Is it Just Luck?

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In late 2019 – prior to the Official Pandemic – I caught a respiratory bug that was unlike any I’ve had before. It did not make me bed sick. But it did give me a bad cough and a weird bronchial crackling sound when I exhaled deeply. It may have been nothing more than just another cold. But I remember thinking it was a strange one. I was fine after about a week.

Since then, I’ve not had so much as the sniffles and that makes me wonder whether I had the ‘Rona and am now naturally immune to it and perhaps other ‘Ronas, too. What I do know for sure is that despite not “practicing” any form of Kabuki – I have never worn a “mask,” nor stayed away from people, nor obsessively washed my hands, etc. – I have not gotten sick during the Official Pandemic.

This leads me to the following conclusions:

One, I am exceptionally lucky – which I consider unlikely if even 50 percent of what we have been told about “the virus” is real.

It strikes me as improbable that I could walk around, in close proximity to other people, indoors, shake hands (I have never and will never elbow bump) and so on for two years and not catch this (supposedly) “highly infectious” respiratory bug. I have gone out of my way, in fact, to catch it – by going out of my way to live normally, among others – and yet, I have not become sick during a supposed “pandemic.”

Two, I am a genetic superman.

Now, I am in excellent health – chiefly because I take care of myself. I do not and never have smoked; I drink lightly and occasionally. I exercise regularly and vigorously. I eat not too much and try to eat mostly good food (real food). I avoid processed food, any foods with High Fructose Corn Syrup or Sodium Nitrate in them. I almost never eat “fast food.” But I’m still a middle-aged guy and you’d think that if, indeed, there is a “highly infectious” respiratory bug in the air, practically everywhere, I’d have gotten it by now.

Three, there isn’t a “highly infectious” respiratory bug in the air.

The pervasiveness of “the virus” has been grotesquely exaggerated – to scare people into accepting an unprecedented and permanent degree of control over them. We certainly know that the lethality of “the virus” has been grossly exaggerated, as we know it is a fact that 99.8-something percent of the population that isn’t very elderly or chronically sick recovers from “the virus” without medical intervention . . .  if they even get it.

Four, I am immune to this “virus” – having been among the first to get (and recover) from it.

It has to be one of these. Or at least, it is improbable it is something else.

Which, then, is the most likely of the four probabilities?

Logic suggests it is either number three – or number four.

It defies reason to believe that a middle-aged man could breath deeply of “the virus” for almost two years and not get it. If – indeed – “the virus” is as infectious as the religion of “science” claims it to be.

This seems unlikely, at any rate.

Supporting evidence for this assertion comes in the form of the membership of my gym, Crunch Fitness in Roanoke. It re-opened as soon as the Gesundheitsfuhrer of Virginia allowed it, which was late last summer. The owner – bless her – never required Face Tampons be worn by members and for that reason most did not.  At any given time, there were a dozen or more people breathing heavily – openly – in close proximity within an enclosed area – sweating on and sharing equipment, etc. – precisely the “dangerous” conditions Pope Fauci XVII issued bulls regarding.

Yet no one – literally, no one – got sick. This is a fact. What does it imply?

Either, all those people coming and going – and breathing, openly – were all very lucky or so healthy that they weren’t at much, if any, risk of getting sick. Or the “sickness” isn’t much of a threat, to healthy people. 

It is sickening to continue to insist – as Sickness Cultists do – that any day now.

At some point, actual facts ought to take precedence over hysterics. And the fact is that at my gym – as at so many other gyms, all across the country – the members didn’t get sick, notwithstanding their failure to “practice” the strange rituals urged by the Unholy Father.

I suspect this lack of sickness – physical sickness, I mean – is partly due to the cohort one finds at most gyms being healthier and fitter than the average and naturally-acquired immunity, which has probably spread far wider than is being acknowledged, for political reasons.

I suspect, though I cannot prove, that millions of healthy Americans like myself caught a bug at some point over the past roughly two years, thought not much about it a the time because it wasn’t a bug that made them seriously sick and are now immune to the putative sickness, the threat of which continues to be hyped and hystericized to a pathological degree by politically pathological people.

This ginned-up hysteria has so skewed the reason – and the vision – of millions of mentally unhealthy people that they cannot calm down and take note of the fact that they aren’t sick, much less dead – and neither is almost everyone else.

One might draw a few conclusions from that.

. . .

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  1. I worked in the high risk zones of NYC, regularly commuting on the LIRR, NYC Subways (Penn Station and GCT) and never wore mask, for a period my office building was being overrun by COVID-19 (277 Park Ave) and I was commuting in addition to Penn Station also through Port Authority taking the NJ Buses (also maskless) to the DR center in Carlstadt, NJ. Was in the Quick Check when the governments new bureaucratic “health” enforcers were telling the Quick Check owner/manger that he had to shut down his fountain soda station and not allow any one to be seated; they were not appreciative of my chuckling and my churlishly behavior of giving them the Bellamy salute and opening declaring that they had no authority to dictate anything to anyone. the interaction ended in them leaving (probably to return with AGW’s later)… never saw them again myself for my 3 week commute to NJ hell.

    Thorough out my daily commute weaving through the COVID bodies stacked in the streets in NYC, and during my lunch breaks I would walk by all the hospitals that were strangely empty and devoid of any foot/emergency vehicle traffic, even the NYPD had cars stationed on every corner to watch empty streets; and the few people that were entering the hospitals were only there to be tested.

    Was approached multiple times by NYPD, MTA PD, Amtrak PD when other commuters or Penn Station worker would point me out… Had one bathroom cleaner guy get the cops come and approach me while using the urinals and not wearing a mask – after my discussion with my dick in my hand the officer let the bathroom attendant know I was allowed to be maskless – he then would close the bathrooms down for “deep cleaning” if he saw me approaching the public restrooms…. Or the Walgreens that wanted to refuse me service for being maskless, called the cops on me who took the manager aside and the result of which the police convinced the manager that I could buy the mothers day cards, I made it a point to go into the store maskless everyday thereafter just to browse the aisles.

    And working, commuting into NYC nearly everyday throughout 2020 (except the 3 week DR exercise and a few days off) never had any symptoms and according to my blood titers not even any exposure or antibodies (regularly donate blood, they checked routinely late in 2020-early 2021)

    • Thanks for this report, Damion – it jibes with my experience and the experiences of many people I know. It’s all Kabuki – submission training, nothing more. And that’s really sick.

    • **”when other commuters or Penn Station worker would point me out… “**

      The key ingredient and tell-tale sign of all totalitarian regimes: The willingness of those who are too stupid to even realize that they are the victims, to rat-out their fellow victims. The dystopia could not exist nor survive without such- and places like NY have decades of experience with such things thanks to their minute control over every aspect of one’s life and property. Hitler and Stalin would be salivating. I ENCOURAGE all of those motherfuggers to take the vax and all the boosters, and a hefty dose of cyanide, because we’ll never have a free world as long as there are millions of such scumbags inhabiting it and reproducing in it.
      Maybe Gates and Fauci and Pedo Joe at al afre doing us a favor!

      • Morning, Nunz!

        In my darker moments, I harbor such thoughts also. If I’d been alive in Germany in the ’30s, I would have regarded anyone who wore the armband as the enemy – as Brad Pitt’s character in Inglorious Basterds regarded them. I regard the Freaks who wear the Diaper and push the Jab the same. It really cuts down to the heart of the matter, doesn’t it? We desperately want only to let alone. They are desperate to not let us alone.

        • Precisely, Eric!
          Whatever they want to do- e.g. wear a stupid muzzle; inject themselves with who-knows-what, carry a St. Fauci pendant….I couldn’t care less….but when they demand that we do the same, and become complicit with the state in actively participating in tyranny, they are no different than Nazi collaborators- while most around them are Nazi sympathizers. It really is no different than a German reporting a Jew they saw …or reporting their neighbor for harboring a Jew.

          • Indeed, Nunz –

            There is a special place in my dark heart for these low creatures, who are so beneath contempt there aren’t words to describe them. Even goose shit has its uses…

          • I wonder though, RE: “Whatever they want to do- e.g. wear a stupid muzzle; inject themselves with who-knows-what, carry a St. Fauci pendant….I couldn’t care less…”

            Seems to me that more people – should – give a shit. Say something, etc… it’s how – culture & creed – survive & probably why things are going downhill fast, culturally speaking. Seems like I’ve read some stuff by smarter people than myself urging just that.

            It would probably take a whole article to express this thought without coming across as some busy body SJW & such like.

            • Hi Helot,

              I agree with you. Giving silent sanction to evil and idiocy only propagates both. I do not mean “there oughtta be a law!” I mean – openly snicker/laugh/ridicule and show contempt for this idiocy. Say what’s on your mind.

              Freaks should feel ashamed, in public.

  2. Good article Eric. I have experienced the same yet differently. I heard your whole “I’m healthy” argument, but I am not a paragon of total health. I used to eat on the cheap and fast food and processed food were pretty much my staples. Add on that, I was a heavy smoker.

    Being a smoker, I actually stayed within my weight, but as soon as I started reducing and ultimately eliminating nicotine, I started gaining weight due to my dietary habits. I ended up having to look at my diet and altering it so I started losing weight, which included dumping all the fast food and processed food. The only option from that point forward was to cook good food for myself.

    During that transition period and starting to lose decent weight, I got sick. For the first time in a very long time, I had to stay home from work and stay in bed for a couple days.

    Since then, and the events that have transpired, I have not followed any of the kabuki and actually wanted to get sick and simply seem like I am immune from the sickness, literally and figuratively.

  3. The very last time my wife and I were sick with any kind of respiratory disease was in December of 2019. We had long-lasting dry, thickly coughs that started some time around Pearl Harbor Day (12/7) and ended around the first day of winter (12/20).

    Since then, nothing, nada, zero, zip, zilch, takeh gornischt!

    I donated blood in November of 2020 and tested negative for antibodies.

    Not sure what was going on, but I would not be surprised to have had it, even if the antibodies pull a negative.

    No matter, I know a lot of people who were seriously and mysteriously sick with colds and flu in the fall and winter of 2019 and early 2020, and haven’t been sick since then.

  4. I too have wondered about this. In early 2020 I had a strange cold and fever, and I had some weird sinus congestion that left me feeling a little dizzy for a day or so. This went away after 4 or 5 days. Since this was weeks before the Pandemic was even acknowledged as a thing by the media I dismissed it as a cold of mild flu. Since then I’ve had zero symptoms despite being in meeting rooms for hours with other people who had either just gotten over the rona soon afterward came down with it, have visited countless stores and interacted with the public extensively, visited people in hospitals, etc, etc, and not even the sniffles since. I too am in solid health visit the gym. Did I have exposer at that time ? This is unknown. But I do know that after episode I never felt sick in the slightest since.

  5. Also had the unidentified upper respiratory thing starting in December 2019 and unfortunately lasting into February 2020. Felt rundown and tired for six weeks straight. Wasn’t pneumonia wasn’t bronchitis, had a crusty cough that hung around about eight weeks, that even cough syrup did nothing for it. Missed about a week of work on the days I just couldn’t do anything (work actually gave me my sick days back, since I had basically used them up in January).

    Had I known what it was, I probably would have missed ten weeks of work and would have been on disability instead of pushing through it.

    It did show me I do have great co-workers though. They all knew I was really struggling (and getting no where with doctors) and filled in for me when I just couldn’t do things.

    But yeah, since then, one cold (which is amazing considering I work in a school).

  6. Great article Eric, but … “Caught a bug”?

    After two years of the germ theory being used by our overlords to lock us down, mask us, jab us, terrorize us, and profit billions, how are we still under the spell that we catch a bug?

    Isn’t there enough evidence by now to those of us that look after our own health to understand that the germ theory is a fraud, and how we maintain our own terrain is more important than staying 6 feet away from each other?

    Maybe it’s time to consider that “viruses” are created internally to cleanse toxic overload, and are NOT passed from one God made human to another. This seems more plausible to me than any other theory on how those of us that do not not practice kabuki do not get sick.

    • Thanks, Top!

      As regards “germ theory”: It’s interesting. What I know – for myself – is that taking care of my health has kept me healthy and (to use the word of Alex from Clockwork Orange) out of the rookers of the medical establishment. I do think that one has a great deal of control over whether one gets sick as well as how badly. I also think – again, based on several persona; experiences – that the body has a tremendous capacity to heal. I’ve related here before the story about my left shoulder, which troubled me with chronic pain for more than a year. It felt/seemed like a rotator cuff tear or similar thing that would need surgery to correct. But a regimen of Turmeric and gentle stretching eventually let me pop it back into place (it turned out I had a dislocation of some kind) and I am now almost back to where I was!

      The bottom line is I am very hesitant to trust what medical authority says, because medicine has become mercenary and corporate and Soviet.

    • Amen, Topspin! If germ theory were true, then doctors would be constantly sick, considering how they are always in the presence of sick people with no real protection.

  7. Late to the party on this one. Yeah luck…. That’s it. Not being a poisoned, fat slob full of pharmaceuticals has nothing to do with it at all.

    In other news: New Zealanders may be able to get jabbed at fast food outlets!

    I’m sure all the GMO ZOMBIES will pass me up like I’m standing still on their hover-round carts as they jam carcinogenic garbage into their faces.

  8. Just to chime-in for the record:

    Same here, Eric. I had a rare instance of having something just before all of the ‘Rona BS began- Not sure what it was- but it was unusually pneumatic…which is very rare for me (as is being sick in general)

    And haven’t even had the sniffles since.
    Thankfully, my 96 year-old mother has had no colds/flus or anything for years…
    And ditto for all of the other healthy people I know….at least around here, where there is almost sickness Kabuki. People I know in the Northeast where the Kabuki is/was heavily practiced, and who wore muzzles, etc. have all had colds/viruses/etc. A few have had the ‘Rona- if ya believe the “tests”- but they could not tell the difference between it and the common flu.
    One relative died- “from the ‘Rona”- but she was 90 and in recently declining health…and made the unfortunate mistake of going to a hospital, where I believe the treatment is what really killed her- that, or the jab (Can’t seem to get a straight answer as to whether or not she had taken the jab- but it is likely she did- as her husband had [and also got the ‘Rona] and they were personal friends with their physician, and have a son in the medical field- so tend to be early adopters of ‘recommended medical procedures”)

    tl;dr: I practice zero Kabuki and haven’t even had the sniffles, either.

  9. If we truly want to protect the vulnerable, keep them away from doctors.
    The Third leading cause of death in the US is medical “interventions “.
    Every person I know that died “with” cancer was killed by the treatment.

    Get your Tshirt Eric?

  10. “In many ways, the message of Covid is the same as 9/11: give up freedom for safety, trust the government, and treat your neighbors as potential threats.” – Peter Van Buren, October 4, 2021

    • Such is the clarion call of all tyrants. “the other is a threat, that only we can protect you from. Kneel and be saved, or die!”
      “Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”
      — Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials

  11. The flu that was going around a couple of years ago where there were a bunch of people dying was pretty bad. I was in shape as well and I got it New Year’s day of all days. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t walk straight. My heart was beating out of my chest, and it felt like a thousand needles were going into my eyes. I really thought I was going to die every night…I told my father to take me to the hospital on more than one occasion but he’s like its just the flu whats wrong with you. The fact is I should have gone. I slept pretty much the whole day only drinking water occasionally. I lost 15 lbs.

    Now what’s this got to do with anything. I believe covid is just a super bad strain of the flu…and I could see how older people, and obese people, and people with underlying conditions could meet their maker with the flu I had. I also find it strange that during Covid, there was literally no flu!!!! Like it took a vacation and has been on vacation since.

    During the pandemic I worked in retail and met a lot of people…none of them had covid. None of us workers had covid. I asked a bunch of people if they knew anyone that had or got covid and none of them did. This was in NY…supposedly one of the ground zero areas. It just goes to show you….from top down, this shit is all corrupt and evil.

    • In my 67 years I’ve had a number of cases of a “super bad case of the flu”. I recall advice that the way to determine if you have the flu or a cold was, if you have a cold you don’t feel like going to work. If you have the flu, you are unable to. I’ve had a flu that put me in bed for days, and took the better part of a month to get mostly well from. It’s not a thing to be taken lightly, but neither is it a thing to panic over either. Now it seems a thing we used to take for granted has been magnified to a threat to the species.

  12. I discovered this website a few months ago with a link to an electric car article here. I was very surprised to find libertarian political articles — I’ve been a libertarian since 1973. … Eric Peters is a great writer.

    This article was basically saying:
    If you take care of your immune system,
    your immune system will take care of you.

    Not mentioned was keeping your vitamin D level in a healthy range. I recommend vitamin D supplements, especially in the colder months, and especially for people with a darker skin color.

    All the claims / speculation / anecdotes by commenters who think they may have had COVID before Spring 2020 points out how many COVID symptoms are the same as symptoms of other respiratory diseases. Makes one very curious about the accuracy of COVID “case” counts.

    • No need to question that. The PCR tests performed currently in the US are useless. Too many cycles, bad primer kits based on the initial Drosten nonsense, and poorly trained, overworked lab technicians working in non-sterile environments with poor technique.

      • South Korea got a reasonably good home test out early, costs about a buck a test. The US couldn’t have that because the CDC doesn’t think Americans could properly use a home test kit. I guess no one at the CDC ever missed a period because that sort of thing makes you a home testing expert pretty quickly!

        Of course the other problem with home tests is that will employers actually believe it and support you taking time off for a positive? Oh, not the C suite or HR, they’re all onboard with the recommendations. No, I’m talking about the junior level psychopath supervisor who is going to push back because now he’s got to figure out how to cover your shift with N(-1) staffing suddenly becoming N(-2).

        But we’re so far down the testing center as an institution we’re not going to ever see effective home testing in this country. Too much money to be had and a new industry to market.

    • D3 needs to include K2 for it to work. Not only in support of your immune system, but to enhance its benefits to your bones.

  13. Addendum: I can’t believe this shit, but Live Nation, which hosts concerts (sells tickets), will NOW be requiring proof of vaccination to attend their concerts, including those at the Ak-Chin Pavillion, at which we saw A. Morissette and Garbage last night. Glad my GF got her birthday present before this bullshit went live.

    Very sad, though. It’s a decent outdoor venue, and we were hoping for more shows to roll through there.

    I already had to shine on a Front-242 show in Mesa because of these BS requirements.

    Guess I should just be happy it’s not the supermarket yet.

  14. As Dr. David Martin pointed out in an interview posted on Dr. Mercola’s site yesterday, life insurance companies reported no increase in death payments last year, suggesting that either (a) there were no increased deaths for the year, or (b) SARS-CoV-2 is so selective that it afflicts only the uninsured. Dr. Martin also traces developments over the years that show that this “pandemic” has been planned for a long time.

    • I enjoy Dr. Mercola’s articles, but there were more deaths than usual in the US in 2020, mainly in the Spring. We don’t need some indirect indicator. We have national death counts and excess deaths estimates.

      A lot of the deaths were elderly retired people, whose adult children supported themselves. People in nursing homes, for example, have little need for life insurance. At least 99.8% of people under age 70 survived COBID infections.

  15. I know a few people who have had the Koff. First incident was a friend who works for an airline. She had it for over a month after returning from an overseas trip in November/December 2019. I half-jokingly asked if she ran into any Chinese tourists, then had to explain the joke because ‘rona hadn’t hit the big time yet. It sounded pretty bad, enough for me to change my travel plans in February 2020, but she seems to have recovered completely. More recently an older man in my amateur radio club had to be hospitalized for a time. He lives in Aspen, so altitude (7900 ft above sea level) might have been a factor. Finally my boss is just getting over it. He’s got COPD and plenty of misc health issues, but seems to recovered. Both the old man and my boss volunteered that they were vaccinated. Obviously my globe-trotting friend wouldn’t have been at the time.

    I cannot help but wonder, if this “deadly disease” had come around in the 1990s would we be taking all this ridiculous action to fight it? Oh, not because we were made of much hardier stuff back then, but because the people in power were all 30 years younger back then. They were’t at risk. Now that they’re all way past the age when non-psychopaths retire they’re all at risk from a chest cold. So, like everything else, we all have to conform to their risk tolerance.

    • I agree with your reasoning. They are all one bad chest cold from a state funeral (when that became a thing also has me scratching my head). Basically the old folks, who also happen to be atheists in higher percentages then the general public, are terrified of death so they are going to pretend as if all of us have the same risks as them.

      • I imagine quite a number of them are disciples of Ray Kurzweil, who preaches the church of the Singularity. He extrapolates out Moore’s law and the advances in lifespan, and figures if you live until ~2030 (seems to be a pretty important year) you can achieve eternal life. Or, if you wave your hands hard enough, you’ll be able to upload your conscience into your iPhone 33. Either way, don’t die until then!

        • I quit paying attention to Ray Kurzweil some time ago.

          He invented some cool stuff in his youth, but, IMO, his attempts at inventing a religion have been much less successful.

          Michael Polanyi, he is not.


        • One reason I think some of these ancient psychopaths are so hot to punish us for our disobedient ways is that they aren’t getting what their bought scientists promised. The soul uploads to computers and androids haven’t panned out. They actually thought they were not going to die.

          They are so mad. The blood transfusions from teenagers help but it is not enough and getting kids who aren’t unhealthy is hard. The waiting list for Adrenochrome is so long now and the dealers charge so much for the real stuff. What is a poor dying self-styled demi-god to do? At least they can glean some final joy from flogging the serfs and leaving a smoking crater where western civilization used to be.

  16. I have taken the same precautions as Eric, that is to say basically none, and with the exception of about one week in which I just felt a little drained I never had issues with Rona. People I have been in close contact with tested positive for it (I myself never got tested). I have told myself the same thing: 1) I am exceptionally lucky; which I highly doubt OR 2) That the flu has done a better job of laying me up then Rona ever did.

  17. Right after Thanksgiving in 2019 my wife and I both had some kind of respiratory illness.

    A friend in town has a neighbor that was in the hospital for five weeks sicker than a dog.

    He came home from work exhausted here the other day.

    Some people do get sick and rub elbows with the Grim Reaper, close but not dead yet. Some aren’t quite as lucky and expire.

    Been sick like that 30 years ago or about. Got well and went back to living not sick, healthy. Had pneumonia at 48, nothing worse, you will die if you don’t receive medical care. After a few days of prescription medicine, you’re back to no good again.

    At 26 you should be able to run/walk 15 miles easy. A horse can, so can you. Trail of Tears and the Oregon Trail life on the run, there they were, they could do it back then.

    Can be done, but if you drive your car, it takes less time. You have to eat, can’t be avoided.

    Einstein was right on the money, Australians are using sticks and stones to fight for freedom. Looks like the fight is on. They have had enough. Got the cops fleeing, running away as fast as they can.

    Howard Beale time.

    • Those who have opposed the second amendment should take a hard look at what has transpired in Australia. My understanding is that they have given up their right to bear arms, and are now defenseless to a totalitarian tyrannical government. I believe we would be in their shoes if not for our armed populace.

    • “Had pneumonia at 48, nothing worse, you will die if you don’t receive medical care.”
      Got medical care and it didn’t go away. Had a spot in my chest that kept hurting. Applied oil of oregano full strength to that spot twice a day. I was well three days later. There is “medical care” and then there’s “medical care” without an MD involved. The MD title is essentially, “all ailments are a drug deficiency”, as they have been taught in medical schools that are heavily financed by Pharma.

  18. I suspect I had COVID in late January 2020. It was a bad cold that lasted for almost 2 weeks, but had some very strange symptoms. It started with a fierce sore throat. That night, lying in bed, my heart started racing like I had been running a marathon. It went back to normal by morning. After that, cold symptoms, with a cough, but the second week, my mouth got so sore I could only eat pudding for one meal, then food was tasteless (for less than a day), and I mean like my taste buds did not work. Then it settled in my throat, could hardly talk. Then it went away. I haven’t been sick since then, when the Rona was supposedly raging all around us. So I suspect I have natural immunity. No, I won’t take the jab.

  19. Similar story here, though I do vape.

    I bicycle regularly in a hilly area over 15 miles every ride and occasionally take the longer ride up the mountain.
    I hunt in the mountains in winter
    Lift weights at home.

    I eat decent, but not emphatic about it.

    Haven’t been sick at all despite no masking & hanging out with people who did have it.

    Had quite a cold in 2019, but it wasn’t respiratory

    Got an antigen test last week. Negative.

    So I never had it & didn’t catch it.

    What they claim to be the dangers have been shown to be lies – distance, masks, droplets, lingers on surfaces, IFR, ICU %, treatments, PCR

    So why wouldn’t the infectiousness rate also be a lie?

  20. I usually get a cold about once a year that lasts for a week or so, haven’t had one for the past two years so maybe one of my prior colds was the Rona. Also never get a flu shot so that probably helps keep up my immune system, along with taking vitamins.

  21. Strange you should mention that Eric….. In August of 2019 my health 10 year old son had a nasty but very sporadic cough that lasted 3 weeks. I caught it in late August and was never really super sick. Felt crappy for a few days but I coughed for a whole month. And I had that deep crackling you wrote about on exhalation the entire month. I had that crackling years prior with a more serious pnemonia where I felt much more ill.

    Clear fluid (so viral), sporadic, and crackling for weeks and weeks with really no other symptoms. Like nothing I’ve ever before had in my 40+ years..I continued vigorous physical exercise as normal.

    Out of curiosity I just took the new very expensive “T-detect” covid test a few months ago which came back negative.

    I keep meaning to get the supposed antibody tests but I have come to the conclusion that the medical establishment is missing something huge here. We know that prior to “the vid” at least 40-60% of Americans had immunity as they never got sick at all. Remember the Carnival cruise line and other boats at sea for months trapped like lab rats. So obviously there are immunity mechanisms at play here on a large scale that would never show up as specific sarscov2 antibodies, yet still work as such.

    Anyway, I’ve got a stash of Ivermectin which I will use if I feel super bad, but otherwise I continue life as normal with daily 5000iu’s of D3, zinc 50mg + Quercitin every few days, and 1000mg of C daily…

    My wife was also working with ICU vid patients in a hospital daily during the “surge” in March 2020. She brought it home in June and was mildly sick for 3 days or so. I ended up with the most bizarre “reaction”… After a few days (we made zero attempts to ‘distance’ since we have triple digit IQs and my home is unsuitable for a BSL4 retrofit), my nose began running a bit and I literally fell asleep for 12+ hours in what seemed like the deepest Turkey-induced coma I’ve ever had. Had bizarre dreams too. I awoke tired and groggy but fine. I was back biking 50+ miles two days later….

    Strange shit. But be not afraid!

  22. Good to see I wasn’t the only one. In December 2019, I also had a bad chest cough that kept me from sleeping well and hung on for about a week and a half (I thought it was a bad cold at the time). ‘Rona? Probably. I’ve been reading stuff lately, and saw it in a few videos, that it’s quite possible, probable, even, that the US gubmint itself was spreading the ‘rona around the country in 2019. I’d supply some links, but WordPress would probably reject my post. One place to find such info is the Unz Report (he wrote a few articles with this suggestion). Another in on Goo-Tube (YouTube), a channel by someone named Nathan Rich, who is a liberal China-lover, but has some good info in 3 videos also suggesting the same. Has anybody noticed that the mystery vaping illness has disappeared since the ‘rona came to town?

    Combine that with the fact that this “virus” or whatever it is isn’t nearly as dangerous as they make it out to be (“Noooooo! We’re all going to get the virus and die!!!”), and I think you hit the nail on the head.

    • Hi Jim: I think your theory about the government (ours, plus who knows who else) spreading some toxin around has merit. I can’t dismiss it, because all it had to be was something known to make frail people sick, not necessarily a “virus”. Add in videos from China of people flopping over suddenly while walking down the street, nursing home deaths inflated because the residents didn’t get timely and appropriate medical care, and we’re off to the races. Total gaslighting.

    • Jim,

      Yes! That is, I absolutely did notice those insidious, lung-destroying vaping illnesses just up and vanished with the emergence of the Kung Flu. I’ve had to ask other people if they remember that vaping conundrum, because the plebes have short memories, and very few connected these phenomena, but when I apply the spark, people DO remember and they do think it’s a little coincidental.

  23. My GF was sick for about 3 weeks in Dec 2019. Not deathly ill, but certainly compromised. It never affected me. I’m wondering if she had it then, and perhaps I had some kind of cross-immunity from a previously circulating coronavirus.

    Anyway, I have good news from Az! At least, I think so.

    I went to an Alanis Morrisette concert with that same GF last night. Garbage was the opening act, by the way. Actually a decent show, though I certainly wouldn’t have elected to go on my own. It was my girlfriend’s birthday present in early 2020. Slated for June, 2020, it was delayed until last night.

    The venue was the Ak-Chin Pavillion, which is outdoors, though there is a roof over the seats. There were several thousand people present, with the majority female, as might be expected. It made access to the men’s restroom a non-issue.

    The good news is, a very small percentage were face diapered. No one was worried about anti-social distancing. People were partying, drinking their booze, smoking this and that, enjoying the show and singing along.

    I would’ve figured that Alanis fans would be quite “liberal”, and diapering would be much more prevalent, but it seemed that the ‘Rona had been all but forgotten. It was an uplifting experience.

  24. No nasty sicknesses for me, just the bugs I fight off with C and D etc. However a relative did have something nasty well before the official coof so I was exposed to whatever that was. This would be 2018 and again 2019. the typical coof loss of taste/smell symptoms etc.

    Recent study of millions of blood donors shows A LOT of people have had it, far far more than any of the experts think. We’re talking taking the that tiny death rate down an order of magnitude or more.

    There’s a bug, but it’s hyped beyond comprehension. At this point it is probably certain that a huge hunk of the population has been exposed.

    My guess is that like other bugs of its general kind its an opportunist. It’s out there lurking waiting for someone to become weak enough or defenses to wane for it to do something.

    • Hi Brent,

      You are right. Seven hundred million new viruses a day trickle down to Earth. I think I read that there are more viruses than stars in the sky. Something is always going around and we are not going to be able to protect ourselves from everything. Earthians have gone completely mad believing we will stop viruses and bacteria from invading. I think we have to count ourselves as some of the luckiest bastards on the planet, our immune systems have held up for many thousands of years. Not all animals and plant species can tout that.

    • ” However a relative did have something nasty ”
      So did that relative eat mostly right? Were they overweight? Smoke? Drink? Take any beneficial supplements? A lot of factors in play. Some of the most detrimental recommended by the state.

  25. “But it did give me a bad cough and a weird bronchial crackling sound when I exhaled deeply.”

    That’s exactly what I had in January 2020. Why I found a way to carefully cough that gunk out, I had lingering effects from the mucus for a week or so. Best of all, since I was taking supplements anyway plus got my usual exercise, I never was bedridden.

    Needles to say, I only drank the CONvid Kool-Aid for a few months due to workplace mandates regarding the facediapers and other occult “safety” rituals. Imagine trying to take a crash course in laws, regulations, and other bureaucratic crap just to be able to exercise the right to breathe freely while dealing with hypercapnia! Needless to say, that place was a toxic workplace environment run by tyrants (I won’t go into further detail) and I was gone.

    Since then, my amount of trust within the establishment is far below zero. To those who “trust the science” I reflexively state, “Oh, you believe EVERYTHING on television!” The fact that we survived a so-called “deadly disease” while rejecting the facediapers and sacramental shots is ignored while a poison has been plaguing our once great Republic for decades!

    As for tyranny, the moment we signed over our rights to be sold back to us as “privileges” by the state is when a Free Republic died. When we deferred what we could do for ourselves to be done by others at a cost, no one within the majority anticipated those collective costs were knowledge and freedom itself.

  26. My story is the same as yours. My best bet is on option 4 and I was sick right on Christmas -19. Worst flu ever, nothing since then. Except for RSV which was rampant this spring since people’s immune system was not trained in a whole year. I have met so many people since then, you need a small stadium to fit them all.

    I’m not that healthy, you have an advantage, but I eat better than many, don’t smoke and my job is fairly physical.

  27. I don’t know if you guys follow Mark Dice on youtube – he’s hilarious. Good video today about mandatory evictions for the unvaccinated

    fwiw – I was sick every two weeks growing up. I could always tell when a cold was ending because the snots were more fun. I NEVER get sick now. Obv they can fuck their vaccine

  28. I’ve had similar suspicions about a bug I picked up sometime around November 2019 that was bad enough I got sent home from work for a day or two. I was miserable for a couple of weeks with a cough that wouldn’t do anything useful and wouldn’t go away. (During that time, I attended my late wife’s grandfather’s funeral. The others in attendance wondered if I might be joining him shortly.)

    That was followed by another week where I felt like I was getting a little bit better, but wasn’t out of the woods yet.

    Since then? Not so much as a sniffle. People have told me I should get an antibody test, but that would require dealing with medical personnel, who haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory the past year and a half. I’m in my late 40s, definitely carrying more weight than I should, and am far too quick to hit up the fast-food joints as their drive-thrus are one of the few options for food that doesn’t require one to go along with Sickness Kabuki. All that said, I still bounced back from whatever it was that hit me.

  29. There is no virus in the air everywhere. What happens is, that some people who are sick with it exhale little droplets of water and mucus which contain the virus, and being so small, they linger in the air. If it’s a warm, dry, sunny day, the virus only survives a few minutes. If it’s a cool, humid day, it survives longer, and even longer indoors, because the moisture lasts longer and there’s no UV to kill it.

    Say you walk into an area contaminated by someone who’s sick. You breathe in the particles bearing the virus, and they land in your mucous membranes in your nasal cavity and go down into your lungs.

    Odds are, the virus doesn’t make it much past there, and gets killed by your innate immune system. If it survives, it’ll eventually get into your blood, where your immune system will in all likelihood kill it. Your mucous membranes are absolutely permeated with immune cells which fight viruses, this one included, and if you ever recovered from it, there will also be sars-cov-2 specific antibodies.

    This is why people with convalescent immunity have better resistance than those who are immunized. The vaccine creates antibodies in your blood, but not in your mucous membranes, the first place the virus enters. So, you have to get an infection going before the vaccine is of any use.

    I was a medical student long ago and studied immunology before giving up on the field, because it taught rote memorization, not thinking, and the amount of school debt I would amass wasn’t worth it for this penniless immigrant. What little I know of this field makes me scream with frustration at the news, from both right and left, in misrepresenting this pandemic for their own purposes. The truth of it is that we have a typical novel respiratory virus making the rounds through the population. It’s not terribly lethal, but there are so many humans that a tiny percentage mortality kills millions. This is a bigger deal than flu because we’ve all got some level of immunity to flu in our adaptive immune system, while nobody had resistance to this thing. It appears the vaccines are failing in their goal to prevent spread, despite being the most successful vaccine for a coronavirus, ever. It appears that natural convalescent immunity is stronger and longer lasting. And, strangely, it appears that areas with high rates of vaccination are succumbing more to delta – the theory being that the vaccine suppressed natural immunity, so now the weaker vaccine immunity isn’t as good against delta, which is right now the second most contagious respiratory virus known to man, after measles, and certainly the most contagious coronavirus.

      • You’re welcome to start wherever. I think I fairly summed up the understanding of covid19 as expressed in scientific journals fairly, but there’s so much left out in such a small blurb. So, let’s pick an issue, and discuss! I love this stuff.

        • Haha, I’d concur that you summarized events succinctly, Opposite. I think some people are of the mindset that either there is no virus and everything surrounding it is also a lie, or everything that Fauci and the World Killers say is true. And yes, feel free to use that as a band name.

        • So you’re not a doctor but play a medical student from years ago on the internet? A little knowledge…. As you seem to acknowledge initially but then seem not to understand later, the “most successful vaccines ever” aren’t failing to stop the spread, they were never designed to do so. They only purport to provide symptom mitigation against “serious illness.” The traditionally understood definition of “vaccine” (prevent you from getting it) has been officially changed 3 times since 2010, most recently in 2020 to make these gene therapeutics equal a “vaccine.” But please bang on about the misrepresentations of the pandemic involving the “most contagious coronavirus known to man ever.”

          • Did I say they were very good?

            There’s a reason nobody has a good coronavirus vaccine, for any coronavirus, and that’s because they escape immunity by mutating really quickly.

            So, the most successful coronavirus vaccine to date sucks, as compared to say, polio or smallpox or MMR.

              • What OpL said was: “…the most successful vaccine for a coronavirus, ever.”
                Then you accused him of saying: “the most successful vaccines ever.”
                Now you say: “You said ‘most effective vaccine for a coronavirus, ever.'”
                So on your second try you came much closer to quoting him accurately. As far as I know there had never been a vaccine for a coronavirus before that did anything, so it was a pretty low bar.

                • We’re talking about the convid here, nothing else. This business of defining successful down to unsuccessful is stupid.

          • Actually, let me add one more thing. I’m an expert in a couple of things after doing them professionally for over 20 years; statistics, computer perception, all manner of programming, and I studied medicine and have kept up to date over the years. In medicine, I’m no expert, however, I am well versed and read the research around covid19 since the journals have free access to covid19 articles.

            This puts me ahead of a whole bunch of armchair epidemiologists, but it also means that I don’t suffer from the Dunning Kruger effect as much, so I’ve not been making any strange predictions or denying the existence of a virus that experts in the field have validated, genetically sequenced, and observed infecting human cells.

            So, where I stand is:
            – sars-cov-2 is a real virus. Evidence is good that it came from a lab in Wuhan, but not conclusive.
            – Covid19 is moderate disease, that’s dangerous for the elderly and metabolically sick (diabetes, obesity, fatty liver disease). It’s dangerous for the elderly because our immune system degrades from the day we’re born and by our 60’s, our thymus is non-functional (that’s what T-Cell is named after)
            – The vaccines work short term at preventing becoming infectious (3 months) and after three months, reduce disease severity and slightly reduce infectiousness.
            – Stories about vaccinated people spreading prions or whatever are nonsense.
            – Long Covid is anecdotal with no proof for or against it. Some people take a long time to recover after covid 19 damages organs, but anyone would take a long time to recover from anything causing organ damage.
            – Quibbling about the definition of a vaccine is nuts. Who gives a crap? They’re injecting an agent into your blood which makes your own cells produce a pathogen, and your immune system trains to attack it. This is different from injecting the pathogen itself. Why is it done this way? It’s a lot quicker than infecting chicken embryos with a virus, extracting it, and weakening it, as we do for other vaccines. China’s Sinovac did this, and their vaccine is less effective than the MRNA vaccines.

            • The vaccines don’t prevent you from getting “it’, which has been the definition since forever until 2020. Your assertion these gene therapies work for 3 months at preventing you from “getting it” is bullshit. Even the CDC doesn’t make that claim. What evidence is “good” that “it” is real or came from a lab in Wuhan? Desperate to believe…

              • No, you are very unlikely to transmit the disease within those three months – that’s what the very careful outcome tracking in Israel showed. The vaccine could never prevent you from catching covid, but it allowed you to remain asymptomatic and also less contagious, by far. Remember how in the early days of the vaccine they said 95% efficacy? That meant 95% of people had no symptoms once infected. In terms of how many got infected, it was about 40% of those exposed, and that’s when your immune response is the strongest.

                As for the origins of the virus, it’s plausible that it’s a lab escape because there is no evidence of intermediate viruses which passed through animals, and there’s gene in sars-cov-2 which targets a human protein named ferritin in a very specific way. It’s the kind of changes labs make in experiments. However, it’s also plausible that we simply haven’t found the animal vectors. That’s why I said inconclusive. Here’s a good overview.


                • “Vaccines” that diminish your contagiousness. Lab leaks, bats, wet markets, Chinamen. Uh huh. Very novel, very dangerous, all the measures were necessary, and if not, who coulda knowed? Right? Desperate to believe.

                  • Hi Strangiato –

                    My understanding – correct me if I’m in error – is that vaccines, as traditionally defined, conferred immunity against the disease inoculated for; i.e., you got a shot for say Tetanus and were rendered immune to that disease thereby. Now – as I understand it – a “vaccine” does not immunize; rather, it palliates. That is, it mitigates symptoms. But the inoculated person is still susceptible to getting the disease and spreading it to others, which becomes more likely precisely because of symptom mitigation; the person does not feel “sick” – and yet is, in terms of harboring the contagion.

                    If this is so, then “vaccines” are not just worthless – they are dangerous. Leaving aside the risk of “vaccine” side effects.

                    • Absolutely. Very important additional point. What infuriates me about the whole issue is how the gov’t and its cronies “officially” destroy the meaning of the word vaccine then have the gall to use the old meaning when “pushing” them to the rubes, while covering their asses by simultaneously relying on the “new” definition when asked pointedly. Then you have folks on here parroting this nonsense about how the not vaccines are the “most successful coronavirus vaccines ever.”

      • All the previous attempts killed the animals they were tested on. Which the current “vaccines” avoided by not doing animal tests, except on suckers who believed.

  30. A good friend of mine (he’s about the same age as #1 son) and I think we BOTH had something like that early 2020. Trouble was, there’s was no reliable testing then, and when few resources were available wouldn’t have been prioritized on either of us.

    FWIW, I did recently get the “brain tickle”, i.e. a COVID test at a local Kaiser Permanente clinic in Roseville. I’d had to go in anyway for some lab work, and the lady scheduled the lab appointment brought up that I hadn’t had the COVID TEST (but not the “Jab”, interestingly enough), so, since there was a special clinic set up, she said it, like later-Senator Bluto Blutarsky’s purloined brew at the Delta House (“wanna beer? Don’t cost nuttin’…”), was FREE, and it’d take just five minutes, why not get a test? Well, why not? But she was wrong about the “five minutes”…it took FOUR. At least they’ve got an efficient operation, and the result…NEGATORY. In a way, disappointed, ‘cuz there’s no way to know if my regime of diet, nutritional supplement, fitness training, and FRESH AIR (daily walks outdoors) is enhancing my corpus indelectus’ natural ability to fend off these bugs…I could have had it last year, or even later on, but if not recently, the screening test won’t reveal that, from what I’ve read.

    I’m just waiting for some wag to point out that the “brain tickle” might actually be a means of INFECTING me, which even the nurse (a rather cute Asian gal) wouldn’t likely be aware of. I have considered that…but figure, like the purported fakery of the Apollo moon landings, by now, SOMEONE reliable would have talked…Neil Armstrong couldn’t kill ’em all!

    • That you would off-handedly and voluntarily take an unrelated and unnecessary test like that is kind of shocking. Then the moon landing was REAL thing. What a bizarre incantation. It begs the question of whether this whole scamdemic thing has become almost a form of entertainment, or some kind of participation in an alternate and fake reality that people are, n some way, almost desperate to “believe in.”

        • To be shocked is to be in “attack mode”? I’m going too fast for you? LOL. You don’t find it at least kinda weird that folks, from this board of all places, like to voluntarily “play convid”?

    • There is STILL no reliable testing. Viruses ARE in the air everywhere, we just happen to be well accustomed to them, and well equipped to handle them. The reason we have never had a successful vaccination against a corona virus is the very same reason the current vaccines are not successful. They mutate rapidly We have survived as a species because we have the capability to acquire natural immunity, and so herd immunity. If not for that a virus would have wiped us out ages ago. The notion that we must be vaccinated against this one is absurd.

      • yes! If we got vaccinated for every single thing floating around out there, the injections would never end. Which I suppose is one of the main reasons this scamdemic exists – that, and the vax passport that evolves into the everything-about-you passport.

        • Then there’s the matter of the incessant pushing of the poison darts: Someone is paying for those “free” injections, “free” being a synonym for “at taxpayer cost at gunpoint”. And the Drug Cartels are booming in business, especially when the boosters will ensure that the vaxx will be perpetually non-vaxxed. End the “emoigency” that’s been in place since March 13, 2020 by The Orange Fail and that cash cow takes a hit.

          • The Orange Fail did ok during his term(arguable, I agree) until this fake disaster. Among his many trip-ups in handling this thing, I was shocked at the sky-high reimbursement rate that hospitals received for ‘covid’ patients in contrast to ‘regular respiratory’ disease patients. How does this incentivize good medicine? yeah, it doesn’t. He had no control over that? No control over his personnel that headed HHS and CDC? Even if he was fooled into appointing them, can’t he fire them once he wises up? I guess he was just captured in the deep state net.

    • I don’t know if you are brave or foolish, Doug. There is no way in hell I am giving the government what they want. Call me crazy, but I still think this is a hidden DNA operation.

      • If the state tells my I must eat or else, I’ll quit. It’s not even a question of “does it work”. I don’t care. I do care if someone is pointing a gun at my head, or otherwise threatening my wellbeing if I don’t comply. We’ve got quite enough of that going on with taxes and other “laws”. This is my line in the sand.

    • Do you know what the test measured? Did your results have words like IgA, IgM, or IgG?

      These antibody tests have a surprisingly high false negative rate, particularly if it’s more than a couple of months after you had covid19.

  31. What about option 5 Eric?

    5. Never wore the rag across the face, and therefore, never breathed in the masses of bacteria and god knows what other funk that has to grow on those rags. Didn’t get sick, because never wore the rag of bacteria infestation.

    If I was a betting man, I’d say you got the Rona in late 2019, the last time you were sick.

    • I likewise had an unusual respiratory illness in late 1999. Went to bed feeling fine, woke up feeling like I had been hit in the chest with a baseball bat, literally. A double dose of zinc and D3, and 4 days later I was right as rain. At the time I was in excellent health, for my advanced years, better than most I worked with that were 20-30 years my junior. Even though i do smoke, and drink daily. I’m not a betting man, but do suspect I have natural immunity. I will NOT take the inadequate and easily manipulated test to find out. Safety is not a thing, it’s a feeling, and I feel safe enough.

  32. Eric,

    You might want to get your blood checked for COVID antibodies. Any clinic can do the blood test. I did, and tested positive. I was exposed to a neighbor who’d had it, and I got sick within 24 hours. I got over it by sleeping like my cats do; popping vitamin C like candy; drinking water till I floated away; and take a slug of brandy here and there (I keep a bottle of E&J’s for medicinal purposes).

    • I would, Mark – except I don’t trust anything connected to the medical apparat. The bastards want … cue Prisoner voice… information. I am not giving them any. I am the gray man, man!

      Bottom line is, I’m fine. Have been fine. I expect to remain fine, counting on good health and habits. I’m weird, for sure – but a nervous neurotic, I’m not!

      • I understand what you’re saying. Since I’d been exposed to the ‘rona; since I’d had many of the symptoms; I thought I’d had it and want to make sure. I wanted to know if I had natural immunity. I feel better about knowing… 🙂

      • The by far greatest tragedy in all this is the realization that the Medical Industrial Complex is less than untrustworthy, it’s a money machine. Perfectly willing to sacrifice your life for profit. Hence effectively banning cheap, safe, and effective treatment. Though likely to shorten my life at some point in these my elder years, I will have nothing further to do with them. I would prefer to die in my own good time.

    • I’d prefer the Saurian stuff that the “evil half” (a form of the “evil twin” trope) of James Tiberius Kirk got shit-faced off of.

  33. ‘The owner – bless her – never required Face Tampons.’ — eric

    From Big Gov’s point of view, the big problem with masks is that they defeat face recognition algorithms.

    Proprietary medicated nasal tampons — one in each nostril — are the obvious answer (except for mouth breathers, who deserve to die anyway).

    By 2023, the modern Progressive Man will present himself in public with his codpiece and his nasal tampons, as the ladies ululate and swoon.

    Take it off. Take it ALL off.

    • “From Big Gov’s point of view, the big problem with masks is that they defeat face recognition algorithms.”
      They do not. Facial recognition has advanced far enough that it needs LESS than that portion of your face not covered by a mask. The eyes are the window to the soul, and that’s all they need.

  34. My experience with a very gnarly flu was in January of 19. One family member experienced a milder version, the other didn’t get it. Around the same time, a man from the town to my south 10 years younger died of the flu. Crickets except for a memorial on the electronic sign in front of his former workplace, RIP Wu-Tang Wesley. Seriously. The economy was not shut down and our liberties were not curtailed any further than usual.

    It strikes me as really odd and inconsistent with past understanding how people think you could still get, be tested for, and get a gene therapy treatment for the same illness that was known to be around and sickening people in March 2020, in late 2021. Oh, I guess that was the reason for the Delta variant story, ya know, the variant that it is illegal for labs to tell people they have because the test was never vetted or approved and is really just another renamed phony PCR test. Seems like Mu didn’t get the traction they hoped for, haven’t seen anything about it recently.

    • Corona viruses have long been one of the causes of the flu. The Sociopaths In Charge just decided to weaponize this one. And a damn fine job of it they did. Trillions have been made, and tyranny accepted. Neither to our benefit. The entire circus has been a farce. Even if it was an exceptional virus, none has ever been contained once it reaches the general population. The absurd notion this one could be has been used as a weapon against us to extract what wealth remains among the 99.9% and deliver it to the 0.1%. And quite successfully done, I might add.

      • All true. They also succeeded in creating a new reality for some here, perhaps many out there. The reality of the “one virus.” It’s especially disturbing to see people on this thread go back in time and describe what they had by the name of “it.” A form of conditioning has been effected in the mind. To see something now they would never have seen then. We’re definitely never going back to “then.”

  35. My neighbor’s employer (a competitor of Pfizer & JJ) has given her until Wednesday to eat of the poison apple. We’re the same age (mid 50s). Both are in reasonably good shape. Neither have participated in the psychosis and neither of us has been sick. She & her hubby are looking through their finances to see how/if they can get by if she gets canned for refusing.

    I’ve done the same research since the threat lasts until December 8th. Financially, well, shit. Might have to reach back to my heritage & start making corn whiskey to survive.

    If forced to take the jab, I want my obituary to simply read “Fuck Joe Biden. Fuck Fauci. See you in hell, bitches.”

    • The choice between living poor, and possibly living poorly from an adverse reaction, and a surrender of your bodily autonomy, should be easy. Needs are few, wants are huge.

  36. I had the Primus song “Is it Luck?” playing in my head while reading this.

    I’ve occasionally had the flu over the last several decades. The times it left me bed-ridden for a few days were the times I was burning the candle at both ends, working tons of hours, under stress, not eating well, and not getting enough sleep. When I’m eating well, getting exercise and sufficient rest, and not stressed, I got minor symptoms at worst. I’ve been taking supplements since about 2018 or so and haven’t had a sneeze or cough since. I attribute the variety of reactions to the ‘rona to these sorts of factors. Add in a few comorbidities, and I can see where someone might need to get to the hospital.

    So why “so many” hospitalizations for the ‘rona? Going back to the flu, if I thought the flu would kill me, I might have gone to the hospital to have it checked out. If the hospital were financially incentivized to admit flu patients, I might have been admitted. If physicians had their hands tied on how to treat the flu, I might have died. Who knows?

    At the end of the day, I feel better when I eat well, exercise, avoid or mitigate stress, and get rest. The idea that I should live a lifestyle that’s prone to sickness and get jabs to protect me seems weird. Always has. When I’ve gotten sick in the past, that’s always been a wake up call to treat my body better and try to enjoy life more.

    Although I don’t get jabs to “protect me,” I have had an annual flu shot since the late 1990s. My annual flu shot is a Jaegermeister which I usually have around Oktoberfest (which reminds me, I need to get one for this season).

  37. You’re getting warmer! There has NEVER been any infectious respiratory virus because THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS INFECTIOUS DISEASE. Contagion is a superstition. When you feel sick you don’t “have” a “disease” you “caught”. Your body had simply reached a cumulative toxicity threshold and went into detox phase of toxin excretion through sinuses, lungs, GI tract and/or skin. If two people in one household get sick, they likely ingested the same poison through air water or food. Christian Scientists have been mocked for their stance on this issue for over a century. They were right all along. “…CONSENT IS THE ONLY CONTAGION that makes disease-catching.”

  38. Late January 2020, I went skiing for a long weekend in Telluride with my friend, who had a something he got from a coworker who got it from an engineering conference in San Francisco (well attended by people from China). Within two days, I had a low grade fever, fatigue, and a little trouble breathing that I had initially attributed to altitude sickness. This was followed by two weeks of intense coughing like I’ve never had in my life, often coughing up solid yellow masses the size of marbles. Since then, nothing. Like Eric, I’ve never worn a face diaper, never locked down, never distanced from anyone, and I don’t elbow bump – shake my hand or I walk away from you, and spent my summer vacation in LA, AL, and FL right in the peak of their latest wave, all among giant crowds. Hmmm.

    • “often coughing up solid yellow masses” would indicate a bacterial infection. As in pneumonia. Easily treated with oil of oregano. A few years ago, i came down with that exact thing. The course of antibiotics I was prescribed improved symptoms, but I could feel a painful area, that I thought was a cyst forming, and would NOT go away. I applied the oil undiluted to the effected area twice daily. In three days it was gone. One must be careful with it, since it will blister sensitive skin. Don’t use it undiluted except on tough skin, like your chest. May even then want to dilute it 50/50 with a neutral oil, olive or coconut etc. Some people’s skin is tougher than others. Test and adjust.

  39. My last bout with any cold/flu was in Jan/Feb 20. Since then not a sniffle…other than my usual lifelong sinus/allergy stuff. Usually I get a cold every year that lasts for about 2 weeks but, not now. And, like Eure, I’m not as young nor fit as you, Eric. With my “apple” build I’ve always had a weight challenge. But, like you I eat no fast-food and grow most of our veggies in a 2500 sq ft garden that produces year ’round. Then, maybe it’s the vitamins and supplements along with lots of garlic, onions, peppers and tomatoes.

    And, like you, my wife (also no issues) and I have done NONE of the Sickness Kabuki.

    • I cured my chronic allergy/nasal congestion by taking a drop of oil of Oregano daily on my tongue. Not a pleasant experience to be sure, but a short lived one. I tried oregano capsules but they didn’t do the job. It’s a profoundly effective antibiotic, that is most effective applied to the effected area, since it penetrates. I assume I had an allergy induced low grade sinus infection. No idea why it stopped my allergy symptoms. Perhaps without the infection, my sinuses aren’t so sensitive anymore. I still take it. 30 seconds of discomfort is well worth disposing of having to breath through my mouth all day.

  40. It’s just another cold. I flew in to Seattle in January of 2020, all kinds of people on the plane both directions were sick and I got it too. I am older than you and in less good shape for sure and I shrugged it off. No big deal.

    I would bet anything that the real reason they don’t want to accept antibody tests is because they already know that freaking everybody has them. It’s the same old corona that’s been around forever and nearly everyone has been exposed.

    It’s all a lie to force the injections.

    • Eure : “It’s all a lie to force the injections.” is correct. They want to kill off the control group of un-vaxxed so when the mass die-off happens they will attribute it to just demographics of an older population. So instead of X% living to 80 it will be -X% living to 80 with no un-vaxxed to show the delta. I suspect the vax reduces your lifespan after 60 by 50% is my guess since the vax works negatively on your circulatory system. Younger people may survive but will become unable to have children. (Although Men will still able to get pregnant.)

      • I suspect it’s more simple than that. The vaccine isn’t the goal, the vaxxports are. The “great reset” world wide ID. So every move you make can be tracked and controlled. Can’t have any uncontrolled peons out running loose. They might discover there’s a better way to live. I could be wrong, I was once before.


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