Old Lives Don’t Matter

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There will probably be no riots and looting over the brutal treatment meted out to Karen Garner, a frail elderly woman reportedly suffering from Alzhemier’s disease, who was violently Hut! Hut! Hutted! by armed government workers for the crime of forgetting to pay for fourteen dollars’ worth of soda and detergent at Wal Mart.

Well, that was the excuse for the Hut! Hut! Hut! The real reason was her failure to immediately show the proper respect for Authority – by obeying commands barked at her by an AGW.

According to news reports, Garner had walked from her home to the Wal Mart, to buy the items – but walked out without having paid for them. She made no attempt to hide the items in her clothes and given that, the explanation that her Alzheimer’s is responsible for her walking out of the store without having paid for the items seems plausible.

Wal Mart employees followed her outside and pointed out that she had not paid; whereupon she apparently tried to pay for the items but the employees would not allow it.

In any event, the unpaid- for items were returned and Garner left to walk back home.

She is shortly confronted by an AGW who almost immediately resorts to extreme force to subdue this 80-something-pound threat to his safety.

Actually, his Authority.

Within 30 seconds, the AGW seizes Garner’s left arm and hurls the old woman to the ground, wrenches her arms behind her back and places he weight of his body on the 73-year-old, leaving her blooded and with broken bones, according to news reports.

Apparently, the woman was not given medical attention for several hours. Which means the Hut! Hut! Hut! could have had permanent effects, given it was applied to a frail old woman in her 70s. The elderly are “vulnerable,” remember.

Whatever happened to granny might die? This one actually could have. And not Because ‘Rona.

Keep in mind that all of this happened over – at most – the attempted “shoplifting” of  fourteen dollars’ worth of stuff. It happened to an 80-something pound old lady, who posed no threat to the “safety” of the government thugs who brutalized her.

And, of course, she wasn’t black – so the assault upon her wasn’t racial.

Her “white privilege” did not protect her from being violently Hut! Hut! Hutted! over something that doesn’t even rise to the standard of jaywalking – since nothing was actually shoplifted.

The common denominator in these Hut! Hut! Huttings! isn’t race. That is a bogey – a distraction. The thing-in-common irrespective of race is the resort to hair-trigger murderous violence in response to any hesitation to the barked commands of AGWs – who are trained to react like steroidal pit bills when their Authority isn’t immediately respected.

This failure justifies – in their vicious little minds – the use of force against old ladies and kids – and people laying on the floor, as ordered, crying for their lives (Daniel Shaver) who are treated the same as violent, dangerous men on the attack by pathetic Batman-belted, body-armored men and loathsome women wielding government-sanctioned ultra-violence.

The problem is not racial. It is legal.

It is the problem of endowing sadists with the Authority to treat people this way over penny-ante “offenses” – and not treating people who behave this way as the criminals they are.

There is a reason why so many people who would ordinarily support police loathe armed government workers.

There’s a difference – and it’s damned important.

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  1. It is my wish that these animals should suffer the same brutality as they meted out to this elderly lady. If there were any real men in that county, things would be taken care of swiftly and appropriately, to send a message to any future purveyors of these types of actions.

  2. Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali are evil sadists who get off on beating up old ladies with dementia.
    I hope they die a horrible, painful death. The sooner the better.

    The time that elapsed between Ms. Garner stopping and noticing AGW Hopp, and AGW Hopp grabbing and tackling Ms. Garner, was just 8 seconds. It annoyed AGW’s Hopp and Jalali that she had not yet visibly bowed down to their authority by going limp with both hands in the typical behind the back position. So while Ms. Garner was in fact fully handcuffed and restrained, AGW Hopp decided he would next deliberately injure Ms. Garner to see if that would result in the complete and unadulterated submission Loveland AGW’s believe they are owed and are trained to expect.


    Austin Hopp 970-962-2502 ext. 1242

    Daria Jalali 970-617-4033
    2456 Reserve St
    Erie, CO 80516

    Phillip Metzler 970-669-5807
    4063 Watercress Dr
    Johnstown, CO 80534

    I have not tried the numbers myself, but this is what I found after a few minutes searching.
    Austin Hopp’s number is legit as 970-962-2502 is one of the numbers used by the loveland police department.

    • Careful, Colorado may be one of those “don’t audit me bro!” piggy sympathizer states where they let them sue pesky civilians for hawassment

  3. All you have to do is see them dressed like commandos, armed to the teeth to know why they are like that.

    It’s because if they didn’t show up in packs and armed like a soldier in Afghanistan, We the People would have a field day.

    Especially with preying on the elderly and the weak. If that were my mother/ grandmother, there would be no place to hide- it might take months or a year, but someone would be dealt with when there is more even ground.

    This commando/ intimidation thing with police these days isn’t accidental.

    Eerily reminiscent of a certain capitol ringed by 12 foot high razor wire covered fences and thousands of likely permanent troops. I’ve worked in jails and prisons and I know what that look is about- keeping people either out of in. I’m betting out at this point.

    Why would either party need all that protection if they weren’t up to no good and knew this whole nanny state nonsense is way long in the tooth?…

  4. Peter, THIS old life matters, and given the WOW JUST WOW I feel after listening to you and George Gammon on The Rebel Capitalist, let me say, first of all, that I hope to get the two of you on a Zoom call soon with Lew Rockwell and others (including fellow Montanans Brandon Smith and Gary Barnett) to discuss my company’s efforts to launch what I’m calling the Green COAL Deal as an antidote to the coming devastation of Biden’s Green New Deal and its role in the WEF’s abominable “Great Reset.”

    For now, though, let me ask my one and only Car Guy what he thinks I should replace my faithful but failing 2006 Ford Explorer with, wondering if a circa 2012 Explorer would do the trick or perhaps a similarly aged Jeep Cherokee, given your espousal of the Jeep brand on Gammon’s show.

    Thank you, in any case, for being the fearless and eloquent champion of liberty that you are.

  5. Those pigs thought that was funny. They’re nothing but state sanctioned sadists. Behavior like this from ANYONE else would get your ass beaten to a pulp.

  6. Colorado theft statutes:

    “Class 1 petty offense. Value of property or services stolen is less than $50. The offender faces a maximum penalty of 6 months’ imprisonment, a $500 fine, or both.”

    I don’t see beaten into the ground being within that range of possible penalties. Especially not pre-trial.

  7. dystopia: ​an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic.

    What can you say about actions like these against a defenseless and obviously confused old woman. From the store employees to the AGWs, the lack of basic humanity is worse than inappropriate and shocking, it is cruel and evil. The United States while never perfect, was once a country where justice and decency existed. No longer as we descend into the chaos and cruelty of a dystopian future at an ever accelerating pace.

    • At exactly what time in US history might this have existed? Since its founding, the US military has been actively engaged in killing people for all but about 20 years.

  8. A couple thoughts come to mind.

    1. Even though “racism” to explain cop thuggery is a red herring. Should liberty loving folks just go with this BS narrative in the hope that it will help curtail qualified immunity? This seems to have worked in a few jurisdictions recently. I’m told this has occurred in NYC and New Mexico (although somehow I don’t think we’re hearing the full story).

    2. Another way to deal with thug cops is to (a) dox them and (b) ostracize them. This asshole’s picture and name should be posted in every restaurant, coffee shop, store, etc. with a notice that he is not permitted entry (and thus is trespassing). If society shunned these assholes this kind of stuff would end. Maybe they need to be registered in the same manner as a sex offender. This could be done with a private website.

    When did it become ok to beat up grandma for any reason?

    • Sadly the only way this will stop is if dozens of cops have their heads blown off. They have to have fear that their actions have consequences.

      The only way that would work is if individuals decided to address the issue independently and unconnected to the citizen victim in any way. If individuals got angry and hunted down these thugs, even the dumbest of them would eventually make the connection that cops who abuse find their heads have large caliber holes in them, seemingly out of nowhere.

      Any group action will be identified, infiltrated and destroyed. Only lone wolves can solve this without being easily identified and eliminated.

      BTW, not suggesting this is a moral plan, just that it is likely the only one that would cause change. But also, let us be clear, there is little difference in this than the methods used by the police/government. Behave (as we want) or we will initiate violence.

    • Hi Mister,

      I cannot fathom the mentality of a man who would treat any old person this way. There’s no legitimate reason for it; there are so many other ways to handle a situation like this.

      Assuming, of course, you are a man.

      • eric, you are soooooo right. I don’t believe there is systemic racism since I knew few people, well, maybe none right now that are racist. But that doesn’t mean it’s the entire truth. Cops are racist as hell if one person is white and the other black, regardless of white/black cop or white/black victim. The 13 year old special ed kid that was assassinated in the alley by a cop may not have been racism in the form of the color of skin of both people involved, but it was that special “racism” you see from cops all the time.

        They treat a frail old woman as if she’s and armed 300 lb man who is accused of murder. There is a great story that tells of just that scenario this week-end in LRC. This tiny woman was a victim. She didn’t pay for two cheap items leaving Wal Mart(hate that bunch)so the cops were called even though they brought her back and took the items back and she left.

        That wasn’t good enough for the oversized bullies they like to hire for cops. They broke her arm, wrenched it out of the shoulder socket and had her bleeding from multiple places. You can imagine how much an 80 lb 73 year old woman could even resist. If you don’t immediately submit and act your part to their satisfaction you could find yourself dead quickly. I’m going to leave the link to that story….if WP will let me. Everyone should read this and watch the video. No wonder people who haven’t broken a law run from cops.


  9. Yeah, but deputy Bubba “went home at the end of his shift.”

    How’d he know the woman wasn’t a “terr-rist ‘er somethin’! She coulda been al-Qaeda, ya know!” Duh, he-yuk, he-yuk.

    Thank God we got “heroes” “keepin’ us SAFE!”

  10. From the headline I thought you were going to say they forcibly vaccinated her, or she was beaten down for her mask being below her nose.

  11. I hope that lady has got a son or grandson the size of a mountain. Mr. Robocop has to take off that gun and badge at some point and hopefully the SOB gets a beat down of his own.

  12. Massed rioters (some armed) burning down downtown businesses: No response.

    Elderly, frail Alzheimer’s patient: Beatdown.

    Takes a real man to do that, huh?

    In times past, there was a code. Pick on someone your own size. That officer is a disgrace, and ought to be horsewhipped in the town square. It won’t happen, though.

  13. The problem starts with wallyworld.

    Let the old lady pay and be done with it. Ahh..but that would be white privilege.

    The police department will pay in the long run. They’ll pay out on this suit. They’ll pay out by reduced funding.

    I remember a time where matters like these were settled simply. I was with a friend who gassed up, and went to a store. When he paid at the store he realized he forgot to pay for the gas (this was pre pay at the pump). So we went back to pay, and got stopped on the way. My buddy told the cop he was on his way back to pay, and was escorted back to do so. Matter solved.

    Now they’d probably club him like a baby seal

    • Exactly, Techie –

      There was an episode of CHiPs that neatly shows the difference between cops and AGWs. It was Halloween and kids were out in costume. One kid is dressed up like a cowboy and points his toy gun at Ponch, who plays along – hand up!

      Today, some Batman-belted psychotic-pussy would have shot the kid and claimed he feared for his “safety.”

  14. The application of common law would have resolved this – the woman’s offer of payment would have been accepted, no harm done.

    The AGW’s would face retribution from the community (not the “courts”) for their actions.

    Problem solved.

  15. Indeed old lives obviously do NOT matter. Governor Cuomo is personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of elderly. What is the “news”? That he might have groped some women, definitely a crime, and made several oversensitive women “uncomfortable”. And that he might be removed from office because of it. When he should be dragged away in cuffs and jailed without bond for his crimes against said elderly.

  16. Unfortunately, the AGW will probably get a pass.

    The AGW should be responsible for his actions (causing her death).

    It seems that the PTB have the perfect mechanical “man”. One that does not think. It just reacts instinctively towards any perceived lack of subservience to its authority.


    Also sad is the news of “medical papers” possibly being needed for travel.

    A bad dystopian future coming to a main street near you.


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