Faces Showing Again . . . And What’s Scary About That

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Just like that – literally – the Diapers are coming off. It is good to see people’s faces again. But it is alarming to think about the why.

As recently as two weeks ago, I was the only person showing his face at Kroger – and could not show my face at many other stores, where not only were there signs that Faces Must be Effaced but also enforcement.

They would not let you in – or they told you to get out.

Fast forward two weeks and faces are becoming as common as Face Diapers were and – in my area – a face-shower can now enter any store, it seems. Lowes and other stores have even taken down their signs altogether.    

This is all very good – as well as very bad.

Has “the virus” become impotent, just like that? Or has the virus simply disappeared from view?

The one good thing about two weeks ago was that it was easy to see who the proverbial Good Germans were. The ones who obey – and will insist you obey, too. It is no longer easy to see, at a glance, who is infected with Good Germanism. But it is certain there are a lot of them.

We saw them.

Now the situation is like the situation in Germany, in May of 1945. Unserere Fuhrer ist gefallen – and just like that, it was hard to find someone wearing the symbol of Good Germanism. They all looked like just Germans again, normal people.

But were they, really?

Would they have worn the symbol again, had you-know-who somehow returned, perhaps descending from the sky in a wunderwaffe? The answer to that is easy to guess. They hadn’t changed. Only the situation had. They had felt safe – and self-righteous – wearing the symbol a year prior to May of ’45, when you-know-who was still around. They stopped feeling self-righteous – and felt uneasy – wearing the symbol a year later.

Why is today’s symbol of Good Germanism on the wane?

It is partly because the pressure has been relaxed.

The “mandates” eased or even rescinded. The signage taken down. But consider what that means in terms of people’s willingness to buckle to such pressure. It is doubtful that all of the 30-40 percent (or more, depending on where you go) who are showing their faces this week but weren’t a week or two ago are showing them because they feel safe – because they have received the Holy Anointing. It is likely that many remain un-Anointed but feel safe showing their faces, because suddenly it’s “safe” to do so.

Because they see others doing so. Because the signs have been taken down. Because they worry less about some fanatic sickness-heiler saying something to them.

Think of the poltroonery this implies.

It is the same poltroonery that manifested all those years ago, in that other place – where almost everyone wore the symbol and then – just like that – stopped wearing it. But not because they stopped believing. Many never did believe.

But they didn’t want to be seen as not believing.

A herd is a scary thing when spooked. And worse, when it is a two-legged herd that is spooked about not being visibly one of the herd.

Some of them no doubt do feel physically safe, having been Anointed. This is also scary because the underlying pathology has not been treated. Their fear. Its presence or absence determining the obligations to be imposed upon others.

Today, they fear the sight of other faces less – and are less afraid to show their own. What if, tomorrow, they should become afraid, again? What will happen if these same Good Germans, now invisible, become very vocal when “cases” – not necessarily bodies – begin to accumulate again?

Will they cast a resentful eye toward those of us who never bowed to the pressure to wear their symbol? Who refused to receive the Holy Anointing? Will we get the blame for the “cases” to come?

And there will be new “cases.”

Because people will always get sick and some of these will die. It does not really matter how sick they get – nor whether those who die died normal deaths, as from old age pushed over the edge by a final sickness.

The evil genius of the affliction created in the minds of probably half the people of this country is that sickness and death are abnormalities, to be pathologically feared. That it is somehow “normal” for the elderly to live forever, for people not to get sick – and for no one to ever die of sickness.

This sickness can “spike” at any time – and now we know what the reaction will be when it does.

If it turns out that the Holy Anointing has made those who’ve received it more vulnerable to future physical sickness, their mental sickness will propagate in ways we can easily predict. The un-Anointed will be cast as the cause of their sickness, notwithstanding what ought to be the obvious logical problem with that assertion. If the Anointing performed the meerakuhl the Anointed believed they were receiving, then why is it that they are sick again?

Either the Anointing didn’t work.

Or, it did.

Either way, the fear will resurrect. And we’ll see those Good Germans again. Even if we can see their faces, again.

. . . 

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  1. Unfortunately, it is clear that 99% don’t deserve any inkling of liberty. Half of them don’t deserve it because they don’t want it, and actually prefer/fight for slavery. The other half can’t even put up the slightest amount of effort to preserve it. I told people last year, who didn’t like the mask, why don’t you just keep it with you, and not put it on until you’re asked. Once you’re asked you can put it on, just say you forgot. If 49.5% of the people did that, this whole thing would never have happened. It would have been too exhausting for them to continually ask half the population. But even that was too much for them. So, yeah, no better than those evil Germans, as we have seen this past year. And because the 49.5% couldn’t be bothered to put up a lick of resistance (not even resistance, just delayed compliance by making them ask once), the 1% who had to bear the full weight of enforcement won’t be able to save them the next time they decide to take whatever they want away from us. How disappointing humans are.

    • Ditto, Brandon –

      I felt and said the same 20 years ago, after Nahhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnlevven. People couldn’t be bothered to skip optional plane trips; they queued up to take their shoes off and spread the legs like good sheep. In fact, worse than sheep – who at least usually try to get away from the shearer.

  2. GOOD NEWS: Dildo Murphy just announced that he will be “relaxing” the “mandates” starting this Friday ahead of the Memorial Day weekend.

    BAD NEWS: I caved during the past 14 months. I don’t fear the wolves; I fear the SHEEP who will ATTACK us for “endangering” them. But of course, the REAL reason is they don’t want us halting the “gravy train” they’ve been riding during the “pandemic”. Unfortunately, there’s just WAY too many of them here in the People’s Republic of New China…uh, New Jersey. And yes, I know that fearing other people is no excuse for kowtowing to their insanity, to say the least. But honestly, I believe that I am much better off escaping to somewhat greener pastures and leaving almost everything behind, than to fight what is essentially a losing battle. Eventually, my time will come to be escorted to the slaughterhouse, provided I don’t commit the “crime” of dying naturally first. Until then, I’ll probably end up witnessing the implosion of the other ~80% of society…from a distance. I’ll be sure to have the popcorn ready! 😉

    • Hi Anon,

      I don’t fault you. You live in a state where it is much more difficult to defy these bastards, in part because you live in a state that make it almost impossible to legally carry a gun. I remain in SW VA – for the moment – because I can carry a gun; because I can mostly stay away from these Freaks. But if I lived in Northern VA – which is much like New Jersey – I’d be in the process of selling my place and heading off to greener, more defensible pastures.

      • Yeah, definitely sucks living in a state that is basically a giant metropolitan area, which is sandwiched between two major cities less than 100 miles apart.

        BTW, I was the one who posted the original comment above. Don’t know why, but it seems your site has a habit of automatically logging me out anytime I write something good. lol

  3. Libertarian my ass.
    100% censorship supported here.
    You should take the label “libertarian” off here because it does NOT APPLY.

    • Hi letme,

      Censorship is a legal matter and something I cannot do, even if I wanted to – as I am not in a position to forbid you from speaking nor to punish you for speaking. You are free to create – and pay for – your own web site. Declining to allow you to post vicious religious/racist gibberish on my site is another matter.

      If you want to discuss communism, I welcome that. But I won’t have you or anyone else using my site – a libertarian site – to collectivize people, to guilt them by association and to launch personal attacks. Not because I’m afraid; not because I can’t dissect such gibberish. I simply don’t have the interest in wasting my time and space – nor that of the readers here, almost all of whom are thoughtful, educated people who bring substance to the discussion.

      If you can do that, you’ll be welcomed back. But please take the Jew-baiting and Satan’s spawn scheisse elsewhere.

      • Eric, assuming this guy isn’t just some teenager having a bit of fun, he belongs to a group of individuals who refer to themselves as “Identity Christians”. (A pretty funny moniker since they spit on all of Jesus’ teachings. My cat is more Christian than those guys.) When dealing with malicious bigots these are pretty much the lowest of the low.

        Basically their strategy is to invade free-speech oriented sites to spread their message of hate to the “normie web” figuring they’ll be free to do so because it’s “free speech”. Then when they cross the line and get slapped down they start screaming about “censorship”. It happened much faster with this guy, almost right out of the starting gate. Usually they try to sound “reasonable” at first and slowly ramp up before they start drooling spittle down their chins.

        Part and parcel of Identity Christian philosophy is being too dim to understand that (for example in this case) calling for the mass extermination of a group of people based on ethnicity and their allegedly being descended from some imaginary bogeyman goes beyond the bounds of legitimate free speech. (The usual example being shouting “fire!” in a crowded theatre.)

        • Hi Jason,

          Yup; I’ve read about the “identity” crew. What baffles me is why such would come to a libertarian site. Then again, I’ve also read about “libertarian socialists.”

          God help us.

          Now, where did I put that bottle?

          • They pretty much pop up anywhere that is a haven for free speech. The focus of the site really isn’t really their concern. They just want to spew as much venom as possible wherever and whenever they can get away with it.

  4. There has not been a conscious rejection of immoral forced masking. The masks came off when the “authority” said they come off. The masks will go back on when the “authority” says they go back on. All it will take for their return is a rise of “The cases! The cases!” And out will come the masks. This time, the new crisis will be blamed on “the AnTi-vAxXeRs”

    It is simply order following from order followers, who believe that they are not responsible for their actions, because someone else told them to do so. These same people, ignorant of the difference between a right and wrong action, will support and possibly take immoral action against you, if someone orders them to do so. Maybe not 100% of the time and in all places, but look at how overwhelming the compliance has been thus far. The best predictor of future behavior is relevant prior behavior. Care to roll the dice?

    The only cure for this global pandemic of slavery is for the whole world to know the difference between a right action and a wrong action, as they do 2+2 = 4. And act on it.

  5. The biggest worry to me about the removal of the masks is that they’re going to release a much deadlier version of the engineered virus before long.

    Then, they’ll tell you that it’s because we didn’t mask or anti social distance.

    It’ll be back to the lockdowns and maskups.

    Even now, they’re pushing the “variants” and urging a third (!) Holy Needling.

    I feel genuinely bad for people who listen to all this media propaganda about masks and needling. They are not ill intentioned, they’re just mindlessly accepting the propaganda.

  6. Signs in Indiana are now saying “no mask required if fully vaccinated.”
    I likely had covid early on. Everyone at work got sick at about the same time and many had some or all of the publicized symptoms. I did not, but just felt generally shitty for a week or so and had slight shortness of breath for another two weeks. My two closest co-workers recently got the genocide jab (I like that description) and got pretty sick from it, further evidence that we’ve all had covid.
    So, having had the virus, I consider myself “fully vaccinated.”

    • Me too, Amy. Probably like you, I work hard on trying to maintain my immune system and my health with the tools I know to use. Despite that, I likely had COVID early on. I went to the doctor with extreme pain and a low grade fever. Was tested for the flu and told I had flu like symptoms. I am glad it happened in February before the entire country went crazy after Dump declared an emergency which has never been lifted. The doctor “prescribed” anti biotics and some stupid decongestant which I never filled. The symptoms were dry cough, followed by complete lack of energy and appetite and a desire to sleep all day. I took one ibuprofen on Saturday to kill. Fought the entire thing off eating grapefruits, taking D3 and Zinc as well as sipping on some awful tasting elderberry syrup. I’m not sure that part did any good. The worst of it lasted 3 days. By Tuedsay, I was back at work. I, too was short of breath for about 3 months. I took a colloidal silver breathing treatment twice and it got rid of the shortness of breath. Happily, I am back to normal. Unhappily, I am seeing friends and loved ones get their genocide shot. Knowing what I think I know, it’s a matter of time before what they have inside them will kill them. It’s tragic, but yes, I am “fully vaccinated.”

      • Also February 2020 for me, right when it was being publicized, but they were telling us it wasn’t in the US yet. I work in a city that is home to Cummins Engine Co. factories and HQ, which also has factories and ties to Wuhan and lots of travel between the two cities. Its sister city is Xiangyang, same province as Wuhan.
        So it was not surprising we got the bug “early.” Although I think the truth is that it’s been here longer than our so-called health experts have said.
        One person at work had the loss of taste/smell along with flu-like symptoms. She got a flu test and was negative. Her whole department got sick with various symptoms, including one guy violently blowing chunks. One weird thing: a coworker had a 1.5 year old who got sick between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2019. The doctor told her there was some weird mumps-like illness going around among babies and young kids. They didn’t know what it was, but treated it like the flu and the kids were recovering fine. I wonder if that was it, too? That would be WAY earlier than they told us covid got here.
        I just felt generally tired with malaise, loss of appetite, brain fog, apathy, etc. Not even really sickly, just not feeling 100% and I normally feel great. I take dance classes as a workout and noticed feeling breathless sooner, but that was all. Around one week after I first noticed my symptoms, my husband got really sick and was couch-bound for two days with fever, chills and coughing. He said it was the worst he ever felt from a bug in his life. He swears he got it from the gym, but I think I gave it to him, especially since I didn’t get whatever he had from him. It just presents itself differently in everyone.
        But at least he’s “fully vaccinated” too.

  7. Now that a few sheep are getting pseudo-vaccinated, they’ve become super-spreaders of the “vaccine spike protein smooge”.
    Now they’re relaxing the mandates (which I NEVER followed) is probably the time we SHOULD be wearing to protect us from the VACCINATED.

    • I know what you mean but, we know that masks don’t protect against anything. And they increase your chances of getting bacterial pneumonia. It’s a trade off that I won’t accept. I have resigned to having my own immune system on high alert. Bump up zinc, D3 and C. I’m not stopping. That said, though, I have thought the same thing. I wonder what kind of goo is circulating in the air. It’s far more dangerous than whatever was in COVID 19.

      • Hi Swamp!

        My objection – as you know – to “masks” (to my being pestered to wear one) is that, in the first place, I’m not sick and, in the second, I don’t fear this sickness (been proved right about that; I’m still alive after a year-plus of no “practicing” any form of their sick Kabuki) and in the third, I know for a fact that a “mask” – the ones 95 percent of these Freaks wear – do not protect against anything, except wood dust and sanity.

  8. I live in a large city and we still have a ‘mask mandate’ even though the governor dropped the statewide mandate weeks ago. I still see doofuses walking around outside with them on all the time. Once you get out to the suburbs the maskholes drop in numbers very quickly.

    I went to a suburban dealership to look at a car on Friday and was pleasantly surprised to find a smiling face greeting me at the front desk. There were a few employees still masked, most were not.

    I also work at a dealership and they tore down the ‘masks required’ signs as soon as the state mandate was dropped. Nice to work for a company that has some sanity.

    • Good stuff, Cheddar!

      I am also glad to see the signs going away. And seeing faces again. Still, I am uneasy about it because if the past year has shown us anything, it is that most people are bipedal sheep and will obey – whatever they’re told to do. For now, they’ve been told they can drop the “mask.” But what will happen when they are told they must show proof of having been Jabbed?

  9. It is okay to see the faces of these good germans, but I’m afraid most of them got the holy shot. As a result, when they get sick, they will blame it on us, but not all will. The people who haven’t fallen ill will not be happy if the government decides to “lockdown” or tell people to “diaper up.” I don’t know. Maybe I’m being too optimistic.

    Some people who took the shot will feel put upon if the government decides to make people mask up again. I think they will instead push everyone to get the jab. I will tell them to stuff it in their ass.

  10. “That it is somehow “normal” for the elderly to live forever, for people not to get sick – and for no one to ever die of sickness.”

    A corollary to this point is that it is now somehow “normal” to NOT visit elderly, sick, and dying friends and relatives in the hospital or elsewhere, nor to honor them with a proper burial. For WHAT are the Good Germans “preserving their lives”? There is no life in their existence.

    Sounds like the Shrub’s infamous words about destroying something in order to save it.

  11. I guess Pavlov needs only to ring the bell again to get the dogs salivating at the next phantom. That much is apparent. It’s not a matter of IF, but when, and the degree of intensity. Two years ago I’d have said 70% of people were blind, order following conformists. Looks a lot more like 95-98% if 2020 were any indication.

    The positive in what I’m seeing in my area is. Mandates have not been lifted technically, yet compliance is down substantially and seems to be growing by the day. At Kroger last night half or less we’re wearing the holy vestments of corona-chan, including 1/3 of the staff.

    Butt-boy-beshear’s unholy edicts aren’t scheduled to be ended until June11th and with he qualifier of “fully vaccinated.” Have people decided to stop playing along? Seems like the last week of senior year in high school to me. Everybody but the most die hard cultists are skating through because they know at this point it doesn’t matter.

    I know… It took the retards a year and half to figure it out, but take what you can get I guess.

    • More and more people are tired of the sickness theatre bullshit, though I still have all too many people asking if I got “my shot”. I tell them it’s not “my” shot and it’s none of their damned business, it’s between me and my doctor. (At least if I had doctor, in reality it’s just my own damned business whether I volunteer to take part in medical experiments.)

      Where did all this Newspeak come from anyway? “Social distancing?” “Fully vaccinated”? I’ve never heard crap like that in my entire life and I’m OLD. Truly an example of Orwellian mind control via manipulation of the language.

        • I haven’t yet had the opportunity, but if given the chance my response should be:

          The shot? Oh no…no. I’m in the control group.

          If they don’t “get it” then they aren’t smart enough to speak with be about experimental drug trials on humans.

          • Lol, it’ll be funny to imagine the idiots say “Oh!” as if they know something when you tell them you’re in the control group. They’ll have no idea what you’re saying but won’t want to ask because they think they should know, and don’t want to seem stupid and uninformed, even though they are stupid and uninformed.

      • The language comes, at least in part, from the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. The master psychologists who first came up with “The Butcher of Berlin” all the way back in WW1.

  12. On the fear of death, or the intentional ignoring of it.
    The vast majority of us has never seen death, of either man or beat. Except perhaps in the highly sanitized form of a funeral. I have hunted all my life, from the time I was able to the time I no longer was. I view it as a spiritual requirement. If I’m going to eat meat, I need to take responsibility for the death that requires. As a result I’m well acquainted with it. One of my grandson’s friends from when he lived in town came out to spend the weekend. During that stay, my son killed a groundhog in the presence of this friend, who showed no symptoms of trauma from seeing it happen. His parents, on the other hand nearly went ballistic. “How dare you let my son see death.” As if ignoring it will make it go away. By the way, groundhogs enjoy undermining building foundations, and so should not be allowed around them. They did eat the groundhog, and invited me to taste it. It tasted like a rodent, which I have eaten an enormous number of, and no longer care to.

    • Death is an integral part of life, one is doomed to die from the moment of being born. Nobody wants to die prematurely but the grim reaper calls on all of us sooner or later. Today’s snowflakes can’t seem to face up to that simple and inescapable fact.

      • Death is ALWAYS looking over your shoulder. “premature” death doesn’t really exist. When your time is up, out you go. Anytime between birth and our biological limit. Life is a terminal disease.

          • >the buzzards must.
            Zoroastrian style, or Tibetan “sky burial.”
            Ecologically sound, and therefore my preference.

            If it ever catches on in the U.S., there will probably be a “pecking order” based on what species of bird eats your carcass. Rich people might have their remains helicoptered to a mountain top to be eaten by an endangered species condor, whereas we peons will become dinner for turkey buzzards in the nearest cow pasture.

  13. The one thing that i’m sure should be obvious now that their religion has been proven to be false and they are seeing with their own eyes that the numbers of the holy church of fraudci are diminishing the true beleivers appear to be double and trippling down. Wearing that diaper 100% of the time giving the evil eyes to all those who dare not share in their irrational fear. I’m guessing its only a matter of time before one of these true believers goes postal on all the heretics who are not of the body.

    On a positive note the joke about how will i know who is vaccinated proved itself in real time on Saturday morning. Had a Council awards breakfast outside in a park, these are mostly older boy scout leaders and their family, all but 1 person were un-diapered(very good sign for new jersistan and the fact that many of these people are 70+). The diapered freak who was probably one of the youngest there won an award and happily announced with 0 prompting how he had juat gotten his 2nd moderna jab earlier in the week. My wife had to tug my arm to get me to stop laughing.

  14. Has an independent lab ever analyzed the contents of the vaccine. It might be nothing more than salt water.

    • Larry,

      Someone put out a video about a week ago on Lew Rockwell’s site, I believe, featuring a guy who steals (Maybe? It WAS free, right?) a vial for analysis. I haven’t heard anything about results yet, though I’m quite curious to see what it will yield.

    • I had hoped it was saline placebo to calm the hysteria — after 20 years of lethal failures trying to make a coronavirus vaccine, how could they create and release a new one with no significant testing or evidence the prior problems had been overcome — but too many people are getting sick/dying afterward. Everyone I know who gets it mentions being sick afterward, rough nights, etc. So unfortunately it looks like there is something in it.

      • Hi Bob,

        A very nice older neighbor lady of mine got the Anointing, much to my alarm. Like me – like literally everyone I know – she managed to not get dead or even sick for the past year-plus of this “highly infectious” virus thing. But she decided to get the Anointing anyhow. And now she says she feels short of breath.

        Damn everyone behind this.

        • Anointing…that gives me an idea. I (probably) won’t do this, but the thought is amusing nonetheless.

          Carry a flask of holy water (or a facsimile, doesn’t matter, not the point). When accosted by a Diaper Dolt/Karen (mask, jab, whatever) pull it out, shout “the power of Christ compels you” and start sprinkling. If that doesn’t work, try saying something about witches.

          I really wish I had thought of this before now…I can think of a couple situations where that could have been *very* entertaining.

  15. This Marxist ideology offers what seem as simple solutions to ward of evil spirits. Wear a mask and you’ll be safe. Take a jab on you can go back to your normal life. The rich are why you are poor.
    Their ideology is their religion. It provides safety and comfort in the simple beliefs they have come to adopt without question. Their ideology is so pure and good in that all who do not think as they do are evil and must be punished. Solzhenitsyn wrote: “If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it wee necessary only separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart.”

    This is the separating phase in the begging. Nest will be the accusation phase followed by the punishment phase. Because evil runs thru their ideology and tells them what to think and do.

    • Evil resides in each and every one of us. We all suffer our internal psychopath, and are capable of truly monstrous acts. A partial definition of civilization is the successful suppression of that inner psychopath. If times get hard, I mean really Mad Max hard, we may need to turn that inner psychopath loose once in a while. We’re far from it at the moment.

      • John,

        Is it evil, or medieval? Blind faith, intolerance of heresy…are they protests, or modern-day Crusades? Pulling down statues, or autos-da-fe?

      • Bultaco. If trials bring you tribulations via my throttle & brake control they are “monstrous” because you’re a monster whose projecting. That banality aside, justice for psychopaths & their legions of sychophants – “civilization” – can ever only be a good thing. The best things in human life are rare, tho. Maybe because good people, unlike good germans, are so rare.

    • Solzhenitsyn also wrote:

      “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But without Jews, there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists have murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.”

      – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

      • Hi letme,

        I admire Solzhenitsyn, but he didn’t articulate this well. Or rather, fairly. It is absolutely true that a large percentage of the radical Marxists (later Bolsheviks) who fought and eventually toppled and replaced the Tsarist regime in Russia were Jewish. But the context there is that Jews were particularly singled out for abuse under the Tsars; it is not surprising many of them came to hate the regime and became radicalized against it.

        Communism appeals to radicals of all ethnicities and religious backgrounds for a variety of reasons, some perhaps well-intended, others obviously not.

        But to say this is the “fault of the Jews” is just another variety of the collectivism that defines communism.

        • Not really. If the “jews were particularly singled out for abuse under the Tsars”, that wouldn’t be surprising because the “Jews” are the literal descendants of Lucifer and Eve. You aren’t told this and it was removed from scripture for our ignorance. But Adam and Eve had Able, and LUCIFER and EVE had CAIN.
          It is the descendants of Lucifer and Cain that infest the anti-Israel today. But know that Jews are NOT ISRAELITES (they LOVE to confuse the mind about this). They are Khazars. They are Edomites. They are Cainites. They are NOT the chosen people by a WIDE MARGIN.

          They are “persecuted” because they are OF THE DEVIL, as symbolized on their flag which bares the STAR OF SATURN.
          It’s literally the Devil’s flag.
          Their persecution is what we SHOULD do.
          They SHOULD be persecuted because they are of the DEVIL.
          They should be SLAUGHTERED because they are of the DEVIL.
          And they are the progenitors of communism. There is no truth beyond this truth.

          • Hi letme,

            This last of yours is nothing more than a concatenation of vicious, incoherent non sequiturs. It is insane religious spewing of the sort that results in pogroms of innocent people. It’s also disgusting and I don’t want and will not abide it here. Please take it elsewhere.

            • Amazing isn’t it, Eric? I was expecting our old friend “Daily Stormer” anarchyst to chime in since the atrocities of WWII were mentioned, but this guy is even nuttier. Of course there’s a very good chance it’s some pimple-faced adolescent having a good laugh from mommy’s basement.

  16. I propose a new national bird. The eagle days are long over. From now on, our national symbol should be the chicken.

              • Hi Jason,

                Indeed. I am more than happy to debate anyone, provided the debate doesn’t rely on assertions which the asserter insists are the same as facts. I will concede that 2 plus 2 makes four. I will not waste what brain cells I still have getting into a “debate” over who or what “satan” spawned.

                Perhaps such an entity exists. Perhaps Jupiter optimus maximus also exists. As far as I know, there is no proof that either exists – though many ardently believe. That’s fine. I also believe in some things I can’t prove but I don’t insist others agree with me as the predicate of a debate.

                My bottle of Buffalo Trace is nearly empty and my shoulder is killing me today.

  17. It’s more than fear. Many are perpetually eager to jump on any feel-good bandwagon that comes along. Early on, James Corbett had a video about the weird phenomenon of coming out at the same time every evening to bang pots and pans in support of the sainted healthcare workers. They slavishly adopt one symbol after another to prove that they’re Good Caring People.

    • Just like all the folks who proudly decorated their bumpers with such propaganda as “Support the Troops.”

    • It’s true, Roland – but no less baffling (to me) on account of that.

      What is wrong with people that they are so eager to show they adhere to the latest orthodoxy? I’ve never been that way. Maybe I am wired wrong.

      Or, perhaps, right!

      • Yeah, Eric, I’ve been trying to identify some common trait. Is it lack of curiosity? Why does the sight of a diapered face turn my stomach, but have the opposite effect on so many others?
        My wife and I were talking to an older couple the other night, and the guy bemoaned that there are people who don’t “believe in” the frankenshots. I did not want to discuss it, so I just shrugged. This is an otherwise sensible country boy who is about as down-to-earth as they come. Weird.

        • Roland,

          Because the media only reports the rosy side of things and never reports anything that might burst these people’s bubbles on the jab. Even my wife who will never get the jab or allow my children to be jabbed is fed mostly propaganda by omission.

          She gets most of her news from msm and facistbook. She brought up yesterday to me how women are having serious issues with their menstrual cycles and its causing some women to become sterile or lose a baby. I said, yeah i know, i’ve know since it was first reported back in January but you didn’t want to listen back then because the media that was reporting on these things back in January were not on your “list” of approved sources. So as long as her infobabe on channel 11 didn’t tell her about it, it didn’t happen. Now that she is getting first hand accounts from women she knows and some media outlets can no longer bury the story she is just learning about these side effects.

        • Roland – that was from the UK – every thursday at 8 pm… thank god I live far in the middle of nowhere and didnt experience it. But here in the UK people will do anything – sacrifice their first born for the NHS if the government told them to….

      • Most of us knelt before public education, but others continued their education. Personally, I leaned nothing useful in public school past about 6th grade, when I could read and write, and do basic math. The rest I’ve learned since graduation, by reading and writing. And quite a lot more than 1st through 6th grade. Acquiring ever more factual information is my constant purpose. Most graduate and simply assume that every thing they were taught was true, and all they need to know, and cease and desist any more education.

    • Good point. I suspect the desire to prove that they are GCP is higher during periods of intense fear mongering but being “part of the team” is huge with many people. Unfortunately, Team State has a better propaganda machine than Team Liberty.

    • Worth noting they did the same ritualistic shit after 9/11 in the name of togetherness and their bizarre idea of patriotism.

      I was only a kid back then but I recognized it when I saw it too.

      The TV compelled them and they wanna all be in it together, that’s all it takes.

      • Remember when they festooned every highway overpass, anywhere, with Amerikan flags? “We’ll never forget” became “we’re all in this together.” And “support the troops” became “thank you frontline and essential workers.” Yellow ribbons became blue paper face diapers. The symbols change, but what they symbolize remains constant. It all makes me want to puke.

        • Psychopaths are very good at what they do. After all, if one throws morality out the window, there’s a lot more options.
          I gained a considerable amount of insight into the evils of the state at an early age, in the early 1970s, when I was eligible to be drafted, aka enslaved, for the purpose of cannon fodder. for no discernable purpose I could see. Fortunately I escaped that enslavement. Many others did not. And were illtreated when they came home. In spite of being enslaved for the purpose. The current veneration of those who volunteer for such escapes me. Public school?

          • Congrats John on your independent thinking and your good decision. People may hate me for saying this, but people who join the military, despite their good character and good intentions, are just a stooge fighting in a rich man’s war. It’s not that I view the person as a stooge (although I may well get flack for misunderstand where I am coming from), but it’s how the people at the top view them, and treat them.

        • Hi BAC,

          There is some strange impulse many appear to have to fellate Authority. Sullen – practical – obedience, I get. But I don’t get the people who seem to love to obey – and venerate those who make them. Stalin’s chicken, I suppose.

  18. On a slightly separate note – noticed a lot about UFOs coming out from the US gov lately and being widely covered on the mainstream media…. very out of character, and quite a change from decades of it being hushed up!! Read an article where the guys saying somethings up – and its probably anything but the pentagon suddenly deciding that the people should know the truth….

    My take – The bearded guy from a cave is dead…. communism (at least in Russia) is long gone…. Now the covid con is falling apart…. so they are laying the foundations for the next boogie man!!!

    • Hi Nasir,
      I’ve been wondering: If military UFO encounters have been happening every day for decades, as they now say, how come there’s still no picture of one that isn’t hopelessly blurry and out of focus?

      • Hi Roland. I know – as with so many things they tell us, it doesnt add up and make sense… Maybe an excuse to fund the new slush fund the Orange man created… Space Force….

    • Nasir,

      The recent UFO “admissions” have me scratching my head as well. I immediately think that they’re desperate for distractions.

    • Indeed, think of all the money the Military Industrial Complex can acquire to “fight” aliens, especially if they are in league with Russia or China. Whatever the purpose, rest assured there is one, and its not to our benefit.

      • John,
        “Whatever the purpose, rest assured there is one, and its not to our benefit” – and that is a point im sure everyone here can agree on !!

  19. Re: your picture at the top about 1930s Germany – I probably would have been one of those running the underground railroad to get the Jews out of the country while maintaining the appearance of going along with the PTB. That would pretty much describe how I’ve lived over the last year or so.

    One thing bad about lots more people showing their faces is that you can’t tell who’s on our side anymore. In one of my liberty groups, we have business cards to hand out to try to recruit new members. It used to be a piece of cake to find potential allies – just look for bare faces in stores, then pass along a business card and tell them about the group. Now you really can’t tell without engaging in conversation, and for someone like me who would prefer to avoid the True Believers ™, it’s a problem. It also makes it harder to figure out who I would want to date. I’m not interested in a girl who took the experimental gene therapy or who would voluntarily diaper up, but it’s harder to find someone like that. Sigh.

    • Indeed, Jim –

      I have stopped giving the thumbs-up to Undiapered… because many of these were Diapered. Militantly so. We can’t see the Good Germans anymore. But expect we’ll hear from them again, soon.

    • Jim,

      Regarding dating… The media are reporting that some dating apps are letting people include vaccination info, so as to screen out the “anti-vax” population. However, the door should swing both ways, right? Should be easy to screen out The Annointed as well?

    • I wouldn’t have saved any “Jews” because they’re the literal descendants of Lucifer, the devil.
      Adam and Eve had Able.
      LUCIFER and EVE had CAIN.
      It’s time to realize the TRUTH.

      “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But without Jews, there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists have murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.”

      – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

      • Hi Letme,

        Was Plato Jewish? Fast-forwarding a bit… how about Stalin? Mao Tse Tung? How about Obama, for that matter? It is both objectively false that “communism is Jewish” as well as objectively dangerous to collectivize people in this manner. Yes, there were (and are) many Jews who are – or were – communists. It does not mean Jews are communists or that communism is “Jewish.” Because it’s a fact that most aren’t communists. Some of the greatest libertarian thinkers have been Jewish. And even if they weren’t, it does not mean all Jews are communists or that “they” invented it.

        Don’t fall into this trap.

        • Fear and division are the primary tools of tyrants, which they use to distract their victims from the real source of their subjugation, and focus them on “the other”..

          • Yes, the elites and power brokers love guys like this that keep the “proles” fighting amongst themselves while the prison planet is erected all around them.

        • Plato was a mystic, an elitist, and a failure.
          Stalin was not himself Jewish, but he was mentored (controlled) and aided in his rise to power by a Jew.
          Obama is a mason, which is the Jew arm of underground control.
          By matter of fact, they are the descendants of the devil.
          I notice, out of all the points of mine that you specifically avoided this which is MOST IMPORTANT.
          I am bound by my God Yahweh to speak out against the descendants of the DECEIVER. I am bound to give everything, even my life, to bring about their destruction, for it IS OF GOD to do so.
          If you speak for, stand up for the children of the Devil, which you CLEARLY don’t debate, then you stand for the DEVIL.
          There is no middle ground here.
          They are of the devil.
          And if you stand with them, you stand with HIM who is most foul.

          Choose. But don’t come crying to me when you choose poorly.

          • Hi Letme,

            Plato was one of the most influential philosophers of antiquity; he postulated a communist society; whether he was a “failure” or an elitist” is an opinion and irrelevant as regards his having been one of the first to postulate a communist society, a statement of fact. What is relevant as regards this discussion is that Plato was not Jewish. Another fact. Both facts are contra your assertion that “communism is Jewish.”

            Stalin succeeded Lenin, who had some Jewish ancestry. So? Stalin was as or more evil than Lenin. But you seem to think only “the Jew” (Lenin) is to blame. It is to shift blame. And in an interesting way. Jew-baiters blame “the Jew” for practically everything, absolving non-Jews such as Stalin (and Hitler) of their crimes because – apparently – they were stupid tools of “the Jews.” I’ve got more respect than that for Stalin (and Hitler) and other evil non-Jews, who did what they did because it is what they chose to do.

            A “descendant of the devil”? Is that like a descendant of hxtlopochtli? Both rest on the same “proof.”

            I choose to not demonize people who don’t deserve it because they’ve not done anything to warrant it. If that makes a “devil,” I embrace it.

            • There is no need for “proof” when they admit it in their own documentation.

              It’s like, you’re standing outside under a clear blue sky and demanding I prove to you that it’s blue.
              Look up.
              The Jewish Encyclopedia (1980, pg. 3) clearly states that “Jews” are not “Israelites”. They admit this. They admit their own genealogy. In fact, it was “Israeli” geneticists that established this.

              So if you want me to prove to you that the sky is blue, I won’t bother with someone that can’t physically lift his gaze skyward.
              And if you want me to prove to you that the “jews” of today are the descendants of the Devil, you’re going to have to lift your own gaze here as well. Because there is NO NEED to prove that which THEY ADMIT but which you can’t be arsed to simply read.

          • What you are “bound by”, numbnuts, are your gods of stupidity, ignorance, hatred, and cowardice; clearly the only deities that you worship.

            There is just as much “proof” that Jews are descended from the tooth fairy as there is for your nonsensical idea of anyone being descended from your particular nonexistent bogeyman. Oh, and the original Israelites were blacks from Ethiopia, so unless you are a Negro you are not descended from them either.

            You have made no “MOST IMPORTANT” points. You are simply making yourself a laughingstock purveying nonsense even lower than the level of the flat-earthers.

            Bring about the “destruction” of your imagined “enemy”? I say you are just another powerless coward and weakling capable of nothing but dribbling spittle down your chin. Probably living in mommy’s basement.

      • LOL! I figured one of you lying cowards would crawl out from under your rocks with this one. You wouldn’t know the “TRUTH” if you tripped over it, as Eric so politely and succinctly points out.

        There is no “Lucifer or descendants of such a phantom, little one, just like there is no Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, or Tooth Fairy. The roots of Communism go way back to the ancient world before Karl Marx was so much as a thought, and Stalin was just a regular Joe. If it hadn’t been Marx it would have been someone else from some other ethnic background. The lust for power knows no ethnic boundaries.

        In point of fact, evil in the world springs not from any “descendants of the devil” but from addled minds that produce the kind of collectivist thought you amply demonstrate here.

  20. What’s scary is that the herd wore the masks because they were ORDERED to. And they took them off because they were ALLOWED to.

    It had nothing to do with “science” or virology whatsoever. A few weeks ago Il Duce Cuomo issued a decree that “social distancing” could be reduced from six feet to three feet. Before that he had issued a decree under which all bars must close at 10 p.m. He then extended it to 12 p.m.

    Based on what “science”? Did the virus magically stop leaping more than three feet? Did it start infecting people only after midnight?

    They are pulling ALL of this right out of their asses, just like they are with the tranny agenda and the supposed “white supremacist domestic terror” threat and the “Russia collusion” hoax. It’s ALL lies.

    But the herd went along with it.

    • As herds are prone to do. Fortunately for me, I don’t believe God created me with excellent binocular vision, and a bipedal carriage that can run really well, so I could join a herd of pray. While I no longer enjoy that ability, I do remember having it.

    • It’s called the “Alice in Wonderland” technique.
      It’s part of MK Ultra, and is a definite sign the CIA runs the entire news media at the behest of the Luciferian Anti-Israel.

  21. Very, very, very good point, as another Kroger non-diaper wearer this whole time (to its credit, the staff were always cordial with me).

    • Thanks, Eric!

      And, ditto… I never had any problem with Kroger. Even when I was the only face-shower in the place. It was eery. Now it’s even more so…

      • Ditto my experience with Kroger. Even when the local “experts” and “officials” were attempting to aggressively enforce it.

        • Although the store location was a factor. On the poor side of town where I shopped, no problem. On the middle to upper class side of town, the one and only time I went there in the last year they were holding people at the door to prevent “overcrowding”. When I simply walked by the gate, I was told “you will have to wait” to which I responded, “no, I don’t”. And went to the better side of town.

      • so you pad the pockets of mask pushers (kroger), but care so much that you must throw mask wearers under the bus. this rings very hollow. now you’re “scared”.
        this is a supposed libertarian site, but you can’t respond correctly to an aggressor or a non-aggressor. got everything exactly backwards but want to give the air of appealing to logic.

        i reckon boycotting mask pushers and breaking the spook inflicted upon the people never entered your mind. what a crock of a libertarian site.

        • Hi Hickory,

          Kroger never once denied me entry; ergo, In entered. Point being: No one was forced to wear the disgusting Rag to enter Kroger. Ergo my contempt for those who chose to wear it, voluntarily. They enabled the hysteria by participating in it when they didn’t have to.

          I didn’t.

          My logic seems pretty solid to me.

          And what has being “scared” – as you style it – of the possibility that we’ll see a resurgence of hysteria to do with my objection to voluntary Face Rag wearing?

          I suspect you’re upset with me because you’re upset with yourself… for having worn the Holy Rag. For having been made a fool of. And that is precisely why I never put one of the disgusting things on my face. I feel proud that I didn’t. Even if it cost me a great deal of inconvenience, the loss of an old hangout I loved and several friends, too.

          It was all worth it.

          • Yeesh, if I, ‘boycotted mask pushers’ there wouldn’t be a single store I could go to.

            I am, however; Never Ever going to the three stores which enforced the face diapers in the xtreem.

            Menards – had a guy in front of the turnstyles (which I always disliked) rudely turning those away who would not obey.

            GoodWill Thrift stores and Best Buy – both asked me to face diaper up, or put on a face shield – or leave – and all three had no exceptions.

            The other stores which had ‘masks required’ signs up never bothered me about not wearing one, nor asked me to leave, they were private-as-you-can-get businesses operating under duress and I still go to them, lest I become a hermit.
            I’m not rich enough, nor poor enough, to be a hermit
            I wonder if Old Hickory is a hermit?

            • Amen, Helot –

              And I think even RG agrees on this point. I have sympathy for the businesses that were forced to post signs. I have contempt for those that enforced them.


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