America Goes Jonestown

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When cults feel threatened by lack of faith – by disbelief –  the tendency is for them to get suicidally and homicidally violent.

This is the stage we’re entering now as regards the Cult of Sickness Eternal. Its leaders and membership are fulminating over the lack of faith being expressed by an alarmingly large (to them) portion of the population that does not believe they will die – or even get sick –  if they don’t receive the Holy Anointing.

And worries (with reason) that they may get sick – or even die – if they do. And absolutely refuses to accept being told they must – or else – by people like Pope Fauci I and Joe Biden, et al.

Cardinal of Sickness Kay Ivey of Alabama bared her yellowed fangs at unbelievers the other day, characterizing these “folks” as “choosing a horrible lifestyle of self-inflicted pain,” for electing not to pretend they’re sick when they are healthy nor risk becoming very sick – via an Anointing – because other people have become pathologically afraid of becoming sick.

A microphone-holding Savanarola egged her on, asking: “What is it going to take to get people to get shots in their arms”?

The answer, of course, being the threat of a shot in the head.

Her Grace Kay Ivey didn’t say that – yet – but it was clear from her bellowing outpouring of contempt that she is open to the idea . “Folks are supposed to have common sense,” she moaned. “But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated . . .”

And what does one generally do to those who are to blame for something? If they are guilty of something? If they are causing harm to others? If they are a threat?

One punishes them.

It does not matter that these people haven’t harmed anyone. That “common sense” accounts for their lack of Faith. They have considered the evidence – the science – and come to the conclusion that being injected with a substance that is known to have killed a large number of people – thousands of people – and maimed many times that number – for the sake of supposedly protecting them against a sickness that we now know it does not even protect people from getting – is the opposite of common sense.

Common sense would be to reconsider this pushing of experimental drugs with unknown long-term side effects and known serious short-term side-effects on people who aren’t sick and who are at little risk of becoming seriously ill if they get this sickness, especially young people. It is despicable to characterize such people as lacking common sense when their actions embody it.

This woman is inciting the mob, no different in essence than Julius Streicher’s snarling about the Juden sind unsere ungluck – the Jews are our misfortune. But Streicher and his friends were in a way less dangerous than these religious Freaks, precisely for that reason. 

Because there is no reason in it. One must simply believe – else be burned. The pyre. The sword. Out with you! Heresy cannot be tolerated because tolerating it implies that belief is not universal and that creates the possibility of unbelief among the Faithful.

And it is a fanatically religious movement we’re dealing with. A cult. The defining symptoms and etiology are abundantly obvious. One must not – and soon, may not – question the Faith. Every answer met with an evasion wrapped in a moral inversion. An authoritarian universalism. All must believe. The belief is personalized, embodied in the leader – “I am the science,” says Pope Fauci I.

And those who do not believe are dangerous. They must be hunted down, rooted out. And then what? The dismal end of this dark road is or ought to be horribly obvious. These religious Freaks will first demonize the unbelievers, a process already well under way. Then they will pariah-ize them, as was done to Jews in medieval Spain, who were forced to feign belief and become “conversos” – or leave Spain. The same sort of thing was also done in England Under Edward I – Longshanks, of Braveheart fame – in 1274:

“Each Jew, after he is seven years old, shall wear a distinguishing mark on his outer garment, that is to say, in the form of two Tables joined, of yellow felt of the length of six inches and of the breadth of three inches.”

This was the first time that Jews were made to wear the Yellow Star, to single them out for marginalization, abuse and – ultimately – outright murder them.

And now it is being done here, to those with common sense. Or soon will be, if the leaders of this deranged religion succeed in doing what they clearly want to do.

In New York, the place where old people were effectively Aktion T4’d (the 1930s German policy of  involuntary euthanasia of “life unworthy of life”) by enclosing them in prisons for the elderly with known carriers of a sickness that is a mortal threat to the very old and the already very sick, as flu and pneumonia always have been) the mayor, Bill DeBlasio, is “calling on New York City employers to move immediately to some form of mandate” – i.e., impose a converso choice upon the populace: Either receive the Anointing or lose your job. The idea being, eventually, to make it impossible to get or retain any job – and thus, income and so, food and shelter – unless one bends knee and rolls up sleeve.

“If people want freedom, if people want jobs, if people want to be able to live again, we have got to get more people vaccinated,” he says. That is to say, they must be forced to get vaccinated.

“We have reached the limits of a purely voluntary system.”

The Unfaithful are to be broken – starved to death, if that is what it takes. Whatever it takes, to make them submit.

The believers believe they are on the side of the angels and no amount of reason will dampen their fire. The leaders of the cult may or may not know better; it does not ultimately matter. They are invested in the hysteria and cannot back down; they must keep the fire alive else enthusiasm could wane and then they’d be in the position of the leaders of a religion without vigor that anyone was free to leave – and that is no good, for the leaders.

It is to be hoped – prayed for – that by some miracle, enough people recover their reason and stand against this sickness – of the mind and of the soul – before it is too late and America and the world plunge into a new Dark Age that could make the original seem like the Renaissance in retrospect.

. . .

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  1. The mention of Julius Streicher is interesting. I don’t believe that it is appropriate to mention him in comparison to Gov. Ivey — a politician who controls the state police and the health bureau — in the context of “blaming” people. Streicher was neither a politician nor a member of the military, so he had no actual position of power against the Jews. Streicher was a publisher of a newspaper. One may not like what he published, and one might find it offensive (just as I find what Larry Flynt published offensive).

    It is one thing to say that certain members of the SS committed atrocities, or that certain politicians in the Reich enacted policies depriving targeted people of liberty, property, and life.

    It is, however, quite another thing to note that the United States — the land of the First Amendment, supposedly — along with our ally, the Soviet Union, executed Streicher for nothing more than publishing an offensive newspaper.

    Grok that.

    “Land of the free…?”

    • I understand your point, X –

      But Der Sturmer, in its time, was more than just the analog of Facebook or CNN in ours. Streicher was a close associate of Hitler’s and also a government official – the Gauleiter of Franconia. So it’s not merely that he published an offensive newspaper. He published officially endorsed race-baiting incitement on behalf of and with the active support of the regime.

      • He actually didn’t have much support from the regime. Streicher was considered something of a nut even within the leadership of the NSDAP, and his paper was considered too extreme in comparison to the official party paper, the Volkischer Beobachter, which was more toned-down. There was even talk about banning der Sturmer, but Streicher was somewhat protected because he was one of Hitler’s loyal followers from the early years and took part in the 1923 putsch.

        We hear a great deal about the “scapegoating” of the Jews by the NSDAP, and a lot of that is true, but it is safe to say that the Allies “scapegoated” Streicher for what happened during the war, which he took no part in personally.

        I also find it quite fascinating that, while we, along with our Soviet allies, executed Streicher for publishing a newspaper, we turned a blind eye toward the Soviet war crimes committed by uniformed combat units like mass gang-rapes in East Germany and the Katyn Forest massacre.

        But of course history is written by the winners, isn’t it?

        • Hi X,

          I absolutely agree with you that it’s appalling and hypocritical that Soviet war criminals such as Molotov were never prosecuted and that to this day, one can wear a T shirt with the hammer and sickle or Stalin’s face on it and not be run out of town (try this with a Nazi flag or a T shirt celebrating Hitler).

          But that in no way exonerates Streicher, who was a government official and had the support of the regime (Hitler) and used his position to inflame murderous race hatred – which Hitler approved of.

          Indeed, I regard the publishers of today’s “Sturmers” to be guilty of murderous incitement as well and it is my hope that, one day, justice will be meted out to them as well.

          • “But that in no way exonerates Streicher, who …used his position to inflame murderous race hatred…

            Indeed, I regard the publishers of today’s “Sturmers” to be guilty of murderous incitement as well and it is my hope that, one day, justice will be meted out to them as well.”

            Would you agree, then, that the U.S. government should have likewise executed Larry Flynt for publishing pornography, which incited Ted Bundy to stalk, rape, and murder three dozen women?

            • Hi X,

              “Would you agree, then, that the U.S. government should have likewise executed Larry Flynt for publishing pornography, which incited Ted Bundy to stalk, rape, and murder three dozen women?”

              No, of course not. Flynt was not a government official; he did not operate collusively with the government to demonize an entire people as a mortal threat to the rest of the populace and by dint of that – hint, hint – deserving of all that was visited upon them by the state and the general population.

              Larry Flynt published pictures of naked women, none of whom were coerced to pose. He advocated no violence against women. He was not a government official. He had no friends in the government. His publication served no government purpose, malignant or otherwise. It was entirely apolitical.

              The comparison is absurd.

  2. “Elected officials lead backlash to renewed mask mandate in St. Louis, St. Louis County”

    Yes, the rag mandate returns tomorrow in both city and county (the city of St. Louis is independent and not in any county).

    “The new orders — a response to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases and pleas from area hospital officials — will require most people, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, to wear masks in indoor spaces and on public transportation. People in the city and county also will be urged, but not required, to wear masks outdoors, especially in group settings.”

    Not a chance in hell “elected officials” will do anything about it. Just look at the comments. If you point out that these filthy things don’t work, the diaper mob goes nuts.

    Most people will comply, just like last time.

  3. Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

    C. S. Lewis

    Propaganda works, this governor probably believes wholeheartedly she is doing good. The rest of us step back and look at the facts, the studies, the theories then look for confirmation from what actually happened. Masks studies show they do not work and real life experience shows basically identical infection rates from compliant and non-compliant cities. Cities with strict lockdowns had more deaths. The average age of covid death is two years older than our expected lifespan.

    Yet just like Germans did against Jews we demand government figure out how to protect us, then force us to follow the tyranny, so we can be happy.

    • I’m sure you’ve heard the “There’s two kind of people in the world…” thing before. Well, I’m gonna say that the most important distinction of the “two kind of people in the world” are those that believe govt. is the solution and those that believe govt. is the problem.

      • Which describes another, far older cult. One that does not stop and consider exactly what government is. “We must have government” they say, even while every single one of them on the face of the earth is founded on the assumption that they, and they alone, have authority to kill you if you don’t go along. Curious is it not that this new and improved cult is of much the same mind. If it can be called a mind. But then again, government is source of this new cult, so perhaps not so curious after all that their method is so similar.

  4. Just a thought I had, might not be too profound, but wanted to share with like minds. My parents are “of the body” and have CNN or MSNBC roaring 4-6 hours per day in the background or being given direct attention. I considered what kind of people they’d be if they had Pat Robertson or some other Christian channel going 4-6 hours per day, and then the way they act now makes a lot more sense. I’m going to use that on a sibling who’s 50/50 of the body, just doesn’t want to make waves and be a good girl, and see if that makes a lightbulb go off in her head.

  5. ‘Desperation is a real bad look.’ — Dennis Roe

    Let us savor the chaos that begins unfolding next month, as public schools reopen. Despite non-obese kids being at virtually zero risk of death, ‘the cases, the cases‘ narrative seems to be at odds with open schools and the priorities of the teachers unions.

    Something has to give — what will it be?

    Public schools in fact are in crisis, as many families that abandoned them during the online instruction era in 2020-21 just aren’t coming back. Don’t expect no discount on property taxes, though!

    Conceivably, just the tiniest tap on their brittle rotten edifice will kick off their cascading collapse.

    School’s out for summer
    School’s out forever

    — Alice Cooper, School’s Out

  6. Before the mandate eased, my my friend conducted a funny experiment on the sheep. He walked into a mall with no mask and started telling people with their masks down off their nose or on their chin to pull them up.

    The sheep complied, despite his naked face!

    Most people want a fair master, and will do what they are told. I’m convinced this is a central aim of public schooling from day 1.

    The good news is on some level you can just order others to do the common sense thing and many will say “okay”

    • Wow. I laughed out loud.

      People have been hypnotized into a state of sub-animal passive suggestibility.

      I am reminded of a cheeky stunt from earlier this year, where a guy stood outside a grocery store with a lint roller. By simply acting officious, he wordlessly persuaded fool after fool to raise arms and submit to a lint-rolling.

      • I’m not surprised one bit! Once you get the hang of it I quickly realize how easy it would be to start a cult…

  7. At the end of the war, most people wanted to stop. I didn’t. Because here was more knowledge. And in the coming uncertain period, with a dangerous man like Stalin around, and our incomplete knowledge, I felt that more knowledge is necessary. Among the people who knew a great deal about the hydrogen bomb, I was the only advocate of it. And that is, I think, my contribution. Not that I invented it, others would have — and others in the Soviet Union did. But I was the one person who put knowledge, and the availability of knowledge, above everything else.” -Edward Teller

    Scientists, when funded by the state, will push into places they have no business going. There was no reason for the H-bomb, yet Teller was allowed to proceed because politicians were playing on fear. When the Chinese state (and United Nations) funded this research, ostensibly for “basic science,” they unleashed a monster far worse than an H-bomb. Viruses tend to stick around. And now that it’s been done, you can bet that every other country with a lab knows how to do it too. And the politicians are worried that the next engineered virus won’t be a chest cold.

    “Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof, the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.” – George W Bush

  8. A global Jonestown can certainly be a depressing and demoralizing place. Remember, these same people with overwhelming odds, just ran out of Afghanistan in the middle of the night. Asskicked by goat herders. Determination and a willingness to fight for what you know to be right is key. These demented elites are on the wrong side of history, they sense it, and are starting to shit their pants. Desperation is a real bad look.

    • A real thought to ponder.
      I no more want to herd goats as much as spend 20+ years fighting a communist insurgency in my own country. But I somehow doubt the basement dwelling wokesters/antifa have the gumption to sustain the kind of fight that the Taliban have from the desert caves they have dwelled in. After all, it’s difficult to call mommy to make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from a real cave.

  9. The governors are being forced to get on board blaming the non-vaccinated for their outright refusal to fall in line.

    Apostasy is a great sin, there will be hell to pay.

    The evil-doers even say so, make it hard for the idiot hesitants.

    Any thinking person should immediately recognize that there is an agenda, a plan of action to force the hesitants through the cattle chutes.

    And right into your neighborhood FEMA gulag.

    We vaccinated some folks.

  10. Under this recent doubling down on the Vaccine, I’ve now started “identifying” as vaccinated. After all I live in Commy-Fornia, so self identifying as just about anything is common place.

    We must keep a sense of humor! When people come sideways at me about Corona nonsense – I usually mock, belittle or otherwise make them feel foolish. I tell them, “your ignorance doesn’t make me the crazy one.” For the most part, I’ve not worn the mask here in Cali since the get go. It feels so I’m powering; and sane!

    • Indeed, Tim!

      As miserable as the past going on two years have been, I have always felt proudly defiant about refusing to Diaper – and enjoyed the consternation, disappointment and frustrated anger of those who try to get me to. It’s kind of like mocking persistent Jehovah’s Witnesses or Moonies!

    • Tim, I’ve been doing the same thing in Commy-fornia. So brilliant and yes, ridicule is so effective. The cult faithful aren’t going to hear reason anyway

    • Attaway Tim!! Love hearing stories of mock mock mocking the slaves and hearing of the steam coming from their ears.

  11. I hosted an event today at our local Buddhist temple on Kauai, a place I had a hand in building. Various people, mostly women came for the morning work session, then stayed for lunch. A few of them came with masks on, to an outdoor setting. They came with a large bottle of sanitizer and set in on the main table.

    I was surprised and a bit put off. I said this was a mask free zone, but they said they had health concerns and wanted to wear the mask. I bit my lip and moved on.

    I had my moment about 15 minutes later, when another person arrived and said what’s the deal with the masks? As host, I said that this was a mandatory non-mask zone, but that some people weren’t complying.

    One of the masked women sheepishly admitted to such. A few minutes later, they all took their masks off and for the rest of the day not a word about the subject was uttered.

    Goes to show the power of the animal herd, set the example as a leader and hold it; the rest will comply.

  12. I posted on another thread about not cutting my hair in protest since all this started. Ms. Kay, the Montgomery Dominatrix, told us, here in the “Heart of Dixie”, that we had to toe the line like everyone else. For our own good, of course. Also that her meddling would end on July 6. Several asked since then why I hadn’t gone back to my 1/8″ cut. I tell them I expect it to reach my waist before most people come to their senses. Now I believe they will not need gas to cremate me if I should live another couple years. They will be able to just light the hair. (I am of vintage model year and high mileage. You know, someone who remembers freedom.)

    I moved to Alabama in 1968 with great hopes. I will admit, the slope has been less steep here, but we are screaming toward the slough of despond along with everyone else.

    • ‘Ms. Kay, the Montgomery Dominatrix, told us, here in the “Heart of Dixie”, that we had to toe the line like everyone else.’ — ARYLIOA

      A startling declaration by ‘Jane Doe’ in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court of Northern Alabama:

      ‘I am a computer programmer with subject matter expertise in the healthcare data analytics field, an honor that allows me access to Medicare and Medicaid data maintained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
      Services (CMS).

      ‘I queried data from CMS medical claims with regard to vaccines and patient deaths, and have assessed
      that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5. This would indicate the true number of vaccine-related deaths was at least 45,000.’

      What are y’all gonna do about this sassy-frassey ‘Jane Doe,’ Miz Kay?

  13. “Like a Jew, In ancient Spain
    And for Christ’s name
    Did pay with pain.
    Modern Day Inquisition.

    What is the link
    Between these crafts?
    Doctors and thieves
    They both wear masks.
    Meat magicians.”

    -Type O Negative, “Life is Killing Me”

    Also, the Invasion of the Body Snatchers parallel seems all-too pertinent these days.

    “Here, just have a nice little rest next to this pod. Everything will be fine.”

  14. In Re:
    “It is to be hoped – prayed for – that by some miracle, enough people recover their reason and stand against this sickness…”

    See Psalm 35 for a suitable prayer.
    I’m not a particularly Bibley guy, but I was looking through some old stuff recently and found my grandfather’s (born 1882) Bible. He had bookmarked Psalm 35 – the gist of which is Destroy the ratbastards with their own schemes.
    Maybe our best hope at this point. Also a reminder that a man born when the U.S. was still fighting the Indian wars may have faced (and survived) some adversity, too.
    Any land for sale near you EP? Maybe we should float the idea of starting to circle the wagons.

    • Hi Worker,

      Indeed and in re land near me: The real estate market is bonkers here. A place goes up for sale in the morning and it’s sold by dinner, if not sooner – and that’s barely an exaggeration. I have never seen anything like it. The downside is I am seeing more traffic and more people here and that worries me, a little – because (like Jefferson) I incline toward the view that liberty declines with density. That said, I’m glad I’m here and not in Northern Virginia!

      Plus, I have the Charger until Monday…

      • Be aware, Blackrock is outbidding normal people, making a house worth $125,000 sell for $400,000. (Numbers made up, because I don’t recall the exact numbers from anecdotes in Arizona, or from Tim Pool’s show.)
        The plan is neo-feudalism; see “Incorporated” show for more details. People were “products” of the company. Non-Disclosure Agreements were enforced by destroying people’s brains. Can’t talk about tech if you can only babble and rave.

        Evil has been coming for a long time. Still think I’m too extreme?

        • Hi Jean,

          Very large corporations are also buying out small successful companies. I have had quite a few clients that have been bought out by huge conglomerates over the last 12 months. It looks like a game of PacMan the way they are being gobbled up.

          • Seems a standard pattern:
            Growth / explosion, the Boom cycle. Lots of rank growth, some good stuff, in an economic boom.
            Regulation / captured market – choke out the smaller competitors, cause some to sell, most to close – leads to Consolidation of power.
            Consolidation is just a time of purchasing the surviving smaller guys outright, rolling them into the Machine..

            I work at an investment bank. It’s the sheer size that enables them to survive their stupidity, except after so many years – I’ve realized it’s not stupidity, it’s malice coupled with plausible deniability. Everything that happens was set in motion somewhere, just an influencer whispering in the right ears…
            Stock market manipulation, like the Game Stop Rebellion. It’s been going on for decades.

  15. “I am the Science!” ~Pope Fauci~

    “I am The Law!” ~Judge Dredd~

    The very cartoonish nature of all these TeeVeee Muppets is very telling of how desperate they all are and how MPAI (Most People Are Idiots). George Carlin really was correct in his assessment of how dumb the average person was, and how half of them by definition are even dumber than that.

    The problem being is that most people are rhetorical thinkers driven mostly by feels, not facts, unfortunately those of us who are more inclined to base our lives on facts or data wrongfully ascribe OUR value systems to those around us. Controllers like politicians know how effective a tool rhetoric is, which in a numbers game that’s the go to method.

    Using rhetoric to combat the lamestream message is an effective way of combating the narrative. As I’ve seen Eric very effectively use it on this site. “Masks” will forever be “face diapers” to me and many people I know, sickness Kabuki, Scamdemic, etc. all accurate and memorable descriptions of what we have faced this past year. I’ll be referring to the non-vax as the clot-shot, experimental gene therapy, the kill shot, retard test etc.

    We are at war. A war of ideas and information. These psychopathic weak ass weirdos who think they run things are really pulling no punches. I don’t know that they ended up with the result that they hoped for with the corona-chan scam. They (whoever they are) really look desperate currently. No Jack boots are coming to kick down your door. They’ll use coercion, duress, and shame to try and make you punch yourself in the face, thus shielding themselves from liability. Carrots are far more effective on Americans than sticks. Sticks will be only for a very few prominent public displays to make a point to those on the fence of dissent.

    Sites like EP autos have really been an encouragement to me in these times of fakestream media bombardment. It’s extremely important for those of us who have surrendered to lies, stupidity, and slavery keep strong and build each other up.

    Persistence is Fertile

    Keep up the good work!

  16. Did anyone watch the Olympic opening ceremony last night? I started to, but after seeing all the athletes, flag bearers, etc. wearing face diapers and the announcers making a point of talking about how the organizers were trying to “social distance”, etc., it became apparent that it was going to be all face diaper and “The Pandemic (TM)” propaganda, and I turned it off. I usually find at least something I like to watch on the Olympics, but I don’t know if I even want to watch them this time since I feel they’ll be pushing the Corona/vaccine narrative the whole time. 😕

    Also, does anyone else see the Olympics as being blamed as a “super spreader” by the WHO, Fauci, et al, and will serve as a “justification” for lockdowns, diaper mandates, etc. both in the US and worldwide? 😠

    • Hi Chris,

      I can’t abide it, either. The sight of a Diaper disgusts me even more than seeing some homeless schizophrenic drop a deuce on the sidwalk. The homeless schizophrenic being no threat to my liberty or my peace of mind.

      • “This was the first time that Jews were made to wear the Yellow Star, to single them out for marginalization, abuse and – ultimately – outright murder them”

        2 problems with this line of thought.

        1. The jews are the ones who made up this pandemic and are forcing these draconian policies on everyone. Fauci is probably a jew,and at the very least 85% of the media who are propagandizing the people with this deadly cold plague nonsense and giving a microphone to deranged ideologues talking about “punishing the unvaxxed” ARE CONFIRMED JEWS.

        2. The jews have done this sort of thing (and worse) before,and that’s why they were singled out before.

        For instance,the reason THIS happened: “Then they will pariah-ize them, as was done to Jews in medieval Spain, who were forced to feign belief and become “conversos” – or leave Spain.” is not because the Spanish woke up one day and decided they hated the length of the nose,it’s because the jews literally threw open the gates of Spain to the Ottoman Empire which promptly subjected the Spanish to a brutal conquest and occupation for HUNDREDS of years during which the Spanish were 3rd class citizens and the jews enjoyed positions of privilege in the Ottoman courts and society.

        Context matters. The people who are literally ALWAYS demonized,marginalized,and abused are not the jews,but Whites. People will make ridiculous excuses for Israelis who bomb clearly marked UN schools and hospitals,pretending that terrorists were using them as bases with no evidence EVER provided,but when it comes to any action undertaken by White people it is always just assumed that they did it because they were spiritually evil or had nefarious motives,or were completely retarded and narrow minded and bigoted. If you invited someone over for a pool party and then he invited a chapter of the Crips or the Bloods and then they violently occupied your house,I’m pretty sure that guy wouldn’t be getting another invite.

        There’s an old Russian proverb that fits this article- “A jew will always tell you how he suffered,never why.”

        • >A jew will always tell you how he suffered

          Get over it.
          Goes for all people.
          Suck it up, buttercup.
          Play the hand you were dealt, and work for a better tomorrow.
          “Those who are not busy living are busy dying.” – Bob Dylan
          “Cut your hair and never stare at people who ain’t aware
          that every morning they wake up dead.” – Richard Fariña

          • Actually you are only half-correct. The German National Socialist government used the “rule of law” to enact their restrictions on enemy communist jews. To this day, the zionists use NO laws to force indigenous people (Palestinians) out of their homes with support of “the most moral army in the world”, the murderous IDF. ((They)) just inform the occupants that they no longer live there and have an hour to leave.
            Even Patton recognized that in WW2 we were fighting the “wrong enemy”. Unfortunately Patton paid for his beliefs with his life. There was NO WAY the bolshevik jews would allow him to live.
            Contrast Patton with Eisenhower, who was a crypto-jew paper shuffler who presided over the Rheinwiesenlager true “death camps” for “disarmed enemy combatants”, German soldiers who were purposely not defined as “prisoners of war” to get around humane treatment as required by the Geneva Convention.
            We are paying for the mistakes of “the greatest generation” to this day.

            • Hey Annie,

              “The German National Socialist government used the “rule of law” to enact their restrictions…”

              So, you’re o Logical Positivist huh?


              • There is no “rule of law” in israel where a jewish “settler” from Russia (with not an ounce of “semitic” DNA) can walk into a Palestinian-owned house and just declare that it is his and that the Palestinian owners must leave–with the “most moral army in the world”, the murderous IDF backing up the (illegal) jewish settler.
                Logical Positivist, indeed.

    • I’ve been turning off media (print,audio,video) everytime they get on the panicwagon about the agendas for years. It’s sucked the life out of documentaries that have been a favorite since childhood. Nowadays I can’t watch a doc about cave paintings or army ants without hearing how humans are bad bad bad and are going to destroy everything. It’s unfortunate more people don’t just shut the shit off. The agendas crept into everything and it’s a real stretch to shoehorn it all in which reduces pertinent content. Why can’t the sheep see? Imagine if these same propaganda and repetitive messaging techniques were used to promote positive, constructive messages rather than the fear and lack vision of the world the collectivists love so much. Be afraid DOOM AND GLOOM!
      Thank fuck for print. Without sites like epautos I’d probably just be reading OLD books and ignoring current events altogether.

      • You are correct. It is rabid environmentalists that blame humanity for all of the world’s problems. These “anointed” types see humanity as a pestilence rather than being a part of the world. In other words, us humans are “outsiders”, not worthy of occupying the planet.
        Environmentalism is communism cloaked in earth worship (without humanity).
        The COVID poisons (oops, I mean “vaccines”) are a part of the depopulation effort that environmentalists support. Add to that, the “face diapers” that are useless.

      • Hello Anon,

        I’ve noticed that about the documentaries too — it’s usually a certain species is about to go extinct because of “human-caused climate change”, “habitat destruction”, etc. —and often when those things have no relevance to the subject matter being discussed. I just find it annoying and condescending, like they’re preaching to an ideology instead of just letting me learn about something. 😝

    • I lost all interest in the Olympics when they removed the amateur qualification, and let pros participate. Too bad Jim Thorpe played a season of semipro Mexican baseball. Now you can be an Olympic champion while earning millions in your sport.
      That being said, the Tokyo Olympics has been a shit show ever since the subject came up, with the “plague” being the cause de jour.
      The way people are reacting to COVID, you would think it really was a plague, with carts moving through the streets and the driver calling out “bring out your dead”. It wouldn’t even have been a pandemic if the WHO hadn’t change the rules regarding what a pandemic is. They took out illness and death as a qualification. By the current standard, the common cold could be considered a pandemic. In other words, there will be no end to them unless we end them.

    • I will only watch if there is an alternate slate of athletes, representing Real America. Sorry not sorry, Officious America.

  17. This may have been discussed already since the recall took place in April, but the FDA has recalled the swab nose test for Covid testing.

    The link below is from the FDA’s website:

    Isn’t this the same test they have used on pretty much every American over the last 15 months?

    I didn’t hear any news sources speak about this. Three months is a long time to keep something under wraps.

  18. I’m from Alabama & I wonder if Gov. MeeMaw will be primaried. There’s two declared candidates against Ivey. Dean Odle is a fundamentalist Baptist preacher (wonder what his stance on the SBC caving to the woke mob is?)/ Stacey George, ran a local Tea Party hangout called The Liberty House. George was/is a strong Ron Paul supporter. No doubt the neocons / outsiders will support Ivey but it’s not hard to imagine in deep red Alabama that Gov MeeMaw being praised by President-select Doofus is the kiss of death.

  19. Right on cue with all of this, my county of 30k goes from reporting 17 “cases” in one week to 54 the next (9 of which reported as breakthrough.. 3 each from the three manufacturers!) and the word “surge” is used. No changes yet, but the sheeple who are the hardest core partisans, vaxxed and still wearing 2 diapers, 20-25% perhaps are coiled up like the vipers they are. I’m now convinced the respite was strictly tied to Senile Joe’s July 4th freedumb promise.

    • Remember that communism is based on the hammer and sickle. Before they can harvest a country with the sickle, they first assault it with intermittent hammer blows to soften it up. When they’re hammering us, a temporary respite doesn’t mean it’s over. It means the hammer-wielding thugs are gathering energy for the next blow while giving us a false sense of security.

      • A very apt use of metaphor, particularly when applied to NC’s govking. I just did some digging and found that the Republitards finally sent up the bill to limit his emergency powers and he vetoed it on 7/22. Perhaps sensing the political winds in his own party who may rightly fear his truly dictatorial powers/actions if wielded by an R, he also punted by “allowing” his emergency order to expire 7/30 and revert decisions on diaper mandates (primarily for schools) and such to “local control” with “strong recommendations” for, of course. What a swell guy, right? So, the timing of the so-called surge may be more local than I originally thought.

        The situation is very fluid. The pent up demand and desire for old normal is palpable and can really be felt up and down town. Events are packed. In my circles, folks have truly hardened against the B.S. Especially with respect to kids and the gene therapies. The last 2-3 months have been instructive about those I used to call friends who still perform the kabuki faithfully. They know the contempt I have for them in this regard, too, but don’t care. Like I said, hard-core partisans. It’s quite interesting how, in light of all the “auditing” of the 11/20 election being talked about (I don’t expect anything to come of it 8 months later) here (Cooper won by 200k while OF carried the state, riiiiiight…) one of the most hard core lefties I know, a recent (3 years) transplant from Rah-lay, a 60 year old childless divorce attorney who has enough Biden-Harris stickers on her car to constitute a car wrap, a Cooper super fan, for some reason just got appointed off-schedule to the county board of elections. Maybe just in case???

    • Anon, got the same problem in Australia. Just before 6 month emergency powers expire, the numbers of cases triple. Very suspicious. And the female leaders and health occifers in our states are the most vocal and tyrannical about the poison jabbing. I always thought women were supposed to be the protectors and nurturers of life but last 40 years show that is not the truth. Especially since Roe vs Wade.
      As the gestapo freaks up the terror, more and more people are taking to the streets in protest and without slimy snot collectors.

    • You might recall that the WHO, CDC, and FDA corrected themselves after a year plus of intentional error regarding the number of cycles used in the PCR test, down from 40+ to 30. Which they did just hours after Biden was sworn in. Cases and deaths took a nose dive. I wonder, did they jack up the PCR test cycles again lately, without bothering to tell us?
      This entire psyop has been so fact free, I don’t even know why I brought it up.

  20. Dr Mercola has made the ‘Disinformation Dozen’ list, says the New York Slimes — a high honor to which we all might aspire!

    ‘He has become the chief spreader of coronavirus misinformation online, according to researchers.

    ‘Dr. Mercola earns the dubious distinction of the top spot in the “Disinformation Dozen,” a list of 12 people responsible for sharing 65 percent of all anti-vaccine messaging on social media, said the nonprofit Center for Countering Digital Hate.’

    Dr M certainly has his flaws. I’ve seen him lift a single sentence out of context from a paper, as well as citing withdrawn papers. He plays a bit fast and loose with the facts.

    As does the Slimes. Consider this masterpiece of duplicity:

    “I am the lead author of a peer reviewed publication regarding vitamin D and the risk of Covid-19 and I have every right to inform the public by sharing my medical research,” Dr Mercola said. He did not identify the publication, and The Times was unable to verify his claim.

    Yes, the bemused Slimes was ‘unable to verify’ what takes all of ten seconds to search:

    Dr M’s main prophylactic recommendation is to maintain high Vitamin D levels. For those who get sick, his first reco is nebulizing with hydrogen peroxide infused saline. As a backup option, he suggests taking ivermectin.

    That’s more useful information about avoiding and treating Covid than the entire annual output of the mendacious ink-stained wretches of the Lügenpresse.

    • Dr. Mercola is my go to source for reliable medical info, figures he’s on the PTB’s s*tlist which is a badge of honor. I remember when Nixon’s “enemies list” was exposed any journalist that wasn’t on it was disappointed; of course back then there still some actual reporters that weren’t agents of the CIA

  21. The manufacturers of the Death Jab have themselves said that it only “reduces symptoms” – which would happen naturally, anyway, without a jab – so why in the heck would anyone care a fig whether or not (or how) I reduce my own symptoms???? Whether or not I get the jab affects only me, and not in a good way. No thanks.

    • I’ve always said (about the “vaccine” reduction of symptoms but not prevention), “so does Motrin, so does chicken soup, so does a day in bed” and those things have essentially zero risk.

  22. The masks are back! Yes, sadly, in my neck of the woods (St. Pete FL), it seems the majority of people have diapered up again. Went to a grocery store yesterday, and out of about 20 people, I was the only one undiapered! All customers and crew were wearing their disgusting rags again. Nobody said a disparaging word to me about my undiapered face, but you know its coming. Stopped in at a Dollar general too, and the majority, but not everyone, was diapered up. Geeze, here we go again……

    Sitting in an x-ray imaging center yesterday, and learned once again how ignorant the vast majority of the population is. Sitting across from me was an obese woman in her 60’s watching the tee-vee as I was entertaining myself with my sail fawn reading Eric’s review of the Brutal Dodge Charger he was lucky enough to test drive. Anyway, the local news channel showed Governor Desantis stating that children would not be forced to wear diapers in school for the upcoming school year. The obese thing watching the tee-vee stated loud enough for everyone in the room to hear that Desantis should make the children wear masks if he “wants them to live”. I had to seriously restrain myself to tell this person how ignorant she was, but for what? Her ignorance probably runs so deep, nothing I am going to tell her in a waiting room is going to make a bit of difference, and that is the conundrum we find ourselves in. People have been blasted with this Convid insanity for so long now, they believe anything that Uncle and the tee-vee tells them.

    This article at OffGuardian has an idea to fight back against the believers of the new normal, but I don’t think I could bring myself to wear a red triangle on my shirt with a black “U” in the middle. Hell, I don’t want to bring attention to myself for being a heretic, and un-anointed.

    • Never the less, such an outburst of BS needs answering. Otherwise she is the only one heard. “Children are under little to no threat from the virus, but are from the vaccines.”

      • I agree. So far I am very happy with the results of having pulled back on certain relationships in my life. I did this in a way that didn’t splash water on their faces and I did this without defiance. I just exited early in order to avoid any hardened positions that could bounce back on me later. I saw the writing on the wall.

        This is a guerrilla operation we are entering. Stop being a target. Pull back and find your defensive position and stay there. They will still come for you, but you have the advantage of preparation. They won’t know what hit them when that time comes.

        You are not running away from action, you are using your time and resources to get into position. Time for action is later.

        MY two cents…

  23. ‘This woman is inciting the mob, no different in essence than Julius Streicher’s snarling’ — EP

    Speaking of ol’ Julius Streicher, CNN has aired a hate rant that makes Der Stürmer look rather tame by comparison:

    Former White House senior COVID-19 adviser Andy Slavitt proclaimed that the Biden administration should become “very aggressive” and force unvaccinated workers and students to take daily tests and to cover the costs themselves.

    “We should be really seriously considering whether schools, workplaces, government agencies ought to be saying, ‘Hey, if you’re coming here, you need to be vaccinated. If you’re not, you need to show you have a negative test every single day,” Slavitt declared.

    He continued, “Look, if people say they don’t want to be vaccinated, which some people might say, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to say that’s fine. We want you to show up every morning an hour before work and get a negative test. Maybe even at your own expense. Until the point where people will say, you know what? It makes more sense to actually get vaccinated. If you give people that option, I think you’re going to see more and more people take the option to get vaccinated.” — ZH

    You can’t go on teevee and advocate a pogrom against Jews. But Andy Slavitt demonstrates that you are perfectly free to advocate a pogrom against the unvaxxed, whose demons must be driven out by the virtuous.

    As Eric observed, ‘When cults feel threatened by lack of faith – by disbelief – the tendency is for them to get suicidally and homicidally violent.’

    Yup. Cambodia, channeling the ghost of Pol Pot, is quarantining ‘cases’ in prison-like Covid camps. CNN heartily approves!

    • Yea there is noway in hell this is happening. Homeschooling would skyrocket. So would people claiming medical exemptions to the jab would also skyrocket. Especially with the heart inflammation and blood clot issues people will use that to their advantage.

    • Double irony is that Andy Slavitt is himself Jewish. As are others who were linked and quoted in that recent Zerohedge article, such as: Sam Feist, Michael Smerconish, Jonathan Reiner, and Alan Dershowitz from before, saying the gov could forcibly inject people. Throw in a few of the enforcers at the top such as the eunuch “Rachel” Levine, Rachelle Walensky and peripherals to this, though still actively engaging in tyranny such as Merrick “Nah why would we investigate Cuomo, Whitmer, etc for the nursing home deaths” Garland, and Mayorkas, head of Zee Homeland Security. That’s a lot!

      It’s crazy that they’re all copying the playbook from Nazi Germany, slowly but steadily pushing for totalitarian You think they’d know better.

      • Authoritarians are only interested in power.
        They always think they will be immune from backlash or consequence.

        We must disabuse them.
        We should have started about 70 years back…

        • Hi Jean,

          Indeed. As a libertarian, I believe in and practice live – and let live. I want nothing from anyone that I cannot obtain via voluntary free exchange. I only ask to be let alone and wish to let others alone. Go in peace – and leave me in peace. No harm no foul. These strike me as humane, self-evidently defensible propositions that only a cretinous person could object to. A person who cannot abide leaving others be who aren’t causing him harm, who are merely different in their approach to their own lives and wish to pursue their happiness as they see fit. What sort of person would oppose that with violence? At best, a person who has never given much thought to the essence of what he advocates, never really considered the ugliness of it. At worst, an evil and despicable person who does know and doesn’t care. Who cares only about making others submit to his point of view, taking their things, controlling them.

          I believe that peaceful people who aren’t causing harm have a right – a moral right – to defend themselves against such violence, whether it is performed by a street thug or by “the law” and someone acting under its pretexts.

          • Hello again, Eric,
            Been a while, 7-8 years, I think.

            We’ve had this discussion, I’m just more “proactive” in my self defense. Because the flashing neon sign (Sounds of Silence) has been there all along, and we can quote Reagan:
            “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

            We have to be more pro-active against those who cannot “live and let live.”

            For decades I’ve felt like I’m living in High Noon. (
            No one wants to do what MUST be done. We know what happens to dissidents when TPTB decide they are “dangerous” (to the status quo): Jesus, the Founding Fathers, MLK, Malcolm X, JFK, Perot, Trump.
            If we were less domesticated, we would have less reason to be concerned… Wolves don’t fear sheep, and we have a government of wolves… Which sheep elected.

            Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. And you can’t retreat forever.
            And as it is, we must “advance to the rear.” But I was raised on war movies…

          • Found this while exploring a site on military quotes – I was going to cite Chesty Puller above, changed my mind.
            “Revolutionary war is an antitoxin which not only eliminates the enemy’s poison but also purges us of our own filth.”
            – Chairman Mao Zedong (Tse-tung)

            That’s what we’re facing… And we’re surrounded.

  24. Replacing God has been the goal of the Sociopaths In Charge ever since the possibility dawned on them. There’s a lot of profit potential in being the voice of God. A LOT! And they’re raking it in.
    Unfortunately, your correlation with Jonestown may be uncomfortably accurate. Such sociopathic pathological liars leading cults do tend to end the game if it appears they may be losing. Let’s hope they lose in that effort as well, and do whatever we can to help them do so.
    So many, blinded by the light, following it to their own destruction, and insisting we follow it too. In 15 minutes one can explain why not to take the vaccine to a 10 year old. No long term testing. But a governor or a State? Not a chance. We have no idea what the long term effects of these vaccines are, but we’re getting some indications of what they might be, and they aren’t looking too good. Especially because some of them may be near universal among the vaxxed.

    • So true! In the circles in which I work (DOD contracting), it is very common to hear people proudly exclaim, “I *drink* the koolaid” with enthusiasm. Apparently that is the only way that one makes it past “worker bee” (where I am) into the upper echelons (where I’ll never be… specifically because of THAT).

      It’s also a very common joke to use Hillary Clinton’s “email server in the basement” as a preposterous “Is it ok if I do that?” (The answer… “not unless your name is ‘Hillary Clinton'”) And every permutation of that one could possibly imagine, e.g., “I’m trying to find the part of the security training that shows me the proper way to have classified information on my home server in my basement bathroom” (etc, etc, ad nauseum)

      That General… what’s his name… Gen. Miley (“Cyrus”)? His public declaration of fealty and oath that he will guzzle the koolaid (in so many words) will surely get him far and he knows it.

      So, there’s at least two components. Those that believe the “show” and drink the koolaid and those that put on the “show” knowing fully well that it *is* nothing other than the “show”. And the former does not even believe that the latter exists.

      Meanwhile… those of us with a shred of remaining sanity/integrity/principles… get to watch Jonestown proceed in shocking disbelief. It’s no surprise that they MUST make us the enemy.

      • Dear Eure Majestat,
        My understanding is that much of the civilian DOD is required to head back into the office next week or so on a part time basis in conjunction with an open & direct threat by the top dogs that (Que the Chancellor in V for Vendetta?) There Will Be Consequences! (mass firings? What other consequence could there be?) for those who do not submit to The Shot or submit to daily testing, etc…
        I wonder how large the push back will be? There will Certainly be Some!
        I think it’s a test case for larger plans & as an example for the rest of us, but I don’t know.
        Any input?

        • You are correct about that push both to get everyone back in the office and to get the poison. Military has no choice AFAIK but civilians working for the DOD do to some extent. Where I work, we contract, we still have the choice to not be vaccinated but masking, social distance and travel follow the mandates of the state where we work.

          My office is in Maryland but HQ is in VA and the second largest branch office is in PA. MD makes no distinction between vaxxed/unvacxed and has dropped the mask mandate exec in healthcare and public transit.

          But the the military bases here are 100% masked and following the pretend program.

          We have a branch in San Diego where, at first they had to send proof of vax to HR in order to not wear a mask, but now masks required for all because CA is that retarded.

          Originally my boss asked me if I had it,I shook my head no. Then he said “but you’re gonna get it, right?” and I shook my head no. He said it doesn’t matter and since Supreme Leader Hogan dropped the mandate I have not worn the mask at all and nobody has said a word to me about it.

    • I believe (based on questionable, but reasonable, “conspiracy” sites) – that the goal is depopulation.
      Gates is a eugenecist, IIRC, and also an alarmist, sees the earth as overpopulated. (I admit, I do as well. Idiocracy is here.)
      How many of his “experiments” in India caused sterility and death? How many of the COVIDIAN cult will become sterile? How long has it been going on?
      And I know he worked on the MIT Infared Skin Tattoo (visible to cameras, not to human eyes – vaccine passport all set to go. Wonder how it works through clothes, since next gen security cameras don’t seem to worry about masks – not foiled that way. Not sure if Alphabet was in on that, but they worked with the Chinese for the Social Credit Score programs and facial recognition algorithms.)
      These people will NEVER be satisfied. We could be living in the Matrix pods, the Powers That Be would still think we have too much freedom, and start lobotomizing the power source. Quick and easy resolution to the whole Matrix “escape” problem. No more need for Zion and the war…
      And that was done in the past, too. Both the Convents and the Asylums, at different times.

  25. Reading this reminded me of one of my favorite songs from years gone by… “Sign on the wall says, today we burn the liar”. I don’t think most people would like the song or the band but tell me that these lyrics are not prescient (from 1985) in our current circumstances:

    I love life but I don’t think life loves me
    I’ll recreate my own reality
    The teachers and the preachers, they all lied to me
    There’s no end to what a kid will believe
    You don’t know what’s going on
    You believe what you’ve been told
    You don’t know what’s up
    You believe what you’ve been told
    Columbus didn’t discover america
    Jesus wasn’t the only son of god
    If he even was the son at all
    If there even is a god at all
    Man on the platform builds a funeral pyre
    Sign on the post says, “today we burn the liar”
    Unbelievable nightmare, my body’s on fire
    Wish I could just wake up, flames around me growing higher

    -Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, “I’m the Liar” (1985)

    • DRI! Haven’t heard anyone mention these guys for years. I dig ’em, though I never was hugely into their music. Still orders of magnitude better than most of the tripe people put out these days.

      Maybe what we all need is a little “violent pacification”. 😉

      • Quote: Maybe what we all need is a little “violent pacification”.

        Well, it’s been working for burn, loot, murder, and AntiFa – what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander…
        They have set the rules of engagement; we can kneel, or return fire.

  26. For those who want to take an audio deep dive into Jones and his merhods I recommend the Martyrmade podcast. there is a 7 part series on Jim Jones. None of it is light listening, but over the course of the series the host covers the politics of the time, the personalities of the followers and how Jones utilized people to further his own ends.
    First podcast :

    The host also has a series on the formation of the Israeli state.

    None of this insanity is new. History rhymes.

    • History rhymes because people are mimes. Biology, which demographics & all else is downstream of, is destiny. GOT milque? Oceans of it. Homogenized & pasteurized (cuz germ theory). So dragonfire toast it is, has been, will always be. A dwarf, a eunuch (where’s the eunuch?), a sellsword, an academic, a smuggler, an amazon, a mystic seer in an FDR wheelchair walk/roll into a bar…some people walk in the rain, others just get wet, & like fish, stay that way…may he/she/it reign, forever. Cuz the kingk is dead, long live the kingks. Cuz biology. “The science” says séances & other parlous parliaments will never grow senescent. Say it ain’t so, dementia joe, as much as ya’ want. It is so.

  27. This article nicely and succinctly captures the heart of the matter. Covid is just a new eschatological cult, albeit a secular one. The true believers and the leaders of this cult are all-in, and the Blue Origin spaceship is just beyond the comet and getting ready to take us to tomorrow-morrow land.

    I think too many gains had been made in causing members of the faithful to regain their senses. But complacency set in, so Delta/Lambda became the means to reverse the gains. You see it now in the voluntary and involuntary return of face diapering, and in the hellacious push for mandatory vaccination and the proposed and enacted societal excommunication of the unclean, particularly abroad. The talking heads, politicians, medical bureaucrats, and their lackeys are only going to raise their voices with even more stern and bizarre rhetoric – potentially fighting words. Ivey, De Blasio, Bidet, et al. are just warming up.

    Playing off of primal fear, the next and possibly final act of this play is starting. I fear that a Dark Autumn beckons.

  28. While I don’t want to see anyone get hurt or killed from the Trump shot, I think that the only hope to stopping this is if so many people die or get hurt that the harm of the Trump shot can no longer be ignored. As of July 9th, almost 11,000 people had DIED from it! Again, I don’t want to see anyone hurt (I can’t get that Nigerian woman who lost her legs to the shot out of my mind), but I don’t see any other way of derailing this but for the deaths and injuries to be so bad that they can no longer be ignored. Even if the MSM ignores the deaths and injuries as they surely will, if enough people are hurt or killed, then enough people will personally know someone who was hurt or killed, thus causing them to reconsider. I hope that this makes sense, and my prayers are with anyone who was hurt or killed by the Trump shot.

    • In general, I don’t want people to die. I don’t know most people do want others to die. You know the “but” is coming, so here it is:

      But I can’t care about other peoples’ lives more than they do.

      In fact, it is the lack of any amount of critical thinking on the part of the sheep that has made what you describe a likely outcome. And if that does not come to pass, we’re going to have the healthcare version of Bush’s “War on Terror” and it’s apparatus like the TSA for the rest of time. Precisely because of those sheep and their thirst for koolaid.

      Who are the real victims here?

      • “But I can’t care about other peoples’ lives more than they do.”

        Very well put. I’m saving that thought and using it to remind myself not to care more than they do about themselves. I do that too much.

        care more than they do about themselves

  29. When I read that bit about Her Grace Kay Ivey and saw the number of times she used the word, “folks” it jumped out at me.
    I’m not from The South so I’m not familiar with how that word is used down there all that much, but every time I hear or read of a politician or bureaucrat using that word I think of how Obama used that word all the time and how it’s some kind of dishonest attempt to be seen as ‘one of The People or, The Little Guy, or sharing the values of Mayberry Andy Griffin, The Walton’s and Little House on the Prairie all rolled into one, when their objectives are clearly the opposite once you get beyond the word, folks.
    Idk. The use of that word by them just seems to scream, “Danger! Will Robbinson! Run!”

    • Same here! I had never thought much of the word prior to Obama’s liberal (pun intended) use of the word! I always knew it was “weaponized language” after the first couple times of it being deployed.

      Did you ever notice that rather profound whistling that Obama did as he spoke? At first I attempted to correlate that with the degree of lying/manipulation that he was spewing. But that became difficult after I realized that every single thing he said publicly was specifically to advance the liberal agenda.

      “… with these folksssssss ”

      Now his sidekick that the deep state elected for us, just spews word salad and emphatically gestures. Nobody really knows WTF he saying but we know that he’s acting as hard as possible to make you believe that he’s very emphatic about it. I mean, look at his pleading hand gestures, he’s serious!

      Those folks… you people… the basket of folks-we-don’t like. They can’t stop indicating.

  30. The only good hesitant is a dead hesitant. The wretches that they are. Just plain savages, wild, feral animals.

    A pogrom is the only way to go.

    No good deed will go unpunished.

    • Amen, brother!

      But as Eric used to complain, ‘Show me the bodies stacked like cordwood’ (due to the virus, mind you, not the pogrom).

      Public Health England’s chart of Covid deaths reveals a startling lack of actual, you know, mortality. In a region of 55 million, from March through June PHE reported no Covid deaths at all in the hospital.

      Starting in July, a few deaths have occurred. The highest daily number was 12. Again, out of 55 million people in England. See for yourself:


      Likewise, in the NYT’s chart, the 7-day average of US Covid deaths was 271 on June 30, and it remains 271 on July 23. The needle has not moved. A surge in deaths is not happening.

      But Joe Goebbels … errr, Biden, sorry … says we have a full-blown existential crisis on our hands.

      Something wicked this way comes.

  31. It’s too late. It’s FAR too late. They are winning by using the unlimited power of media bombardment, medical establishment lies, tech censorship, corporate and judicial collusion, and the lying-in-wait brute force of the government.

    This movement is too highly organized to be overcome by the minority of the masses, who are unorganized and underfunded, and reeling under the sheer weight of it all.

        • RE: “Only about 10% of the population supported the Revolutionary war.”

          I read a bit from Robert Higgs & he said that wasn’t true, much much more of society generally supported the Revolutionary war.

          I think he mentioned he was going to write about it and give supporting facts and all that. …Then he retired to a beach in Mexico(?) and I haven’t read much from him since.

          Just a thought I have whenever I see the 3% or 10% tossed around.

      • This!

        This is why I keep fighting and will never give up. Even if I die in the process, martyrs provide the inspiration for future generations to rise up against their oppressors.

        Never, ever give up!

    • Hi DC,

      I share your sense of things but we must not give up, ever – until there is no life left in us. We must fight, so long as there is fight in us. Everything hangs in the balance and all it takes for our side to lose is for our side to give up before they win. They haven’t, yet. And by God I will never let them win, so long as I am alive.

      • I’m very much on the fighting side but I just feel like we’re being swallowed up piece by piece by the cancer spreading all around us. I know the phrase “it’s different this time” is one we are repeatedly cautioned against using, but I really do believe it IS different this time.

        Past revolutions were for the most part man against man and if you had manpower, will power, and sheer determination you had a real chance even if you were somewhat outnumbered, because the other side didn’t have the huge advantages of today’s opposition.

        The evil side today just has too many insurmountable advantages, from technology, bioweapons, unlimited money, government, corporate giants aiding them, media, physical barriers separating us from the elites, and our own little people (family, friends, neighbors) being our opponents when we need them as teammates.

        They took their time and carefully worked behind the scenes, for the most part in secrecy and under little suspicion, to completely disintegrate human society and set us up for this massive takeover.

        Try quarterbacking a football teal to victory when you have the opponent’s defense, corrupt officials, scoreboard operators, and corrupt commissioner’s office all deciding you will lose, and THEN add receivers who do not run routes, and the running backs, tight ends, and offensive line let the defenders blitz you with no resistance, or outright encouragement from your own teammates. This is the best relatable analogy I can give you.

        • That’s defeatist talk, DC. If you truly believe resistance is futile, what’s stopping you from getting “your” shot and wearing a mask?

          • Jim, it’s easy to put labels on what I’m saying and I can just as easily call the other side’s point of view wishful thinking. Using adages and talking about events hundreds of years in the past doesn’t amount to much because today’s world is vastly different. I’m not saying it to attack you personally. I’m just stating my view of reality and no one has offered any real contradictory evidence to my beliefs.

            The fact is, the opponent prepared for this, for decades, while we’re dazed and just hoping to peel ourselves off the ground, confused, and bereft of a plan and an organized team.

            Hope is not a plan. The obstacles we must overcome are monumental. Fuck no, no mask or GMO shot for me. They can round me up and put a bullet in my head, and I’ll take that if it comes to that, which looks more probable by the day. I’d prefer that to living in the world they are creating and being livestock.

            Quoting adages in comment sections isn’t gonna get it done. I’m just laying out reality and if anyone is offended, they need to tell me where I am wrong and what is being done to overturn this. I’ll join that fight and I’m willing to die in that fight, except it doesn’t exist because it has not been organized.

            The 2-minute warning has just been announced. The opponent has the ball, has a first down, and we are out of timeouts while they are well head on the scoreboard. It just doesn’t look good ….

            Why am I wrong?

            • DC,

              You’re not wrong. The federal government, national media and big tech have successfully propagandize a majority of the population into insanity. All the big cities are equally hopeless with crime, corruption and chaos. The economy is a house of cards and when the collapse comes you don’t want to be in a big city. Get out of the big city and move to a smaller city in a predominantly rural county, ideally in a conservative state. Get involved in a local church and other community organizations, buy local and support local businesses. Support local political candidates that support conservative/libertarian principles from mayors and sheriffs to school board members.There is a lot of chaos on the horizon and there will be opportunities to separate and rebuild, but short term the priority needs to be survival.

              • I don’t disagree with your suggestions, Griff. But “short term the priority needs to be survival” is pure selfishness. If this thing goes south, it will likely be a case of “you can run, but you can’t hide!” The focus for now needs to be on staying put–wherever we are–and resisting the tyranny with all our might.

                • Hi Jim,

                  My sentiments also as regards staying put and resisting. Running will accomplish little beyond buying some time. If this contest is lost, there will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. They will come. As a Russian who lived through what happened there.

            • They haven’t won the fight yet, otherwise we’d all be in gulags by now. As long as we can fight, we can keep them from winning. Not that our side has to win, mind you. But as long as we force them to keep fighting, this can be a very protracted struggle–giving us plenty of time to evade what’s coming while continuing to live in relative freedom.

              Also, disorganization is our strength. If our side is organized, they can easily infiltrate and control us. But it’s going to be a long, hard slog for them to run down a bunch of determined individuals who are running around in multiple directions (as opposed to the zombies all crawling along in the same direction). Think of this as a guerrilla effort on our part. Yes, the enemy is superior in many ways, but as long as we’re resisting in an unconventional manner, we can keep them from getting what they want.

                • They have already destroyed the nation, with fiat currency. That’s the whole reason for the pandemic, to distract us while they engage the “great reset”, which translates as take all the wealth remaining among the 99.9% and transfer it to the 0.1%. Which is exactly what’s going on, and is part and parcel of the economic, social, and mental health destruction imposed upon us to “save” us from COVID.

              • “They haven’t won the fight yet, otherwise we’d all be in gulags by now.”

                Why put people in an archipelago of gulags, when you can just make the entire sea a gulag?

                (That was a rhetorical question. That is exactly what has already been done.)

    • DC,
      Unfortunately I see the same inexorable march to Oblivion. That’s why I’ve taken steps to “delay” the process by going Expat.

      Picked up dual citizenship a couple years back and just came back from a “deep recon 2.0” of the Dominican Republic.
      The country definitely has a lot going for it, especially if you have some prepper proclivities. To wit:
      Very (natural) agriculturally oriented;
      We checked out some raw land about a mile from the beach on the northeast coast , near Rio San Juan. I thought the local vegetation was just greenery.
      The caretaker walked me around and the property was LOADED with edibles (at least 35 different plants)! And get this, from the roadside it looked like just plain “woods”!

      I picked up a ton of information on the trip and having my Caracas born girlfriend made everything rather simple to negotiate. (She’s a “Goodfella”)

      1 Tarea=0.155 acres
      6.5 Tareas=1 acre
      16 Tareas=1 hectare

      We will probably rent for 6 months or so then look to purchase some land and steadily build it up. If I have any deeper questions I can always ask Rafael, he checks into his house in Ft. Lauderdale every so often before he takes off back to the DR.

      The country has astounding geography, is not a sandbar, has no property tax for real estate 140k or less, is actually NOT concerned about it’s neighbor Haiti..3 military or “Cesfront” checkpoints within 5 miles of the Haitian border (actually went through them) contain immigration…that said ..

      The biggest DOWNSIDE to this country are the UBER Libertarian driving rules.

      There are none as far as I could tell! e.g.
      a) Red light? Oh I thought those were Christmas decorations.
      b)”Das Shoehorn”…3 cars abreast facing a 2 lane road…”Who Dares Wins”
      c) “Das Shoehorn Grande”….3 cars with 3 “motoconchos” squeezed into the same said, 2 lane road…….Taken quote..”Good Luck”
      Just a sampling of the free spirited Dominicans driving prowess.

      Other than that, I’m ready to give it a try!

      Semper Fi Mac

  32. When it comes to the mandatory wearing of the “star of david” in Germany, it was German jewish zionists who proposed and supported this edict. You see, it was the zionists themselves that made life in Germany uncomfortable for jews hoping that German jews would leave their comfortable lives in Germany and emigrate to what was then known as Palestine. Zionists were so brazen about this, they opposed German jews who chose to emigrate to the USA and other countries. The zionists sole purpose was to get jews to emigrate to Palestine. Unknown to most, there was extensive collaboration between the German government and the zionists. Commemorative coins were even commissioned, showing zionist support for the German state government. For further reading please obtain and read “51 Questions–Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis” by author Lenni Brenner.

    • Ah, Annie, apparently you are trying to make this sound like some kind of shocking, surprising revelation. However, what Brenner “reveals” here is not particularly shocking or even unexpected, or even unknown to many.

      The Nazi regime didn’t want those wily, wascally ol’ Jooos in their midst, Zionists wanted the Jews to leave Germany as well, to resettle in Palestine. To that extent they had a common goal. So, the German government worked hand-in-hand with the Zionists, cooperating in order to facilitate emigration. Seeing as how they had the same fundamental belief that Jews should not be in Germany they collaborated, all with the blessings of Der Führer who was very much in favor of working with the Zionists. And of course it actually was the German government who forced the wearing of the yellow stars because even if Zionists came up with the idea they had no ability to do so. (Nazis: “Gosh, Zionists, that’s a swell idea, we’ll do it!”).

      All of this of course has absolutely nothing to do with today’s idea of “marking” non-vaccinated people in some manner to make them visibly stand out other than being a convenient example. You simply cannot contain your seething hatred of Joooos and have a perverse need to inject what you believe are derogatory comments about them into unrelated discussions whenever possible.

      • I see that my friendly neighborhood jew cannot keep his comments totally truthful, always coming up with an excuse to deflect criticism from those of his “tribe”. A prominent holocaust promoter said: “anti-semitism is a “trick”, we use it all the time”. Anti-semitism used to be defined as describing someone who hates jews. Today;s definition of “anti-semitism” is someone who is hated by jews. It is FACT that zionists themselves were responsible for making life difficult for their fellow jews. Zionists DID oppose the emigration of jews to anywhere other than Palestine.
        Shalom, my friend.

      • uh you agreed with everything he said. never mind. i’ll go talk to a bucjket of paint instead. zionists and nazis both believe ithey are the chosen master races. zionists have never hidden that. whats new


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