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After a day of trying, I’ve succeeded in joining Gab – EPautos is my handle. I gather that Gab controls its own servers and so isn’t controlled by the rabidized Left. I also gather that it does not suppress Wrongthink, so I’ll be posting there henceforth.

Just wanted to “hip” everyone to that!


  1. I’ll find and follow. We have to be patient with them, I guess. They are being inundated with new users and since they don’t have the infrastructure of big tech, they are struggling to keep up.
    I am phasing out my Facebook usage. I need to keep the account for work, but I can get by with checking it once a week instead of multiple times a day. I’ve “unliked” all the news sites I followed and just go directly to their websites. I am no longer sharing or posting anything myself. Let it turn into the left wing echo chamber they seem to want.
    I’ve been considering it for awhile anyway due to the creepy privacy issues and the negativity. The president got banned and I got “warned” on the same day. My comment was something like “I don’t have a problem with them storming the capitol. I only wish they’d remembered to bring flaming torches, pitchforks and a guillotine.”
    Facebook didn’t ban me, saying “anyone can make a mistake,” but they removed my comment and posted some sort of warning that’s still there.
    Lol, as they say on there. It wasn’t a mistake. I meant what I said. Of all the places that got stormed this year, the capitol was the only one that actually made sense, maybe not for the reasons given, but plenty of others. What goes on in there hurts a lot of people, unlike, say, a Starbucks.


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