral hatred of white gentiles by using federal troops to suppress constitutionally protected dissent.
          As most whites were (and still are) law-abiding, they (we) were “steamrollered” by the use of federal troops to crush our (white) honest dissent.
          We never recovered from those unconstitutional actions. It was all downhill from there…

          • thats all true plus brave general eisenhower let one million german pow’s die of exposure in open fields after the war. Also another million given to the soviets. George Patton – who came to a bit of an awakening after the war – objected. Eisenhower had him assasinated. Took 3 attempts but the last one worked.

            • Bobby Fischer, the chess grandmaster, knew a thing or two- he said:

              “First of all, we have to understand what communism is. I mean, to me, real communism, the Soviet communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for Judaism.”


              “America is totally under the control of the Jews…”

              If that doesn’t make for a spot-on explanation of what has since transpired here, I don’t know what does!

              • Hi Nunz,

                This Jew-baiting is unworthy of you. The fact that a given tyrant happens to be Jewish is of as much relevance as the fact that others are not. Tyranny is the problem.

                Not “the Jews.”

                This idea that “the Jews” are an almost omnipotent cabal is also grossly insulting to us untermenschen. It’s also – if true – something we ought to embrace since after all, untermenschen stand no chance against “the Jews.”

              • Hey Nunz,

                If, “America is totally under the control of the Jews…”, why do “we” give so much more money to the enemies of Israel, than to Israel?


              • Hey Nunz,

                For that matter, if “America is totally under the control of the Jews…”, why do “we” give the enemies of Israel ANY money? Is it due to some long 3D chess game the Israelis are playing?


                    • Ooh, can I throw in a few….Algeria, Bolivia, Chad, Cuba, Iran, Mali, Morocco, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Venezuela. I would also include Russia and Germany, and the Democratic Party.

                    • both you guys know nothing. to start with saudi arabia is an ally. RG your post is so weird Im not even going to say anything exceot the “democratic party”? How is Venezueala na “enemy” What a joke

                    • Hi Mark,

                      As the saying goes, countries don’t have allies. They interests. More finely put, those who control countries have interests.

                      In any event, libertarians cannot be libertarians and engage in collectivism. To do so is to undermine the entire doctrine, like the “small government” conservative does when he defends “the schools” but complains about taxes.

                    • Poland, ca 1939, had an “iron-clad” peace treaty with Germany. Fat lot of good that did for the Poles. However, I suspect that Israel is in a far better position to deter aggression from its neighbors than was Poland.

                    • Why are Israel’s enemies Israel’s enemies?

                      Just because “they don’t like Jews”, or do they actually have some damn good reasons to be Is-ra-hell’s enemies, and by extension, the enemies of the empire which is Israel’s bitch, and which does Israel’s bidding (Such as overthrowing Iran’s government in the 50’s -and everything else “we’ve” done to bust-up the Middle East so that the Jews could return to the place from which God Himself expelled them)?

                    • Mark,

                      Venezuela has strong diplomatic ties with Iran (who abhors Israel and would like to blow them off the face of the Earth). Several of the South American countries have ties with the Middle East, which is why many of them will not recognize Israel as a country.

                      Let’s compromise here for a sec: can you agree that Iran hates Israel and vice versa?

                    • Ok RG assume Venezuela is a mortal enemy with a barely functioning military and no navy. Why is it our job to protect other countries we get no taxes from. With Israel we GIVE them 5 billion a year. Why?

                • Hey Ya Jeremy!

                  Why do we give ‘the enemies of Israel’ any money? The same reason we give our own enemies money or anything else…to control, bribe, and of course, destabilize.

                  Why did we supply our supposed ‘enemy’ The USSR with wheat for so many years?

                  Why did we let ‘some terrorists’ (LOL) fly some planes through a sky full of Air Force jets and do 9-11?

                  C’mon, man!

                  • Mark,

                    You will find no dispute from me. I am against American taxpayers sending money to other nations, including Israel. Everyone needs to support themselves.

          • So true, Anarchyst.
            Amazing how the buildings in DC and other places during the “civil rights” riots which were owned by the Cabal members miraculously escaped any damage, while buildings on either side of them were ravaged.

            And nothing has changed. From the ACLU, to the SPLC to BLM, all funded by the Cabal and all either started by them, or absorbed by them.

            People have no problem saying “Chinese Communist Party”- but many of those same people can not bring themselves to say “Jewish Cabal”- but then again, the Chinese have not been controlling and conditioning us…….

            • An uncle of mine told me 40 years ago that the Mercedes factories in Germany were untouched by Allied bomb missions. And that GM was the largest stockholder in Mercedes.

        • Oh Nunz,

          No, anon is not correct. The most dangerous enemy of the USA is the political class in the USA, most of whom are good white Christians. Not only is this narrative wrong, it discredits criticism of the mostly white assholes who are ruining the country, and thus destructive, not helpful.

          When you bring up this narrative, you always repeat the same points, presented as questions, that you seem to believe are a slam dunk. They’re not.

          “Ever ask yourself WHY we are always fighting Israel’s wars? WHY we give them our money ($500 million of the new flu stimulus alone is going to Israel!)…WHY we make laws in America out-lawing the mere criticism of Israel?”

          So, the thoroughly corrupt, mostly not Jewish, political class in America does all of this stuff because they’ve been duped or bought off by a 2,000 year old cabal to act against their own interests, OR they do so because it promotes their own interests. I’m going with option B. As Joe Biden said, before he lost his mind, “If Israel didn’t exist. we would have to invent her”. An “existentially threatened” Israel creates a permanent excuse for American involvement in the Middle East. This is why the SIC in the US label all criticism of Israel as anti-semitic (it keeps the “existentially threatened” narrative alive). “We” fight “Israel’s” wars because they’re really our wars, in that they serve the interests of the lunatics in charge over here. There’s another little problem with your theory, the US gives far more money, in total, to the enemies of Israel, than to Israel. This indicates that the US is interested in maintaining conflict in the Middle East, not establishing Israeli dominance in the area.

          So, Occam’s razor and all. Your theory requires that almost all US politicians have been duped or bought off and by a shadowy cabal that has done the same to other powerful people all over the world. My theory posits that our own corrupt politicians do this stuff out of their own self interest. My theory also explains why the US gives so much money to Israel’s enemies, an awfully odd thing to do if they are controlled by the Jooooos.

          “There is a reason WHY a certain group of people gets booted from nearly every nation on earth over the last 2000 years. They pull the SAME shit wherever they’ve gone- and then when they get flack for it, they spin it as though they are the innocent victims”.

          Again, Occam’s razor. This “particular” group you are talking about are also, if IQ means anything, smarter, on average, than any other group. They also place extremely high value on cultural identity, are more hostile to “diluting the tribe” than many other groups (considered virtuous by aryan warriors if done by “whites”) and are almost always a minority. They also tend to do quite well which, due to the common human traits of envy and resentment, makes them the ideal scapegoat. My explanation is simple, comports with reality and doesn’t involve a really huge internal contradiction.

          If “Jews…, who see themselves as the only rightful rulers and physical inheritors of this present world, and have worked behind the scenes for a couple of millennia, covertly using other evil people to further their goals” are so good at this, why do they keep getting kicked out of so many countries?

          Also, Karl Marx was not Jewish in a meaningful sense. He grew up Christian, became an atheist and was a raging anti-semite. Yes, he was born to Jewish parents, both of whom converted to Christianity. Still, aryan warrior types label Marx a Jew, meant to prove that he was part of this Jewish conspiracy. So Marx, who never practiced Judaism and hated Jews, was actually secretly a devout Jew working on behalf of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy, or he was a crappy philosopher, living off the wealth of his capitalist brother, who read a little too much Hegel in his youth. Again, I’m going with option B. And no, the Joooos did not invent communism. Many Jews were part of the communist movement as were many non-Jews.

          Finally, as I’ve noted many times before, if this narrative were true, then the Jews are the master race, and deserve to rule the world. Kind of funny that the aryan warriors on this site actually promote Jewish Supremacy.


          • Your statement: “They also place extremely high value on cultural identity, are more hostile to “diluting the tribe” than many other groups (considered virtuous by aryan warriors if done by “whites”) and are almost always a minority. They also tend to do quite well which, due to the common human traits of envy and resentment, makes them the ideal scapegoat. My explanation is simple, comports with reality and doesn’t involve a really huge internal contradiction.” rings true.
            The “problem” arises when these same “jews” push “high value on cultural identity for themselves only, while pushing cultural dilution, multiculturalism and diversity” FOR EVERYONE ELSE. THAT is why ((they)) have been kicked out of 109 countries in history. It is their “overreach” and parasitism of their “hosts” which makes ((them)) undesirable in the log term. ((They)) take great pleasure in “diluting every other tribe”…THAT is the problem.
            As to “smarts” they are actually not as “smart” as gentile whites. It is their cultural insularity that shuts everyone else out that ((they)) use to their advantage.
            As I previously stated, ((their)) hijacking of the American civil-rights movement was highly successful on their part, fragmentizing gentile whites.
            Let a jewish girl bring home a black or non-jew “boyfriend” and she will be out on her rear.
            Do as I say, not as I do is the jewish mantra.

            • anarchyst,

              Nah, still going with my theory, simple resentment. Funny how IQ is so important to aryan warriors when discussing the mud people and other assorted undesirables. But, suddenly isn’t true when applied to the Joooos. So, lower average IQ for blacks, for some in your tribe, renders them incapable, explains their failings, etc… but higher average IQ for the Jews is a lie (maybe they duped all of the researchers).

              “Let a jewish girl bring home a black or non-jew “boyfriend” and she will be out on her rear.
              Do as I say, not as I do is the jewish mantra.”

              It’s really amazing that your tribe condemns the Jews for behaving the way you wish more white people would behave. So, you think many of the aryan warriors on this site would be delighted if their daughter brought home a black boyfriend?


              • Look up Kiryas Joel, New York, an all jewish community which does not follow ANY civil rights or anti-discrimination laws. If you are not jewish, you cannot purchase property or own a business in Kiryas Joel. In fact, the “public schools” are for JEWS ONLY.
                There are many other “JEWS ONLY communities in the USA where civil rights laws and anti-discrimination are openly flouted. Of course, that does not keep the residents of these JEWS ONLY communities from accepting welfare and other state benefits, Kiryas Joel having about 70% of its residents on the public dole.
                If us whites tried to do the same thing we would be roundly shut down and prosecuted…

                • Oh, Annie, you are so blissfully unencumbered by the ravages of critical thinking.

                  You think some vast conspiracy is “proven” because of a community of nut jobs who happen to be Jews? Since you claim there are “many” such places in the U.S., please tell us how many. Give us a specific number. Chances are there are few enough that you won’t run out of fingers to count on, so it should not be a problem for you.

                  It’s amazing the garbage that you liars and cowards accept as “proof” of your addled belief system.

                  • Jason, I don’t hold you account for “Jooish nut jobs”, so don’t hold me likewise to account for every “white supremacist” or self-professed “Aryan” that thinks everyone with a Jew or two in his background are all in cahoots to do him in.

              • Resentment, Jeremy? That would be pretty hard to maintain in light of groups such as Jews Against Zionism.

                As an unabashed critic of and exposer of Catholicism, I tend to get the same accusations hurled at me, until I point out the fact that I’m a Wop whose grandparents immigrated from Italy, and even have an recent ancestor who was a “priest”, and one who was a church artist.

                Such accusations are akin to liberals labeling anyone who criticizes blacks as ‘racist’, rather than dealing with the pertinent issues.

                And really- I’ve known Jews at both ends of the spectrum. My client’s late business partner- a Hungarian Jew, couldn’t make a profit if he had a truck load of thermal undies in the Northwest Territory!
                (He was of the variety that the Cabal was seeking to eradicate via Hitler…and almost did, but for his escaping capture by hiding in an out-house).

                Hey, I doubt very much that you or Jason go on a rant defending all Chinese when someone says “Chinese Communist Party”- because it is naturally implied that while Chinese are not communists, that the CCP is comprised of Chinese- but yet when it comes to the Cabal, for some reason, it is verboten to too many to mention the fact that it consists of Jews. No- when it comes to Jews, suddenly even the not-politically-correct become politically correct- apparently unaware of the conditioning which our masters have foisted upon us to prohibit any criticism of themselves.

                What is it they say? “If you want to know who really runs things, just look to those whom you are not allowed to criticize”.

                • C’mon Nunz,

                  “Hey, I doubt very much that you or Jason go on a rant defending all Chinese when someone says “Chinese Communist Party”.

                  Neither of us have ever gone on a rant defending all Jews, this accusation is beneath you. What we have done is challenge the claim that a certain group of Jews are uniquely evil and responsible for the ills of the world. This is not a rant in defense of all Jews or Israel.

                  Your comments about resentment make no sense to me at all.


            • LOL! Everything ((((you)))) know is wrong, Annie, as anyone who bothers to do a little research will quickly discover. You can’t even get the number of parens right, or were you guys issued new secret decoder rings?

          • Jeremy I could give a fuck about being the “aryan warrior” you and flinders hyperventilate about but I prefer not to see Christian culture and the white race exterminated through cultural marxism and “critical race theory” where straight white men are the devil. Where do you think that comes from? The Frankfurt School. And who ran/runs that? Have you ever read anything?


            • Mark,

              I do think that liberal (in the proper sense) culture is being destroyed. I just don’t share the lunatic belief that it’s all due to the machinations of one tribe. BTW, we NEVER bring this topic up, if anyone hyperventilates about it, it’s you guys. But, go ahead, keep peddling the theory that all the cultural and political problems happening are due to the Jews and see how well that works.


                  • Like the other bigoted nut jobs that pop in here, Markie never does make a point. He just duckspeaks the same tired old delusional white supremacist garbage.

              • Jeremy,
                Just curious: Just who DO you think is responsible for the long series of agendas and events which have culminated in a technocracy, media, political and economic system which is now operating on a worldwide basis to exert universal control over virtually every nation on earth, despite the fact that the pursuit of such agendas are contrary to the interests of the nations, populations, and even the very mid-level players involved, except for the personal perks which are given to the mid-level players as they are obedient to those agendas?

                Who exactly IS dictating and controlling those agendas?

                Surely, it is not merely the cooperation of random evil men on a worldwide basis over a longer period of time than those men have been alive, as such high-level and long-lasting agendas engaged in by unrelated men in far-flung places over long periods of time simply do not endure, because of the inferiority of plans obtained by consensus, and ensuing power struggles which occur when criminals merely seek to appropriate wealth and power to themselves.

                If such were not the case, we would have been to this point in history long ago, as human nature has always been the same.

                But instead, regardless of WHO you think runs the “worldwide deep state”, it can not be denied that such exists, and has been pursuing a firmly agenda for quite some time- many generations.

                Given the fact that such a long-ordered pursuit can not come about organically or merely by cooperation between men seeking wealth and power for themselves, it stands to reason that there must be a group of very rich and powerful men who have been pursuing a set agenda over a period of time which transcends the lifespans of any individual men; a people united by a quest for world domination on more than even a merely material basis (which they already have) but on a level of superiority and social control, over not mere nations, biut the whole world.

                A pursuit and quest which unites them from generation to generation, and for which they have worlked tirelessly, from being the financiers of the Middle Ages, and seeking refuge in Catholic churches when called on the carpet for their chicanery- to the modern day financiers of wars and media moguls; often through hired fronts, or with changed names.

                There is SOMEONE- some group doing these things. We are seeing their agenda coming to fruition right before our very eyes, right now. Who do YOU think it is who are doing these things? (The ones at the top, whom the Epsteins and Soros’s and Kushners and Fords and Chases work for.).

                • Yes, Nunz, it is the random actions of evil people of all ethnic backgrounds connected by their lust for power. People are just people, all with the same capacity for good or evil, and the lust for money and power is not limited to a single ethnicity. Unfortunately you are indulging in collectivism of the worst kind when singling out a single ethnic group saying “THEY are responsible!” particularly when there are so many others indulging in the very same acts. It is a very short walk from there to concluding “THEY are ALL responsible!” with the implication that if we just get rid of THEM we will have a White Christian paradise. What a pantload. If the imagined “enemy” of these white nationalist nut cases were not here we would all be in the same situation because evil knows no ethnic bounds.

                  The ethnic blame game is a mindset that is nonsensical, collectivist, un-Christian, and anti-libertarian at its core, with nothing but supposition, innuendo, and circumstance to support it. It leads to hatred and violence. (Do you really believe for example that the shopkeepers whose businesses and lives were destroyed in Kristallnacht were all involved in some vast conspiracy? Or is that another thing that the aryan Bizarros claim “didn’t happen”?)

                  I direct my ire at the individuals involved and don’t paint entire ethnicities with a broad brush or conjure up millenia-old ethnic-based conspiracies out of whole cloth. Sorry Nunz, I agree with you on most things overall but can’t go along with you on this one.

                • I also meant to add, Nunz, that playing the ethnic blame game is falling right into the hands of the real elites’ “divide and conquer” strategy. They love nothing more than to see the proles fighting amongst themselves.

                  • Jason buddy, no one’s playing the ‘ethnic blame game’. Merely referring to the fact that the movers and shakers who have been pursuing (quite successfully) the objective of a world government under which all cultures will be erased and blended into a dumb slave class, are Jewish (Because their pursuit in that agenda comes from religious and cultural belief spawned by a sect of Judaism which regards them as the rightful rulers and inheritors of the physical world), is no different than rightly referring to the Jesuits [when citing their nefarious deeds] as Catholic…because they are!

                    It is just a statement of fact. Jesuits are Cath-O-lic; Mafioso are Eye-talian, and Mayer Amschel Rothschild was a Kike.

                • Hi Nunz,

                  I consider your fundamental premise absurd. No, there does not need to be a single group, pulling the strings for millennia, to explain what we see happening today. It is that idea that is unsustainable. You are postulating a permanent monopoly political cartel, with a single ruling body, and many subordinate members. Monopolies are inherently unstable, as individual members of the “cartel” always decide to cheat at some point, which eventually destroys, or minimizes, the power of the cartel. What you describe is extremely unlikely. Yes, it is the cooperation of rich and powerful people, pursuing their own interests, that best accounts for what we see today.

                  There is also not a single plan, devised and implemented by one group and imposed on the “subordinate” members. There are many rich and powerful people, whose interests often align who often, but not always, cooperate with each other for their own interest. Cooperation, for mutual benefit can, and does, “come about organically”. Nor does it matter that this cooperation manifests over many generations. the rich and powerful seek to stay that way and are concerned that future generations carry on their legacy.

                  There is, at best, a shared idea that supports the ego and material interests of thses rich and powerful people. That idea being progressivism, in all its’ forms. The progressives advocated a technocratic political structure, made possible by industrial and technological advancement. The believed that an elite class can, and should, order society, along “scientific” lines, in pursuit of the “perfection” of man. Many were also proponents of the Social Gospel theory which argued that government was the proper means to achieve God’s plan on earth. Progressive ideology is particularly pernicious as it wraps the lust for power in a veneer of moral legitimacy. Individuals are seen as an impediment to the goal of “perfecting humanity” or, for the “Christian” progressives, heaven on earth. Thus all manner of assaults on individual freedom, forced sterilization, mandatory vaccination, forced commitment to asylums, even extermination, is moral and justifiable. Hitler, and the entire fascist ideology, was thoroughly progressive.

                  Rich, powerful people, most of whom share at least some element of the progressive ideology, do not consider themselves to be evil. They believe that they are doing good; they live in a world where they are convinced that the advancement of the “common good” coincides with their own self interest. Unlike “us”, they are mostly immune to the consequences of such a narcissistic ideology.

                  The assertion that the power elite in the US does what it does because it is controlled by Israel is absurd. On par with the belief that Trump is playing masterful 3D chess, that he will emerge victorious, and smite our enemies.

                  Finally, as Jason noted, the ethnic blame game, by pitting us against each other, promotes the interests of the ruling elite. But there are further nuances, this game also encourages us to turn against ourselves. The “Jewish Supremacists” on this board are right about one thing, there is an academic and political movement to make “white” people ashamed of themselves, FOR BEING WHITE. Ironically, most of the advocates of “white privilege”, systemic racism, etc…, are white. Most of these people are useful idiots. But, the people, in academia and politics, promote identity to neuter opposition to collectivist authoritarianism, not to achieve “social justice”. “White” people are painted as “oppressors” to cow them into silence or submission. Non whites are painted as perpetual victims so that they believe that the ruling elite has their interests at heart. Both of these tactics are used against all of us.


                • Dude, what the hell are you talking about? You have gone so far off the deep end of bullshit that you have become the anti-Semitic version of Dale Gribble. You seem to have developed a common problem that many conspiracy theorists have in which you see connections where there is none, like some nonsensical connect the dots puzzle. You do these mental gymnastics that somehow undamaged government buildings in the civil rights movement connect to a secret ancient “cabal” of Jews that you have no proof actually exist. Then you use your overdeveloped confirmation bias to reinforce the illogical worldview that you hold and build an impenetrable wall against facts. You hold contradictory views about this “cabal” (jews have ruled the world for thousands of years but are also somehow kicked out of every country they are in) but you are so far into your little rabbit hole that somehow your mind makes the two live in harmony. Then when all your mental defenses fail against the truth, you probably pull out the last resort of thinking that you are on to something and everyone else is just a bunch of sheep. Perhaps you should come live in the real world where the truth of the matter is that most things are chaotic and the fact that human nature often yields similar results across time isn’t proof of a secret jew society plotting against you.

            • LOL! You start from the false premises that race means anything (it doesn’t) and that a bunch of Joooos at the Frankfurt school are responsible for our ills when good ol’ regular white boys have been pushing the very agenda that you bitch about for a VERY long time. It is quite obvious that you have never read anything other than mindless screeds published by fellow malicious bigots.

              It is my pleasure to inform you that the “white race” is doomed. It is all over but the shouting. This is not due to any vast conspiracy but due to interbreeding as more and more people wake up and realize that “race” means nothing.

              Whether you guys want to be known as aryan warriors, white supremacists, white nationalists, christian soldiers (all terms various groups have called themselves), you’re all spewing the same sewage.

              However, do please rant and rave some more. It pleases me no end. Do you hear that laughter in the distance? It is the merriment of Jews I know who look in here and love it when I give you morons a good swift kick in the balls. (If you like you can add to your delusions the idea that the conspirators line my pockets with shekels every time I do it.)

              Be sure to check under your bed and in your closet each night for Joooos!

              • yes loss of cultural racial and religous identity is the goal of the psychos running the planet. Glad to see youre onboard. Perhaps you can get on Bill Gates yacht!

                • What a laugh! You believe Bill Gates is Jewish? Many if not most of the psychos running the planet are regular white guys, Markie, though they come from all ethnic backgrounds. But of course such things are beneath one’s notice when everything is filtered through a haze of blind hatred.

                  What I’m onboard with is watching you guys squirm and spew your nonsensical vile hatred, and giving you a good swift kick in the ass in response. Doesn’t take much, I know all your hot buttons. I know you better than you know yourselves. The defining characteristics of the white nationalist movement (or whatever they’re calling themselves this afternoon) are lies, distortions, hatred, stupidity, and cowardice.

                  By the way, be sure to check out the new TV network coming online January 15th – The Grio. I’m sure you’ll love it!

                • We’re talking the real world here, Markie, something that you and your fellow travelers don’t seem have much of a connection to.

                  Ultimately all the races we know today will meld due to interbreeding. In the future there will be few if any defining racial characteristics, except perhaps for the Chinamen since there are so many of them. It will take time, but it is happening and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

                • So youre a propnent of the Kalergi Plan – an italian communist – ““The (European) man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space (nations), time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals”

                  I assume you hate red haired irish girls and blond hair and blue eyes. Says a lot about you Jason.

                  Btw I think everyone else is safe in this new world order – Japanese Koreans Chinese blacks arbs and of course the chosen ones. Just not us.

                  • As usual, your ASSumptions are all wrong, Markie baby. You just don’t seem to to have the knack of making a point, you just rant and rave with all the old hatreds. Please keep at it though, it’s very entertaining and who knows maybe you’ll manage to get one in at some point. (I’m not holding my breath over that one though.)

                    Of course that’s nothing new for you or those who “think” the way that you do. It’s pretty funny that you and the other malicious bigots that slither though the mud to pop up here seem to think of yourselves as Christians. You guys are about as far from being Christians as it’s possible to be.

                    One thing I really, really have to laugh about is that unless you have done as I have and worked a cash business in the underground economy for decades, YOU are supporting Israehell and I am not! We’re talking real belly laughs here! (As I’ve said so many times all you guys are good for are laughs.)

                    Now only if my buddy The Bubster would pop in and try ordering me to “GTFO” again I’d really consider this a job well done.

                    Ka-ching! There goes the Head Jew from his desert lair in Israehell, putting shekels in my pocket again!

                    • Ain’t it weird how those people usually identify as Christian, even though they usually have very anti-Catholic views?

        • Sorry, Nunz, the idea that this “cabal” has existed for thousands of years plotting against the world is way out there, it beggars belief.

          The fact is that everywhere you look there are regular white guys doing exactly the same thing that “the Jews” are accused of. Of course there are nut jobs who believe that everyone they don’t care for today or in history was somehow a Jew. There’s a cretin on one of the white nationalist sites I have an account on who believes this. The Rockefellers are Jews. FDR was a Jew. Bill Gates is a Jew. Stalin was a Jew. He probably thinks Mao was a Jew, etc., etc. You can almost see the spittle running down his chin when he writes this stuff. It’s laughable.

        • This sounds pretty anti-Zionist/Semitic to me. Would you rather that Israel be destroyed and the radical islamist groups lay waste to the promised land? Your thinking is the same line of thought that led to the deaths of six million innocent Jews as well as what could destroy the beautiful oasis in the otherwise shithole desert we call the middle east.

          • I used to think as you do about that “cash cow” the “holocaust”, but my engineering background got in the way. The “numbers” just don’t add up. Let’s look at the claims of the “holocaust from a purely engineering and logistical standpoint.
            Let’s look at a number of claims that have been made and have been ingrained in “holocaust™” orthodoxy:
            — using “bug spray” (Zyklon B) as an execution agent (ha ha)
            —“gas chambers” with ordinary wooden doors, not gas-tight doors
            —“gas chambers” with no means to ventilate the chambers after “operation”
            —“gas chamber” chimney not connected to anything
            —“blood spurting out of the ground” for weeks and months
            —“crematoria stacks with visible flames” (not possible) crematoria burn clean
            —“thousands of bodies cremated per day” (not possible)
            —“multiple bodies” in one “muffle” to “speed up” operations
            —“lampshades, soap and shrunken heads”, oh my
            —“the ability to tell when jews are being cremated by the smell or color of smoke”
            —“claimed burial grounds not being permitted to be disturbed” per jewish “law”
            These claims have all been used in court to prosecute those who are not “believers”…
            NONE of these claims are possible or valid and can be easily debunked using sound scientific and engineering principles.
            I have been thrown out (asked to leave) those “jewish freak shows” called “holocaust™”museums for merely attempting to point out these facts.
            The actual number of camp deaths from all causes is approximately 273,000–NOT “6 million”.

            • Let’s not forget the logistics required to effect the transportation of tens of thousands of people, along with “death camp” assertions, these “camps” having hospitals, recreational facilities, and other amenities which would not be needed if these were truly “death camps”.
              When “holocaust™ ” purveyors ask the question, “what about the physical evidence, the bodies, etc.?” I point out that the “photographic evidence” was orchestrated by the allies for maximum propaganda effect and was actually a result of typhus–not “gassing” as claimed. In addition, I point out that the destruction of the infrastructure by the allies was so devastating that normal hygiene practices were difficult to maintain.
              I have been successful in planting the “seeds”, pointing out the absurdity of “holocaust™” claims in peoples’ heads by stating the physical, scientific, and statistical impossibilities of the claims pushed by “holocaust™ purveyors.
              Getting people to “THINK outside the box” is the first step. Using engineering and other scientific logic is the key to get people to recognize the absurdity of “holocaust™” claims.
              When that is said and done, I deliver the “coup de grace”…
              I point out that, in many countries, questioning the “official holocaust™ story can land one in prison for a long time.
              I then mention names- Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, Monika Schaefer, Ernst Zundel, and others. I point out that Ursula Haverbeck and Monika Schaefer are elderly grandmothers whose only “crime” was to question the “official account” of the jewish “holocaust™ ” by merely pointing out the inconsistencies in the stories, just as I have above. They are considered to be so dangerous to the “holocaust™ purveyors that they were given prison sentences in maximum-security penal facilities.
              When it comes to the case of Sylvia Stolz, I point out that she is a well-respected attorney who was imprisoned for attempting to provide a proper defense for her client by daring to introduce evidence that refuted the “official holocaust™” story.
              Ernst Zundel’s case stands out as he was attacked and his home was firebombed by jewish interests, with no help in investigation by the authorities, in Canada, of all places. His trials in Canada were successful in getting parts of Canada’s “hate speech” laws overturned.
              Explaining the use of “judicial notice” is next. This immoral “concept” disallows the use of evidence that runs counter to “commonly accepted beliefs”, EVEN IF THESE “BELIEFS” CAN BE PROVEN TO BE FALSE. This, in itself demolishes the whole “holocaust™ fable and does get people to think.
              When I point out the dishonesty of the “legal systems” used to punish those who do not subscribe to the validity of “all things holocaust™”, “the die is set”–the seeds of doubt are truly set…
              A multi-pronged effort is required to get people to drop their notions about this “hoax of the twentieth century”. Using scientific, logistical and physical common sense as well as pointing out the dishonest legal systems that are used to prosecute “non-believers” is the way to break the false religion of “holocaustianity™ “…
              I have been marginalized in certain circles for pointing out the obvious, but I don’t care. It appears that young people are more receptive to the common sense messages that prove that the “holocaust™ ” is a figment of jewish imagination and a “cash cow” that has been milking gentiles for far too long, nothing more.

              • The biggest BS story re: various mechanisms of the Holocaust is the story about, supposedly at the “death camps”, Treblinka and Maidanek, use of carbon monoxide as a poison gas to asphyxiate victims, the fumes being provided by a salvaged tank engine from a Soviet vehicle, presumably a T-34. The “survivors” that recounted this tale, as they were laborers, sworn to secrecy on pain of death, that worked as part of the crews of these “gas chambers”. They recounted the loudness of what sounded like a DIESEL engine, presuming the V2 (W2 in German) V-12 diesel engine that the Soviet-built T-34 and KV tanks used. They told of having to haul out the corpses of victims, their skins tinged BLUE, for mass cremations.

                There are several significant problems:
                (1) Victims of carbon monoxide poisoning typically show a RED tinge in their skin. A person that perishes of simple oxygen deprivation will exhibit the blue skin tinge as described by the survivors.

                (2) The Germans highly prized captured examples of Soviet T-34 and KV tanks, as in some ways they were better than their own, and pressed them, like most of the other Soviet-built equipment they captured, into service. It would boggle the imagination to transfer a very heavy tank engine all the way from the front to serve as a poison gas generator, when it’d be badly needed to propel a “Beute-Panzer” about in combat!

                (3) A diesel engine runs on an excess of the 100% theoretical air needed for the stochiometric combustion equation; it is extremely difficult to generate CO at all; even under conditions of a heavy load. One can do so with a gasoline engine, provided it’s run with a rich mixture, but long-term operation under those conditions will cause raw gasoline to wash down cylinder walls and rapidly wear out the piston rings, rendering the engine useless. Likely whoever came up with this tale had actually served in a Red Army tank crew, likely in a T-34, and these models did have a problem with ventilation of the crew compartment, among quite a few other significant flaws that rendered them less the “wunderpanzers” they were reputed to be. The venting problem was corrected with the T-34/85, which a prominent vent dome was installed on the turret roof.

                (4) If murder by poison gas was desired, and CO used as the poison agent (at least, once a chamber full of victims was opened, as opposed to “Zyklon-B” or any agent with HCN, where the lingering fumes in the clothing, hair, and body cavities of the victims would pose a huge threat to those handling the bodies, a crew could more readily set about their grisly tasks with the need for much less PPE), they already had a SIMPLE device, which needed no moving parts at all to generate the CO! At worst a simple blower, powered by electricity or a small gas engine, would have been needed to blow the gas into the chamber! Furthermore, the fuel for this generator was readily available in Eastern Europe…WOOD! During the war, as civilian vehicles were mostly idled due to the scarce amounts of petroleum being reserved for military use, clumsy, crude, add-on gas generators, which produced combustible CO gas from wood chips, were affixed to buses, trucks, and a few privileged autos. There was a training program to work with these adapted vehicles, as there was always the specter of CO poisoning associated with them. So IF it were desired to kill victims with CO gas, to divert a few of these gas generators to the camps, with a forestry crew of laborers to cut, haul, season, and chip timber for the fuel, could be readily used. As forestry services were in fact a significant use of Nazi slave labor, to divert what still would have amount a small portion of their production to producing fuel for the grisly task of murdering Jewish victims would have been relatively simple.

                (5) If one examines what’s needed to maintain and operate a gas chamber, it almost begs the question of the need to employ a poison agent at all, IF part of the process is to pack the victims in like sardines. Since there’s a need to tightly seal the chamber, else the Nazi guard, quoted in Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”, that gleefully drops some poison pellets down a vent shaft, saying, “Let’s give ’em something to chew on”, would have soon been a victim himself, why not simply seal off the chamber and let the victims die of asphyxiation from their own breathing? Given the documented times to kill with either HCN or CO (the respective LD100 values at particular concentration), and the problems of decontamination with especially HCN, why bother with any agent at all? It certainly be less trouble to have a few cold-hearted guards stand ready with a club or pistol to finish off a few hardy survivors of such a ghastly process!

                While it’s not a stretch of imagination to believe that the hate-twisted Nazis had incentive to kill Jews and other “untermenschen”, and the depravity to go forth with it, the tales of how they supposedly did so don’t wash.

            • Why attend these holocaust “museums” if you believe that what they’re promoting is at least mistaken if not an outright fake? As the fictional Obi-Wan put it: Who’s the greater ‘fool’, the “fool”, or the “fool” who follows him?

              What should be of the greatest concern is this: Supposedly we went to war with Nazi Germany in 1941 (yes, Germany declared war on the USA on Dec 11, 1941, but, we’d been openly supplying their opponents, primarily the UK, and had sent the US Navy in the Atlantic, in international waters, to fire upon Kriegsmarine vessels) to stop fascist tyranny and restore the rights of human beings. Of course, our “Russian allies”, the Soviet Union, were just as horrific in terms of trampling human rights and murdering them, which our propagandists conveniently overlooked. But ostensibly the US, along with the NATO “alliance”, had the mission to establish democratically-elected governments.

              Now, I’ve no objection whatsoever to pointing out the depravity of the Nazi regime and its leadership. As another LEFT-wing (in the purview of GERMAN politics) movement, it found those to demonize as the public enemies, among them Jews, most of whom, ironically, fit nothing of the stereotypes put forth in their anti-Semitic diatribes. These canards were nothing new at all; indeed, many of the Nazi political opponents had used them as well! So, in 1945, as the Allies coming from the West and the Soviets storming in from the East liberated various concentration camps, they found piles of dead bodies and masses of dazed survivors in bad condition, which would greatly offend and sadden the sensitivities of anyone with even a smidge of humanity. This was but further “proof” of the need for the war; to make sure this would never happen again, even though already the old camps were being re-purposed by the Communists. So obviously there’s a imperative to get out the TRUTH, right?

              So, WHY, pray tell, is it ILLEGAL in most of Europe to question the details of the so-called “Holocaust”, including the death toll? Certainly if it’s all “TRUTH”, and well-researched, backed with mountains of evidence, there’d be NO need for such laws…one would THINK. That alone ought to demonstrate that all the USA accomplished, for the trillions spent (in today’s watered-down dollars) and about 250K American lives (considering what other nations lost, a rather cheap “butcher’s bill”) and over a million more mentally and/or physically maimed, never mind the legacy costs of keeping a huge military force “over there” for 75 years and COUNTING, ostensibly to counter the tyrants we once ALLIED with, was to REPLACE one set of lies with ANOTHER.

  14. It is distressing that most people are either stupid enough or cowardly enough to wear masks. But I would rather know the truth: that the majority of mankind are either contemptible monsters or cringing cowards.

    • Hi Geoffrey,

      I think cringing cowards wins by a landslide.

      I can just see Xi Jinping delightfully rubbing his hands together just waiting for Joe to hand over the keys. I guess I should start learning some basic Mandarin.

  15. “The answer one gets is the Corona equivalent of the mentally ill autistic girl whose face corkscrews into a paroxysm of fury and spits outs How Dare You!”

    😀 Eric, you generate such literary gold. You’ve easily become one of my favorite writers.

    You know what’s both striking and endlessly puzzling to me? Last night, there were whole legions of people launching illegal fireworks and illegally firing guns in celebration of the new year where I live, here in Phoenix. Sounded like WWIII. The same people are always out in the stores and often walking down the sidewalk dutifully wearing their Holy Diapers. I know there’s a spirit of rebellion and free-thinking in these people. Why are they so quick to comply with such nonsensical dictates?

  16. Some green shoots? My local post office is run by the most militant diaperer and actual communist labor agitator postmaster who has had “masks required to enter lobby” signs on the doors and all sorts of ridiculous PPE theater strewn about since March. Today, I went there and all the signs had been replaced with official color printed USPS signs that read “masks recommended”. I almost fell over.

    • I hope you are right. I have been crossing state lines to go to a PO that until recently only had the USPS “recommended” signs. This week I went after not going for a month or so, and noticed homemade “required” signs. As usual, I walked in sans diaper. Nothing was said by staff or customer. Best to ignore mixed messages 🙂

  17. I’ve said it again and again and again anywhere I could that the absence of an engineering standard means the whole thing is nothing but LARPing. (LARP=Live Action Role Play)

    The minimum respirator that has been shown to stop viruses is a P100 or N100. The P100 being rated to stop petrol-chemicals. To give an idea what that is, a P100 would be used for painting a car. It’s designed to stop the molecules of the various chemicals in paint so it makes sense it could stop a virus. An N100 is similar but isn’t rated to stand up to solvents,etc. It could be used to sand the car prior to paint. The N95 is the simple respirator mask. It is good for sanding and so on. It is not rated to stop viruses but if anything common has a chance of doing something, even a little, it’s an N95.

    Everything else people are wearing out there is essentially theater. It’s not like they are changing them often enough to even be useful for the droplet concept. In a medical environment the masks get changed often so they might do something on occasion. But then again they are designed for bacteria, not viruses.

    • Research the following terms:
      Biosafety Level
      According to Wikipedia:
      There are 4 levels of Biosafety protocols, which depend on the nature of the hazard.
      In this case, the government refuses to classify the severity of the alleged hazard, thus making it impossible to specify the relevant biosafety level requirement.

      So, yes, it is all nothing but *very* bad (and dishonest) theater.

      My own safety training has involved chemical and radiological, but not biological, hazards.
      I do know from that training that exposure to contaminants of any kind requires appropriate decontamination procedures. Those who do not follow stipulated decon would be exposing themselves and others to harm, which is why such procedures are strictly followed in industrial environments.

      The fact that *no* decon procedures are specified (because *no* biosafety level has been specified) tells me the whole thing is a despicably bad joke, and is likely being perpetrated by those who are either a) woefully ignorant, or b) have another agenda. Undoubtedly, there are some in each category, and perhaps some who are in both.

      The would be “emperors” *have* *no* *clothes*.

      OSHA Standard 1910.120 – Hazardous waste operations and emergency response
      *Does* cover biological hazards:
      [B] Any biologic agent and other disease causing agent which after release into the environment and upon exposure, ingestion, inhalation, or assimilation into any person, either directly from the environment or indirectly by ingestion through food chains, will or may reasonably be anticipated to cause death, disease, behavioral abnormalities, cancer, genetic mutation, physiological malfunctions (including malfunctions in reproduction) or physical deformations in such persons or their offspring.
      Based on my own (chemical hazard) training:
      it appears to me that *if* COVID-19 posed a significant biohazard, then:
      1) All potentially contaminated areas (such as grocery stores, etc.) would be required to post a biohazard threat warning at the entrance, including the internationally recognized biohazard symbol, with hazard level specified.
      2) Anyone entering a facility with a known or suspected biohazard would be required to comply with the appropriate actual PPE required by OSHA regs for the specified threat level.
      3) All those leaving such a facility would be required to undergo required decontamination, which would include a) decontamination of the individual and b) *safe* disposal of the (now contaminated) PPE.

      This is not happening, yet healthy people are *not* keeling over in large numbers, ergo the “threat” has been greatly exaggerated.

    • Even in a medical setting, a surgeon wears a mask because the inside of your body isn’t designed for the kind of bacteria that is present in a person’s saliva, mucus and sweat. This is far different from aerosolized virus particles that the coronavirus apparently spreads by. Far different than a stranger walking by your fully enclosed body on the street or in a store.

    • Well, when I’ve painted cars with my respirator I always end up with streaks of paint in the places where the p100 inevitably slips or leaks. It’s better than getting a big dose and frying my liver or central nervous system, but the same issues would apply to airborne viruses.

      In an Ebola hot zone you wouldn’t chance anything less than a positive pressure suit. Plus you’ll want to decontaminate stringently and scrupulously.

      Nothing stops a virus except the immune system, mutation, or environmental change (summer to fall e.g.). It has to burn out on its own due to herd immunity/mutation. NOTHING stops a virus.

    • Not just to show the “vaccine works” but also to usher in the glorious new administration and its immediate success where Bad Orange Man could only fail.

      • “Obama goan pay muh bills” is now “Biden done saved muh life!”.

        Then the hypocrites, after they end the lockdowns, will turn around and say “See? That darn Trump locked you down…but we freed you!” And all the idiots will shout “Amen!”.

        • Morning, Nunz!

          I watched a video that’s making the rounds of an encounter in Wal-Mart between a rabid Diaperer and a man who wasn’t. The Diaperer was morbidly obese – his fat more a threat to his health than the presence in the store of the Undiapered bu not sick dude.

  18. Went to a party last night. At midnight we took the Christmas tree outside, decorated it with face diapers, and lit it on fire.
    On a different note, I made it through 2020 without ever wearing the diaper at work, and I interact with people face to face every day (In NY, about 40 min north of NYC). I’m proud of that.
    Happy New Year, all.

  19. Ah, the questions they can’t answer! Been dealing with them since I was a child. Grown men and women who can’t answer a simple logical question; Who order their lives and worldview on premises which they can not even defend against the simple honest inquiry of a child. “[Exasperated] It’s just the way it is. You’ll understand when you’re older”. Thankfully, I’ve yet to get THAT old.

    Just read a thing yesterday which mentioned that ‘Barrass Obama has been the ‘most admired man’ in the US for the PAST 12 YEARS, and that Moo-shell Obama the ‘most admired’ woman(?) for the past 3. There is no hope for a society so blind and sick.

    • “Grown men and women who….”

      But they aren’t. They are infantilized. Full size bodies with the mental/moral/logic functions of a 4 year old. Children, not men and women.

      And they are a huge majority. Mentally adult humans have become exceedingly rare.

    • Nunz’s comment got me thinking. We all know it’s nothing more than social tricks. Children often are born with an immunity to it. That’s why we are put through so much social conditioning. Those who are cast out or separated from the herd it simply doesn’t work on. It can only work on people who are in the herd or want to be accepted by it. Everyone else the best that can happen is a superficial appearance just to avoid hassles from the herd.

      This conditioning process, this engineering of society is the root cause of almost all the problems. It breaks people in so many ways. Yet to question it is still largely considered insanity.

      • Ding!Ding!Ding!Ding!Ding!

        THAT is precisely correct, and well-said, Brent! …and that pattern, whether occurring on a purely organic level, as it can, or being prodded and exacerbated by/as a means of social engineering, while always having existed at some level wherever large numbers of people congregate, exists today on a virtually universal level, thanks to modern technology, media, and government which are exploiting that propensity of human behavior deliberately.

        THAT is a real pandemic!

        I get disgusted when I see some parent doing something, or justifying something that their kid does “so they can fit in”. Learning to stand apart, independently; to “do you”; to ask the unpopular questions; to NOT ‘go along to get along’, is probably the most important thing one can teach a child (Something which now needs to be taught to a world full of adults who never learned that as children).

        I had someone remark to me many years ago, in reference to my childhood, that “It must have been tough growing up as the poor kid in an overwhelmingly middle-class area”- to which I replied: “Quite the opposite! It was the best thing that could ever have happened to me! Not only did I have the advantage of being around more functional well-behaved people than if I had grown up in the projects, but learning to be proud of what I what I am and what I had, even though those things may not have been apparent to or relevant to those around me; and to appreciate what I had, was truly the greatest gift anyone could have”.

  20. Out of curiosity did anyone watch the ball drop in Times Square last night? I was flicking through YouTube and watching each city/country celebrate the end of a hellish year…..Sydney, Taipei, Dubai, Beijing, Athens. Pretty firework displays against large city backdrops, boats sitting out on the water, people (yes, many in masks) oohing and aahing in the streets. Then I come across Times Square about 20 people (probably all hand picked by that buffoon DeBlasio) in purple sequin masks (yes, even the men, 🤮). It was disheartening, gloomy, and downright mournful. What has become of us as a society? Why are we putting up with this shit? I got angry at myself. Why am I sitting at home eating wings and drinking margaritas hiding out like some coward? What am I doing to my kids? Mentally, are even most of us going to be able to get through another year (or god forbid, years) of this never ending lie.

    I have ignored most of these mandates, I have never put a mask on (except my Halloween costume 3x….all doctor/hospital visits) ignored the lockdown, still went to work, walked into stores showing my actual face to the horror of those around me, etc. I feel like I am banging my head against a wall. Most people I speak with believe this is BS, but will not rebel. Some are willing to get an unsubstantiated vaccine, actually most are. It absolutely makes no sense to me and feels like a horrible dream that one can’t wake up from.

    • An empty Times Square is a SHOCKER! That doesn’t look right. Normally, upwards of half a million people pack out Times Square on New Years Eve. Being one who likes to avoid crowds, I never went there on NYE. That said, it’s sad to not see it packed on on NYE, which is an American institution. Perhaps that’s the point, to abolish our traditions and eliminate the familiar? What better mind control technique is there?

      • Hi MM,

        Happy New Year.

        I agree with you it is mind control and by not allowing people to interact they can’t converse and discuss what a pile of poo this is. But, the people, geez, I don’t expect anybody to pick up arms and march on the Capitol, but don’t play along willingly. If you need to wear a mask put on a Halloween mask, or a paper bag with two eye holes cut out, a helmet, anything that says you don’t believe in this only playing along until sanity has prevailed.

        • Exactly, do something to show you think this is a farce or BS. But people’s new religion is covidism, fucking losers.

          This ritual is 100% to upset the apple cart so they can rebuild in their desired image. Just saw in London they had a “humorous” firework pertaining to Zoom calls with a “No, YOU’RE on Mute!” firework shown. And a communist BLM fist.

          This planet is one giant meme

          • Hi Michael,

            The london display was a real shocker. I mean everything banned – and then suddenly marxist propaganda and more NHS worship… Really reminds you of the stories of the communist take-over in China, how they got rid of the 4 olds…. seems to be happening in front of our eyes here in the west, with family, religion, and now these little traditions we had, all being forcefully changed under the guise of covid…. that said glad where i live there were lots of fireworks… there may even have been a tiny new years party in my neighbourhood – well tiny only because so few dared disobey their overlords and come out!! 🙂

    • I don’t usually stay up, but did this year to ring in the new year with daughter and her boyfriend. I agree, it was shocking and depressing. Good thing the chosen were all actors who can pretend to be excited! I sure wasn’t. Besides the purple sequined weirdness, the JLo and ARod (unmasked) with their kids (masked) was an example of cognitive dissonance.

      Luckily, some patriots near us were shooting off fireworks (and guns)!

      • I am disgusted by our little town. We had fireworks to mark the “New Year”.

        But, nobody was allowed to attend. They set them off in community park where we have a small amphitheater. But the park was closed to the public. And they set them off at 8pm?

        I have endless questions about why. But the only answer will be “because Covid” I am sure.

        Do wish i could say happy new year and mean it. I can’t, because it won’t be, no matter how much we wish for it to be. The world has gone completely insane.

        • I agree, Anon. There is a definite plan to destroy all the trappings of tradition and community, patriotism, and of course, Christianity.

          Speaking of fireworks, even though July 4 was on a Saturday, in our state there were only 5 fireworks displays listed across the state! And 4 of them were on Friday the 3rd with a rain date of Sunday the 5th (if a rain date was given). Only one marked the actual day, which normally would be the perfect day for celebrating as most are available on weekends.

          Makes no sense, outside of an obvious plan. I’m that much more determined to fight this insanity.

    • Happy New Year? RG.

      I couldn’t bring myself to even turn in the TV. I knew it would be festooned with ass clowns in face diapers. Glad I missed it. Instead, spent midnight out of state (somewhere I was not supposed to go), with family in a neighborhood of middle class Hispanic and Middle Eastern immigrants. At midnight, the streets were filled with dozens and dozens of undiapered celebrants, lighting fireworks in the road. Kids running around blowing into noise makers. Felt fantastic, and even better knowing it was a mass FU to the PTB.

      Sad, though, to know that mainstream Amerikans were probably, as a whole, snuggling their face diapers, away from family and friends, to stop the spread. Instead, it’s the immigrant families, whom MAGA asshats hate, having at it.

      BTW, signs flashing on New York interstates: “NYS Celebrate Safe. Prevent Lockdowns”. Dorks.

        • Hi BAC,
          Actually the way things are going the ? may be more appropriate, sadly. Already the PTB are saying you still need to wear a face diaper even after getting the needle, ramping up the hysteria about the new “more contagious” version, yada yada yada. Now that all the petty little fascist politicians have gotten drunk with power they’re not going to give it up willingly.

      • Happy New Year, BAC. 😊

        Be glad you missed it. Downright dreary. Your NYE sounds much more fun! Glad you had a great time.

    • I saw some of it, RG. Most “people” in Times Square were those “wacky tube men” they use to attract attention to businesses. The few ACTUAL people (sort of) with the purple sequin face diapers and the big yellow hats were indeed a disheartening sight. All contained in their inflatable barriers and swaying about like dystopian cartoon characters. :p

      Don’t be hard on yourself though. Sounds like you’ve done well. Don’t let them get to you.

      Remember, if they can see your smile, you ARE the Resistance!

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        Happy New Year!

        DeBlasio is getting quite the blowback for his dancing with the Mrs. as he told the rest of NYC to stay home. Rules for thee and not for me, I suppose. Once most NYers wake up from their slumber I hope they recall him and throw him out of office.

        Thanks for the pep talk. 😊 I just expected after 10 months of this most Americans would have thrown caution to the wind and said to hell with it, ripped off the masks and begin hanging out with each other again. I really miss pool halls and bowling.

        • I’m with you, RG. I really miss the gym. The governor made all gyms here promise to make people diaper, no matter where they were inside. So, I told the gym I’d be back when they no longer required this, but in the meantime, they wouldn’t be getting my money.

          Truly, though, I miss going ANYWHERE without the threat of harassment. I really miss going to the movies as well. But here we are, surrounded by Chicken-Littles and cowards.

          I don’t know what in the hell is wrong with people either. Some are still just scared, and the propaganda never stops. But I would’ve thought people would start calling BS on this already, too.

          • Hi BaBnOn,

            I feel for you; the gym is my last island of sanity, outside my house. No Diapering, yet. But once the senile pedophile is anointed… in which case, I will never go back. I like the owner. I get the pressure she faces. But if she becomes an enforcer of Diapering, I will never forgive it.

            I will also create a gym at home – but god-damn them all.

            • That’s right. Goddamn them all, Eric!

              I very much hope that your gym owner resists the pressure and this can be more of an endearing experience, rather than a divisive one.

              Also, with the severe shortage of exercise equipment, I have been using a weight bench I built back in May, along with a tether-ball pole I uprooted from my back yard, upon which I put cinder blocks for weight. Also exercise bands… But it’s all a poor substitute. I found the gym, like you, to be a sanctum, a place of meditation and solace, as important for the mind as it was the body. ;p

        • Expecting Americans to suddenly “wake up” is like expecting someone under the control of a master hypnotist to just “snap out of it.”

          Sure it might happen, but chances aren’t likely when they watch lies and propaganda non-fucking-stop, believing they’re “figuring out what’s going on.”

          • Yep, Michael.
            Americans aren’t just asleep.
            They aren’t merely mesmerized.
            They are zealots and true believers in the religion of collectivism. Even the most politically ‘conservative’ is just really a less radical communist who still maintains a few select precepts of traditional/Christian values.

        • Hi RG,

          I was born in NYC. I don’t expect to ever lay eyes on Manhattan again. I don’t like cities by nature, but NYC was once a helluva place. It is now Hell, all right.

          • Hi Eric,

            I have never been to NYC. It isn’t warm and doesn’t have pretty water so I avoid it. I did once consider taking the train there during Christmas to take in a show and see it decked out for the holidays. Never got around to it, definitely will not do it now.

            It reminds me a lot of Baltimore which used to be a beautiful and fun city. My family used to take the boat into Fells Point and walk around looking at the sites, catching a football game at M&T Stadium, eating dinner in Little Italy (especially loading up on cannolis at Vaccaro’s). I took the rugrats to the Aquarium in fall of 2019. I will never step foot in the city again. It was a mess. The homeless were standing at the corner of Pratt in front of the aquarium screaming and spitting at people as they walked by.

            Nope. I am going to park my butt in the country, where there is still some semblance of sanity (no matter how small).

            • Amen, RG –

              I also used to go to the aquarium (early 2000s). Now I wouldn’t go there without a detachment of personal praetorians, heavily armed. The place is – literally – a shithole. My only regret is not having moved even farther out into the country.

          • It’s hard to stomach what has happened to NYC. Growing up “the City” was where ya went for freedom. The action. Straight outta Rush/Subdivisions. I spent about 15 years from the early 90s to 08 working and playing in the City. I watched it go from risky/free/fun to corporate/safer/less fun to borderline police state. It seems the transformation is now complete. I abhor city life now and haven’t been back in 10 years. That said, I’m sad my daughter likely won’t be able to have the same experiences I did growing up.

            Coupla liberty related tangents about NYC. First, on nahneleven, I walked through the WTC 20 mins before the planes hit the towers. Worked on the East Side, though, 25 stories up. Saw some things that day. For a few years, I might’ve punched someone who “questioned the official narrative” the way I do now. I think we’re in the thrall of something very similar with this WuFlu narrative.

            Also, while in NYC, I worked in finance for a dozen years and all that time, I had literally NO IDEA what the Federal Reserve did. We used to have a meeting every Thursday of the “Investment Committee” and the very first thing that the top guy would discuss was the tea leaves concerning the Fed’s latest guidance, etc. I was always like, WTF, let’s talk about stocks or something more exciting. A few years later I read the Creature From Jekyll Island and many things came into focus, namely that central banking is incompatible with liberty.

            • Hatteras!

              Oh. My. Goodness! 90’s and early 00’s? My last good memories of NYC were in the 70’s and early 80’s. People talk about the 70’s there as being crime-ridden and ‘dangerous’. LOL. It was awesome!

              We still had somewhat of a normal American culture there; you could get on a subway and actually get where you were intending to go, without endless detours- and the expresses used to FLY!

              If you weren’t doing anything nefarious (and often, apparently, even if you were) you were left alone. Never had any interactions with any cops in the 9 years I lived there (But I did see a fellow teen at the time curse one out for looking at him! It was glorious!).

              Used to use my school transit pass to take the subway to the Rockaways or Coney Island, and buy a pack of cigarettes and walk around smoking (at 16)……[Like I’m really gonna sit in some stupid classroom when there’s a whole city out there to explore!)

              And the stories my friend tells, who was a kid/teen in the 50’s and 60’s!!! Totally different world. Amazing how a place can change so drastically. Now it’s occupied by totally different people….and I wouldn’t recognize a thing, and I’ve never set foot back there since moving away nearly 20 years ago…and never will again.

              They should just nuke that whole damn place- it’d be doing all the decent people of this country a big favor. (Hell, take out VCA. too, and we might even have a chance again!)

          • Eric, I’m reminded of the story of the Limey RAF vet who’d dropped a few “presents” for Hitler from his Lancaster bomber during the war, and when asked by German customs if he’d even been to Germany before, he replied, “no, but he’d been OVER it many times”.

            Since I’ve already been to NYC several times and wasn’t all that impressed, maybe I’ll have the “blessing” of repeating that Limey airman’s experiences with Berlin, only in REVERSE.

          • My sentiments exactly, Eric. NYC of the 70’s and early 80’s was magical! Groiwing up 60 miles east of there on Long Island was truly the best of all worlds- a nice mix of rural and suburban, with NYC an hour away! It was the top of the world! -And at a time when we were still riding on high, just coming off of the pinnacle of the height of civilization.

            What a blessing to have experienced that place at that time! ….and now, it is all gone- NYC/LI=one giant shit-hole over-priced police state full of nothing but liberals and the worst of the Third-world sub-human scum. But thankfully I’ll always have the memories…but I mourn for what we have lost.

  21. My spidey sense is that the Peter the diaper huffer commenter was likely a UK or commonwealth intelligence type doing a forum crashing type operation against plandemic dissenters. I say this because the only non hysterical comment he made was in reply to my use of a “commonwealth” colloquialism (later deleted by Eric) when replying to RG. It’s been in the news that outfits like GHCQ are doing this and there seem to be a few subjects of the crown that comment on here frequently. It’s actually a badge of honor for this site and how old school free wheeling the comment section is. I remember these forum crasher trolls from back in the day on sites like Daily Paul and the old infowars.

  22. I don’t engage them unless I’m looking to be entertained.

    There’s no way someone like that is looking to have an honest debate on the topic.

    They are simply looking for you to be convinced by their inarticulate emotionalism.

    People like that are dangerous and will use violence if someone dares not to agree with them, so if confronted be prepared to defend yourself physically.

    It’s really disturbing that so much of the population is so pathetically apt to be duped by the crude sophistry of these not to big big shots (to quote one of my mentors).

    • Indeed. Always be armed with something, at least pepper spray. A library of defenses, (of escalating seriousness) like pepper spray, a stunner or taser, and a pocket pistol gives an individual a lot of options if attacked by a lunatic. Most maskers are unwilling and forced by circumstance, the true believer bullies are not rational and potentially dangerous.

    • Hi James,

      In re: “People like that are dangerous and will use violence if someone dares not to agree with them, so if confronted be prepared to defend yourself physically.”

      Yup. It’s why I have been hitting the weights as if my life depended upon it. I’ve put on 20 pounds – of not fat. I make eye contact with the Freaks – never look away from them. I am grateful I am a large man. I feel sad for those who are not, especially women and older people, several of whom I know personally to be terrified of being attacked by a Diaperer.

      • I would be one of those, old and suffering Rheumatoid Arthritis, who would not be able to defend myself without a firearm, if my hands happen to be functional at the time. I fear the loss of liberty far more than I do any physical assault. That loss of liberty, and especially the apparent willingness, even eagerness, of far to many to embrace that loss, is what causes my frequent journey into depression. Every one knows that politicians excel at lying above all else, yet for some reason, far too many believe them regarding a virus, and are perfectly willing to sacrifice their economic, social, and mental health because those professional liars said so. The only common denominator I have discovered among them is public schools. If you don’t have the wherewithal to home school, at least spend some time educating, or dis-educating your kids about what they’re taught in public schools. Unfortunately, I think we are far beyond the tipping point, where a considerable majority are “happy” to go along with the charade.

        • @JWK

          Depression is rough, I suffer from it as well. I wish you the best in dealing with it.

          I was a teacher (and Crisis Counselor) until I reached the age of reason myself- ironically just after I achieved tenure in my last position.

          As a younger man, having gone to a very liberal college, I didn’t have a name for the creeping leftist nonsense that was increasingly grating against the very fiber of my being. Now I’m writing a book about my experiences and all the things I saw that are truly anti-American and pro commie.

          I noticed my popularity begin to wane with every lesson where I supplemented the bullshit textbook with “Here’s what really happened”.

          I want my money back for my education, frankly, I thought I was making my parents proud and going to college like they always wanted, that I could be a positive force in kids lives (and I was) and that my contribution would make the world a better place. But the numbers were against me after decades of the evil of the left seeping into curricula.

          I’m about to take my own kid out of school because of the mask nonsense (they make him walk around in the hallway with his arms splayed out to social distance, which is some serious bullshit) and because the stuff taught is not only left leaning, but also often incorrect (for instance a math sheet which lists a series of problems based on multiplying by tens which explains that 9*4=32 and 90*4= 320, SMH).

          • Just like all the propaganda that adults and kids alike are constantly bombarded with, the “Comm(unist) Core” curriculum is intended to confuse, not to teach. When they can destroy simple math, you know it’s bad. Never too soon to take control of your child’s education and training through homeschool. It is certainly do-able with motivation, and not nearly as complicated as the myth-makers want it to seem. With your background you should be well-equipped, but any parent with intelligence and concern for their children can make it happen.

            • @Mattacks,

              It does indeed and I wish it were an isolated incident. Do they just grab whatever halfass worksheet and post it up without looking at it?

              I’m sick of doing their jobs.

              This image sums up how I feel:

              The work they give him is 2 hours tops a day, but they insist he stay on the computer for the 6 hour school day.

              This prevents me from working, so I started doing the assignments with him as they trickle in.

              They told me that my kid would be marked absent if they couldn’t see his face on the meets.

              Since that only affects their funding and they can’t fail him over it, that would be shooting themselves in the foot.

              But since they decided to make an issue of it, I use an old tablet with a picture of my kid on it and point it at the camera on the computer and do the assignments with him as they trickle in.

              At least this way I have time to do some copywriting, editing and proofreading gigs and a little online tutoring along with my web design/SEO biz.

              Plus, the prank amuses me.

              But it makes for a busy day and doesn’t let me spend as much time on my products as I’d like (I have 9 products in various stages of development/ prototyping and one patented product I sell and am pursuing a licensing agreement with).

              The online school thing doesn’t work for kids this young- older people, sure- I did my Master’s online and appreciated not having to work full time and go to a physical campus.

              But younger kids need socialization and thrive on I face to face interaction, which ain’t happening with masks and not with this online model.

              I’m not alone on this, other parents are less than thrilled as evidenced by a mic being left on and hearing on the meet “Can we not get on with the next fucking assignment?”, which made being on that meet totally worth it.

              Anyhow, this mask thing is all about control and keeping us off balance while decreasing economic opportunity. Thank God for being able to work online.

        • Hey Guys (And Girl-RG)
          Don’t forget: It’s not just the crap that they teach/the propaganda that they push in the skools….but it’s also being exposed to the cretinous hordes of other kids, -many who are from dysfunctional homes; have little or no discipline; have been exposed to all sorts of adult media programming from a young age, etc. Having to spend the better part of one’s waking hours around a bunch of braying hyenas, in a mono-culture, and where the adults in charge have their heads up their own rectums and are actively pushing disinformation, social control, liberalism, and propaganda, is too much for even an adult to not be negatively affected by- much less children!

          Heck, my neighbor, a staunch conservative who was in his late 30’s at the time, went to the local college for 2 years as part of some government ‘gimme’. A grown man….and one day he started telling me how “Obama really isn’t that bad”- and was starting to mirror the liberal ideas of his teachers. Thankfully, he recovered his sanity after graduating….but imagine, if ‘they’ can have such an effect on a grown man….and at a small local branch of a state university in a small town in the midst of flyover/farm country….!!!!!

          Who was it, Lenin? who said “Give me a child for seven years…..and we’ll have her for life”. Only today, they’ve refined the brainwashing techniques, so that it doersn’t even take 7 years…and it even works on adults. 🙁

          • Hey Nunz!
            That “Give me a child for seven years…..” quote is the Jesuit motto; not sure if it came from Ignatius himself or someone later on but it figures the Catholic Church was behind it. Having attended Catholic skool up through fifth grade I was lucky to get out when we moved to a different town and there was no Catholic skool there. Not that it was any better but at least there were shop classes I could take. Amazing that I still believe in God after that experience; sadly I lot of my early friends that I kept in touch with turned completely against religion in general, kind of throwing out the baby with the bath water.

            • Hey Mike!
              You are correct! Ol’ IOgnats said it first- “Give me a child for the first 7 years and I’ll show you the man”- Stalin just changed it a little.

              My observation as well- Virtually everyone I’ve known who went to Catholic school ended up becoming an atheist. And when I was a kid, seemed like the kids who went to Catholic school were always the most mischievous.

              My last forced contact with the Catholic church, when I was 13 and forced to make my “Confirmation” {I had already disavowed Catholicism just prior to the ceremony), I’d always find it amsuing that at the instruction classes, I’d see some of the most troublesome kids from school, bullies, etc. and they were the ones who put on the biggest show- being carefull to do everything just right, and really play-up the part they were playing, and garner the most praise. They had already learned how to work the system and make a good appearance. Fool the priest, and make a good show for your parents, and it doesn’t matter if ya knock down the old lady and steal her purse…you’ll be ‘forgiven’, because you’re such a good and holy boy, and the priest will stand up for you and tell the judge how wonderful you are.

              • I’m pretty sure they hammer in the point that you can choose not to be confirmed. Nobody, not even your parents, can force you to be. If they didn’t then they didn’t teach you correctly

      • Good on you, Eric. I think I read that you weight train on another post about your gym remaining maskless.

        I always have something on my person for defense, but everyone who can should weight train as well as learn takedown tactics and how to disable the human body regardless of size or strength.

        I’m a big guy myself, now much thinner than my avatar and with much more muscle. Even outside of training for physical defense, being strong is a daily boon. When you spend a lot of time at the weight pile, everything is easier, from unloading groceries to picking up your kid/ girl/ helping someone off the ground.

        19 inch arms are nice to have, but it’s still important to keep at least a blunt object or something to insert between the joints to control a situation. Having worked at PD’s, jails and prisons, I’m not afraid of putting someone down if the situation warrants it but I prefer to be peaceful if at all possible.

        Walk softly and carry a big stick, I suppose.

      • Interesting that gyms were targeted by the face-diaper cultists, Eric. At least out here in Calipornia, I can use the “gyme” (the gym from Homer Simpson’s perspective) under a TENT. Considering Northern California’s relatively mild winters, not the worst thing. And believe it nor not, you needn’t actually wear the face diaper to exercise…only to check in at the front desk, get your arm band (the tent is fenced off, save for two gateways which likely the fire department requires), or use the locker room and/or bathroom. Most of the equipment that I’d use is available, and it’s not usually at all that crowded. What amazes me, but it shouldn’t, is how many “proles”, especially young, ostensibly physically health people, wear the face diaper while exercising, even though it’s not required, and either give dirty looks or make rude comments to those, like myself, that DON’T.

        • Morning, Doug!

          Nominally, one is supposed to wear the Holy Rag for the 10 yard walk from the door to the check-in desk at my gym as well; almost no one does except a few beeelievers. I certainly don’t. The owner – whom I know – has made it clear the “mandate” has no force at her joint.

          There are a few self-Diaperers within but they MYOB as far as I can tell. I sometimes make sheep noises when in their vicinity.

          • A private operation might be able to get away with that, Eric, and more power to them. I go to a corporate operation, California Family Fitness, that has 22 outlets in Northern California. Until recently, it was targeted for acquisition by the Gold’s chain, supposedly it’s market capitalization is well over a BILLION! Was once a LOT of moola in this here gym business! Right now, likely no one is financing such an acquisition.

  23. The medical establishment has left me dumbfounded. This summer (July), I was scheduled for a routine well visit. I couldn’t do a virtual – needed to be in the office. I called a few days ahead to inquire about their mask policy and was told I could do a virtual visit (again not an option), or wear a face covering or shield. I asked why this new medical intervention was necessary, as drs have seen dozens of sick patients in office for years without ever feeling the need to wear a mask, and shared Dr. Rancourt’s compilation of decades of research disproving the use of masks, even for health care workers. Crickets. When I tried to prod for more information, naively and foolishly expecting the “experts” to be able to at least explain the medical reason for this requirement, I was told to “SHUT UP” (not an exact quote), and “FIND ANOTHER PRACTICE.” The medical staff (PA) actually told me a whopper – that their doctors and staff have ALWAYS worn face coverings in the office when they aren’t feeling well. I said never in my 50+ years have I EVER seen a doctor wear a mask in the office. They are disposable, intended for a single use for a specific purpose (operation room), and these people know it. Then after I agreed to leave the practice (I had been a patient for 20+ years) on what I thought were still polite terms, they spent $7 to send me a certified letter “dismissing” me from the practice for “noncompliance with their covid-19 policy”! I had never set foot in their office, and cancelled my appt a couple of days in advance! DESPICABLE! (PS – I had a lawyer contact them to remove this libelous and false statement from my files and retrieved all of my medical records so that I can personally forward them to my next dr without their interference.)

  24. Everything that the cultists use to justify their belief is “observational”; it’s either observational studies or hearsay from clinicians, because it’s just been the orthodoxy
    “Of course masks reduce the transmission. They always have.”
    The arguments against the diaper are also observational (diaper mandates around the world, compliance between 85-95%, including within the US, polling of those positive says 71% wear it all the time, and THA’CASES!!!!! shoot upwards. So how well are they working?), but more importantly they’re clinically tested, using the supposed gold standard of testing, randomized controlled tests. Years of data going back decades supports it.
    But we’re trying to change the minds of medical establishment in the middle of a dumpster fire and history has shown they won’t budge until people just stop listening to them.
    It’s the story of how hygiene made it’s entrance into hospitals all over again. The establishment, and thus the throngs of layfolk, all agreed that the high new born death rate in a particular hospital was due to “bad air”. In comes a young upstart doctor who said “Um, maybe if you washed up after picking at a cadaver before you went and treated a pregnant woman, they wouldn’t be as prone to dying all of a sudden. Just a thought.”
    “BALDERDASH! IT’S BAD AIR! How dare you question your betters?!” He published all the data he had, but was still seen as a kook.

    • the handwashing doctor actually paid a high price for that. Its an interesting story. Medical professionals are often as dumb as cows with years of big pharma indoctrination and zero critical thinking skills.


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