The Glaucomic Standard

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Here is a thought experiment:

Imagine that traffic laws were premised on the limited abilities of those least-able to drive. Who could barely drive. Speed limits set to “keep safe” people who have difficulty seeing clearly in broad daylight – even with glasses. Restrictions imposed on everyone driving at night – because there are people afflicted with night blindness and they cannot safely drive at night.

“Lock downs”  of the roads – when it snows.

When it might snow.

Transportation would, of course, be crippled as a result.

As the economy – and society – have been crippled as a result of “mandates” and “guidelines” that were imposed on the basis of the same idea, in principle: The most extreme measures applied to everyone  so (supposedly) as to “keep safe” the less than 1 percent of the otherwise healthy/not-elderly population that is more than incidentally “at risk” of becoming seriously sick because of the ‘Rona and its endlessly permutating “variants.”

In fact, to establish authoritarian control over 100 percent.

Now the expectation is that the 99.8-something percent who aren’t “at risk” be forced to assume the risks of taking an ineffective and unsafe “vaccine” – for a sickness that does not ail them and which barely threatens them – for the sake (supposedly) of “protecting” the 1 percent or less of the already unhealthy/elderly population who could protect themselves far more effectively.

Who remain “at risk” of getting sick – even if everyone is eventually forced to submit to being “vaccinated,” as is already the case in places such as Israel, where practically everyone has been “vaccinated” and yet sickness not only remains, it worsens.

It is the world turn’d upside down – the march played at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

When it comes to traffic laws there is – even now – an expectation of some degree of basic competence. Laws are not – yet – tuned to the least-able driver but to most drivers – i.e., the average driver. A good example of this is the measured 85th Percentile Speed that is supposed to serve as the basis for setting speed limits – per the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, which is a federal regulatory manual that sets forth standards for traffic signage generally.

If most drivers on a given stretch off road are observed to be traveling at around 65 MPH, the recommendation, per MUTCD, is that the posted speed limit be set at about that speed, which much accrued evidence correlates strongly with the reasonable speed for that road. It is presumed to be the speed that most drivers can safely operate their vehicles at on that road.

It’s not ideal – but it’s not entirely unreasonable.

Now imagine the unreasonable. Rather than basing speed limits on the observed 85th percentile speed, they be based upon the speed of the one old lady observed crawling along at 25 MPH in her ’95 Buick Lesabre. All the other drivers forced – at ticket point – to drive no faster than 25 MPH. Accused of being “unsafe” drivers for driving any faster than the old lady’s “safe” speed.

“Reckless,” if they dare to pass her.

That is where we are with the ‘Rona Regime – with the “masks” and the Jabs.

In a world not turn’d upside down, most drivers would just drive around the old lady – who would hopefully do all she could to lessen the obstruction she presented to them, as by hewing to the right lane and even pulling off on to the shoulder, to let cars behind her get around her.

Few will deride the old lady for driving within her limits; we all have limitations in some area of life. No one faults the man who can’t swim for not jumping into the deep end of the pool – or the person afraid of heights for avoiding them.

But what of the old lady who demands that others to drive as slowly as she drives – because she can’t drive safely any faster? Or the non-swimmer who demands that pools be closed because he feels uneasy around open water?

There is a word – an expletive – that aptly describes such people. It is not necessary to utter it. It comes to mind instantly when such people are imagined.

They are the same people who imagine that it is the obligation of healthy people to pretend they are sick – and to mechanically perform various idiotic rituals, to make those who are obsessed with sickness “feel safe.” Who insist that healthy people not at much risk of becoming sick be forced to accept the very real risks of becoming permanentlysick – via the “vaccines.”

Often, these insisters are people who take terrible care of their own health. Who cannot be bothered to drop the 30 pounds of fat around their waists that places them “at risk” – but demand that people who take care not to become obese wear “masks” – and submit to Jabs.

Why not also require that everyone take (and pay for) hypertension meds because some people have high blood pressure? Or wear literal diapers, since it is possible someone might lose control – and uncontrolled feces are a potential health threat to others.

Someone might drop a deuce – and we can’t be too safe.

Or rather, too controlled.

Years ago, the wrier Kurt Vonnegut imagined this world turn’d upside down in his short story, Harrison Bergeron. If you haven’t read it, you should. What was satirical in 1961 has proved predictive, 60 years later.

Everything re-ordered to the least common denominator. Competence, a kind of affront. Limitations, practically worshipped – and those who question being limited for no good reason are shamed, excluded and probably worse to come.

It probably won’t be long before building codes are changed to prohibit structures more than a single story high – since stairs present an unacceptable risk, obstacle and affront to those who cannot climb them.

. . .

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  1. The signature of a false flag/scam/fraud attack is immediately finding the perps. That does not happen in reality. Does anyone recall the 2 black guys that drove around for a year so randomly shooting people from a low rider altered to allow a prone shooter to shoot out the rear of the vehicle. Those guys were true “lone” attackers, yeah I know there were 2 of them it took months almost year for them to be caught. That is how long it takes a government detective to catch a real independent criminal. If they are caught in a day or so it was a set up. To fight all you really need to do is go rogue.

  2. Well, I had a pleasant experience today. I met up with a client that I have not seen for almost two years. The last time we tried meeting the client had asked me to wear a mask, which I declined and we held a telephone meeting instead. I did not know what to expect today, but my guard was on high alert. Was I going to be asked to be masked? Were they going to ask my vaccine status?

    I was warmly greeted at the front door – no masks, no questions about any recent shots. Our 30 minute meeting turned into two hours after we started discussing the current Administration, the WEF, and how the jab was garbage.

    It occurred to me there may be more of us than we think. I have also concluded the following:

    1. If they ask your vaccine status, they have had the shot and your answer should be “Yes, I am vaccinated.”
    2. If they do not ask your vax status, presume they have not been vaxxed either and they have no desire to share this information.

    I still believe the best that our tyrannical government will achieve is about a 70% rate of jabbing, which will (unfortunately) include children. Thirty percent of us will not be swayed. That is a pretty significant amount to be segregated from the rest of society.

    • The only trouble is, it’s not any operations on that 30% that’s used to “persuade” them, it’s “special attention” given to a FEW, and made PUBLIC, to make “examples” of them. What specific form this will take, I can but speculate…but it could come as some judge, say, issues an order to have someone placed under house arrest, or hospitalized, merely for “Jab refusal”.

      Please remember that the Communists and the Nazis didn’t jail EVERYONE, nor did they ever have ANY intention to do so; someone out there had to work! Later on, of course, both dictatorial regimes worked out systems of labor camps; so that there was some form of “profit” in jailing political prisoners and working them, often to DEATH. It wasn’t so much how many were subject to “Nacht und Nebel”, it was how many FEARED it.

      I can see such a heavy hand being employed under the guise of “public health” or even “stamp out White Supremacy” if the present blandishments and threats to put the non-compliant on the unemployment line don’t give these power-mad tyrants what they want.

      • Hi Doug,

        I think the magical word that is being used is “domestic terrorist.” This is anyone that does not agree with the authoritarian procedures being placed on Americans now. Such examples of this, are parents arguing with School Board members for assigning their children phonographic trash to read and not falling inline with the new CRT standards set forth by today’s woke culture. This also includes anyone who refuses to admit they are “oppressors” due to nothing, but their skin color. In the olden days (like five years ago) decent people reprimanded others and stood up to segregation believing that ALL people should be judged on their merits. In the dawning of the new age of Aquarius apparently it is okay to discriminate against others that do not adhere to the protocols set forth: the dumbing down of children, the unjabbed, critical thinkers, Americans, in general, etc.

        I know we are supposed to hold up these Communists and Nazis as scary figures to be feared, but they still can’t find Brian Laundrie after a month. And we are supposed to be quivering in our boots? Apparently, if one hides along the Appalachian Trail they are invisible. It is obvious when the SHTF head to the Smokey Mountains….there is an invisible force field that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

        • Yeah, the AG general, whom I thank “Gawd” that at least the “Turtle”, Mitch McConnell, kept off the SCOTUS, has threatened those that oppose Big Ed to be Federally prosecuted as “domestic terrorists”, “white supremacists”, and so on. It’s akin to what, during Red China’s “Cultural Revolution”, whoever had fallen out of favor would be hauled out onto the streets, wearing ribbons of “shame” that spelled out their “crimes”, before they’d get a single round from a Norinco-built copy of the Tokarev TT-33…and the family BILLED for the bullet!

          Hmm…”phonographic” literature…I guess I’d better not haul out those ol’ Simon and Garfunkel LPs, then! (I know what you meant). Yes, it’s effin’ SICK, not only that this BILGE is foisted on our kids as “education”, but that WE’RE the ‘Heretics” and “Intolerant” if we object. Good. “Intolerant” I’ll be and wear it Gott-Damned Proud!

          Brian Laundrie is either dead and the bears are shatting his innards all over the Appalachians and scattering his bones for the buzzards to pick at, or, he’s skipped the country and is probably chilling on a beach in West Africa ATM, enjoying a cold one, at least until his money to keep bribing the local police holds out. I agree that Federal law enforcement is a JOKE…why, they can’t even mount up a decent “False Flag” Operation these days!

          • Should be pornographic….okay, you got me. 😂 See, this just shows how little I look at pornography since I don’t know how to spell it. Phonographic is just as bad though…..I hate still life portraits. 😜

    • It is looking more and more like a large portion of the 20% that does 80% of the work is in the 25-30% that won’t be jabbed.

      The 20% that does 80% of the work is also quickly becoming the 20% that does 90% of the work as the labor force is shrinking.

      • Hi Brent,

        Good point, but I ask where did these people go? I don’t know anyone not working so why are there so many job openings. Are people retiring in vast numbers? Maybe. Moms staying home to teach children? A few. Who are these people without a job and how do they pay the bills? The monthly child tax credit may be feasible if one has five or six kids under the age of 17.

        I visited my local deli today and they are now closing at 3 PM and are only open five days a week. Every place I drove past today had a “We’re Hiring” sign displayed on their storefront. If I believed in science fiction I would have thought Thanos snapped his fingers and killed off half of the population.

        • The Deli closes at THREE in the afternoon! Oi! Vey! Anudder ‘ting for the transplanted J-O-O-s from “New Yawk” to “kvetch” about!

      • Hi Brent,

        I’m certain it is only a matter of time before the car companies demand Proof of Jab to be allowed press cars to test drive. At which point, I’m done writing . . . about new cars.

        • How about your friendly local DMV demands “proof of Jab” to renew your Driver’s license? Yeah, I know, don’t give those “futher-muckers” any “Ideers”!!

  3. [Putting this here to make it readable, because the column is getting too narrow where it belongs]

    One aspect I have not seen mentioned with regards to the ‘Rona being “real” or not, is:

    IF the flu is a manufactured bioweapon released from a lab- then why wouldn’t it simply be allowed to do it’s “job”? Why would it need the ‘help’ of an injected mandated bioweapon (The vax) in order to achieve the evil end which we know and see the overlords orchestrating?

    In other words: Why create a bioweapon that is so feeble that it must be hyped (Else no one would notice it exists- and would just consider it the usual common flu) AND used as an excuse to propagate a true bioweapon (the vax)…if indeed there were a manufactured bioweapon released?

    And where did the normal common flu go?- because it (and it’s resulting typical number of casualties) has virtually “disappeared” if we believe the numbers/stats/egg-spurts.

    If the ‘Rona were a manufactured bioweapon released just to justify the ‘need’ for the real bioweapon (the vax), then it has also been feeble towards that end, because it has been the media and government hype, and mandates and threats and economic manipulation which have induced the fear causing hundreds of millions worldwide to take that jab….rather than any actual disease.

    So…what would have been the purpose of or need for this so-called bioweapon? If it were real, then it was totally unnecessary, and totally useless to it’s creators, be they a foreign enemy or domestic/globalist tyrants bent on genocide. It would have served exactly no purpose.

    It is nothing more than a psy-op to create worldwide fear which can be used as an opportunity to centralize power, realign economies/destroy what was left of Capitalism, and commit mass genocide.

    • Nunz – the “Rona” is the STALKING HORSE, it’s the FEAR PORN that’s the “weapon”.

      In May 1940, the Germans used panic as an effective psychological weapon. One of their tactics was to bomb NEAR a village or town, maybe a few civilians did get killed, but they took pains to not kill TOO MANY. Not out of a misguided sense of humanity (“Natzis ain’t got no ‘humanity’…and that’s why they got to be DEE-Stroyed!”, or so said Brad Pitt’s 1LT Aldo Raine, who was a direct descendant of Jim Bridger and believed he had a “little ‘Injun’ in him), though certainly quite a few Luftwaffe crews weren’t ok with bombing and/or strafing civilians. The idea was to PANIC the Belgian, Dutch, and especially the French civilians, who’d flee from their villages and town, and CLOG the roads, hampering the movement of the Allied Armies. This was especially useful as, once they’d executed their “Dyle Plan” to meet what they THOUGHT was the “Schwerepunkt”, or “heavy point”, of the German attack, they realized they’d been ‘Deked”, and the Panzers were bursting out through a weak point in the French lines at Sedan and raising merry hell in their rear.

      This was part of the reason that the Germans pulled off in six weeks what their fathers, in four years of trench warfare in the prior war, had failed to accomplish in four years. It also helped that the dreaded Stukas had their “Jericho Horns” mounted on the wings, to give a terrifying scream as they made their dive bombing run. Not only were the displaced civilians terrified, the will of the Allied armies was broken, as many gave up WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT.

      Likewise, this whole “Rona” thing was used primarily to unseat the 45th POTUS, Donald Trump, after numerous attempts to discredit him, and a pathetic attempt at impeachment and removal, had failed. Not only was it used to generate unneeded panic, it also was used to sell questionable, last-minute changes in voting procedures which greatly enabled the massive voting fraud of the 2020 election. Now, it continues to be used to discredit and marginalize political opposition, with irrational fear, often in outright ludicrous rejection of anything “scientific” (hence, where’s “THE Science”?) employed as a weapon.

      • Hey Dooglas!
        Aww, I don’t think you’re “getting” what I’m saying.

        I agree completely with you that the ‘Rona IS the excuse for all of shenanigans and tyranny……but what I’m saying is that the ‘Rona is just the common flu hyped by the Hollywood-DC-Silly-Cone Valley overlords to make the average Dylan think that there is something to fear, and thus be willing to give up their liberties, tolerate the destruction of the economy, take the jab and other idiotic harmful or ineffectual medical procedures, etc.

        If it weren’t so…they wouldn’t need to dictate all of the Kabuki and the 24/7/365 propaganda to convince people that there is a ‘pandemic”.

    • Hi Nunz,
      Good points above, I think the endgame is the so-called “vax passports”. The PTB want a “show me your papers” national ID card; the Real ID driver’s license was their first attempt but not enough of the serfs signed up because you could still get a license without the ID BS. The convid has managed to get enough of the sheeple so mentally deranged that they will do anything to get some of their life back. Most of the concert venues around here now require proof of “vaccination” along with a face diaper to enter, which really sucks because I really miss attending live performances.
      On top of that they’ve managed to whip up the jabbed masses against us to the point that it feels like we’ve become East Germany; carting us off to camps will be next. Some of the more hysterical Karens want a vax pass required to go anywhere/do anything so the Mark of the Beast may be just around the corner.

      • Hi Mike!

        It’s even worse, I suspect. I think the endgame is real-time electronic monitoring of our every act and utterance – our acquiescence to their doctrines and orders enforced by an electronic economy, with electronic money. Everything about you uploaded and updated in real time; no privacy other than your own thoughts, unexpressed (and even those will be accessed, eventually). What you are allowed to do – work, recreation, shopping – all governed automatically by electronic incentives and disincentives.

        This is coming. If we don’t stop it.

      • Hi Ya Mike!
        I agree with ya 100%- and what’s even worse is that it’s not just a country-specific thing, but rather something that is being implemented worldwide, because ultimately that is what this, and all of it’s various ramifications/tentacles (Lockdowns, passports, genocidal vaxes, destruction of economies, virtual currencies, etc.) are all about: The implementation of worldwide government- their “New World Order”. The establishment of an “enemy” that they could erect and get people everywhere to fear, and to cede their liberties to governments in exchange for ‘protection’ is what the ‘Rona is all about…and just like the supposed 9-11 Hijackers-with-box-cutters and skyscrapers collapsing into their own footprint, the enemy is created only via the actions and responses of government, and the promulgation thereof in the media.

      • PS. Mike,
        I did reply to a few of your other comments a few days ago…but in at least 2 instances, they seem to have disappeared! Funny things going on lately….like the other day, this site and several other alt media sites were down all morning…… Maybe they’re trying to “cancel” us!

        Wouldn’t surprise me if one we come here and see a page saying “We’re sorry but your regularly-scheduled sanity has been cancelled. Please navigate to for instructions on how to be a good citizen of the NWO. Have a nice day, and remember…get your vax so you can continue to enjoy bread and circuses….stop, drop and roll…only YOU can prevent forest fires….buckle up for safety…and if this had been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed on how to off yourself to save the planet” BEEEEEEEEEEEEPPpppppp.

  4. There is one thing that these leftists of various kinds never seek to cripple people to the same level in. That’s social ability. The ability to manipulate other people socially. It’s as if they resent the competitive aspect of human society in every other realm but that one.

    Most of the lefty useful idiots seem to operate under the assumption that everyone is more or less equal in this regard. Which is observably false. Many skilled people at doing different things are not very good socially, their productivity is how they get through life. But that’s unfair to leftists, so leftists steal it from them. Equalize them in that area.

    The useful idiots don’t seem to understand that the sociopaths are the ones most skilled in the singular competition they want to remain in society. Those deviants are what brings the misery, death, and destruction when the environment is changed to suit them.

  5. Wow trying to leave a comment on this tread and my iPhone is acting like it was hacked….the thing is jumping all over the place.Yikes these bastards are closing in on us fast!!!
    Glad I’m in my mid sixties and have no progeny
    WE Are in trouble 😞

  6. When I saw that old woman squinting behind the wheel, it reminded me of Mrs. “Where’s the Beef?”, Clara Peller. In the otherwise forgettable 1985 film, “Moving Violations”, Mrs. Peller is picked up at the airport by her likewise elderly friend (Nedra Volz), and somehow they end on the runway behind a taxiing Boeing 727, which, somehow, lands them BOTH in driving school…with hilarity ensuing.

  7. Here is a video by Dr. Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity discussing pretty convincing evidence that the sars-cov2 virus was created in the Wuhan lab, with funding provided by the NIH by Fauci. The request for funding was rejected by Darpa because it violated regulations against funding gain of function research, but the NIH ending up funding it. Afterward, Fauci tried to cover this up by producing phony evidence that the virus was generated naturally, not created in the lab. A cleavage site was added to the naturally occurring virus that enabled it to penetrate human cells.

    Dr. Martenson is an expert in the field of virology and really understands the technical issues involved. His research in this area in very thorough.

    Quite a neat trick by the government. First they fund creation of the virus, then they push these dangerous vaccines on us to protect us from the very virus that their own research created. If there were such a thing as Nuremberg trials for this, the people responsible for this would be treated with about the same justice as the actual Nuremberg criminals in Nazi Germany were treated. Unfortunately, only the losing side in a war is treated to this type of justice.

    • I agree, Martin!

      This would also help to explain the belligerence of the “vaccine” pushers. They need to cover up the mess. By forcing almost everyone to submit to the “vaccine,” they keep the manufactured crisis going – by assuring people continue to get sick, whether from the “vaccine” itself or because the “vaccine” makes people more likely to get sick. What they cannot abide is a large control group or healthy, not-“vaccinated” people as this would make it obvious that the “vaccines” are the problem now and that would shift attention on the source of all of these problems.

      • My theory is that the “virus” story was created to force people into a jab (or 2 or 3 or more).

        If the “virus” leaked from a lab, it was still a nothing burger without the constant fear porn and manipulation of the PCR in order to CREATE a crisis.

          • I would say it isn’t about the vaccine either. It’s about the “great reset” world wide ID called a vaccine passport. To track every where you go, who you talk to, what was said, how much of your now tiny amount of money you spent, and on what, etc.

          • Exactly Eric. The World Economic Forum (and those behind it) have been directing this from behind the scenes, from the start. But it takes quite a bit of well directed research and study to connect the dots. This is the end result of more than a century of effort by those behind all of these various projects. As Rothbard was fond of saying “I’m not interested in Conspiracy Theory. I’m interested in Conspiracy Fact”. Watch for “Cyber Terrorism” to increase next.

        • The “fear porn” IS the weapon, the “virus” is what’s known from tactics as a “stalking horse”. And the American public not only fell for it, they’ve been CONNED into turning on those that warn them it’s all BS.

          • Exactly, Douglas! ‘Cause if the ‘Rona were a manufactured ‘bio-weapon’ , then it would have been the most feeble ineffective one ever created, because it doesn’t affect 99.8% of the population, and only kills the frail and or very elderly.

            If it were real, they would not have had to propagate lies on the Tee-Vee 24/7 and push medical tests which have a 90% false positivity rate, nor would they have had to prod the cattle into wearing muzzles in order to give credence to the “reality” of the phony pandemic.

            If it were real, we’d all have dead family and friends and neighbors all around us, and people wouldn’t need government tyranny forcing them to practice ridiculous ineffective Kabuki- because people would be taking actual precautions.

            Instead, among all of my relatives, contacts, acquaintances and friends, there has been exactly one ” ‘Rona-related” death in the last 2 years- and that person was 90 years old, and it was likely the “treatment” of (response to) the phony ‘positive’ test she received from a hospital where she went when she got the flu, killed her. (And bear in mind, that this relative -as well as a few others of mine- lived right at “Ground Zero”- the Flushing section of Queens, NYC. where all of the signs are in Chinese.)

            The REAL bio-weapon of course, is the vax- and the ‘Rona is nothing more than the seasonal flu exacerbated by a response of highly increased fear now, every time someone gets the sniffles; and by the actions of the state-sanctioned white-coat witch doctors who will help the Grim one Reap you if you are labeled as ‘Rona-positive; and above all else, the non-stop lying and fear-porn emanating from the media and Uncle’s institutions, in order to create the illusion that there is something dreadful to fear…so that the majority will accept- willingly or by coercion, the real bio-weapon.

            If they had wanted to create a true bio-weapon virus, they could certainly do so- and it would be far more effective than the flu- but this they would not do, because they would not be able to control it- and thus not only risk having it affect them and theirs, but would lose control of the panicking masses, which is the very opposite of what they are seeking to achieve. Conversely, a phony pandemic in which the ‘cure’ is the real weapon, allows them perfect personal safety, as well as discretion as to whom they kill…and who they just make dependent- while allowing them to bring the entire world under control while implementing virtual worldwide martial law without actually declaring it, nor most people even seeming to realize it nor care.

            This is really the only scenario to explain what we are witnessing, which ticks all of the boxes and makes sense.

      • It’d also uncover that there are OTHER means to deal with COVID, either from a PREVENTIVE standpoint, or, if infected, THERAPEUTIC means. Hence why the hysteria in the media about Ivermectin as “Horse Goo”, implying those that use it are some form of perverted sicko that in effect commits bestiality with stallions. That’s how ridiculous it’s become.

        As for myself, RECENTLY had a COVID swab test (“brain tickle”) at Kaiser, which I got since I had to get some lab work done at that particular clinic anyway, and I liked the price, which, as Bluto told the Delta pledges of the purloined brew, “Don’t cost nuttin'”. It’d didn’t take FIVE minutes to do, it took FOUR, very efficient operation. Result: NEGATORY. While of course, that’s “good”, the trouble is, it wouldn’t tell me if I’ve EVER had it, so how can I know that my campaign of diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements is effective? Of course, they’re what I should be doing ANYWAY to promote my health, best as I know how, and maybe THAT’s the message these “fear porn mongers” want to silence, most of all: If you’re DILIGENT, and assuming you haven’t had “bad luck” with unforeseen and unpreventable maladies, about your general health, the odds are with you that this COVID thing isn’t a significant threat!

    • From early on I believed the ‘virus’ walked out of that lab on someone’s shoe. (accidently released or poor protocols for disposing of waste, animal test subjects ect) The Chinese gov’t reacted by building those three hospital buildings rather quickly once they realized the scope of the virus.
      Fear drives the continuing cover-up and the ‘warp speed’ development of the vaccine-not a vaccine- How might the world’s population react if one) there was no doubt that it came out of a lab the US funded with Chinese help and two) an actual vaccine is at least a decade away? An angry population with little near term hope.
      Point is all this kabuki theater will continue.

      • Oh wow, I just skimmed it, but this a pretty big smoking gun. The media will never bring it to the American people’s attention though.

        • Of course not RG. They are the Ministry of Truth for those who own them and most of the politicians. The function of a mass media is to create, shape, and misinform public opinion.

    • Wuhan and lab leaks are a red herring to attract red teamers to accept the premise that the amalgamation of symptoms typical to colds and flus is a singular virus that is “real” and “novel.” Plus internecine struggle for dominance has Team Pfizer wanting Fauxchi thrown under the bus so they can profit off of therapeutics rather than rely on his vax only strategy that benefits Moderna. If you believe any of it, you believe all of it.

      • Similar to what you’re saying, I’ve always thought that the lab leak thing is a way to get people to avoid the obvious recognition that this is just another cold/flu like we’ve seen forever.

        I mean, reduce it to extremes. “Lab leaked oxygen”… and nobody cared. “Lab leaked… [mild pathogen]”… and the entire world flipped its shit?

        No, no. Like you’re saying, to believe it, to care about the particulars, is to embrace the insanity on their level.

        If you’re going to believe that where it was released is somehow important, then yes, you have to believe it is something more than a mild pathogen. You have to believe it was some sort of “China is taking over the world with deadly virus” conspiracy theory.

        Not that major amounts of (essentially) “conspiracy” didn’t occur. Just that any MSM angle, however slight, is the poisonous “life of the devil”! If they’re saying it. If they’re allowing it to be said. It’s a lie. or a distraction. or a distortion or misdirection… that all leads to the same place.

        • Indeed, let’s dispose of the Devil before we start worrying about who let him in the door. After the dust settles, if indeed it does, we can sort out who was the criminal mastermind behind it.

        • When the MSM touches this stuff, the partisan angle is blindingly obviously. When guys like the Martenson guy mentioned above or other alt sites accept the premise of the “one thing” virus and play around with various related scandalous scenarios, it’s probably because no matter what, it’s the story of the day and so it drives clicks and eyeballs and $. Some are rabbit holes and some are real. I like Jon Rappoport’s approach of being able to think within and without of the narrative because some of these ancillary controversies are worth investigating, albeit for other reasons.

          • Jon Rappoport wrote multiple articles doubting the existence of the virus. It’s pretty clear based on the evidence that this is a real virus. It has actually been documented as to the cleavage site that was created to enable the virus to enter human cells. By sticking to the story that the virus doesn’t even exist, Rappoport comes across as being not credible.

            Of course the virus is not all that dangerous, and it is being mercilessly exploited by the deep state as part of their effort to destroy the middle class, strip away our civil liberties, and promote their ultimate objective of implementing the “great reset”. But by denying that the virus even exists, Rappoport damages his own credibility.

            • The same people who say the “one virus” exists say it is very dangerous. You trust then to be truthful about one but believe they lie about the other?

              As you may know, Jon R. has been investigating, publishing books and blogs on these topics and the usual suspects involved for more than 30 years now, that past dozen or so I’ve followed closely. To me, this makes him far more knowledgeable and credible in these matters than Mr. Peak Prosperity, who, though perhaps well intentioned, is a neophyte in these matters and appears to be propagating a secondary narrative that has the effect of cementing the foundation of the overall “one virus to explain the sickness, deaths and need for totalitarian control” narrative, which is false.

              As far as the lab leak theory specifically, Nunzio’s comment above sums up the reality of the situation and is in line with what Jon R. has been saying from the beginning of the latest iteration of medical fraudulence.

              • I don’t trust any of the deep state sources or mainstream media. The reason I believe the virus is real is because of the scientific evidence in support of this. The actual strands of rna that were transplanted to create the cov2 virus have been identified, and they do not occur in nature. If the virus is not even real, why did Fauci and his fellow conspirators go to so much trouble to cover up the lab leak and create a false story that the virus was natural in origin?

                Dr. Martenson is not a propogandist working for the deep state. He is an expert in this field. He looks closely at the data and draws his own conclusions based on the data. If he were a deep state propogandist, he wouldn’t be doing videos exposing the attempted coverup of the lab leak. He has also done a video exposing the excellent safety profile of ivermectin, as opposed to the very dangerous safety profile of remdesivir.

                Regarding Rappoport, I am not disputing some of the excellent work he has done exposing this whole scam. But he damages his own credibility by denying the existing of a virus for which the scientific evidence is pretty overwhelming.

                • Martin,
                  If it’s “very dangerous”, then how come it only endangers those with compromised immune systems, co-morbidities, and the very elderly? (Average age of those who die from the ‘Rona: 84) just like….the typical flu?

                  And why then are all of the government-media lies necessary? -The manufactured “overwhelmed hospitals” (When in fact, most hospitals were ghost towns); the use of tests which have a 90% false positive rate? The categorizing of people who die from any cause as Rona deaths if it just so happened to be that had tested positive via the aforementioned test at any time prior to their death? Why the allowing and MANDATING of a vaccine which not only has been proven to NOT protect from the Rona, but poses more of a risk to both healthy and compromised people than the actual disease it is supposed to protect against? Why the mandating of medically useless masks to create the illusion of a ‘pandemic’ if one really exists? Why the outlawing of truly effective and safe drugs, like Ivermectin and Hydrocloxi-whatever, while mandating useless and dangerous masks, lockdowns, jabs, etc.?

                  I could go on with all of the absurdities…but you get the gist…. But if you don’t “get it” after having seen this absurd charade play out for almost 2 years now- which, even if you think the ‘Rona is real would at least force you to admit that all of their practices have been useless at best, and counter-productive at worst….then I guess you never will.

                  • Hey Nunz,

                    Martin didn’t say that the virus is “very dangerous”, he said, “…as opposed to the very dangerous safety profile of remdesivir”. He was comparing the relative safety of Ivermectin to remdesivir, not asserting the “very dangerous” nature of the virus.

                    You write,

                    “But if you don’t “get it” after having seen this absurd charade play out for almost 2 years now- which, even if you think the ‘Rona is real would at least force you to admit that all of their practices have been useless at best, and counter-productive at worst….then I guess you never will”.

                    Here’s what Martin wrote,

                    “Of course the virus is not all that dangerous, and it is being mercilessly exploited by the deep state as part of their effort to destroy the middle class, strip away our civil liberties, and promote their ultimate objective of implementing the “great reset”.

                    I think Martin “gets it”.


                    • Hi Jeremy,

                      Thanks for the clarification. I thought I made it very clear that I don’t think the virus is particularly dangerous, except perhaps to those who are very immune compromised.

                      My only dispute with Hatteraszek is over the question of whether or not the cov2 virus actually exists. I am not any kind of expert in the field of virology. Everything I learned has been over the last few months reading about this whole covid insanity and how it has been used to attack our civil liberties. But Dr. Martenson is an expert in this field. His arguments for the existence of the virus seem pretty convincing to me. If it turns out that subsequent evidence shows that the entire cov2 virus is nothing but a non-existent hoax, I’ll be happy to admit that I was wrong!

                    • Thanks, Jeremy!
                      And my apologies to Martin!

                      I tend to skim sometimes…. I shouldn’t reply to a comment until I have the time to actually read it carefully first!

                • Hi Martin,

                  Yes, you made it clear that you don’t think that the virus is very dangerous. Is the virus real? I don’t have an opinion, as that question seems, at best, of tangential importance. Whether the virus exists or not, the response to “it” is very real, and very dangerous.


                  • The issue, and I think, though not sure, what Nunzio was saying is that your hypothetical normie who believes the falsehood of “one virus” would be inclined, if not totally persuaded, to believe the liars when they also say “it’s very dangerous”, which they do, repeatedly. This is the problem with the “kernel of truth” argument. You are promoting the idea that sometimes they tell the truth and then you get into the weeds of parsing when. Hence, if you believe any of it, you believe all of it.

                    • Hi Hatt,

                      My response to Nunzio was about his misunderstanding of Martin’s view on the danger of Covid. Martin clearly stated that the virus is not “all that dangerous”. My response to you and John was not about whether the virus exists or not, but whether this question is important in convincing “normies” that something awful is going on.


                  • Replying here to most recent because thread ran out. My point being, which I wrote to Martin, the same folks who posit the “one virus” theory say “it’s very dangerous.” Thus my preceding comment about my understanding of Nunzio’s comment.

                • Replying here to you latest post because thread ran out. For the record, according to the bio I read, Chris Martenson, PhD (Duke), MBA (Cornell) is an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, and co-founder of Peak Prosperity. Reading further, Martenson’s scientific background is far in his past (more than 20 years ago). I guarantee you he wasn’t researching/writing books or blogs about phony viruses and pandemics and the scams surrounding them, a la Jon R., prior to March 2020.

            • Have you seen, with your own eyes, any of this evidence? Other than what someone wrote about it? Corona viruses have always been among those that cause the flu. This one was separated out and weaponized with a long list of “facts” manufactured out of thin air, with a test that doesn’t work and is easily manipulated, as it was, and symptoms more likely attributed to the extremely unhealthy life styles we live. Could it be from a Chinese lab? Anything is possible, and just because it’s called a BSL4 lab doesn’t make it so. If it was a BSL4, nothing COULD escape it.

              • Hi John and Hatt,

                I may be wrong, but I think the broader point that Martin is trying to get across is that claiming that the virus isn’t real is counterproductive. Unfortunately, “our” freedom is greatly affected by the beliefs of “normies”. “We” need to convince some portion of the “normie” crowd that the response to Covid is irrational, anti-scientific and harmful; that they need to refuse to comply with the insane policies, for their own sake. Is this possible? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure that any attempt at persuasion that begins with “the virus isn’t real”, will alienate more people than it convinces.


                • First, how can speaking truth be “counterproductive”? How does accepting and promoting lies help you persuade people? They do that. Even if it might be convenient, I don’t live the life of the lie that the virus has been isolated (is real) except in instances where I explicitly state that only reason I am accepting the premise is for the sake of argument.

                  Second, I never said that’s where I begin attempts at persuasion. Every time I talk to a “normie”, the first thing I say is “sickness is real, death is real.” Then I talk about how all the officially designated symptoms are exactly the same as colds and flus with no exceptions (something crazy like bleeding from the eyes). Then I talk about how well known it is how the flu and pneumonia kill many people each year, mainly the old & frail but also sometimes young people and how, miraculously there were almost 0 flu cases concurrent with convid. Then I talk about the faulty PCR test and Kary Mullis. Then I talk about how medical errors kill upwards of 250,000 people each year and how allopathic medicine should really be deemed “sick care” and is primarily a form of drug dealing. Then I talk about Jon R.’s research about AIDs in the 80s/90s, another “sickness” made up out of whole cloth and how the current scam is so similar and involves exactly the same people as the convid scam, people who are financially and morally conflicted beyond belief. It’s at this point I normally conclude with the point that, according to “science” and official (gov’t) acknowledgment (see link above) the virus has never been isolated.

                  • Hi Hatt,

                    I don’t accept or promote lies. Choosing not to disclose everything one believes is neither lying, nor promoting a lie. I follow a similar persuasion path as you, but it varies depending on who I am trying to persuade. There is no definitively correct approach here. I don’t know if the virus is real or not, I don’t really care. What I do know is that the response to “it” is insane, harmful and anti-scientific.

                    Kind Regards,

                    • Jeremy, you are quite right. The approach has to be adapted to suit the audience. You don’t quote statistics and research data to people who have no grasp of either. At this point it doesn’t really matter if it escaped from an alleged BSL4 lab or not. What does matter is holding those who gave in to panic, or are knowingly involved in this massive psych op, accountable for their actions. On a lighter note, JP has a new video. Have you seen it? I have no idea how he continues to evade our Google Over Lord’s ban hammer.

                  • Just for “giggles and shits”….

                    How many cases of AIDS or HIV-positive have been diagnosed in the past, say, FIVE years? How many have gone from HIV+ to “full blown” AIDS, and how many have DIED? I realize that there’s been advancements in diagnosis and treatments over the some 35+ years since this thing exploded in the public consciousness, but it’s not as if “gay bois” aren’t still fucking each other in the ass, or other equally LURID means that apparently this disease got spread. So, did AIDS just magically get eradicated? A good thing if it has been, but not that I’ve heard of that!

                    Sometimes I wonder if indeed the whole damned COVID thing, akin to what I suspect of the AIDS thing, hasn’t been one magnificent Psyop!

                    • Jon R. has done many deep dives on this. The biggest takeaway is that the symptoms of AIDS came to encompass almost every symptom of sickness you could imagine. Faucet was THE major player. He advised a number of celebs with “it” to take AZT, all of whom died, except Magic Johnson, who declined and is alive today.

                  • I never suggested that speaking the truth is counterproductive. I would never advocate not speaking the truth. What I suggested is that, if the weight of scientific evidence is that the cov2 virus really does exist, then claiming that it does not exist is not speaking the truth.

                    I am certainly no expert in this field. I believe that BAC is in fact an expert in this field, based on information he provided about himself in previous posts. My recollection is that he did not agree with the cov2 virus not being real, but I might be mistaken. I would love to have him comment here if he is reading this.

                    I know that my own doctor, who is an expert in the field of life extension and has published a book in this field, certainly believes that the virus is real. He is the one who initially referred me to Dr. Martenson and Peak Prosperity. It seems very credible to me that the virus was developed in the Wuhan lab, since it was specifically working on doing gate of function research, and the NIH was surreptitiously funding this research. After the virus “escaped”, the Chinese government seemed to panic and was locking people in their homes. Why would they react this way if this was not a real virus. Furthermore, since the Chinese government has taken the blame for releasing the virus, if the virus was not real, why wouldn’t the Chinese government come out and say this, to deflect blame from themselves. And, according to Dr. Martenson, the exact cleavage site where the the cov2 virus was altered has been identified, with a rna sequence that has not been found in nature. To me, all of this evidence leads me to believe that the virus is real.

                    Now, I agree with Jeremy that, in a way, this really doesn’t matter. Whether the virus is real or not does not change the fact that the governments of the world have decided to “never let a crisis go to waste” and have used this crisis, real or imagined, to turn the world into a medical totalitarian state. That is ultimately what is important about this whole wretched affair.

                    My only point is that, if the weight of scientific evidence is that the virus is in fact real, than anyone who argues that the virus is not real has thereby called into question his entire argument. He can be accused of being crazy because of his belief in the unreality of the virus, even if the rest of his argument about the government’s reaction to this is entirely valid.

                    • You constantly refer to evidence, yet supply none beyond a personal anecdote and the word of a man who studied science in the 90s but has been a professional stock jobber for at least 20 years but who apparently broke out his dusty old electron microscope to determine, yep, the virus is real because of this cleavage right here, and China’s to blame to boot. Accepting the foundational premise of the scam and trying to argue against the subsequent actions is what is not credible, not the other way around.

              • There has been so much outright BS and prevarication that it strains credulity to trust those that (1) contradict themselves (2) have an obvious selfish agenda (3) have removed ACCOUNTABILITY for themselves and those that they front for.

                I feel just like the fictional Captain James Tiberius Kirk when, his others awed by the light show on that fictional planet where “Gawd” resides, and having heard His “request” to use the Enterprise, raises his finger, and sez: “EXCUSE ME? What does ‘Gawd’ NEED with a SPACESHIP?”

                • DLS (Oooo! Is that a play on ‘LDS’?)

                  Imagine how it would look if one day the masses woke up and realized that any statistics assembled around tests which give a 90% false positive rate are no different than anything Dr. Seuss could pull out of his decomposed ass? Just that ONE realization would destroy the whole narrative- but sadly, even the alt media runs with the BS- “Cures that work without the egregious consequences of the vax”…..for a disease which is nothing more than a common ailment we’ve all had several times since childhood, but now which has a new name.

                  • DLS is my initials, and if I were that much of what the kids term a “douchebag”, I’d have it monogrammed on my luggage. Along with that combo 1-2-3-4-5. But I am a Latter-Day Saint…not always the most observant one. As I’ve often quipped: “I’m a ‘practicing’ Mormon…and with enough ‘practice’, I might get it right some day”.

                    Yeah, let’s see…the mortality rates of those that croak with the “Rona” have been…the SAME as before the disease was “discovered”. And the actual numbers of folks dying of a full-blown infection, similar to how at times during “flu season”, it cut a swatch like a loggerhead turtle making it’s way through a bunch of bobbing jellyfish (it’s impervious to their stings) through the elderly and those who already had a foot in the grave.

                    Methinks it’s not the “Jab” that’s the weapon, thus far, it’s the FEAR PORN…and a way to find out who the “compliant” are, and who are NOT. I can see further screws being turn, like banking regs that prohibit issuances of ATM cards or even opening of bank accounts to the un-vaxxed, requiring states to refuse to renew DLs, and so on. Could then the REAL weapon, if one’s contemplated, be injected into the compliant? Probably NOT necessary, their HUMANITY is already gone.

  8. well you cant have true “equality” until everyone is brought down to some idiocracy standard. A mentally healthy merit based society would never place idiots on a pedestal like what we have today in our social media/celebrity/tiktok/victim based society. . Its communism 101. Rule by the elites over the gruntng subhuman deracinated masses. Hows that fun even for the elites? No idea but thats their wet dream I guess. I would blame the jews but with Israel going full covidocracy now I have my doubts. Who besideas a few turds like Gates benefits?

    • Hi Mark,

      In re: “How’s that fun even for the elites?”

      We err when we use normal standards of value. For the elites, power – for its own sake – is very fun. See O’Brien’s explanation of this to Winston in 1984.

        • John, their motives are quite simple. Power and control over all aspects of peoples lives. We are dealing with a world wide Cult here.

          • I know WHAT they are, but that doesn’t help me understand them. These are “people” who might as well be extraterrestrials as far as understanding goes. Sociopaths and psychopaths are completely unaware of normal human virtues, unless they think they can harness one to help them. Sympathy, charity, remorse, etc. have no other value to them at all.

            • The frizzy-haired guy on “Ancient Aliens”, Giorgio Tsoukalas, would say that indeed it’s “ET” that guides and directs this sociopaths and psychopaths…implying that the “little green guys” are themselves highly MALEVOLENT.

      • Hi Eric,

        These people are really twisted. These rich dynastic families like Rockefeller, Bush, Clinton, Kennedy, Gates, Soros. These people have more money than they could possibly spend in 100 lifetimes. But they can’t just enjoy their fabulous wealth and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

        When I retire, all I want to do is to live by the beach, walk along the beautiful Pacific Ocean, breathe in that wonderful ocean air, and enjoy my life as much as I possibly can. I can’t imagine having any desire to tell any other human being how to live or to control anyone’s life besides my own. Too bad my beautiful state of California is being destroyed by a bunch of power-mad dictators.

    • Blaming ALL jews for the machinations of THEIR elite few is yet another “stalking horse”. As you pointed out, the high portion of “breakthrough” cases in Israel utterly belies any notion of this thing being a “Jooish” conspiracy.

      • Exactly Doug. But very few people have ability to focus on that reality. There is also a difference between Jews and the government of Israel.

        • The government of Israel has all the evil faults of any other. government. One of them being the expropriation of the “holocaust” and “antisemitism” it commonly uses to defend its insanity. Blaming Jews for Israel is like blaming Christians for the inquisitions.

          • “Blaming Jews for Israel is like blaming Christians for the inquisitions”. That has to be the BEST way to ‘splain it I’ve ever heard.

    • Exactly, Mark3. We see that very thing being practiced in every big (librul) city today….and look at the results! Once-beautiful cities reduced now to steaming piles of garbage and corruption with feces on the sidewalks and any functional productive sane people long gone, while the still-functional-but-crazy pay over a million dollars for some 100 year-old 15′ wide box to call a home, where “the homeless”(winos and drug addicts) piss on their front stoop, and the view out of their front (and often only) window is of cars, cement and ugliness- and for this they pay tens of thousands of dollars a year in property taxes as their Mini-Cooper is swallowed by the huge pot-holes, as the politicians dine on caviar with their money.

      Apparently their idea of “equality” is destruction- of economy and culture and infrastructure and liberty. But tell the cretins they’re successful because they own the stoop and get to pay those taxes on it, instead of just being able to piss on it….and the crazies will be content, apparently- cause that is modern urban life, for which so many vie.

  9. I also got a 404 error message today. Haven’t sent you a $$ in a while. I will correct that now. Keep up the fight. We all need to kick ass on the MoFo’s. They are going down.

    • Thanks, Ugg!

      Let me know if you continue to have any problems; the new computer guy and I are trying to sort everything out. Really appreciate the support!

      • Hey Eric!
        This site was indeed down for a while Friday morning. Even checked it on…..they couldn’t even get a response from the server. A few other truth/alt news sites were down at the same time…I thought maybe the purge had begun!

  10. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor refused to block a requirement that all of New York City’s public school teachers and employees be vaccinated.

    My body, my choice‘ — except when it comes to dangerous mRNA vaccines.

    Did we expect any less from a ‘justice’ appointed by the saintly Obama, who executed four Americans in cold blood with drone strikes?

    • Unlike NYC teachers who face firing, Sonia Sotomayor has a lifetime federal sinecure with a multi-million-dollar pension benefit.

      And she’s exempt from FJB’s vaccine mandates.

      As the British expression goes, I’m alright, Jack.

      Shame about the sorry likes of you louts.

      • That “See-You-Next-Toosday” on the highest of courts may suffer the likely fate of the Phony POTUS and not cash in on that pension, if they keep pushing things too far.

    • Did you expect that Libtard “EEO Baby” of a SCOTUS justice that “O-Bummer” foisted upon the Court to do OTHERWISE?

  11. Ok, I just saw what I think is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Even dumber than people going for a run with a muzzle on. I was out for a walk and got to the street, when a guy on a sport bike rode by. No helmet, but it’s his head, so whatever. No eye protection, which is a little concerning, but it’s his eyes. And wearing a face diaper. WTF?

    • Jim, was his name Alice? (These well could be, and people would barely notice)- because you do know that this is Wonderland….not America, anymore- so nothing has to make sense. I mean, why would someone who wears a muzzle which is totally ineffective at preventing the dpread of a disease which they don’t have actually do anything that makes sense- like protect their peepers from bugs a debris pelting them at 70MPH?

      • Nunz, making sense isn’t the point. Control of all aspects of every ones life is. The various Cultists (Deadly Vid, Climate “Change”, Systemic “Racism” and all the rest),
        are a symptom of the underlying infiltration, and subversion of most of our major institutions. The intent behind this is to create enough chaos, to have most people
        begging for the Tech Lords and those behind them to “save” us. If you thought 2020 was bad, wait until winter hits this year. You’ve not seen anything yet.

        • Absotively, BJ. But the motorcicle guy just illustrates how they get away with this crap so easily and on a mass scale- because people are retarded and insane- they do what is illogical and pointless out of fear….but yet do not give so much as a passing thought to the clear and present dangers which actually confront them.
          They’ll don a stupid muzzle because they are pelted with sound-bytes every 5 seconds telling them to do so….they will wear a gown and a square hat when they graduate from government conformity camp, because everyone else does it….but they will gleefully zip down the road at 70MPH and say “Oww!” 100 times as their face and eyes get pelted with tiny missiles…..

    • There’s precious little for that brain bucket, for which SOME jurisdictions would cite him ANYWAY, even though supposedly he’s an adult, to actually PROTECT.

  12. “There is a word – an expletive – that aptly describes such people. It is not necessary to utter it. It comes to mind instantly when such people are imagined.” That’s cool, I’m not going to utter the word right now. However, there’s a word I haven’t heard you use in quite some time – Clover. Did you get away from using that word? Replace it with something else?

    “Who cannot be bothered to drop the 30 pounds of fat around their waists…” Only 30? How about 100?

  13. Eric, both the Brave browser and the Safari browser are telling me that your site is unsafe. You must be on somebody’s list.

    Anyway, this reggae singer is a vax non-complier. I heard this catchy tune on my Telegram app, but you can listen to it on his Instagram page if you have an account.


    I Won’t Comply

    Covid 9 Tunes

    -I don’t have it

    -because I never got it

    -’cause I don’t want it

    -’cause I don’t trust you

    . . .

    Yet you still insist,
    I need a proof of vaccination to exist

    And so the lies persist
    But some of us can tell and you bet we will resist

    I hope you know it’s plain to see
    the pseudo-science you misuse on the tv

    and all the power you abuse
    to keep the people confused and afraid

    How is this still going on?
    This stuff’s been going for way too long

    If you ain’t blind you can see that this is wrong
    and I won’t comply,
    not me, no way

    I may be wrong and after all I’m just a singer
    but I’m not afraid to use my brain and middle finger

    So go ahead and do your thing
    but I’m not taking anything

    These vaccine passports are a crime
    and so I sing –

    Hell no,

    Am I gonna get it?

    Hell no, H-E-double L-N-O,

    Do I trust the government?

    Hell no,

    Will I comply?

    HELL NOoooo, H E -double L- N O !

      • hmm, I’ll check – I deleted an anti-advertising app some time ago, but there might be something else I’m not aware of. It’s funny that the warning messages just started this afternoon, right after the brief outage of Eric’s site.

        • Hi Snap,

          Please try reloading the site and let me know whether there are any issues – same (please) for others reading this. We have – hopefully – solved this problem….

          • A possibility is that it’s a Cert issue and browser settings for Cert inspection. Individuals ISP may have ‘deep Inspection’ turned on as well.

            • Hi Manse,

              The weird thing is, I don’t get the “not private” message on my laptop; only on my desktop. Both are Macs, accessing the ‘Net via the same Internet Service (in my house). Any ideas?

        • Brave’s add blocker can be turned off for a specific site, for the current time you’re on it. You don’t need to disable it entirely. Indeed some sites will not function while its on. I can’t update any Intel products while it’s on.

          • Good news is, Brave is working better – must be the tweeks Eric’s computer guy made. Haven’t had any issues today. And yes, the ad blocker feature works well – I turn it off on good sites that would like to run ads.

  14. ‘the risks of taking an ineffective and unsafe “vaccine” — eric

    I’ve watched dozens of videos about covid vaccines. This one is the most devastating yet:

    Why? Because attorney Thomas Renz has gotten access, through whistleblowers, to the entire Medicare claims database, covering 18% of the US population. No under-reporting, as with voluntary VAERS. Results:

    Deaths within 14 days of a covid shot

    Over 80 years old ……. 28,065
    Ages 65 to 80 ………… 19,400
    TOTAL …………………. 47,465

    That’s 6.8 times higher</b? than the 6,981 deaths (of all ages) reported to VAERS.

    As Renz admits, not ALL deaths within 14 days of a shot can be blamed on the vaccine. But realistically, many can.

    In the 28-minute video, you can see that Renz is deeply infuriated by this murderous cover-up. He taunts AP News and the WaPo to ‘fact check this‘ — knowing that they CAN’T contradict him, because his pristine, comprehensive data is straight from Medicare.

    Two words, Dr Fauci: Nuremberg Codex.

    • Good for him! I wonder how they know whether the death was within 14 days of the con-jab?

      I know of at least 4 people who fit the 65-80 death slightly over 14 days (2-3 months), as well as one who suffered greatly (63 yo, otherwise healthy), and died several months after being jabbed. I have a feeling these aren’t counted in the numbers.

      Also know of two more (one in his 50’s) who now have T-cell or stage 4 lymphoma within weeks of the jab. Again, not likely to show up in a database.

      The numbers are likely even bigger than what Renz can substantiate. We’ll probably never know the total death toll from these murderous demons.

      • Medicare pays for covid vax shots, with the date recorded. Likewise, date of death is recorded. The database is queried to spit out all cases with 14 days difference or less.

        One thing worries me: the baseline effect. Close to 2 million seniors die every year. In any two-week period, around 74,000. If Renz’s data cover 8 months, then one would expect about 49,000 deaths from natural causes, almost matching his total.

        Philosophically, I’m 100% behind Thomas Renz. He mentions having statisticians as expert witnesses. But raw data doesn’t prove excess deaths, until ordinary baseline deaths are subtracted. I sincerely hope this issue doesn’t trip him up.

      • The CDC just moves the goal posts further out to consider someone recently “Jabbed” as UN-Vaccinated. Eliminates accountability.

  15. I happened to be on the page before the hack.

    The first eight comments:

    Mike October 1, 2021 At 8:58 am
    I’d contend the USA was mortally wounded in 1861 by the first tall tyrant from Illinois and has been dying a slow death since. The last 18 months are the final gasps. NWO, Resets, whatever its called is the same old tyranny that’s plagued man from the beginning.

    Jim H October 1, 2021 At 8:47 am
    Senator Rand Paul rips HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra for refusing to admit that acquired natural immunity is superior to vaccines, in a 6:46 video:

    Dumb-as-a-rock Californicator Becerra refuses to acknowledge a single point made by Senator Paul, blowing him off with obtuse bureaucratic boilerplate to conceal the fact that Becerra is a mediocre lawyer who hasn’t read a medical trial paper in his entire life.

    Becerra is one of many affirmative action hires, selected to check diversity boxes, in the FJB administration. His blank, uncomprehending stone face shows he’s thick as a brick.

    eric October 1, 2021 At 9:03 am
    Thank you for posting RP’s video, Jim – it was devastating. Assuming the viewer isn’t a religious fanatic. Becerra is typical of the bureaucratic apparatchik. One size fits all, do as we say. No discussion. No objection. He’s despicable. A complete creep who should be in prison given what he is doing and has been doing.

    Jim H October 1, 2021 At 9:18 am
    ‘Becerra has recounted how his father started out picking vegetables in the fields. “He got treated like he wasn’t a citizen,” Becerra recalled in 2017. “He couldn’t walk into restaurants because the sign said ‘No dogs or Mexicans allowed.’ — LA Times

    Now a grown-up Becerra exacts revenge for his dad’s [probably apocryphal] humiliation with an updated sign to be posted in every American business:

    No dogs, Mexicans or unvaxxed allowed.

    Dan October 1, 2021 At 8:24 am
    I comment that Eric’s example has more basis in fact than the covid regimen.
    At least the speed of an old lady driver can be measured, unlike any supposed effectiveness of masking or the miracle jab.

    Other than that – absolutely correct, we now gear our society to the LCD instead of reasonable expectations or higher goals.

    This is the way of America. Schools have been moving to a model of no grades, every subject being “racist”, and a noticeable lack of rigor. College freshmen taking high school remediation courses.

    Americans have been moving toward increasingly weak, mentally and physically for years.

    What more perfect way to steer and control them?
    Keep them dumb and lazy, then promise them salvation.

    Jim H October 1, 2021 At 7:34 am
    ‘forced to assume the risks of taking an ineffective and unsafe “vaccine” — eric

    From Sweden, which has taken a notably common-sense approach to covid, as compared to the hysterical freak-out of the Five Eyes anglophone countries:

    ‘Antibody levels among fully vaccinated people wane faster than researchers previously thought, a major recent study of over 2,000 health care employees in Sweden has concluded.

    ‘For Pfizer-vaccinated people who haven’t had COVID-19, antibody levels were halved after only three months. After seven months, only 15 percent of the original levels remained – a decrease of 85 percent, national broadcaster SVT reported.’ — Igor Kuznetsov, Sputnik News

    Funny — that’s exactly what Julius Ruechel forecasted a month ago, when he compared the covid pseudo-vaccines to the annual flu shot, whose effectiveness fades to zero over five months. Here is his chart:

    Booster shots are an admission by Big Pharma that mRNA ‘vaccines’ suffer the same inexorable fade, meaning a lifetime of IaaS (Immunity as a Service, as Ruechel calls it).

    Antiviral treatment for those who fall ill is the long-term answer, as covid mutates into a less-lethal endemic respiratory virus.

    Dangerous mRNA ‘vaccines’ will go down in history as one of the worst public health blunders in history — a toxic partnership of intellectual yet idiot ‘scientists’ with room-temperature IQ political poltroons. See y’all in hell with yer backs broke.

    Anonymous October 1, 2021 At 8:16 am
    At this point, these “intellectuals” have no excuse for this chicanery. If even the least scientifically versed layperson can easily understand that there is NO GOOD REASON for the con-jab, then they are clearly intentionally and I would say, malevolently, aiding and abetting the murder and maiming.

    Not a blunder, that possibility was ruled out over a year ago.

    Anonymous October 1, 2021 At 8:17 am
    they = the “intellectuals”


    • “I’d contend the USA was mortally wounded in 1861”. 1861 was the death of the republic. It has not be such since. The mortal wound to the nation came in 1913. The Federal Reserve Act. The 16th amendment and imposition of the income tax. The 17th amendment selecting Senators by popular ballot, taking their selection away from the State legislatures, just to make sure the republic never rose again.

    • Interesting an attorney with ZERO scientific background presumes to make rules regarding topics on which he is not qualified to have an opinion.

      If you want to know what, primarily, is wrong with the U.S today, this should give you a *BIG *clue.

      IIC (Idiots in Charge). End of story, IMO.

      • Hi Turtle,

        In re watching the exchange between RP and that Barcerra creature: I applaud Paul for remaining civil. I astounds me – the total lack of shame, on the part of the Barcerra thing. This shyster, this “public servant” with no credentials whatsoever in the relevant discipline, refused to acknowledge a single factual point made by a practicing medical doctor. As RP himself stated, it reveals the arrogance of these things that wield power over us. Their naked urge to simply tell us what to do, period. Not because they are “expert.” But because they have power.

  16. Maybe it’s just random or too much work to recover (totally understandable), but it’s interesting what’s gone missing.

  17. Somebody is trying to shoot the messenger. Holy smoke!

    Have you seen Stonehenge? Those rocks weigh tons and there are a million visitors there each year. One of those rocks weighs in the neighborhood of 60 ton, one of the giant lintels could fall and hurt somebody.

    The place is in ruins and poses a threat at any time to anyone who is there.

    Cancel all tours of Stonehenge and raze the place.

    It will be a lot safer there.

    I read in an Old Farmer’s Almanac, years ago now, that the 24 acres of land where Stonehenge is located were sold. It was during the 1920’s.

    The owner no longer had any use for it, proof enough it was a ruins nobody wanted. har

    So there you go, tear down Stonehenge for everyone’s safety. Maybe a story somebody made up, apocryphal, but it was there in print in the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

    Dark comedy in the brand spanking new Dark Age, what more do you want?

    Nuke Mt. Everest while they’re at it. People climb up and never come back, get rid of Mt. Everest too. At least the top 10,000 feet, just too much height to the thing.

    Joe reminds me of that Applegate fool, so you are doomed if you listen to a word he says. lol

  18. I am “safe” working at the hospital right now because there is sufficient number of us refusing. I think that will change when they make their threat, which I’m sure is coming at some point. Bastards. I refuse.

  19. Last ditch:

    ‘A group of teachers on Thursday filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court, asking justices to block New York City’s school COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

    ‘Last week a federal district judge granted a temporary injunction against it, but the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday decided to let the mandate take effect.

    ‘Thousands of teachers will lose their jobs when the order imposes punishment at 5 p.m. on Oct. 1 even though municipal employees who don’t work for schools can opt-out of a separate mandate by submitting to weekly testing, lawyers for the teachers wrote to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, an Obama nominee.’ — The Epoch Times

    Man … I’d hate to have my career hanging on the thin reed of Sonia Sotomayor.

    • A fresh pitch of hysteria is reached in — where else? — Commiefornia:

      ‘In the first such action in the nation, Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a mandate Friday requiring all eligible public and private schoolchildren in California to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

      ‘The mandate would take effect for grades 7 through 12 the semester following the FDA’s full approval of the vaccine for children ages 12 and older, according to the governor’s office.

      ‘Students in kindergarten through sixth grade would be phased in after the vaccine is formally approved for younger children.’ — LA Times

      This is all-out war on children. Expect wholesale abandonment of public schools by outraged parent.

      Note the lack of any legislative vote: like FJB, Loathsome Newsom rules by decree, like any self-respecting Third World caudillo.

      As an excitable boy, my response would have been to heave a frickin’ brick through the school’s window.

      • People are too ignorant to realize only a court can issue binding mandates; all other mandates can be ignored.

        As for the abandonment of public schools by outraged parents, I don’t see it happening. People are too enamored of public “education” to walk away from it as this would, in their minds, consign their children to a lifetime of poverty.

      • I liken it more to child sacrifice to the Pharma Gods. This is evil in its pure form. He knows that children are under little to no risk from the virus, and he’s putting them at a definite risk anyway. Since he survived the recall, he probably has assumed he IS a God.

  20. Tried coming here earlier but got the ‘404’ error. Wasn’t there a few comments from before?

    I have until December 8 to get the poison or be fired. The threat reminds me of the creepy KGB chairman from HBO’s Chernobyl (which was fantastic, btw): “…your idiot obsessions with reasons. When the bullet hits your skull, what will it matter why?”

      • Jim,
        Thanks for the good info…David Knight had interviewed her on more than one occasion on his show…I had forgotten about her website.

          • To add additional Info:

            Now that some Covid injections have full “FDA approval”, the Employee form from Solari will be updated …as per the Introduction on the form:

            ” With the possibility of full FDA approval in
            fall 2021 (Scenario 2), the legal context for U.S. mandates will likely shift in significant ways.
            In the event of licensure, we will provide an updated form that reflects the altered regulatory

            Stay tuned…!

    • Hi Mike,

      We got hacked; it’s been fixed – apologies to all for the lost comments. I had to rebuild the Glaucoma article and some others… sigh…

  21. The nail hit on the head Eric. “the lowest common denominator”. Wherein excellence is punished, and mediocrity rewarded. You are not only not expected to be competent, you are punished for being so. If you are aware enough to know that the vaccine doesn’t work, that unless used in a comprehensive manner, masking is pointless, that safety is not a physical reality but a feeling, that any promise of delivering such safety is a bald faced lie, you are counted as a heretic, a terrorist, or worse. Like you, I have hesitated to link this operation to a eugenicist goal, but as it continues, I can see few other explanations.

    • Safety is not a physical reality, but a feeling. There is no such thing as being safe, one can only feel safe. Hence the state is not capable of providing it. If you have handed over your feelings to the state, sucks to be you.


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