Reader Question: The Dolchstoßlegende?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mark asks: Could it be that Trump is there to just play a delaying game? To hold off the true revolt? “Gonna do this, gonna do that,” and does nothing, ’til it’s too late to do anything. All Trumpers waiting on something will be demoralized at the end. So hard to tell what’s real in this era of untruth. “What is truth”? And yes, do not blaspheme the substitute God, or face the shitstorm from the faithful. All your points are valid, which proves you’re over the target by the reaction it brings. Gotta redirect the faith in the truth – our only true hope.

My reply: I wish I knew.

I do know he’s done nothing thus far to “stop the steal” beyond Tweet and talk. To be fair, it’s not his fault that the courts won’t even hear the evidence and that his own party doesn’t support him. That said, and as I wrote in my article, no one made him stand beside Pope Fauci XVII for months while he weaponized hypochondria. No one prevented him from at least openly denouncing the governors who exploited weaponized hypochondria to “lock down” (a prison term, not a medical term) the populace and force upon them the Holy Rag. By letting Sickness Psychosis spread, the Orang Man assured the end of his presidency. And by doing that, he assured the rise of the rabid left, which is now about to control everything without even the nominal restraint of political opposition.

My own personal opinion is that Orange Man is a man without core principles and so unable to defend them. A smart but stupid man who let his ego destroy his presidency. And unless a literal miracle occurs within the next few days, his presidency will be over and he will be the very thing he likes to call others:

A loser.

. . . .

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  1. The one, definite, immutable law of politics, “THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES”.

    If it happened, someone deep in the system intended for it to happen.

  2. I suspect Mark is on the right trail. I think that’s at least a good part of what this COVID BS is about: To implement a sort of ‘soft martial law’ to quell any possibility of serious rebellion before such could even get off the ground/to make it easy for them to squash any small pockets of rebellion that do pop up. The Trump admin gave them the time to implement this here- hence his refusal to fight it/expose it/ditch Falsey…err…Fauci.


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