Cashing Them Out

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There are two problems with the Holy Jab – beyond the risks (including of death) people assume when they receive their Anointing.

The first is that many are not being Anointed – probably because they lack Faith in the new religion of Sickness Abiding and are reluctant to trust pharmaceutical companies with a huge financial interest in Anointing everyone and little, if any interest, in what happens to those Anointed – being immune from responsibility for anything bad that happens as a result of all these Anointings.

Neither of these two extremely pertinent facts are mentioned much by the priests and priestesses of the Sickness Cult, who holy roll their hosannahs that even babies must be Anointed and certainly all children – notwithstanding the also-pertinent fact that almost no children have died of the putative physical sickness that serves as the Christ Child of this strange new religion.

Nor can they “asymptomatically” spread it, either. No one can.

It raises questions about the true intentions of the Anointers – or at least, it ought to.

It has raised them, in the minds of people who never got sick – calling into question the actual (as opposed to hystericized) threat of this sickness. Others did get sick but recovered from it and are now immune to this sickness and for that reason have decided it would be both pointless and unwise to assume the risks of an Anointing – and so elect not to assume them.

It is hard to know exactly how many have declined to be Anointed – because it is hard to know anything when everything you hear on TeeVee and radio is not meant to provide information but rather to inculcate doctrine. But it appears to be at least 30 and perhaps as high as 40 percent of the population. It might be more than that, depending on the state/part of the state you happen to live in – where it can be as high as most everyone.

Which brings up the second problem: How to get these “hesitant” people to submit to an Anointing?

Carrots, first. In the form of donuts. And “special deals.” Lottery winnings. Being allowed to travel again. But most of all, by allowing those Anointed  to remove the outward expression of their devotion to the new religion – the Holy Rag. The Anointed have received the inward blessing of the new religion.

But how to identify those have not received it?

These apostates are receiving the benefits of the Anointing – without having received it. They are also free to remove the outward expression of a religion they do not believe in. This is unacceptable to the Believers, notwithstanding their belief that their Anointing has saved them.

Everyone must be “saved.”

As by the sword.

Or rather, the app.

Everyone will be expected to establish their state of grace via electronic presentation of their baptismal certificate, carried with them everywhere they go inside their cell phone. Perhaps preparatory to being carried within themselves (so much more convenient than having to fumble with a phone at the door to every store).

But that still leaves a final problem.

Some will still refuse; some don’t have cell phones – or will decide to get rid of them, for the same reason an abused dog that manages to get away from its tormentor will chew off his collar.

These must be punished for their disobedience. Enter the stick  . . . the elimination of money. Or rather, the transformation of cash into an app. Your money will become your baptismal certificate – by rendering it their money, digitally. You will be allowed to buy and sell so long as you remain Faithful.

So long as you are obedient.

So long as you accept your Anointing. Stay “locked down” when so ordered. Keep quiet, as ordered. If you disobey, your electronic chain will be yanked – by an abusive master you cannot escape or even see.

You will simply know he is Displeased – because your now-conditional privilege to be allowed to buy and sell has been revoked.

No need to bar you from entering a store when you are unable to purchase anything within the store. No longer able to tap/swipe a payment for your power bill – so as to keep the lights (and heat) on within your home.

No gas for your car; no electricity for your electric car.

Nothing for you – unless you recognize your sinful ways and seek to be restored to good standing within the Faith. As by receiving your Anointing. As by receiving  future Anointings. As by never questioning in the slightest the tenets of the Faith.

May the blessings of Landru be upon you. Peace and joy. Amen.


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  1. Traveled from Colorado to Pennsylvania last week. Took the I-80 route going and the I-70 route back. No mask for the whole week anywhere. No one said a thing. Stopped at Costco on the way home yesterday, no mask, no stickers on the floor. Like nothing ever happened. Estimate over half the people not on the clock were unmasked but of course workers were 100% masked, many poorly.

    Meanwhile, thousands are having severe side effects from “the jab,” including a few thousand deaths that are somewhat suspect. But silence from the powers that be.

    Remember the Pinto? Remember the fury about the “deadly” vehicle? Over 3 deaths and 4 injured?

    In April 1974, the Center for Auto Safety petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to recall Ford Pintos to address fuel system design defects after reports from attorneys of three deaths and four serious injuries in rear-end collisions at moderate speeds.,_recalls,_and_litigation

  2. They are turning the screws good and hard at work.

    The $25 apiece, plus $500 drawing (6 “winners”!) for the vaxxholes (who have to show proof of Anointing to HR to be eligible) doesn’t seem to have worked well enough. So now, they are allowing the Anointed to un-Diaper (by filling out a form through HR) and continuing to suspend certain other privileges for the non-Anointed. The Sensible, who decline to declare their Anointment Status, are treated as Unvaxxed (and, I would wager, most of the Sensible are not of the Anointed). I suspect that part of this is a push for Evangelism on the part of the Anointed.

    We’ll see how this goes. It might turn into an enormous ball of suck and fail, generating huge amounts of friction between the Employees, the Other Employees, and the Management which will blow up in everyone’s faces (heh). Or it might become just another one of those policies we have, but everyone basically ignores. I predict the latter, as long as the Sensible and the non-Anointed don’t push too hard right at first. But, time will tell.

    One day, when I was newly hired, as I was being trained I fell ill rather suddenly, leaned over, and puked in the trash can. I think i feel that urge coming on once again…

    • One of the most awesome things I’ve been witnessing is how the now widely accepted remote worker is bringing these fucking tyrants to their knees. I work in a STEM heavy industry and turnover is through the roof. The morons in charge still operate like it’s 1998 and the competition has them bent over a tree and squealing like a pig.

      • Hi Anon,

        There are definitely some upsides; the decentralization movement is burgeoning. More people than ever are homeschooling their kids and forming their own groups of like-minded people. My chief worry now is that the people’s who’ve been Jabbed are going to become very sick – and the blame will be leveled at the unJabbed and unDiapered.

        • “My chief worry now is that the people’s who’ve been Jabbed are going to become very sick – and the blame will be leveled at the unJabbed and unDiapered.”

          Nah, the idiots will rationalize that because they got the jab, they didn’t die.

  3. Soap and toilet paper will be better than money when you want to barter for something.

    Hoard soap, hoard toilet paper. Find some space in an abandoned mall and hide it there. har

    Seeds too, I ordered thousands of garden seeds this year as in many.

    Garden seeds are better than money. One little cabbage seed that maybe weighs 0.25 gms will grow a 20 pound cabbage head. Exponential growth is the flesh. Two heads are better than one, even if one is a cabbgge head.

    A bull and a cow can bear a calf, a natural 3-D printer, you’ll get a 1500 pound steer headed for Abe Froman’s slaughterhouse.

    Ecuador was the first nation to initiate a digital currency, the people of Ecuador soundly rejected the concept, thought it wrought with future corrupt banking practices. The Cato Institute has a good story on Ecuador’s experiment. Google duckduckgo and find out there about Ecuador and digital currency. The spam inquisitors will block the link.

    Ecuadorians want cash in their hands. What works the best. You know what you got.

    US minted silver dimes were melted down by the ton. The US Mint silver recycling program is at a halt due to the Reddit silver hoarders taking control, or so it seems.

    “Silver is too valuable to be used as money.” – Lyndon Baines Johnson, another dumbass politician nobody needed around at all…

    More streaming consciousness please.

  4. You know, again I think the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have overplayed their hand. There are a number of people (especially the elderly, but also the intellectually disabled, some physically disabled, perhaps the blind, etc.) who cannot use a sail fawn. Especially a smartphone. My 89-year-old mother is one of them – she’s never used a computer or sail fawn in her entire life, and she’s not about to start now. So what, she’s not allowed to pay her bills or buy groceries even if she got the jab (and full disclosure, she and I both agree that it’s poison and will NOT be partaking)? I used to be a computer programmer for over 20 years, and I have a good idea of how they think (or rather, not think). Far too many of them want to program shit that’s “cool” and users be damned. An example – many, probably even most, programmers use color to denote differences on the screen (or web page) in an app. Why? Because it looks “cool”. There’s one major problem with that – the color blind. I once pointed this out to another programmer who was taking over a project for me, and he noted, “Oh, there IS a slight difference between this line and that line.” (Note: I didn’t write that code, but didn’t have time to fix it.) So even some programmers are color blind! What does this have to do with the “great reset”? The technocrats, like the programmers, project their own stuff onto everyone else. “Well, I can see the difference between this line and that one just fine, that means everyone else can too!” “Well, I sleep with my smartphone, and it’s sooooo cool, why wouldn’t everyone want an Apple XII Super Duper Deluxe Pro iPhone?” If they actually do try to implement something like this, I think it will come back and bite them in the ass. Just like electric turducken cars are now (see all the people who are giving them up).

    • >who cannot use a sail fawn
      and then there are those of us who *will* *not* use a cell phone.
      Which is to say, those of us who refuse to carry a tracking device.
      Full stop.

      • I still have what might be called a “sail fawn”. But it is NOT a twonky, i.e. a “smartphone”, and cannot be used for scanning or ID purposes.

        I don’t know how much longer the “sail fawn” companies will allow these types of phones, however. They’re quickly phasing out 3G and even 4G service, ostensibly to use the bandwidth for 5G. But the truth is, I believe, they want you to have a full-featured twonky, which will be your guardian and keeper, tracking all and knowing all you do.

    • The more complexity you add, the fewer are the people are both able and willing to participate.

      “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”x1000 = modern life.

      So yeah, sure, keep piling on, see how far that gets you.

      It’s a gift to be simple, it’s a gift to be free
      It’s a gift to come down where we are to be
      And when we find ourselves in a place just right,
      It will be in the valley of love and delight.

      –Joseph Brackett

  5. The number one question that has me terrified is why? Why the insane push to get everyone jabbed? It is obviously not to protect people from Rona. Rona is not a threat to the vast majority of people. Most people who died were in their 80’s, past their normal lifespan, were living in nursing homes, and had co-morbidities. Was this done on purpose? Kill all the old people on Social Security and Medicare, and save Uncle lots of money? I could see Uncle doing such a vile thing, can’t you? Uncle does not give a shit about your health. No, something else is driving this train to get everyone jabbed. But, for what reason? That’s what keeps me up at night.

    There was an awesome video on LRC today by Dr. Peter McCullough. He is definitely not a quack and has impeccable credentials. He is worried about why there is such a push to give people the jab. He has me very worried. It does not make sense to jab everyone. Does Uncle “know” something we don’t? Does Rona mutate into something much worse down the line, and this is what has Uncle so afraid? Was it never meant to escape from the lab? Did Uncle just unleash Captain Trips on the world? Or, is the jab being used for control? Hell if I know. The only thing I do know for sure, is I ain’t getting the jab.

    • I see this as a spiritual battle, with tangible expressions. I think that’s one reason why it’s so puzzling – one might assume that a spiritual battle would be “invisible.”

      Had a discussion with my 19 yo daughter last night. She has not taken the jab, but feels pressured to do so. I had sent her a few links to research on masks, jab, convid stats, etc., in the hopes that she would be able to digest some of it (but it’s like trying to take a sip from a fire hydrant, there is so much out there). She said she had read some of it, but I think the pressure on her at this age is very great. She wants to travel the world, and thinks the jab would be the only thing standing in her way. I tried to help her to understand that if she takes the jab, for an alleged illness that she is statistically unlikely to have any issue from (just like a common cold), then she may get to travel, but the poison from the jab will be with her FOREVER. There is NO good reason to do this. Praying for her and the young people I know to resist this siren song.

      It is NOT about protecting anyone, their health, or their lives (except for TPTB).

    • Hi Rush,

      “Why the insane push to get everyone jabbed?”

      This is similar to the question I asked myself when the “lockdowns”, etc., began in earnest a year-plus ago. It seemed the TV ad campaigns (“We’re all in this together”, “We’ll get through this”, etc.) as well as the physical markings such as “stand here” stickers on the floor in stores, plexiglass in front the cashiers, and soon, face diapers just seemed to pop up out of nowhere. I wondered what was up with all this — it seemed way too coordinated and slickly packaged to have arisen from a random event.

      Now, the segue from “wear a mask” to “get the vax” seems just as sudden and choreographed. Like you, it leaves me very unsettled, as in, Why do certain people or groups want this so badly? 🤔

      • You know what else popped out of nowhere? At least here in MD, the professionally printed decals, stickers, flyers, signs, that said all the idiotic “stand here”, “masks required”, etc, etc, all appeared in every store that was allowed to remain open initially, i.e., all the big “essential” corporate chain grocery stores, etc.

        They had all been placed literally the night before Hogan’s executive order was released. By dawn of that day, every single open store had that shit everywhere.

        Almost like they knew it was coming. Almost like they were told about it ahead of time. Almost like it was planned a long time ago.

    • The response is so far out of line with the actual threat to most people that there has to be some ulterior motive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such saturation propaganda in my life and I’ve been around a long time. Whatever the true end game is planned to be, you can bet your sweet bippy it is not for our benefit.

    • Hi Rush,
      Did you watch the long version of that? It’s excellent.
      What puzzled me was when, after bashing the vaccines, he said that he believes in them and has been vaccinated himself. After he had ‘rona. WTF?

      • Hi Roland,

        It’s not clear that he’s been vaccinated for the Rona, and he certainly does not “believe” in mass jabbing of the Rona vaccines. He did say that “I’m pro vaccine, I’ve taken all the vaccines myself”, but he never said that he’d taken the Rona vaccine. I took his pro-vax statement to be about vaccines in general, not the Rona specific vaccines. Of course I can’t know for sure but, given that he calls it a toxic substance, absolutely inappropriate for most people (children, the not very old and sick, covid recovered, pregnant women, etc…) and that he will no longer recommend it to any of his patients, my take seems the most likely.


        • Jeremy, thanks for providing the quote. I was too lazy to hunt for it. You are correct that he did not say he “believes in” them. My bad.
          I too wondered whether he was talking about vaccines – real vaccines – in general, but it struck me as a reference specifically to the covid shots.
          At any rate, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt in assuming that if he did recommend the corona jab to anyone, it was only to those at high risk of a bad outcome from covid.

      • Roland,

        I have not watched the whole interview yet. As you know it is 1 hour and 45 minutes long. I watch a few minutes whenever I get a chance. I could not believe what he said about Hydroxychloroquine. There was a fake paper published in the Lancet about the dangers of Hydroxychloroquine. How the hell does a fake paper get published in the Lancet? Also, he got calls from doctors in Africa stating mercenaries would break into pharmacies at night and burn all the Hydroxychloroquine! WTF!! And of course one of the worlds Hydroxychloroquine plants burned to the ground during all of this. Man, Uncle and his minions really wanted Hydroxychloroquine suppressed didn’t they?

        He also stated he vaccinated his patients against Rona up until March I think, and then came to the conclusion the vaccine was not worth it. Something was seriously wrong with the vaccine, and it should be removed because of all the deaths, over 4,000 deaths in the USA and over 10,000 in Europe, and we’re just getting started.

        It is a chilling interview, and I have no reason to believe this doctor is a quack like Fauci. What the hell is going on in the world in regards to Rona other than The Great Reset?

        • Yeah, the past year has certainly shaken what confidence I had in physicians generally. A friend who is a nurse practitioner swears that staff and patients have routinely worn masks for years where she works, and that because of it she’s never caught so much as a cold from a patient. I know that’s BS because my wife used to work in the lab there, so I have spent quite a lot of time in the building. Outside of the surgical area, I don’t recall seeing anyone with a mask prior to 2020, and I was never asked to wear one for my own office visits. This propaganda has polluted otherwise-brilliant minds like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

    • That is THE question, isn’t it, Rush?

      As far as killing off the old… I don’t think so. The gov’t goons LOVE people to be dependent on their programs and largess. The dependent are their army, shifting the vote and “democracy” in whatever way authority is deemed fit. All they must do is tell their dependents what to believe, and then the vote has an air of legitimacy.

      But what purpose? Is it simply greed and power? Is a culling coming? Are they actually pulling a Jim Jones here? Time will tell. Should be interesting.

      • RE: “As far as killing off the old… I don’t think so. The gov’t goons LOVE people to be dependent on their programs and largess.”

        They might love it, but they cannot afford it.
        Jon Rappoport has written about how they off’ed a whole bunch of the oldsters they could no longer afford back in 1994b with a killer flu shot.

        Worked like a charm for them, then.
        Rinse and repeat.

  6. All of the control mechanisms we’re likely to see in the US are going to hinge on compliance. Things may become less convenient, but think about this. People still get drugs and other contraband into maximum security prisons. The vax-pass will just be branded as the cool kids table everybody wants to sit at. So, retarded sheep or conflict avoiding comfort queens will line up.

    Meanwhile I’m building my own table and nobody sits down uninvited. Get you community tight and “mind yo chickens.” Speak easy type private clubs, invitation only concerts, comedy shows, retailers, taverns etc. Will become more prevalent. The hacker/computer nerds will no doubt create forgeries of electronic vax passes easier than I can brew my own beer.

    I think our previous way of living will fade out but that isn’t necessarily the end or even a bad thing.

  7. If we give up cash, resistance is futile. If you don’t act “right” you can be made homeless and bankrupt almost immediately. If you suffer a disease that requires the services of the Medical Industrial Complex, diabetes for example, you’re going to die. Your children taken away because you can’t feed or house them. The only way to escape I can think of is your State seceding and forming its own currency.

    • Hi John,

      Society does not need currency, but a bartering system in its place. Basically, if someone does not offer something of value, such as food, labor, or supplies they will not survive. Societies do not require a monetary exchange of cash to preserve themselves. Just as they do not require large government institutions, hospitals. Walmart’s, electricity, phones, computers, or modern day technology. Our ancestors survived with significantly less. We can, too.

      • In other words, if they seek to acquire wealth to cover their expenses when they are NOT producing something of value, sucks to be you. Our ancestors also suffered a life expectancy of about 45 years. Yes, the people can survive, but not all of them. Bartering is a thing I engage in when and wherever possible. So far, it isn’t sufficient to fill all my literal need. The maintenance of property ownership is currently under the auspices of the state. The one and only way to dispose of that is with violence. Don’t engage in the pie in the sky wishful thinking the left is engaged in. Yours will bear no more fruit than theirs will. I’m not saying the problem isn’t surmountable, only that there will be much pain, death, and anguish in the process. And in the end may not succeed.

        • Hi John,

          I don’t believe anything in my post was pie in the sky wishful thinking. I clearly stated people would not survive. I am not looking forward to such an economy. Would I prefer electricity to run my AC unit and refrigerator, a hot shower every morning, state of the art hospitals, fresh food that miraculously shows up on my grocery store shelves? Yes, very much so.

          I also realize that may not be possible under the Great Reset that TPTB hope to achieve. Sitting back and hoping it doesn’t happen isn’t an option if one wants to survive either.

          Hopefully, all of us here can put our collective brains together and come up solutions that allow us, those on the edge of society, to continue to pull through and remain alive.

        • Say what you want about modern medicine – and I do my best to avoid it – but in a true emergency situation it can shine. A few years back I had a piece of chicken stuck in my throat. Sounds like a minor thing and I could breathe fine. But couldn’t swallow anything not even my own salilva. I waited twelve agonizing hours to go to the hospitale ER. They sedated me and using one of those camera things dislodged it. If I wouldnt have gotten that done I would have died after 1-2 horrible days of complete dehydration. If this had happened to Mark in the 1600s that Mark would have died at age 42. Situations like that are one reason our life expectancy is so much higher these days.

          • “If this had happened to Mark in the 1600s that Mark would have died at age 42.”

            Possibly. Or, perhaps not.
            A beer bong might’ve fixed you right up, or something similar?

            I just don’t think that highly of Western medicine any longer.

            Sanitation and nutritious and/or abundant food is why our life expectancy is so much higher these days. Not anything hospitals do, heck, if anything, consider the 200,000 plus people they and Big Pharma kill every year and we might just live longer without them!

            They’re the number three killer of people.

            • Oh, and there’s this, Mark:
              “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)

              A couple of other zingers like that are here:


      • Did you know that in his 07/19/2018 article, ‘Venezuela Turns to Barter’ Joseph T. Salerno notes that, In 2006, Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez declared:

        “There is a market that can be reactivated through barter and not through currency. Let us break that curse [of capitalism].”

        That’s quite similar to saying, “Society does not need currency, but a bartering system in its place.”

        Rothbard points this out about barter in his book (available to read online for free at ‘What Has Government Done to Our Money?’

        “direct exchange of useful goods and services would barely suffice to keep an economy going above the primitive level. Such direct exchange—or barter—is hardly better than pure self-sufficiency. Why is this? For one thing, it is clear that very little production could be carried on. If Jones hires some laborers to build a house, with what will he pay them? With parts of the house, or with building materials they could not use? The two basic problems are “indivisibility” and “lack of coincidence of wants.” Thus, if Smith has a plow, which he would like to exchange for several different things—say, eggs, bread, and a suit of clothes—how can he do so? How can he break up the plow and give part of it to a farmer and another part to a tailor? Even where the goods are divisible, it is generally impossible for two exchangers to find each other at the same time. If A has a supply of eggs for sale, and B has a pair of shoes, how can they get together if A wants a suit? And think of the plight of an economics teacher who has to find an egg-producer who wants to purchase a few economics lessons in return for his eggs! Clearly, any sort of civilized economy is impossible under direct exchange.”

        In his audio presentation, ‘2.1. Barter’ Richard Cantillon sums it up with, “Because the opportunity cost of a good cannot be fixed, it is impossible to know the proper exchange ratios for barter. This problem is overcome in the market by using commodities that have marketable characteristics, such as transportability, durability, and a recognized economic value, to serve as a medium of exchange.” has an ‘Introduction to Austrian Economics’ book for free online, a relevant bit:

        “The problem of value measurement is indicated by the fact that not only do different people often value the same thing differently, but the same person might value a certain thing differently at different times. And under the operation of the law of diminishing marginal utility, a person will always value each additional unit of a given good less than the prior unit’s value. If value were quantifiable and measurable, there would exist a standard unit of measure that would be unchanging. It is clear that there is no such immutable unit of measure of the value of a good when different people at the same time and the same person at different times often have divergent valuations of the same good.”

        Percy L. Greaves, Jr. in his article, ‘The Theory of Money’ has this relevant section, The Function of Money

        “The role of money is to make trade easier. Without money, there would be the awkwardness of barter. The use of money leaves more time for production and helps to boost the number of transactions which are expected to increase the satisfaction of each participant. Its use thus permits the increased division of labor and mass production for mass consumption. Money helps men to help others as they help themselves. Money might, therefore, be called a catalyst for the Golden Rule. A sound and simple monetary system is probably the greatest material tool available to men for the multiplication of human satisfactions. […]
        If we raise chickens, we do not drive up to a gasoline station and say: “Here is a chicken. Please give me a gallon of gasoline.” We could lose a lot of time finding someone with gasoline who wanted chickens. Long before barter became so awkward, men learned to exchange what they had or produced for a more marketable commodity, a more acceptable commodity, and then to exchange this more marketable commodity for what they wanted. It was traders, not governments, who originated media of exchange. […]

        If men are to remain free and if Western civilization is to continue, people must regain the right to limit the political expansion of the quantity of money and/or credit. We must never again permit politicians to print money or get their hands on the money we put in banks and think is always there. A free market economy cannot permanently operate on a politically manipulated paper money standard. Free men need a market-selected money. Under present conditions, this means a gold standard.” …

        Pardon the length, it seems worthwhile stuff to know, imho. I hope you look into it further.

        • Hi helot,

          By denying the benefits of capitalism and free enterprise Chavez destroyed one of the richest countries in South America. The United States is repeating his mistake. I am all for a working currency whether that follows the gold standard or not, but our country is in the midst of an economic breakdown. The US dollar will be worthless very soon. What do we do in its place? Currencies are not created overnight. Will communities rebuild and new civilizations spin off? Absolutely. In the meantime, how does one outlast the storm that is brewing? We know it is coming, we just don’t when.

          • Hey RG,

            According to some economists, money originates from a commodity that is accepted across a society as something that has general value (rough definition). In prison/pow movies, we see cigarettes often used as “currency” or money. Even by those that don’t smoke.

            When the dollar goes to zero, cans of food will become money. Depending on the level of violence, ammunition and medical supplies will also become money. Depending on the availability of energy, batteries will also become money.

            Many out there will say “buy silver” etc. But if all you have is silver, you’ll be trading an ounce of silver for 3-5 cans of beans. Better to stock up on the cans of beans.

      • HI RG, I’m already seeing it. I reside in two different places, a semi-red rural county surrounded by deep blue metro area and a red area surrounded by more red. in the red but blue surrounded area, no barter exists, but in the red on red, barter is prevalent already and growing. It’s mostly services and trading right now, as you still can’t barter at the grocery store or gas pump, but I could see this changing sooner than later.

  8. What’s really got my panties in a wad is all the openly published success stories and statistics about Ivermectin are being ignored by the FDA. They could examine this information and conclude in one afternoon that Ivermectin is VERY effective in treating COVID, and so by law would be required to rescind Emergency Use Authorization, making these vaccines illegal. EUA can only be acquired if there is no effective alternative. Well, there is. And the FDA is showing its true colors, once again, by ignoring it.

    • ‘Openly published success stories and statistics about Ivermectin are being ignored by the FDA.’ — John Kable

      From FLCCC Alliance:

      ‘Repurposed, off-patent medications such as ivermectin do not attract Big PHA [Public Health Authority] or Big Pharma sponsors to conduct the mandatory Big RCT [Randomized Controlled Trial].

      ‘Given this structural handicap, many effective medicines including ivermectin are consequently incapable of ever meeting Big PHA standards for approval in such a system.

      ‘If the use of penicillin in bacterial infection were to have been tested in these same numbers and types of trials in the 1940s, the graphical display of benefits would look nearly identical to those found with ivermectin.’

      Plenty of unvaxxed people I know are taking ivermectin off-label — both the unregulated horse paste and the 3mg prescription pills.

      There are no side effects. As Dr Pierre Kory testified in a Senate hearing last December — now DISAPPEARED from YouTube, despite being an official Congressional public hearing — ‘you just don’t get sick.’

      Global censorship of repurposed medications at the behest of Big Pharma is perhaps the ugliest anti-science repression since Galileo was prosecuted for heliocentrism in 1616.

      We live in a neofeudal Dark Age, in which our depraved overlords actively withhold effective treatments for a disease THEY THEMSELVES created through viral gain-of-function research — except for blockbuster vaccines expected to rake in trillions to their blood-stained coffers.

      Fight the official lies from the lying liars of Big Gov and the Lügenpresse.

      • I had the privilege to hear a doctor who has worked around the country in the past year. He said he believes he has only treated 12 “covid patients.” In all the states in which he has worked, in ERs, clinics, etc., he has only had 12 patients that MIGHT have had convid! (he didn’t seem to convinced about the existence of convid, either)

        He recommended ivermectin and has used it on the patients above with good results. I told him I had bought a couple of tubes of the horse paste from the local farm goods store, and he said it is the same thing. The tubes are calibrated for the weight of the patient/animal.

        It can also be taken as a prophylactic, although I am holding onto ours. To be sure, this does NOT mean that I agree that there is even an illness that is “covid”; rather, that ivermectin (usually used for treatment of parasites in animals (and humans in other countries)) has off-label effectiveness for respiratory illnesses. I also read that, like aspirin and penicillin, ivermectin has a natural source – it is derived from bacteria.

    • John,

      Yes, I just printed a rather large collection of literature detailing the efficacy of ivermectin when used for COVID. I’m sure there are likely other safe and effective treatiments. I’d bet money that oregano oil is effective as well, just given mine and many others’ experiences with viruses and that substance.

      But a safe, effective and inexpensive therapeutic would’ve completely short-circuited all this poppycock. Couldn’t have that!

  9. This all sounds horrible. However, I believe it is a numbers game, always is. Right now, fully vaxxed are about 30-50%. Don’t really know cause we know these numbers are manipulated. They can’t do majority things without that number getting to 70+%, and they know it’s not going to happen, and why the ‘big sell job’. I have people tell me “you must be vaxxed to get on an airlplane” No you don’t, and you won’t until that percent gets to well above 70%.
    They may lie about the numbers, but bet your bottom dollar that airlines won’t do it till they know mandatory means they won’t lose (much). Airlines are just an example. I guess it’s possible that bigGov will just pay them off to make it mandatory and pay for the loses, very possible.
    One bright spot around my suburban area is the rules just went to no mask, and it was sad to see all the rule followers, but glad to see 95% no mask at a restaurant last night. People were happiest I’ve seen them in a while. While I’ve been happy all year, haha…………..

  10. they would love to do this for many reason, covid is just their best opportunity
    can they? they will try

    if successful, you may not longer buy firearms, IC used cars, odd jobs will now be taxed by IRS, maybe kids’ allowances

    plus, all physical $ will be worthless

    I smell an excellent black market opportunity

    • >all physical $ will be worthless
      Something will spring up in its place, maybe multiple things.
      It always does, as a natural extension of straight barter.
      Key things, as far as I can tell (and I am no economist) is that whatever becomes “money” must have intrinsic value, at least to one group of people, be non-perishable, and portable. Fresh strawberries have a short shelf life. Watermelon is too bulky. Chicken eggs are fragile.
      Salt, cigarettes, .45ACP, etc. will work.

      The next obvious step is an “exchange rate” among various currencies. If you want to buy chicken eggs from me with .45ACP, and I use 9mm, I’ll need to know where I can get your money changed into something I can use, or know there are people who will accept your money, before I sell to you on your terms.

      Basic economics, eh?

  11. On an individual level they may be able to control or implement this, but how do you do it on a business level? If there are four shareholders in a business are you going to require that each of them have an app on their phone to shop at Staples? Does every Exxon shareholder get to control the bank account of the largest gas company in the country? If not, then Darren Woods is going to be a very busy man with all of the shopping that he will be doing so Exxon can still pay the bills.

    TPTB can only establish the requirements of this so far. Businesses are not going to allow thousands, millions, or billions of dollars to be downloaded on their Treasurer’s phone app. Talk about a hacker’s dream.

    • There are a LOT more individuals than businesses. Including employees of those businesses. Without which most of those businesses can’t function. Which is going to encourage those businesses to encourage their employees to get vaxxed. Including it being a condition of employment. Once again putting businesses in the situation of enforcing the desires of the Psychopaths In Charge.

      • Hi John,

        Yes, some businesses will require “vaccinations”, but if 30% of Americans are holdouts that is a significant labor storage. I know of at least 8 businesses where the owners have stated no how, no way, including my own. The federal government could offer me a billion dollars I am still not doing it. What is the value of money if one is going to die anyway?

        I was mainly referring to the establishment of e-currency. You cannot implement the structure of business to an individual level, especially with a multitude of shareholders and stockholders involved. TPTB will not be able to cover every opening. I still believe there are ways around this no matter what draconian measures are enacted.

        • Well, given my way, the very first thing I would do is rescind every corporate seal in the nation. They are a creation of the state, and a servant to it. They are DIRECTLY responsible for the enforcement of much we have suffered, and it appears much we will suffer. Including disposing of cash, which many have already done. Of course there are ways around it. Many of us will die in the process. I’m not suggesting we should not do so, just be aware, it won’t be fun. I will be one of the first to go, given my age and infirmity, but have already reconciled my self to that end.

        • Raider Girl,

          Inexorably, some of those companies requiring vaccines will have their employees get sick and die from them.

          Then, they or their family members need to SUE THE SHIT out them. A few big lawsuits, and those requirements will disappear.

  12. Soon, many of us may know how to operate in the black(free) market. It will take some learnin’ but the learning curve is quick when you need something to survive. Best to make some preliminary preparation now. There’s still cash accepted. While they have made great strides toward the elimination of cash, it’s still difficult to eliminate. But difficulty won’t thwart these bastards objective. They have many faithful slaves to do their work. Enough that the “free” market right now has faith in both of their fiat currencies: cash and crypto.

    They attempt to leave no stone unturned.

    • Here in SoCal there is *plenty* of cash business being transacted.

      For starters, the wetbacks either a) get paid in cash, off the books, or b) cash their checks at a check cashing place, for a fee, and carry cash. Shop in a grocery store in a neighborhood with immigrant population. You will see wallets full of US$100 bills. TPTB ain’t giving up the cheap labor source any time soon, and at least some unscrupulous employers are cheating on their own taxes by paying cash, thus avoiding the direct labor burden (FICA, etc.) plus cheating their workman’s comp carrier, which is significant.

      Next, we have farmers’ markets and “swap meets,” a.k.a. “flea markets,” where cash is king.

      And of course, we will not mention the underground drug trade, which I understand is huge.

  13. Today I was reading Rappaport’s latest on Lew Rockwell. Story about how some governments around the world are *asking* (or in some cases just warning) that masks with graphene be voluntarily withdrawn from the market because inhaling those particles could be dangerous to your health! They’re not sure yet and want time to investigate it thoroughly, aka decide what “the story” is going to be.

    OK fine. But…

    There have been studies out during the past year that show that, regardless of type of mask, if you’re wearing one (properly) you ARE breathing in *some* kind of particles. Turns out that, you know how lint collects in the dryer, clothes… any fabrics or even synthetic mask materials… are continually losing “lint” as you wear them (over your mouth/nose or not).

    If you wear the popular muzzles from Amazon (etc), you’re breathing polyester, dye particles, whatever chemicals used to process the material, and later (if you wash them) detergents, fragrance, and maybe fabric softener.

    With the “surgical” style or even the painters mask style, you’re breathing whatever-the-hell particles of synthetic material and chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

    If you’re the least bit concerned about respiratory/lung health, the last freaking sane thing you’d want to do is wear a mask for one second longer than absolutely necessary and that would, for most applications, be exceedingly rare circumstances, e.g., ready for surgery doctor? Going out and about for a day in Beijing? Painting a house today?

    Indeed, as Rappaport mentioned in the article, one could write a book about the various medical interventions that seem to be counter-intentive (at best) or straight out causing the problem intended to be solved (at worst).

    It’s such a simple thing to understand. What the hell?!

    • Hi Eure,
      I read that article today also, such a great wealth of educational information on every day.. including his ‘Political Theater’ section!
      My wife and I were both on the ‘street’ as young teenagers and forced to think for our selves as a matter of survival. And we both got a good look at the world as it really is.
      We have been dealing today with family members and friends who were never forced out into the world at a young age and have great difficulty with reasoning and more importantly honesty. The common theme we see are that facts and honesty make them very Angry. We just dont know what the cure is for this, other then the reality that time will surely bring to pass. If they are still alive to see it.

      • I purposely choose to live in the “bad” parts of town. The people are much more honest and real about who they are. I’ve had to deal with homeless, addicts, robbery, and assault. It’s made me much tougher mentally and much less susceptible to bullshit. I completely agree with your statement “we both got a good look at the world as it really is”. Those living in gated communities live in ignorance. When the SHTF, they’re going to be in a world of hurt.


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