Reader Question: No Diaper – No Scooter?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Brendan writes: I just wanted to share with you another story of how deep the Diaper Cult goes. Here in Utah, the mask mandate has been lifted for the public (but for some reason kids must suffer and continue to be abused) yet when we walked into a store to throw down $2,000 for a Chinese knockoff scooter the store clerk wanted none of it because our faces were showing. This is how you know it is a full-blown cult and the programming runs deep . . . and in such a short timeframe!

My reply: Indeed. The circle is now complete (Darth Vader voice). The conditioning has been so effective that “mandates” are no longer necessary. It has become “normal” to be a pathetic – and militant – hypochondriac. These people are both to be pitied and regarded as a serious threat; they are capable of anything. Never turn your back on one and – to the extent possible – avoid dealing with them.

They are literally out of their minds.

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  1. Hi Brendan,

    I know this is very unladylike, but fuck the business owner. Do not give him a dime. Honestly, if it were me I would happily spend an extra $100 or more to deal with someone that isn’t terrified of the flu or our bare faces. A savvy business owner does not turn away ANYONE who is willing to drop $2K on retail merchandise especially in this economy.

    These are the businesses I don’t feel bad for. This is not about operating a business under duress, but full blown acceptance of the fear that the news media and government perpetuates.

    I have made it a point to only shop at businesses that can handle seeing someone without a mask or a required jab. I have ended up paying more (they may not be the cheapest ballgame in town) and I sure tip better, but to me, this is more important than saving a few extra dollars. The only way that this changes is if businesses starts losing clients due to their ridiculous notations of “safety”.

    • Amen, RG –

      As I have tried (lord, I have tried) to convey to T it is one thing for a business to post Diaper signage and even to enforce Diapering when under duress – the threat of being closed down/fined by the government – for not “complying.” I don’t like it and don’t agree with it, but I do understand it.

      What I don’t understand is a business that will refuse business when there is no longer duress – the “mandates” rescinded, the threat of being shut down/fined no longer there. Such businesses are acting of their own free choice, of course – being no longer under duress. But that only makes it worse in that they are behaving atrociously because they want to and think it virtuous. Like those businesses that used to post signs about No Blacks Allowed, etc.

      • Hi Eric,

        I am probably a little bit harsher than you on businesses when it comes to the enforcement of the masks. I am accepting of the retail stores and restaurants following the protocols (service businesses are a different breed and I am not as lenient on them).

        Yes, the mandates state they need a sign on the door, but why enforce it? Those that have enforced it I will not return to (ahem, Dillard’s and AT&T). Those that have the inscribing on the door, but who greet me warmly and let me shop in peace I will return to (Target, TSC, Lowes). Those that have no sign on the door, the employer/employees aren’t wearing a mask, and they quote Benjamin Franklin (every other boutique store and restaurant in Fernandina Beach, Sur La Table, Gourmeltz, and most food trucks) have my loyalty for life.

        These blue states (and large corporations) don’t realize the impact they are having on the states revenue. I left VA and dropped several thousand in FL. All of my money which should have been spent in my home state I disbursed 650 miles away. Why? Freedom. Free to look through racks of clothes and try them on, free to mingle with other restaurant patrons who aren’t terrified of eating out and actually seeing my server’s face, free to get a spa day where neither the esthetician or I had to play Diaper Kabuki 40 feet into the salon until we made it to the room for my facial, etc.

        I am not sponsoring business’s that push these mandates. I realize the $40K-50K that I spend a year on clothing, restaurants, make up, entertainment, etc. is a hill of beans and won’t have any grave impact to those that enforce it, but I sure as hell, am not willingly handing over my money so I can feel inferior and like a leper because I refuse to participate in the propaganda campaign.

  2. Bring a medical exemption card, gets them to back off.

    Went to petco for my cats, got tons of food and the guy apologized to me since he had no idea, kinda felt bad he bought it but unlike Brendan in UT, Jerzy ain’t maskless so I’m exploiting loopholes left and right

    • Agree for things you NEED that this may become necessary. But for luxury/optional items, like a scooter, no way. They either treat me with respect or I’m outta there.


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